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03/10 3pm - Wyatt Thompson, KU still a 1-seed, Crazy Tebow Lady, CDot Needs Help

Mar 10, 2017|

In Hour 2, CDot & Sean from No Other Pub talk K-State hoops with their broadcaster Wyatt Thompson, discuss the reports that KU could lose their #1 seed, and also hear a story of a crazy Tim Tebow stalker & CDot admits he needs help when it comes to food purchases.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gonna talk to Y Thompson is C minutes and re flock. Pop quiz today I hear I hear eyes what do you make that. I picked liar liar today he is out tonight and leaders to bring that came out about Miami defense lawyer. Whose pants burst into flames in the middle arguing he needs for ours. He didn't intentionally set on fire but just everything came out so perfectly and RD it's argument again I can't lines liar liar pants on fire. Everything just worked out so well. Would you pick a lot liar what you remember the couple always sticks out to me that whatever Jerry tries to do that line is this though. And it whoever is literally in the elevator a good movie what. Some dude with his pants on fire while arguing about fire fighter. People what of these high of the why would you ever like indoor fireworks anything except for like lady gets a dollar in side. The outside bro. I mean taken outside. Basically should be called the fire machine I mean that's essentially what you can't argue down at all. A little NFL breaking news Terrelle writer. Is. Now at Washington Redskins a one year eight million dollar deal for the former Cleveland Browns wide receiver. That you have enough space for one year eight million dollar deals like we can't figure out something with the cash. A lot of rope wire at the number two on a one year eight million brew but not an ideal. He's certainly not outside Jeffrey that essentially at the franchise snag is that what you're fourteen million dollar deal. One for eight for the route I would like us to the hill what happened. And a warning security palpable those guys signed one year deals I'm with you that you could certainly use another wide receiver. I completely sold on any of their target except for Travis tells you we don't know who's going to be that running back illegible ago. Larry hill was phenomenal as a rookie used as he's going to be that good in his second year and give him that that's coming up a career worst year. What might see one of these deals what's all the want your country. I think guys decide sign about what you're deal they ball well that what you're DOJ didn't get the large contract to look at Portland at don's heart vote. Is an in depth on the same thing we can get back to the NFL but I don't wanna keep this mean waiting. He is the voice of the Kansas State wildcats Wyatt Thompson joins us on the drive why they thought that alternate. You partner yet. The targets YouTube just. How big oval win was that yesterday fourteen to stay in terms of the psyche like. I was in the stands yesterday some fans were got a boo with Bruce Weber in the very beginning of the game. But once that second half gotten things got go what you could really feel that sigh of relief that case status likely gonna make our. We are I think it probably will be available people were talking prior to regain the case they needed to win. It gave him we have beautifully and I think both is probably agree with that. You know what will be. I'll be honest I did but certainly these relief. All from coach Weber all of this now with the lawyers that a lot of people maybe. Well we all anticipated I think this team and just be honest about this I think they are. Right now kind of feeling like beer but we're on an island there in the room thing. Did that that bouquets were that predicted for applicable to all my picnic and a collaborated together that being said look we'll be. What did it with a certain about him before so. A sugar bit bias in the voice of the wildcats why put. Steve Rubin now for awhile that there tournament team what are the what are the Robert article by a win loss record playing close games that I asked doesn't this look like he'd be like him more. Well you're you're right I rule. Fully admit it and why and yet I tried we've forwarded by word to should be as bears you're making it possible. And in trying to. You wanted them to get it seems that Kansas State has been compared to what they've talked about well we'll see whether you. Wake Forest or Syracuse or something like that. If it's hard for me not to see at least from my perspective. Good case they'd probably have. A few more wind than in the top fifty of the RPI. I think they've been a bit more damage wrote that some of those equity maybe not all fumble them. So yeah you know art art I do think it's a little bit strange double people that we talked about it or thought about it was expected but. I think it's Bollywood and I'm not picking money won't be long or do you look at the big east they have separated they're being banned. And and the big twelve is number two RPI conference in the land they've got I won't get the postseason term. It's pickup and a whole lot been made but it's all speculation that he gunfight at one. You're talking a wide tops in the voice of the Kansas State wildcats very simple question you're K state is one and one against West Virginia this year what went right the first time. What went wrong the second time. But that the great collective unit. I think what went right the first time is its case they've handled the pressure. All of what we're can't just press and not only that. But I think they've they've won that game even though the game in the seventy Kate they've won the game with their defense they turned over West Virginia. Or did the mountaineers turned over the wild. And I I think it was a really. Feet. They gave him Morgantown as quite a bit but it was more 8566. What. Or Bob Beers. Bought you might remember back that was the game where he gave Johnson bit right after the campus game wears very thankful and what enabled go. And I think. That kind of put Kate stated we didn't bong and think they handled it very well. They did turn the ball over shot it poorly so they were just totally unlike yesterday you can really home and off. Did you get a duplicate they've made it was more of a state played pretty darn well all pretty poorly Morgan's out in people. K state fans loved to load their coach bill Schneider for the last as long as I can remember. Frank Martin's hokey Bayard several of basketball coaches. Why does that not in the case the last couple of years specifically with Bruce Weber. The on the art not that when it I'd really probably frankly don't have a great answer for you. An and I stated in all sincerity on the ground along. Worked with him for five years I think he's a terrific gentlemen thank you very fine basketball coach. And yet I think I think accurately a faction of the bad date that it probably isn't pleased. But I'll. Would often say it here there's more people would think there are okay with what he's doing on the direction of the program that that it might be could be wrong. What. I'd have a part time we bought it about I personally don't understand it won't. Before you do that here based on their talent in the with his entire season's gone a lot of close losses several good wins I agree with you. After beating Baylor yesterday I think he stated you guys are locked if they can take care of the mountaineers tonight. How dangerous is this team at least in the first round maybe to connect with a giver to the NCAA tournament. Well I think they're capable Olympic pit crew did that I think get off of what people who put them that it would be problematic in Japan. Because I want those things where. But you know at the end of the day. This team is it if you really want to play for something you want black players responsible whatever it probably got about that. And that got probably more after previous question but this one. But I think that the the also a frustrating part. Or K state fan because. They know they've had all of Walt is home to see you use. And the name on paper records the number one market in the country department team that was thirteen an old home. So there have been so bad enough to doubt what. I think what they group in the we may play to their level optimum level they can play we've been an advocate group. We may go I think most people could they be happy advocate group match so what we'll take you pick up on form of backing off with a. I that you see a lot of the same things about every big twelve team so you can advancement so we'll get knocked utterly and we'll find out where Steve Yzerman on Sunday white tops in the course of the wildcats do look you're that's not my friend that people. While cricket my pocket god that's the boards of the wildcats live from no other well. What do you say about Kansas State. I think is the up the economy what makes it's so hard to predict like how many teams have yet to sit down right now and say comedy team that can make the final. Probably make a solid argument about it it's sixteen T bills and save more warning you deprive it really solid argument. But I would say a lot of those teams argument is based on will they get hot anything can happen it's got to win four games. We could make the argument for what 45 teams are gonna make the target that they can win two games. I'd be I mean we see every year there's always a Florida Gulf Coast of the beast you they're. Team like that the comes out of nowhere don't George basic knowledge and all the time if it's just about. That your star player to not to stay out of foul trouble team you've forced the team you played your typical UCL a type styles make fights in the loss against. No books say it because. Missouri with very bark oriented. Norfolk state had a dominant big a future NBA big that's the four was the latest with that you see that everything here but that is what make the targets of one that's what makes it hard to predict. That also I think it's a little bit of a blanket statement that we just did everything will make it do well why make an eagle at the date is they haven't been consistent you know. We agree one or 22 gonna find that consistency in making rug. It is hoped that whenever you spit network and we don't you ultimately though. It's the format that makes it the most exciting and most difficult post season to win. At any level pop Warner high school college professional sport that you wanna talk about because you're talking about winning two games in three days on a neutral court. Three different times out to you look right now the latest topped one spot but sick if you get past the first round game whoever they play it Stater whoever. Once you get into the second round it's motivated team like. Floored or Wisconsin or Maryland and after that it can be a team like Baylor or Kentucky and after that it's deviate team like UCLA. If you're fortunate enough to went all the gains that you've got the bill nobody gives Agassi can use of the world so I'm like that I would save. It's not always the true was champion or the best team that wins it's usually the hottest team that the best matchups that cuts down. Terrelle Pryor decide a one year contract we have the contract information on that and I'm just puzzled why the chiefs can't sign he's got a contract plus. Two prominent local sports writers are asking questions that I thought was answered back in January we tell you what that is next on the drafts. 610 sports reading. And. Drive when he gave viewed contract information on. So Breyer yes that's it we're here another Bob drive. It's been there is that it is solid team I think is back in the studio it does not awake this will be here to tap you on my shoulder and say they have a bit them the tricks but no wrote. At yesterday's day. Good they're all that. I got to drive on bottom that you use your regular yesterday watching K you and sell their take I thought I would hate Iranians. Just war goodbye Seoul this plugs in you'll. I'll bring it that they will get so excited about this could avoid it and who's not really excited about that you losing. Every owner of every ball or in you know I missed. And a former driver as Broward the south and all over the place to. Respectable output now at. Yours. So they were good. At all. I don't idol victory so my and that's good might have some struggle about what the yield real prior. One year eight billion dollars but would you break it down all my commitments. Three million dollar signing bonus. A base salary of three million dollars in two billion dollars equaled readily attainable incentives were Terrelle Pryor. Yeah. I don't know what are readily and sent him blah blah blah readily. Oh I think it might if you'd like it it was at a snapped will be yell a 100000 dollar and Washington is doing his deal without a general manager to Cuba. Just like I can IG's. Other entity that's. And Alex eased because ought not think that the quarterback. But I think record they set it up it didn't go well that's the old veteran would I shake Butler it worked it. More Matt Barkley it would be Romo balance it out openly attacked not yet out. Try to get a lot better offense. Well prior I think at the solid number two option makes a lot of that I knew that work it out not yet. But it one years eight million dollars. That's a good deal for Terrelle Pryor it's dropped Brian Adam. Really solid leaflet that overlap like UT if they're gonna be all that these hearings today. We're gonna try to put as much stuff run out with Bob that's admirable throughout Bryant would've been really on the. Just it is this team all lived or they of one footed one foot out I kind of thought that was the Kansas City Royals this offseason where. They wanted to sign a guy and they re sign a couple of guys long term any duck comes to mind. At the same time they're trading away Wade Davis the only way David is ready now if that's the plan. With the Kansas City Chiefs I'm not sure what they as an organization. That there would build opportunity if it is their window of opportunity. Big really good being relevant winning twelve games winning the west. Or to actually getting through and winning the Super Bowl. I think what I saw last season this team has eight Easter to date the quarterback away from getting through and winning a Super Bowl. I'm just not sure how all that's going to be subsiding guides for one year especially at a position of need. Make sense with this team right now although much crazy or did they have to rope writer can't you years ago to criticize them for what fifty an hour. A lot of teams at the wrote Brian all Seattle's practice while like three. And it just a ticket and showed you are you know like the road Breyer. I ain't at that quarterback three. It's and it eventually would like you know what. In the NFL wide receiver or out of it well at the quarterback with not they pump himself. Ebert Ebert himself wide receiver he's I'll take. Out. Let me. It's not the back that it's not contract with. About that it's the article here what's it mean weapons it with a possible. Out on the eight we do what were flat at about being here a couple of seconds. More weapons the office eagle in the streets. I. Am. They got outside Jeffrey we got a mortgage and that hurts I'm not a good that was guilty but it resentment at the quality I assure you got Ryan Mathews at running back Darren Sproles at running back. Eagles have done a decent job but the parts around the rookie quarterback now going into his psyche. Your outlook that's a bit better situation overall in the chiefs are in or even close to as a matter fact I would hate to be a fan of the field open. Eagles where they're starting to add all these pieces these ready now guys these veterans that you just mentioned. But they're still working with a rookie quarterback with the last time I'm open Rutherford got out the gates talked pres got this last year most of the time Russell Wilson. But most of the time. A rookie quarterback struggles a year to work three takes the town odds are ticked the team in the town down with them. If it goes out there and draft a quarterback right now that's for the next few years has nothing to do with thousands that. But if you missed the news broke brier signed a one year eight million dollar contract the Washington. Maybe you can go with her causes that remains to be seen with an app with Erica that the conflict I definitely would like. The cheese to be a part. Out of our show Oprah today. And lower the world is trying to get the lord respectable what happened yesterday we keep them off Butler. Beat the edited them off that and sit on the radio. I was so. Scooby do you think the I would go but it as the star. Read about it Larry Clark off. They both wrote a piece that said is it still want to see it. Felt like that Nick Young yeah. But what are we what are we are about. This is no longer be number one overalls that you do sailed. But he is one of the four best teams in college basketball I'm not going to let you lost the TCU might is just exit the lottery it. Now is that. Who see all the loss did was make them the second number one seed there's nothing anybody else to do. I don't hear you dealing with their conference tournament duplicate competition. Teams like or in Arizona I don't care Kentucky Wednesday as easy. And second. It's had a great win earlier this year for their zone OK they also beat I was. That's. Important to look at it let's look at some of these other resonates movies do you typically united night out. Part of it is because they use racked up this lofty what the poor record they've been based in the top for the entire season. And part of it is lack of competition. It's gonna be that you and Villanova. Brawl quickens gathered at least 33 and one by the time this thing's over with. Besides that. There's no other lock for number one seed they're the want to number you see this you're somebody held pursuant to get that for once. The beauty and I think that's not what does it indicate respect it is. Actually Erie off the wall like at all. Like people sometimes losses don't look at the bigger picture there wasn't a loss that was they always stop loss and whatnot but it's. Let's not try to qualify at a loss. I'm trying to qualify at opposite the opposite. It's just that you consider it a little wind gust and it. It was they lost in essentially a war unquote home game. At TCU that's where the and accepted because of the the fan base that Peter realized. This seems like a lot of growth days vs teams like to easy you all season. They came out on top almost every time that's a good note with a record when you know. The case that I tried to look at it yesterday that try to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes we don't ask the questions when they walked off the loss it's why did you lose. This loss in my opinion. But that is because with or without Josh Jackson this is lower. Like that's why it lost yesterday I think I mean I am not Jackson. I don't think they hold these 62 point aspects there. But all these final look at the college basketball is how this team you liberty out. Yeah. Art at the look at this team. Shaky this by the fact TCU 45 bullet. At Texas seconds or eight in Oklahoma State can work it now Roland. That's what a lot better. 68 the public better team than it. You better be prepared to win that game 85. Working at its teams in the it would be either the 28858. Or 85 but it also be to 6566. It about it some contribution from somebody other than frank may think it's been the Big Three all year frank Mason to Mark Ingram and Josh Jackson. Josh Jackson suspended for yesterday's game which means somebody off the just to be the starting lineup that somebody with the Gerald bit. That left on the bench yesterday. Mich light foot white will be Carlton Brett those guys combined for a total weight quartered him. Three points while the bench for TCU. Scored 34. It not at all. That's why they lost the rag with an average year in IOU. Overall though Brett at the ad in the last season I thought he looked solid. Indeed you'll laugh at me I'll watch the would ultimately the game Ronald got a little tight but well whatever I don't. I don't participate. The possibility that late it's late at night it's in the phone call to play. Feel like you know what he's got that call them brag and that but every year went that you played that it that it. I don't think that was going to be picks the woman taken. Like decades substantially better. So it was me. No question out of those guys have both made the leap Carlton brag if anything. I just stayed steady what we call that is Duane Celtics where for whatever reason. Even under Bill Self acted you you don't get better for your year we've seen that so when he talked yet with music you do it's okay as a seat it was all American work. Thomas Roberts at the softball was pretty good as a junior national player that your almost always happens actually you where it got me today at least one maybe two or three. Make it's huge jump between what they were that your before. And you've got Carlton Brack who say she's getting worse every time it's the. Coming up in all now twenty minutes or so I've made a terrible mistake yesterday at night taught you guys about coming up next. Topic machines John movies. Gives us the best that the rest next round. Sixty and sports. I. We too exclusive. Back in on that drive there to here Shonn. Whether Christine Lavin so my right Chrysler bank being. Studio I mean it's terrible mistake yesterday I'll tell you. Minutes we're gonna get to the best of the rest. But it's the snake you're playing so well yeah AM Wednesday. You know they've upgraded happy you know overseeing and we have that cool depth article it's off written yet he screwed up here right gold like hotcakes. The case they want people are taking I don't know why people like that that you would like you. College basketball fans are not enjoying yet. Those purple ones are hot today but the ones are going TCU fans that come and pick among the case they can't come and pick up the sixth and sports community. We saw a lot of KU color Wednesday and I don't know maybe the color line that there I don't know I don't know man. That they've upgraded itself through where yeah what. Was. They all are written question in my. It was please make not a soap on a moderated question Monday. Night we do now what would you like her cellphone and it's a lot was that the personal with Nokia. Arab neighbors and not at the Nokia quote and always look like snakes along electorate and I would like snake all the time. So I was like Elena just afterwards if I can download snake like downloaded old classics Nate all hit my iPhone. And I have been well I'd been addicted. That's all like you would like three my iconic moment the free. And he beat Davidson Dotson provided the Logan's childhood you know my view my childhood ball too mobile and doctors under. Those things to allow the best pop but I. Snaked my maronite jointly as a team that's all. The only when I have free time. That's what do exactly snake mountain lightning than what it's essentially take it over to news it's essentially taken over my life. Let's get the habits that there is no not not yet know. Yet let's do this in this the first after the reds I don't know what you are both for the Redskins but I'm making this the first you have the pool and that was the days. According to the New York Daily News citing police records. Up thirty. The war saint Lucie area after she was found near the players' parking lot two days later she was seen there again. The first and sedate February 26. A police officer was notified by Mets fans. About the woman lingering near the parking gate. The officer asked the older or ID which you reluctant to hand over which he finally made the cops saw a sticker on the back of the driver's license that read it. I heart Jesus slacks and T ball where they're two different people. That might say. Did the officer asked the woman. I don't wanna give her name. If she was at a quote bring it. Partly relationship platonic relationship a romantic relationship. Or possibly. A match remote your relationship with then Mets minor leaguer. The woman replied. All the old well. All that's true do we know if Tim Tebow is good relation laughs that is Steve go. Don't look in this. I'm with women of this story. After being told to stay away. They saw our two days later they had better wrestler for trespass they. This shoot your shot that such and they'll do well. She has sticker on the back over my replies that it IR Jesus. Slash. Did he at least it wasn't Tebow that you that your priorities in order man. Ol Mike is I knew Tim Tebow had special hour. With you. I get my control over people like why should he do today. Mine control buried below average Heisman Trophy winning eight bull baseball player what would get stuck on the duke all or call eight. Greatest college football player board the plane based out there. Whatever it worked out. C sixty of them any stock that is expected it's one thing for him responsibly at its secrets about it they printed it double. I don't ever miracles all the time home runs apiece. Had to say and the guys not here to moderate beer for the other hand in an evil girls medical issues that the both budget and they're not having it. But note what many Colorado. But as partners there's if she wins. She was asked that he was that a friendly relationship platonic relationship. Romantic relationship. Are possibly match for Modi but that's all possible scenario cheese and all of the above better picture. That's cute look at then go running the opposite direction board back like that I've ever eight do you see your deeds might actually. All of them live. But what kind of relationship to add other differently platonic romantic matrimonial. What other kind of relationship did you have. That's that's all of them yeah I'm pretty sure that covered the gone. There apps are at. Ice that's there I mean we pretty much settled right there at west. What then there was there was there was everything that they're going to be. There's nothing and a lot better than the ice. The ball. Great all our. It's. But he shine you can prove them wrong and that it was shot. Ideal. So when Brock Boswell got trading yesterday. The whole collective world was stunned. But if you go back three weeks ago on rat someone actually called. That trade about as closely as you could see in third in the seventh round pick for Brock costs are going specifically to the browns I'm curious. Yes of a wild prediction that you called the media everybody else thought you were crazy for thinking. I actually. Believe in the U verse that somebody at them with court. Or go at it we did have a psychic well it's not too long ago. In the predictions come to fruition Brooke it's an act whenever it was when the apocalypse that actions. Yeah try to think of something that I predicted that actually take place but Tom isn't doing so there's. Pretty much. Yeah right. You know most of my predictions fall flat on their feet because they bolt works. I thought last Tuesday at this the worst appropriate. I thought last year what we're going to that you backed off of the fourteenth fifteenth royals and I think it on the radio and start talking about what they've made it to a third third World Series. I would have to end. I was. A little bit wrong that. You agree that quickly and beat army goalies weren't going to support the only thing we've got right that you got brawl and there's nothing got it wrong now. They have odd ball one person that you were that Arizona goddess U would grant that. Matt liner and that's the area it all together don't like you not see what I see I thought that latter with going to dominate the I definitely thought that. We expect. That's analysts. We roll it Danny's wedding last week those mostly nondenominational. But there's like a little sprinkle church sprinkled Judaism and so my seat you can see that you're right your first Jewish wedding so I'm curious to know what's the biggest difference between a Jewish wedding in a black. It's not. The eighties when he was seventeen minutes. About the black people when it hurts to use the song to think that. The past it would it be able word I mean it would have been an hour or it was seventeen minutes. Did at the end they did the the Laura Laura. It was like it was so straight line to be I clicked on the way that and that was about it. I was amazed that in the Jewish group in Mosul terrain Jewish weddings and also tend to break the glass there's no stopping it blasted a black weather right now. I all of those I think like you said there'd be. The music would definitely be different like Davey had a really good band but there was a whole lot of hip hop I will say this when there was. The inspector couldn't really cut a rug I had no idea aspect of things that. He's only got a couple of moves like these. A little at like quarter to move you know like once you stop it can't really do much else again it was a huge wedding was one of the top five pitchers there that's kind of what you expect that there on the if we're running game and do it. Cabbage that's it let's assortment of war. Let's not over sells these inspectors wrote. Leo it's the best of the rest is very good today after. After the tee they'll conversations that go. I mean I talk about this thing all day was done he got buddy. Not much we see into the police officers. Or driver's license on the back it was a sicker. I RT this last if you both believe he says. It affects the the people in. They should let deadly youth and miles. To the club where all the but you can look at somebody take that into first in most of the time we thank you scared. That we couldn't have been more than five pounds. I would in the sit room she's up to note. That the race for governor. Represented I'd vote. You went pretty much everybody else it's like expressed or top. I'd rather see him in politics at this point than football or that's just not seen any. This and it would be I don't I don't wanna seats in Cuba. That loss that all its that it its he's like no teams that are that we're gonna. And that's what it should. The bad about that speech that second that's been on the Gettysburg address. Up their water national championship. Let's let's well benedictine. Oh boy. Go a little bit too far I'm a terrible decision yesterday told the I got us here with you guys that is. 610 sports reading. Act in life. Arrived here as there is here Shumlin. Band of 68 giveaway on the sixth right now woods appeared to be in the city and rated team this season opener as they think they'll be. And that Silverstein ice arena. March 13 so it is just around the corner kick off but that is fourth set in 05. Pick a player coming up at 4 o'clock you're gonna go up against the pick machines John Levine. Today at pick a player the winner today it's eight to 25 dollar gift card it beats. News during that started me go out there paying enjoy a meal as they put it enjoys some party meet the men lose in a great draft selection. Over at which he looked out the window aims I would do showed up that puts his pop but now yeah I mean. What analysts article that you Fayetteville they play the first game the case you didn't know what I thought that you didn't. 6 o'clock I think. And it's six would not get off the pregame news release of the equity like 6 o'clock it later the first game. And being that I can't they state this. I've been devastated and Alex they were at stake it's. Lines are long and you could imagine a lot of people down here and lie. But I've written it it would indicate they. You know what. I'll get up the legal side. Like it's not that I go inside. Ever go to the wording of it. How would your vote. Go up there they got a dollar pizza. They cannot but it. Like all the lights is up 203. Blocks as the pizza helped. What needs to be kept it within India at a nice little note you know pizza. IQ of at this beard. And I want to see if you agree with that. The help might need it was yes you could ever go to sporting event. Never go to the key game it that they all Brett wants to fall. Side note you do. A sporting events the very. People walked away with three years 1150. This. Desmond for the broom. Where we don't duplicate that anywhere when we start splitting two carriers compared to that yes people do enjoy spending their money even if it is a frivolously and stupid. On whose when they go out to a stadium. There. How. Do we had grown ass man and just now that. You know it's the same thing with the movies right you don't wanna go to the movies hungry because he wants all. You know. That's a bit different there's like the built team. Like cultural except that the sneaky Luke like. At that adds brits that he did not. Load your personal. The goat the metal detector. That the we didn't know it that's view is I Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. In the world that it was a lot of people late you know the girls bat out of eight. But now is that there is that builds on its baby. But bring your. It's a slippery it to the movement leader what happened. Number no double what happened. With the person next you to knock that girl in person when did you went with birds that like other got those we're what we're was not one of those typical way because they stay like this. To communicate with other. And to communicate with you that I brought from home. Didn't boil over the legal ball. Bump on the court it's how close the tip ball with the game yesterday when you decided to bypass outside food for what they're offered that. It but at least a little about the post at the first game. Still it all the founders club does go it's open. I think with the idea why stop outside of switzer but then. It's bio rob you gotta have a solution I think this would do if you have to acknowledge this in the and let's boarding it. You can not go wrong with this combination. Through programs. But to link. Cattle were. Cornerstone of the Hulbert. Occidental de. The way to go is an oversized soda and a program that you eat later. That's what you spend so much that you want to you listen to illness you get the cattle more. It's all that help these that accounts at a they have those little paddle courts day in April but it Bart. You just make hands side to the game is not an issue it's basically cost you if you want like the popcorn it's gonna be huge if you wanna vote for the coveted souvenir cup. The you know 76 counts but the site is not an issue that's why so. If you got it box you can't go wrong. Our panel awarded the best. These basketball game. Canaccord at all the different kind of atmosphere but basketball game. And if he now when you decide is that the experts that are hungry last night. Did you expect with the drizzle at the big disappointment or did you think did you root of the blind capital group lancet three somewhere inside I think it's been on humane. I just I thought I thought that was about it. So that that's gonna help me get over the Hulk like ate the pizza that was built. It edits you look back or I was at it I got the cattle or that you didn't want the or over the top talent never did. Like you gotta also think about the guys went yeah yeah community food. Not through the community food on the hotline Adobe that's why get a hot dog opens and as you wrote Michael your ought to selfishness. Battle cool but there is only thinking about to sell well if you wanna beat the machine at the opportunity that call up right now 91357676. To eight.