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03/10 2pm - KU Excuse for Loss, Is K-State In, KU Coasting, Brock Osweiler trade

Mar 10, 2017|

In Hour 1, the guys discussed the excuses going around from KU fans about their loss to TCU yesterday and also debated if K-State has officially made it into the NCAA Tournament. They then discuss how KU has coasted all season before talking about the Brock Osweiler trade on a wild NFL Free Agency day.

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Texas license itself if it really tells someone to take what they do know winds around. And buybacks in the summer there's no around how to get the license number and find a million let them know that. Action. Because if I did something bad would happen you I was gonna say I think that we did an anonymous call ducks Peabody is really gold Blagojevich. But to back into cordial that you did that was Dane if there's nobody around you know you'll be in trouble we're. Visual of crowns from an anonymous poll know what you believe in that situation but I just not going to get mad at the 1819 year old kids. Now did you get mad about the car situation and happy with each case you women's basketball player deal about that of course but this incident I I just. I'm not going to be big man it just Jackson. Board back in the I was thinking about this today is there any. Possible chains. The Kansas lose in the first round in the fall in the public what what what would happen so many things would have to go. They're both. Throw it shepherd regarded pretty fast it's a lot of reports more Lucas. Tips foreground that's as soon. Water. Billboard draws more posts daughter. Head for just the second time it's 21 years visual. Loses its first day of if the big twelve tournament. Break Mason would have to like miss a game that's the feeling a little. PRD and losing Scott Jackson in game doesn't matter. McCain's fight right now it is is basically playing for the ability to call themselves you know number one doubles lawsuit that's really all there plain where this. I personally. Could care less I don't mean I think it's funny the way you. Guarantee Harrison. Friday Everett. Let's do this. Lots of old at 2 o'clock it is scary to Ericsson it Chrysler bank in the studio were often worth thirty today because it. Like the work that ideal way. They the care of business there. Europe funnyman the riddler in yeah you're right. Home court advantage I mean it's so close the lord's winners brits out and I you were propagate like that I am joined today on the drive by Shia. Whether machine love scenes now it's good today to man one vote in orbit from that book. Fully expected. That is to with a grain of salt quote. About gossip and Sports Radio six tends towards the dot com on the weather machine she on the being. Yeah. Again coming from a guy who blessed that we are on the radio I would believe that you admitted. You have no problems dealing and that's what it is stealing the napkins to go to to pull away. We just make sure that we let people know that club knows there's a chance that that what the paper maybe missing. By the time they at least the gonna have less napkins and possibly ban d.s draws its way he does. Play games over no other pub because maybe to become the ping pong machine or the whose ball machine little bit later on that I. I would dominate you know he's broke outdoor games scared to you got me or gave them feel like I have. So on the walking machine after you paced around the first fifteen minutes maybe. You last for a lot of companies with a little with whatever beverages like we can play is it all night long that is not the if you only and so where to order a water in the choose to. I don't know what type of it's definitely looking down on those that do that because they get a shot glasses you order water. They don't want those soda machine to use that it is bright so be totally different dealing him to pull. That's basically why just Jackson was suspended for yesterday's game against Kansas balls. Yesterday. It at the big twelve. I don't wanna go at it this the way all jokes aside. I don't think that means it's loss matters that much. I think it is going to be one seed in the NCAA tournament I think they're going to be in the midwest bracket the got a eagle and it's also they're gonna be playing games prints that are so I don't wanna. Hate this due date. Will always be scenario about the loss yesterday TCU. But the loss matters in this aspect. Number a lot of people talk about the importance of rest. While happy case law now they can rest they get to go back to bookmark on they got that basketball goal and there should read those they'll practice. It's the rest helped get you guard people you seem to art. Like that's the real problem with this case UT we think that's fixed a couple of extra days rest with a cane as the outlook this up today. They used played not seen big twelve games. Eight the regular season they played a big twelve game yesterday. They've given up eighty points in eight of those games we go back to last year that happened three times while those with the triple overtime game it's what you and Oklahoma. The year before that it happened one time in big twelve play. Is the rest gonna help KEU's biggest problem like we detritus mean yesterday it too late will the positive because this team can rest. You know eighty points TCU. Almost half of your beat over after big game like that the real problem you're out of the problems gonna be fixed with just forty more minutes off. I think what children's more loads which team a lot of games this year look at you with the more talented. Better coached team what they took a lead so that time was it out of house sometimes it was on the road we saw a couple of times on the neutral court. Anybody who's been watching K you basketball for a long time knows that they've been able to at some point throughout forty minutes. Deliver that knockout blows dorm one of those wrought its fair and since we're Williams's. For some reason she got this year teams upon around during the to get example it'll take fifteen minute moment. The greens are able to hang around it gets its case if you can't get stops like I. The team and I remember back in my day. The case you team was what it was fortnight ago has now and it might play at that level always you that you played down your competition. A kid who always had it do you last four minutes ago it stops. You know this cage team they'd go put Brady Morningstar private developer that you ain't your former that you like that make a lawless out. But they had the ability to lock down and played great treatments. That's not the case this case the or 78 point oh so that would yesterday that you felt like a Wii Sports that we win the game. Got a story. With this agency. Now they beat her little bit better defensively yesterday that's about to say it doesn't it active at. But he's the US port eighty points in this case you team before we've just seen against this collection of eight players. You can school world especially on the inside I don't know if that's fixed by its. But it adding the additional rest without the term it's. Up what we saw yesterday's game or a portion of yesterday's game 5610. Times this year. In case you came out victorious in almost every one of them you're only time that we decided okay this team on this day it was better than to you was once when West Virginia beat them by sixty. Besides that two overtime losses and yesterday and that's just dip their resume which is still number one seed worthy no question about it. Has proven that they've got to a 284 record which is offs. Definitely worthy of number ones the way they've gotten their right it got to the destination with a lot of us thought they would. But you can easily chalk up another 345. Losses in yesterday it finally caught up with them where they weren't able to deliver the knock out blow and I think the timing couldn't be worse. Internally you have to imagine this team knows he's not. They know the same thing the coach self doesn't mean you everybody. It's been watching or listening to these games this team has been skating on thin ice the entire season and somehow they managed to stay on top. Yesterday that wasn't the case I believe come the second round of the tournament. When they've got to play a team like Wichita State or BYU or I was state game with you doesn't beat them earlier this year is on the go he's gonna get really tough dispatched. I always try to look at it and we are. A week away from the actual target gates party in a couple of days away from knowing who the matchups are. They're gonna have to face in the road you're going to have to navigate through to get to the final four minutes to eight. If anything I think the loss fourteenth does. It now makes wrote a little bit more typical like your case you've been a poke a little bit of funny K you've made. What is now the odds that on Monday K you've been complaining about how tough they're wrong. May have been an eight point 5% mandatory committees were certainly did to a city favorite look at the wrote it got to navigate. Like you navigate a little different path that is the number one over Aussie open yourself up to that possibility. Of the yesterday to. TCU. Abby output that it messes with the use number one seed at that they're probably out of the commerce speaking of being the number one overall seed. But that's semantics brutal to that we break that down a little bit too much even when you talk about the geography of the whole thing. This that you basketball team was phenomenal this year at Allen fieldhouse OK one loss Kansas City. They were okay they want through their four games. Those are there. Quote unquote home games that's where half their losses to me sort of talk about geography the talk about being the difference between a number one overall seed or whatever. If we don't want that to recede. Come March Madness when the games are actually played out. Means next enough. Whenever I look at the bracket I always try to look at how did you get knocked out of the NCAA terror. And out of this case UT if they played that sweet sixteen matchup but I Rana 32 games it's. If they play guy beaten out of mid major level in school war. Don't know what they can stop that that leaves you open it would be upset I think the ski team in terms of firepower to overall talent. You can roll the ball out there if you have everybody if you have Jackson brag stick. Graham speed Mason of all of them. Ol' ball up near the 85 for sympathy but I'm still pick in this case to go the final or we agree at some. You're going to be asked the question. Can't you hit stocks outlook you can beat everybody 8582. Especially not good deeds you might be TCU like some of what we're here like that but at some. We have to force a team. To play below their scoring averages so far this Kate team just hasn't shown the ability to do what we're time. It might seem big twelve games this year Cayne has has given up eighty plus points in eight of if you look over the saints may have last year they did that three times the year before they did it wants. Kate teams under Bill Self have been known for their ability to get stops simply be it this case you'd been keen. They can't stop a leaky faucet fortunate they can score a lot of points I think this is coach self second or third third highest scoring team but yesterday it was a microcosm. Of how this team could lose compared to where it's just about break makes him the best player the national player of the year at the scene you're the leader. That's not gonna be enough that do it is able brick Mason thing gets a 29 points. Go along with sixes this knock down twelve of thirteen free throws and an eight quote unquote home court advantage in Kansas City. And I don't like you people say well jayhawks had nothing to play for. If they got their more blown off. That may be looking back on it we could say yet it really didn't have a lot to play for but can you got out to a wolf what was. And once they got the twelve point because clearly they were on the court to win the game and the fact that we've seen that not only are they able global the playing close games. But to be with you against teams like TCU. For the jayhawks fans up there is there anything. Kansas State might have made the NCAA target field yesterday put me not in the way they tell you what that is next on the draft. 610 sports reading. Eric Close and that I don't he wants the nationwide how tough it's easier that you thought you didn't. Think he loses today in a little closer to home members. And panel only Texas yeah yeah yeah yeah. It back to thesis and birdie on the plate for you. Some hot you know the one of their players said that I think is one of the big problem. And the jayhawks will have going forward wolf it's the rock pass while the trade at some point in this 2 o'clock hour. As well expecting wide Thompson's join us at some point. In today's show not a 100% shorts on a lock that down right now we'll talk to the voice of the keep the state wildcats. At some point throughout today show happy beyond lip for our show today it would have been two and a half hours. But. Well you know. Can't the state. I think there in the target. With the ash. See little if you look at it Joseph McCarty who is brackets college guy. Yeah as case state in the first four Jerry ball there at sports. Also and it's team the state. In the first four. I don't think in the first or that the term. But you didn't have the opportunity to play another game in the hard. We agree if K state wins today they are what the reason why they're not going to date we're done having its congress nature of its but it last lap that discussion or a bit. But battled Sunday. And it will know what they're going to Dayton not a they have the play in an effort or. Actually once again yesterday I was like hey. Mr. Ebert what his last game target game no case they'd asked the witness stated they wanna have a legitimate shot either case they lost it today I don't think that make that there. It's now. Well they do the player introductions. That he coaches the last you know covered up Abu Ali's art section. Maybe gain yards up the difference it was a joyous. Eruption of applause case in what in the HE double hockey stick surprises you about there. I'd estimated yesterday. So there was that fixing clearly everybody case they need that they're gonna make certain. You win the game. Joseph McCarty not taken as gospel as he was the first or. We think that's not OK state are they it in Europe it. Yes they're in with last night's win prediction machine they're a lock for sure if they can be West Virginia tonight we'll back to the hula hoop roots. Think about the crowd was yesterday are I would of the numbers like 161018. Thousands of that prints that are holds. You got at least half of that. Jeter he statements which have been upset with Bruce Weber for the better part now three years that they've made the tournament. And then it got a couple of 1008 U fans which is still bitter because they plan on watching their team all weekend long. They have no problem doing Bruce Weber eating tasty either to me it's no I would have been shot to get cheers. But he doesn't deserve to be not but he hasn't taken too much from the tasty people at alone but I think the writing is on the wool. Does this guy deserved to keep his job if they make the NCAA tournament. Personally as it take you plan. I would say yes I think three tournaments six years I think considering. All the stuff that he's now is he ranked important before him. It's heat up look at before that no it is going to be as good as well over the next hire is I'm not sure but I think he statement really need to tread lightly. With all the heat on Bruce Weber because as average as things have been. I think they can get even worse take a look at and utilized for years. August early to be worse we know what's gonna vote arguing that it could be worth which means that you were released to the competitive basketball team I'll say this about K state. I think they got into the trap where they should hire Brad Underwood clearly the Oklahoma State at that. I look at it and it's a we're fine and it. I'd make the point that I think great companies are proactive and not react. It's pretty clear the disconnect between case they millions in Ruth went. And it at the point where a relationship. It's just one more bite you're gonna break up. Already broken up it's don't know yet and I feel like that's the issue would cave state. We don't like these shiny new toys all the time right we don't want so that do something big and Brad Underwood is that need right now because they could've had him because he's got it's it's his ties and because. He Ted successes for your at Oklahoma State. You know wells that success the first year case state Bruce Weber. And the year after that I'm sure we're gonna get texting yeah that would suit with ranks guys and certainly Puerto that is true. But who's to say that they would have hired Brad Underwood last year and he took it to the NC turn it Beatty took him again this year. The three years down the line when he's at the actual seat number of years as Bruce Weber. That the same fan base is coming after him I'm not sure what Brad on what's done that's made him so great compared to what Bruce Weber actually. It's what rod artsy rattled about what did a fantastic job. Loved. Making it at all but he really solid major but a lot of coaches have done. What separates him first your local Wednesday they went really well not Regis it's what you got up at any. He was alone US assistant. Assistant under the most popular vote that you'd like art via the bat back. From the area note here knows what it takes its successful player. I think she got the opportunity that we ought to be really good coach and now they it's like would it. At the rate in eight weeks before he took the job. But what would have been one of the top five I think shops or Adam mark. I don't beat Greg Marshall. Well he certainly Ortiz Millar put it in that category I have a lot of respect. It would it. I think that today's date means it Weber it's such a toxic weight to navigate. If you won by away or one mistake from regular girlfriend that you are broken up it's time to cut ties if case they butt beat by tonight. Statement by cutting out yeah it you reached that kind of back and forth with their coach doc gets hot at the debated all got a bit with its. Well. Like in case they would make the public at least that he or four categories. It's time it's over like it's hot it's not made it out there excitement about their vote they'll. But that's one side of the relationship the Bruce Weber side has to be like man. The first couple years I think exceeded expectations or at least lived up to expectations taking ranked players make Indians it. The last few years certainly haven't been what Bruce himself expected what his players and certainly with the fan base. But it sounds like no matter what happen. I wanna put words in your mouth but even if they do with today even if they do make the NC term but maybe if they win a game in the NCAA tournament. That it just so toxic with your relationship analogy. That it's over. That it's done that no matter what happens next year somebody else will be the head coach on the sidelines for K state. Even if they had to make it's I don't lest they make a serious run. That Bruce enjoys this you think you let your boots of his own people that you. Or. Her man. As you snooker if they make the turn. But also that it turned. But city that would date but they they'd go to the first floor they win that game when another game it would Rana thirty. Which I think is best case scenario for the skate it out of their consistent opted to go as the theme but it was so crazy they if they make the let's say they're realistic ceiling is that at one game at 83 top ten the man they could make its sweet sixty that's not a lecture. Do you think we're in the exact spot next month that conversation at this year's same mindset if things don't go sonic op let's play. Apple like what this is repeating cycle that respect confidence. You agree case they not to become a crack at it but it really buried himself over the report my whole like it if anything you've given Weber yesterday we gave what race they execute. We know what that indicates they might it this year it's gonna index basketball season. It might be good company would be well activists at a reactive go out there by your coach or maybe played it tight lipped. Yours away from Brandon woods buy out in that we're going to make it's it's but at the back seat at the plate. It is not hard at that it don't have a date you right now the top right is now eight. You're playing it for the Brentwood but at the blaze but I think it's not use that with what has worn out its welcome K state being it is not a ball. And eighty situation certainly didn't help whatever you do your basketball coach your radio host that your candidate or whatever lawyer doctor. When they bring in somebody else to be the leader of the office to be door boss. Unless you're really really really really really good at your job your coach K coach pitino and self. That it doesn't matter in new HD comes in a new boss you're going to keep your job for as long war. Has Bruce ever been really really really do his job I don't think that she would argue that when you've got a new ATP proposal over the ratchet things. Want to you players that something post game that we've all been thinking about the jail the differences he think that the positive. Quite social explain what that is and a couple of minutes excellent. Sixty and sports. Six cents. So it is all eyes at the drive. So it's that Brock got what trade in astounds me that fifteen minutes of the cited talk about it. Yesterday it was kind of one of those weird scenarios until Tuesday Holmes I'm like you know like no way do you gonna lose a lot of the cost of you know all about it that I can do a split screen it. So at KU on the top screen I'm watching the NFL rates coupled fold them like. Just like her up the news that all all apply it just they basically remotely she yesterday pardon. Let. Us while there trade in about eight to fifteen minutes after the game. Self these electricity in the Arctic Graham spoke after the game. Latest on where you not only your opinion it may mean if you agree with this. Do you know. Things you know like. I think I'll always leave. We'll do. I picked KU. Is the student. That during the first like seven weeks of the quarter the best program knows he's really talented but knows hey. At some point followed theater gonna come all ace all the stuff altering all my homework in the in the semester I'll get to eight it'll be all good. People can do that. So people can procrastinate grants and it needed a short period of time did all the work done they got that switched their talents that now they're Smart they can do it. Sometimes come back to bite you all do and I'll do I'll do it and made by the time you actually try to sit down and now the fans. It is so big it's got a lot of people just everything all at one time. I think that's what happened yesterday with K. You would on a normal case you wrote sports and it was rocket everything it. Right basically have been bailed out even at the free throws you'll do it sometimes mark never happen. The college kid makes the mistakes beat it the blocking the roads into the kitty is the ball that it lap. It goes up bang bang it's the free throw in the game we don't have enough time to overcome. I've watched enough Kate basketball this year to see that you like 2530. Minutes we'll lose votes. But don't be up soon they'll be up Hillary but don't you hold them and you know Alan gonna happen it's them. Underestimated their Coastr yes they are the African at least music I mean his team. There been so many games this year when they of one based on their talent alone the fact that got a better vote on the sidelines sometimes. Allen fieldhouse advantage there was one point. When they want four games. All vs duke teams three games on the road by a combined total ten points and part of the reason is because of exactly what you said it's almost like they know how good they are especially on the offensive side. They know that they can go on those roads and the doubts whether 125. There can go on those. Thirteen to zero roads and they can add to team but he took a double digit lead. As you can go up and down the schedule that I have in front of me and there was game after game after game just like last night just like yesterday's vs TCU. The difference the common denominator in almost all those other dates were cajun posted along and it come back and finally the last two minutes or maybe it was the last thirty seconds. They did we see so many different examples of that whether it was the last human Hobart Oklahoma State to get this C dot. Think all the non permit teams just in this conference from the big world. The case use play close games against this season. Your clever game against Texas Tech working shooting free throw to the very end of last night's game vs TCU. Texas did all the awarded in side of Allen fieldhouse that's the difference between this version of that you basketball. And what most of us that you fans or otherwise have gotten used to that you basketball they've still got that now. They've still got the coach for some reason this team back yet but my finger. On exactly why. They coach they let teams take the lead and they know how to count that they are most of the time they come back they're 48 and four things aren't that bad. But they can't do that on the NCAA tournament because they saw just yesterday how quickly things go wrong. Our conversation as the changes I mean you're one loss away now sees it being like now be excused market for air those things done. Thought the couple case yesterday group's leader and it's not acknowledging their stride right now. This is that you basketball this is how they played as other going to play hopefully for the next six games. I. Talked case in. Public that you may have made the point that maybe this is the wake up call Kate you needs. And I said. Bought it's it's march 9. Right like wait cult cult like Christmas right wake up. Up call please remember whenever taking off the Davidson it's sinner and that they would put that run after I always say about Bill Self teams whatever you think the bottom. Read January 1 Rasul. Because after Christmas break once top replace arts they seem to raise one to become a different team. This case you'd seen at least defensively it in this aspect of your ability to turn things ordered all in play consistent forty. This doesn't happen you can point to a game like Kentucky a really impressive road we'd know what's gonna knock outs and one of the best with the team as a college basketball this year. You can also find games where that seems coming around and hang around and edit that we come by the that now in targeted. There's no more room for error that aspect like. This hopefully is the final wake up all love. We got to play a consistent for. If somebody goes down with foul trouble if something happens if we have an off night but we got to play with that same energy and saving since before it full forty. You hope this is the last what's the net you have to do it because I mean it's like if you re and is it too late if we gotta have this conversation like that you being a coaster in. They're out of its. And is there were thought Josh Jackson yesterday but let's just call a spade a spade. They should beat TCU with or without Josh Jackson. Yesterday TCU was the better team on the court and that's what scared because they're going after being succeed. Coming up we're not talking about a mall through now what you were say around christmastime and start to kind of look at what to warts or take care of them. Anything that this team doesn't have defense of efficiency score download defensive stopper they're not going to have on the NCAA tournament because don't look now Kansas City. We're now a week away or less than a week away if they have that Thursday took off from the actual NCAA tournament started so the flaws that this team has and have pad. Are orderly the same flaws go forward unfortunately it could be something like they used it. Bruises like Sam maybe it's the of that analogy a full slash I I a couple of so it now to see them kind of you know uncomfortable. Four hours shows. The team played like. Like you know there really talented guys like anthem with this were the pedal. This act at the collective they'll like it actually don't think that I wanted to be but actually donate to a high talent at that time comes that looked like. I'll watch it like it's like you know that date tick the box like it went eight points eight rebounds I was just like I've forgotten. But we put the covers vision real quick to glass half empty glass half full for the U fans are still set for the loss by sixty dot. Three million dollar bet monopoly money. I got the top 45 right here from the start dignity it with a championship out probably start with bill know what they've been ranked in the top five order they won it last year. But then I'm still gonna go into so many war to they have close games of lost yesterday TCU. There's still the best or one of the two or three best teams in the. You're like it or team that we aspiration partial this week anymore if right now that you picked four and that you get the field. I take heed to. I think still despite their flaws packet it is the best scenes that make the final four you got to plant also I know K you mean the gonna travel to that. It I'd say outside of what maybe more more I don't know that they're the you have your largest alumni base is in the city that you got to host the streets it seemed to lead a picture you should go to the final four it to you that make the final four this one of the more disappointing season the Bill Self stymied the. Geographically separate senator is a home court advantage but by the numbers he's been good not great by their standards at that they're now authority and sevens open like that. All the time but sprint center that's really good lately Stater to any team anywhere until you look at their actual home or where they're 200 in was definitely. In the last I would say that if I realists like. How good it is in the Allen fieldhouse so unrealistic that would authority in seven away from the light and so stoke it pretty good. People talk and I are just too big a big advantage having the big twelve tournament in Kansas City and I totally disagree geographically. It's easiest for that you may instigate here. But today but it is not playing we're gonna get out of I was statement as yet on the West Virginia for they shall opposite. I had to pick my four do you view the field I still taking it just I think they have the best chance during the final. I take Villanova but it it is number one overall seed to be your silly Connecticut and no they don't that's about to move I would take North Carolina Arizona. I don't like you regulate what other people like you steal it like to meet there a little bit like Kansas. I think they're probably towns that I question their ability when it's time to get stops in the Q. I try to stay away from teams in the target like that. I UCLA. Is best case scenario Iowa State did not talk but I was they the last couple years I mean they get everybody playing well the right time. There's Iowa State the people run the question that they came and they also can have a poor shooting night to give up 85 what it was like around. But I kind of you that way about the allies odds if or when it tall enough or. I take it as Villanova and North Carolina airs. What we're talking potential national champions and at this latest up 45 ripe for him to use them reward but there's three big twelve teams ranked in the top eleven Baylor. At number nine West Virginia at number eleven. Do you think that to use the only team that has an actual realistic chance of winning the national championship of cutting down the nets are. Would you be completely stoned at Baylor west forget your big piece of audio. Yeah I Baylor. I Baylor best case scenario was the eighth. Same for West Virginia. I don't look at those season's final reason I ask is because it seems like no matter what you read who you talk to you what review that you're listening to. The consensus is the big well with the best conference top to bottom and now the were actually here. A few days we've elected Sunday. I agree with you about that most people do it got one team that can actually win the national. That's not really that much different they any other year but I read you hate the beat while with this. And that once we get to this point them like animals like Baylor was electrocuted by the flaws Oklahoma State might win 89 matchup in the sector around case they might be eleven Seton the first round. I'm with you would have looked to be well the NFL quarterback carousel continues. To term update you on that next on the draft. Sixty and sports. Smack into all of that drive just locked in at time voice it means a lot that's why Thompson will join us and it. 3 o'clock they have to talk to him. Thought that about any of the time there was that quality relief that war vote the way that seems to be with. It's what where's the love you just made the tour they are happy about it started it when it's. Majority of eight at least directed toward what it the bare your ninth inning. The case they have right now I think that in Manhattan the actual Weber household there's love. They think the roots done a fine job. I think it's Tuesday to the driveway that's about it everybody else gets in the business that's about it pop quiz coming up it up now it minutes. For your chance of a fort Mac tickets to see the Missouri mavericks take on the Alley Americans marched sickened at Silverstein ice center team it's going 7 o'clock. How sick is no other well and that's what stuff to do. So it's like. If you live. Frat house up who's bald guy that got beer pong. Shuffle or they got soccer golf for all or whatever that is that would total about David video games that talk goes that it is essentially a college doors that they have transformed into law TVs all over the Lleyton who's as well pleased to be. No it absolutely the place to be an accident or having it out here. Quarterback carousel always that uses the third's team out for quarterback we just saw icy Chicago Bears they might related. We Saul. I would say at a plus that did it at Beltre with a lot of times the yeah it would happen yesterday Cleveland but. That's right for rock costs while since we take the contract all of the Houston Texans. You could argue they bought a second round pick you look at the quotes from Cleveland general manager. I saw basic fifty word before they said. But they talked about everything else like we're happy to have brought here. Happy you like your happier to have that second round pick there's so many different things happening with this. Quarterback care so that activity. All seem to be senator Al Romo like where's rove Loko you know. Will fix the chiefs what happened yesterday you think about it is pitchers so that you talked about. So about Houston needs a quarterback if we found out about 48 hours ago with Tony Romo officially no longer a member of the cowboys. It's basically down to those duty is to be a bronco is going to be a member of the Houston Texans. Obviously toward the Broncos because I'd like a couple of years ago same thing with Peyton Manning with better that you're pleased with the Super Bowl we just need that quarterback that stopgap. I thought that it would give a shot again with Romo. Well turns out. They're ready to treat your recipient. Are spoilers been treated now there's a quarterback position available and open down in Houston. Houston's own thought they were doubts as little brother they'd love nothing more to do that to get that quarterback because I think that whoever gets Tony Romo instantly homes. Probably the second bet if you can stay healthy probably the second best team in the AFC the patriot. As the NFL breaking news immunize. Carolina this race. Defensively though it was the birth yup. Or at university dubbed it the have you University of Missouri and paper round pick. The patriots in exchange for Heatley second round pick that it rob Adam adapter. It really well that's that's all I really remember luckily enough though. Like he played fantastic against the Broncos well I cannot be it's gonna have your article and it got hired. That year. That app it. It AFC it's a rate of what the patriots. Legitimately be afraid of what their. They seem to think that Jimmy grapple with. The basic things they already have era there that operate. They just got you argue. The best available defensive player it was a really available but you can make it solid argument. They got the best defensive player yesterday in the fund award. They just pick up you don't if that there but and they're gonna keep their quarterback to extend the window. It's patriots run at it a little bit longer any state or that people. There's absolutely no way it's been about you guys in that it wasn't about Mike Vrabel wasn't about Randy Moss wasn't about BenJarvus green Ellis were delivered to the duke. On either side of the bull that have come through New England. It's been about two guys in the but it doesn't see that it's like I'm watching a different game. Bill Belichick is the greatest football coach of all time Tom Brady's greatest quarterback of all time you put both of those guys together. For a long period of time they've had more success than I ever could have imagined. But whoever's next in line and at Bill Belichick stays around whoever takes over for operating. There's not a snowballs chance in jail that he can have where I mean anywhere. Close to the success that Brady had not that simple but not argued that meet to grapple violent. Five Super Bowl ads that Iraqi lows earlier Super Bowl number over under. That zero point five if he wins one I think that's who. I think that's a big deal by adding to make the case and I didn't follow these like yea they put like the spartans. That maybe they don't like don't install on it. But that's part of the what the four best TV yeah like maybe that's what the patriots about it. They're not gonna have breeze in let's say three years cattle you know exactly fortunately I've got like three good years left the gap mode all due to. If they think they got that extra work negative fitness and they'll get around low eighties when I'm that good at it but six starter. With that says that I've already seen the seeing make do with average quarterback play that if they keep the deepest in Belichick. Like what's stopping this team for making rot unless you think that the new crop of quarterbacks it's about the war with the economy. Lets you believe that scenario that you leave it all argued that the other quarterback battle on the dominated a why not. Those quarterbacks still have something to prove to me I do think there are the next line of really good potentially great quarterback but were about seat not just operator tiger in the ANC. We saw me anything about last year Ben Roethlisberger get the met with a couple of years let Joseph Flacco. Is that one quarterback not named Roethlisberger Manning or Brady that won the super bull in the AFC over the last fifteen years. Reporters from now it'll be complete turnover we talked about in two book and markets there go to and call or out of Oakland. Know those guys have done anything we're just project looking looking back on Tom Brady compared to Jimmy drop below. There is absolutely no computers and except they both Wear the sinkers he NIC in the book live in the greater Austin city limits besides that. But in Iraq blows next in line like Matt Cassel was where some people that he's going to be easy but the break. News coming out of the NFL courtesy of match after the Carolina at the trading defenses in and we're very tiger Heatley. Any third round it to the patriots in exchange for new England's. Second round it. It's very weird to say I think we say it all the time I like district for the patriots to take a lot of treatment for a veteran NFL player. They seem to know something that the rest of the NFL does it or they know we did in our system. Weakened heart into the player that being in the I think he is clearly show an ability yet felt you go back to the suitable game against the Broncos. I think as the coach rate or we let. And the NFL in looking at it. Little victories are especially with the available cap space that we and it's. They are completely in the business of trying to explain this with expand their dynasty and make it a little bit larger then it just that Tom. Besides that he's and then you've got. This goes completely it more and you're now the other because to me they've resigning guys they've signed guys that got guys off the scrap heap they've drafted guys they've let guys go in their product. The common denominator has been Brady and Belichick and they keep winning twelve or thirteen games that recently. Ice may do that they need to. It is. Pop quiz hotshot. That he used to do. Couple weeks ago yeah yeah it's that don't Wear or not they're out of pop it value system now it's it it it's a little bit rusty. As well as they have a pop with it's the movie machine I put it that it thoughtfully. This case or recruitment varies serve out the mystery. I'm really test your honor but I wouldn't really really really liked to its. I have to hear group pools and some. What's the problem. I. If you know what that is column lies the right now caller to six with a four packets that if it was very map doesn't know what Eddie Eric in March 22 it's over my eyes and Rhea coming up next. The voice of the game if they wildcat why Thompson to a that the two minutes of the draft. Sixty and sports.