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03/10 4pm - Pick-A-Player, Ned Yost with Fanning, CJ Moore, Kim Anderson

Mar 10, 2017|

In Hour 3, the guys play a "Sports Machine" edition of "Pick-A-Player before hearing Brad Fanning's exclusive one-on-one with Royals manager Ned Yost. They also are joined by CJ Moore of Bleacher Report LIVE on site before hearing from Kim Anderon on when he knew he'd be getting fired from MU.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Angel drives it's as if time then please levee. That are right fit Chrysler. Match. I'm acting governor that I was big split that's what you say about what it feels club members TCU doesn't make it sound and it had to be split tees. There's not a lot of blew out there and woods heard Saddam blew the official vote this case you. I don't know with Britain's read that I was bigger rocks but there's a lot of whatever code that is around here you know and absolutely a lot of times. They tell me it went down here. While it won't admit it that's. Built south. It's going to be a lot of it was they made an Illini with the. Influence there I can't wait to here have called Lou. That's going to be my mind what's doable thing about tonight's basketball game that it's back it's like it really ever wrong. Would that be in the case. Brad May actually caught up with Ned Yost you know one on one play that was after the players so as of now needs to fifteen minutes. Well parts. Let's get to pick up today's ride is 15 dollar went beats college basketball but it did it on that were put up with the scenes that we. Five dollar gift card that would be like the or the wanted it to hit its scope and watch the madness unfold wait. Party eight from scratch lose any rate rants selection of the certainly the two big draws. Go out there too sweet meats plant that is nick Bryant will mean John they are going up it's on the weather machines that need. Today. Where is up first date you feel. Are bigger. You know how to play take place. Are out there done that are right it we're gonna which all the whole not that now. Appliances. Any different appliances to me it means packets make your mark set to go. Luckily courage so range. Poster. That killed. Can't open. Policymakers. Our. Let's but Nicol called I wanna be sure. IE I think he's at rain parade which is not a lot of ice the ice it guy. That's nice I am not that sits well I'll give you that aren't we pounding. Are pounding it opener as a line. I would be more likely to meet range and appliance. As early to still not been all been together as opposed to a piano. Okay all right the place that hopefully the grass is an appliance that is not that old missing that bit of the same rule that lives in the kitchen by its. I'm fair and balanced so we gave it won't release at eight. And our pilots I use it let the Al. Yeah washing machine wants us. Blender. The booster. Paid refrigerator. Microwave. Big. Humidifier is good who choose to. Offered elements that made it should conclude that builds its eyes that micro way. It's time you start to laugh after what Bjork dances you know which branch. You owns drug fueled an umpire act act. Note it done out here I got the plus or what it wars where ex partners Rhine and eight. Hi I. Am doing very good guys who are. Our clients. No I'm not actually norm interstate where you go. I I appreciate that I'm sure you're excited about not Kansas blanket if I was they today the same way that I eons you have first. Yet natural disasters or up brigades on the weather Christine Lavin. Coming natural disasters that you David fifteen seconds mark it's it. Well bonds do we know what. So wild fire tornado hurricane. An earthquake. They're normally. Blown. And good torrential or. At the right now absolutely spot I got out ornate but. All right whether the team up smoke look it's new laws are I've built and let the it on natural disasters. Hit it nice. Tornadoes earthquakes. Tsunamis. Monsoons. That's bodies were hurt James. I well evidently there more. She now wants they'll signs guy. And announced that the room and you are right where is the last hour right now. Liked his team that they thought it was a big blow it on down the line Willie in its. Name game. There are eager. Next category. They put on a burger. It's not need. It means that it or. Go. Our lettuce tomato onion article marker. Muster. We're in here. Party monster are you saw. But wouldn't go to. Good job I got down fourteen spot in the humvees that I got them. Upwards spot what are your back little bird the effort let me know what you're already quarter what do you I'm not a not a big tomato. Think it got August bio the last like two years. It's day 180 shifted my heart. You received the report and they don't burger. Not just went into all of the outlook broke open the group that you put me one bird. It's vital as the it got out I. And the relationship because of it like it was rewrote them. Right you know the burger with like going to chipotle man means like a company only the only has anything. Right but those dozens of men like you about just get this right here who. This girl eight. Upward as well. It. It. Kid's what actually happened was we were barely out in key and it's like man I've fought like what four or eating burgers not her sandwiches. Which you insist on putting mandates on. We had the conversation the next day yes that was true. I. Line. With us. He exudes out of at least at this guy got multiple options like this guy you pick the red X. Relate. It was an audience break it up nobody does it mean bold well it was a neighbor named patty to shut. I don't like him breakup with a durable because the verdict. And for those that at this date with the and I apologize but it was Tonya I didn't like it I didn't see your future records but baby's mama and future wife being named on yeah. It's a way that you about the. Altman a bit shallow. About the wrong date but it we get this right done everything she was this wrong because she wanted mayonnaise on Rupert. But if the that she can sprawl. For barn they did that I. You brought up but that it was that was a little long and hard at it I went to the really she was really hot and I decided with the attitude all that plus the time you. Record there. Honest that you lost interest. Like most name you went out there look at that they. Once he got that they knew that you until golden about it like he. No it was all more solid but it's late orbit at all or it's all about guys like. We move on. And play EST. Lettuce tomato onion pickle. Here joke joke to burn him commercial. Mayonnaise. Mustard. Relish and the breeders'. Agent who. I made a run that would be at nine. I thought those discussed that you broke up was alone because they meetings. I hate to catch up. I stopped talking to somebody that they put kids up look that hot dog. We've all got our butt off point when it comes the opposite sex in public takes a lot of things but not a drove it on your group put management that's right about one. So hard. Their television gonna fired up that package keep Seton Hall what hunter relationship with they'll be going through all this. That doesn't bother me she put mayonnaise on the murky do it see you later. Move it on. Johnny Kansas City John are you doing today. I'm you know I'm doing good argue is that the appalled by shot as I am right now. I am a pretty ridiculous thank you John I appreciate that you feel has not ever broken up with somebody looking back on it like I guess how jello or something like that. All right John. We are sporting Kansas City all right no other Bob. That in LS teams. Have been MLS needs to gain politically if the sports machine and it's exactly the remarked it's that goes. Putting in the city got fired. So late that he bumped them. Coleman got. Alec. Menem horrible that. I certainly didn't. Salt Lake give it to them. This city. A now Salt Lake William as the radio how that was it re Al big man's OK you've got to put that on a bit if not you start doing team sports music motto. You. The morning. Jacksonville. Then. Mr. will go to violence. I'm not sure Dallas Dallas I think Dallas the Dallas doesn't moments. Before the show. Chrysler by with each other on an analyst need to WNBA. Season. I don't know after the question was that all you'll be OK okay. Well as the looks at sports scene. Colorado Rapids. Exporting Casey's New York Red Bulls the real salt lick the Seattle sounder Portland. Member. I would galaxy. Think that got I think it was about time we got police. 02 and a half it's absolutely and I gave. Will and it. Art's sake get right. Picked it Lawrence berg is the winner today what's the. Nick Bryant will it's a lot that's. The Newton it it Bryant Bryant Denny. Or it. Could go and then the last thing I have. Steve. Mark. But gradually defuse it it war expert the 18 when you buy it. Dollar gift card with the yeah out there Sunday the brackets are announced openly that gets to the last time CBS at the ankle is the last time they need. All of this but let's step aside. Our very own right feigning caught up in a one on one of manager at youthful play that we actually got. Sixty it's it's. On the strides he's there are reports the couple here and sit down with them or third. Talk a little bit of college basketball. Series what is at the it is about team is after the loss. Yesterday to TCU. I kind of look at it as I think you look at it. The microcosm of what individual lost I don't think yesterday means that much for teens. I thought that they're gonna be that exceeded their region at the open their political thinking of playing eighteen city. But if you look at this case the they can't if didn't like those eight teams in the hands they have the ability to cope so a lot of talk to a national college basketball guy in seeing where it is one team this. After defeat yesterday at the use of the port fraught with TCU but I got ran Fannie caught up with the royals manager Ned Yost got it surprise. Let's clear. Aren't had been kind of weird couple days you get Venezuela day option and a night game four. It's great three days I mean we pick our off days we've done a pretty good job kind of used that time. To the best of our ability we have an off day we played today game day the players and don't have all that night all the next day and then all of the next morning. And play a night game we always try to play and I came after enough to give players a little more time Kana. Catch her breath you know we're down here for a longer time than normal which still you know three and a half weeks left here so the optic him a great time. Would you do on there was even an update for you well it was an off day for me we my wife's here room when that you know go to Cabela's and look around went to the gun range and shop for about an hour and happened. Took her to a movie and we went out to dinner so it was a nice day would you see. The movie called the Shaq spigot now. Jesus that's that we can trust that here because I don't ballparks are bigger in. And a lot of funky stuff happens in Arizona with with. No moisture in the air that type of thing we don't give stamps I mean honestly I don't look at stats that didn't matter much here we do and all of a rise. You know as we know that to infield Iraq are Devoe Carrey's. You know it's more difficult to get good spin on your breaking pitches. You know so I mean we take all that to a count as a coaching staff and we're doing our valuations and I never the only the only reason I'm look at stat sheets CC news. Who's making sure that everybody's getting that apps and make sure nobody is getting left out and you know the pitchers are Augen earnings and as best we can't. How the effect you have been so many guys gone with the terror and Soria and Haas and Duffy and all that crew with a gun for the World Baseball Classic they gave makes it tougher. You know MLB mandates that we play. You know four of our big position players every day and it makes it more tougher to do that. You know starting pitcher's counts as one. But it just you know trying to throw our regular lineup but there's just not possible you see more the young guys and you know trying to do our best to keep accordance with MLB without warrant our big guys out you know we're still way too early to do that. You guys are feeling good but we still have three and a half weeks ago when you don't wanna burn them out you know down here early so. You know we still have built an off days for her you know our our big guys you know our big starters on our team so that. You know they don't they don't get overworked down here and start hopefully when we get to the two week point you know. We'll wrap it up a little bit but these guys can all go and start to season right now. Back home Lotta people are talking about that battle for second base in the and you talk about getting a couple of weeks three weeks in this thing before you really have a vibe. On how that's gonna play out what he tells fans back all about. How second base is look nothing. I can't say anything. Again. You know we'll take it down to the end and look at that were were planned these four guys every day or the other day. You know McEachern after all get eaten enough opportunity to shine over there and so far they've all done really really good nobody's. Really separated themselves more than a step or two. Got a man so coach DOC Jackie he recommended I do recommend that read the book and I had an opportunity to meet the author but the movie was really. That's Ned Yost thanks and good luck tonight. Thank you. That was Brent meaning doubt it surprise Arizona got a team that's up with the royals manager Ned Yost I was really hoping that it say you know. Is I answered my baby to Capellas who would not grant something to eat. With guns in movie the president came it's only got hit out how static there's public you'll see I really was that it that you would assume that. I've will be expected that with buoyancy that book you know. That has a lot of really good traits I would say. It to you over might be pared down there somewhere and that you really that different honestly. Ever. Title. I don't know this week. A place that shaft. No amber. I don't think you put the stamp that would shock we do it's who wins Michigan. These that this act quietly at that this act like pre not a problem. It does seem like it seemed like a blow it seems like you look at what goes hello. Well with you about what the puck movement on his left missile on the leaders. Finding Nemo. Circuit 2003. That the sport that we can tell him right. Ellsworth misty. By the latest act 18% rating on run to blue. Not do it. Let's a lot of information about what's gonna happen at second base it's kind of crazy now. Like what mutated into its fourth got to go to that now because. It's like a base with what ever I want to talk about not the sort of it's here at second base. The WBZ's absence of their roster was a little bit different secrecy envelope like outfield sits there with. I would go look at the inside look at what he'd seen from guys at what's happening but the idea that there in the interview from new bullet. Having the position battles are still the same with this team nothing's really happened. Second base I think it's pretty wide open. Very. You look at the backing of the wolf made that I we know the seventh that I'm guessing no what it's going to be. Utilities or the eighth inning outing Nance from going to be the seventh inning guy to seven strong eighths or yet ninth helping her rare and that we'll see about the vacuum in the rotation that that's its way to insert. It out guys need to consult becoming a key. That's the plan right now put. Students this break camp and where we get this thing Milwaukee or resorted wheel the couple of deep in the game through TV ads you know where her. It's taken over the raid that before him wait Davidson before that great column war. Everything's that you that you can see you at second base and certainly in the bullpen I'll look forward dale lot. This entire brain to think the wolf thank you be as good as in the last couple of years. It's possible by the numbers it's in the best 79. Take out last year with a recruit the players before that. They were right. That's in the history of baseball there like a different game than the rest of the teams that were able playoffs evident he gave everybody else playing nine this year. I haven't seen enough to say OK once they are all people who Opel the wolf the ball to the open with the lead but they're gonna win the game like seventy enough. That's kind of like saying that Matt Ryan to be better than it was last it's possible that Natalee was last season. Pretty damn hard to be better for Matt Ryan they want to stay with this man's season where you want in it they'll be beat but that sounds. Really good I love the optimism. No they're not gonna you better open that they wore at their height with an eight DH in it he said. The eighth or ninth inning baseball games in his six in the big east is down to each like you can tell that he's more for. You can see it since I think if you but he rants because they realize. No doubt we want this edited loss and you're not going to witness baseball game. But we'll that this team certainly not Joaquin story like that everything to be a range of this pulpit I think it was your problems other team in the pulpit. A freedom it thought the royals fans are afraid of the school but at least right now especially with what he's. Sport yet there's no reason at that level of the year. With this will mean. But they just seem if healthy they're one of wrote another attack this will. Let's switch gears a little bit the count basketball writer reports today or joint that's your note that while. And I'm curious to find out what he said the problems lever. In the air during art in the big mystery novel that's what they have in common next. 66. On Twitter at sixty and sports KC our teams are attack on sixteen and Sports Radio. Bags and it's the drive kids haired seniors on the team with the sports machines that are right. Chrysler bank in the studio. I don't think our life has got the remote means that the news that the bars within at the end the ideas went outside. In it's Brad. Yeah I will say I all of them like little all that read all the there's less people than what would have been had that you wanna law yesterday that you can't live. But the bits well now it's going to be. Secondly it like this. They sort of like this is your main board noticed I was expert but I don't want to come out here they are adults now. Today at the game if they are playing UE six because I was they would Cape May right now what would you stated every ten people would say eat it moves where I was the 80% of these people would like I pets I would say it's 80% I would stay it's simplistic that you mean selling their tickets to with the and it to resuscitate it collectively to basketball that's now I've but it right now. You'll like that very neutral court created a with pretty accurate. Happy to be doing here is no other by BP college basketball writer. Blitzer reports anymore. I tend to do well with them doing good man. They say they end. There definitely audience axles for RD it differs born date. I mean. I don't do the brackets just I'm. The two famous guys who do and the first or. I have a hard time seeing that now if they beat Baylor twice. Cattle went out West Virginia and beat Oklahoma State on the road. It's tough to see team with that war winds of that quality nature. Not to the in the actual field so you know but I'll I'll go the experts like dancing thing you know maybe you won't want to him yet 64. I think this argument all week I think I talked about it. The power conference schools are always gonna be addict at Phoenix I case they've always gonna like that game or good game right around a quarter because when the big well. Where if this will light on it if your school like Illinois State. And chances for good wins throughout the course of the season. And they want to create those opportunities that what. More kids like it's relentless they give to be included eternity if all case they'd have to do after not having 89 time it's been very impressive. Be it under 500 that it ultimately did he gets Baylor tiger. Here's what you have to do you have to get more people on the committee thereabouts to mid majors. Because of the committee is made. And a big time save the last few years away their heads cede the field the way they've been out and put the field together. That quality wins is what matters. And he says god so what you look at what they've done recently. There's there's put themselves in other people's position. Q do what is it that you last night's win over Baylor do for the future influence whoever in Manhattan. And do you think that his job is tied at this point to them actually make deviancy term. I think part of it is I mean it's it's hard to say because of the new administration coming in and out. Like that right now. But I think if you would have missed the tournament the losses job. I don't know that it's a give him. That you can if you get seeing keeps it because there's so much. Undress the fan base its its its toxic situation at this point and I think. Suck some it's got to happen for for more people lose the Serb leader maybe that's a tournament winner too in the action games because. It's you know while I've all along been all grew silent and not think I got through three more people there right now there. I think that. Itself it's really really tough to stated jobs we've youthful fan base and affable David about there and loud segment is happy. And it makes it tough situation so while I think. You can't base who you keep as a coach entirely on that it played the fact I was. Roots island open through the weather is always great the basketball vote effort. Here it's not the only college basketball writer at least reports or the joke machine John and you don't see I think we're all that it until 6 o'clock in the opening minutes on a bird uttered a defensive end zone they'll put in burger silently equipment is actually I don't know if I would. And it. Make that point earlier the same points out like you think we case they regardless of his statements that bird or go with the game that the current. It's pretty clear that there are they very fractured relationship between case greens it's me and it's and it's clever night. If you're a relationship he waited one more big fight to walk away. Pretty broken up just don't know yet I feel like that's where Kate stated that we thought in my case they get the cars and today. It's possible they get blown out they'd like the last that equipment. Yeah it tomorrow perhaps the conversation if that's what would not say if you're gonna keep that in the conversation got a good job I think that the it. But here's the deal is this in your analogy. Your mom has all the say. I think. The fan base doesn't necessarily have to say. Your mom might hear how you feel the heat gets to decide whether you stay in that relationship or not so. You know they might get an athletic director in there who looks and says hey. When can we go yeah who can we realistically do you. You gotta make served a while longer you're gonna move on. You better make sure you got somebody good that's willing to comment because I'm not through your biblical and if somebody who's better Bruce Weber Ruth lover not a terrible that's. On a scale for Clinton to team topic is teams that lost yesterday's news. One point five. I mean I don't think it matters that much to think that. The the only reason would they be matters that puts a little doubt your mind going in this internment. And I think the biggest reason matters is because Carlton wracked with carefully yesterday though that you and I think these. A semi important youth and how far you've known attorney you've got to have somebody on the bench playing worth a darn so that matters but. I'm Nathan Glazer and rested I mean I'm if you think glass half full opinion but I really think it's true you know get it but that's great basin. Yours CD and we are you going to turn it probably hasn't acted. You came on before and I remember you're kind of stay fancy cases in the figured out that it's. And they're really happy because I think they were terrible but I think Josh Jackson's huge part of their defense. And I I think it shows you how flatly aren't taking tees way. Yet because I look at it is I I I ran the numbers that played nineteen big twelve games so far they've given up eighty plus points in eight of those games. That only happened three times last year and one time this season before. If this didn't seem to guard people like that that seems to be huge problem that now we're gonna move port you're gonna play worked as an opportunity to have more towns at all that the teams. If you can't guard people it's kind of hard to pick up with the whole thing. If if you were to take note this the last stretch of the regular season did you feel like there was a difference in the way they regard. A little bit a little bit so I I think there. I think that the intensity. And the team to beat you know was starting to come around. And I feel like him beat sciences in big time games where yeah its its its name on it but you know people community tonight. Have have you felt like it if it is a different level of those games. I think that's what's gonna happen I felt like I've seen yesterday's game 678. Time crazy you how do you get upper teeth you. He just acts and not quite got nothing really polite toward. Like they they coasted through half of that game. The coast of the rest of their games this entire season could we have I do see the writing on the wall that at some point. Hopefully it doesn't moment in the next few weeks what's actually in the tournament begins. But just puts it on that nice all that your wall with the last night bound to happen on efforts there in over at you with me. It's it's crazy that they had the record they have peaked well they had 2830 this that the margin is. He brought. In the big twelve in if you look at other teams that are performed it like it happened. Major conferences. And had that kind of record. The captains you like what they did it's unbelievable we know many close games and yet. You play that many close games are bound to lose one. My guess it if if we gotta be if I got to play devil's advocate in the last half empty argument could you say. That we seem like it's not take you kind of coast along in all it takes one mistake for him to lose like yesterday. They gave up 85 points. And meet its speed doesn't commit the the foul I think that you with the overtime in that scenario that what you're playing better teams in the market is a lot different in the way they appreciate college basketball a lot different. Like do you think this team team is capable of playing 53. Solid 48 games. Yeah I mean to a point but you don't have to play five straight solid you know you get the first game you can you can play terrible and so when. The second game you could probably play well for thirty minutes and still win. You know the next 135 minutes so it's not to be in the dates that you really keying on super super good opponent you gonna be playing so yet they might be able to stand by and when they played. Big time teams this year when they play the Kentucky's when they played the dukes when they've gone up against Baylor West Virginia. Typically sell enough. I asked for it facilities once did on Monday. Right now that the big four teams that did mean that you. Who were your fool I picked Kansas. Villanova. North Carolina Arizona. I think Kansas is most likely team to go to the final war because that's where it's thinner body you have to include it in the air. I actually think right now in college basketball North Carolina is the best team like Villanova and I think you could argue. Allen's team with Arizona could be the most talented team in college basketball. My I don't like Arizona where your full. That's that's a personal go off on a include the U. All include. North Carolina for senator and then I'll go. To war again. And I'll go either UCLA your exact. I felt also was let's go to Zacks thrust a little bit more. So UCLA because I guess my issue was UCLA. I think there like this feeling version of Iowa State the last three years because I was date me. With with the way they score the way they shoot they could really go rolling get hot and other more talent than him not appearing today what would you. I think here on the edge defensively the way they do I just think that it's Lindsay you've music in the sweet sixteen. Yeah yeah it could very well I think that they're often so it's it's unlike anybody else's. And I think that there any plus games there any game. It's probably better than just about anybody in the country's men went there on there are unbelievable. And if there there's more on the ball and you're trying to score with them you know like look at their Kentucky game and over the long time ago. But they played just enough defense to win that game in the second half of the game that it that it really well so it's not like it's kind of like that you like the pieces are there to. The doctor you have better things differently do you feel like these are terrible defensively. And their numbers have got a little better late in the season so when they want to they can play enough defense I think but but I am with you there's there are more susceptible than other teams at the top. Getting upset. Just because. The defense numbers of terror siege it would you be more surprised that hey you gets knocked out in the first weekend of the tournament or they're still playing in the last week. I'd be I'd be proud more surprised in the first week in. Just because the resiliency this needs kind of hat and win they get these close games frank basement so floods and and the fact that you know and as large they had Josh Jackson. I have a hard time Siemens and efforts to. Although there's going to be some tough you know that they could get away with stuff that is expected it'll opponent that's the second round. If my best right now to pick a team game without seeing the racquet I'll ask you get once you see that right TPC matchup. Think right now that's the black music. It's not I. Are you with my pre season that I too. I I'm like a North Carolina I I'm I'm really like another put together they're one of the most complete teams in the country there with a team that runs the votes. And you know. They use their guts atrocities there so. North Carolina that got inside stories. Just attacks and really come on this year actually threw the ball well from the perimeter until there and he was like if you Nazis and turn. But you've just. They got things got often votes. You know they got a good something that you expected to see that you would they after the loss to see you again Tutsis. Well I mean they're they're my efforts forward. Yes I mean I think they got a decent. Now that we college basketball writer which reports its racy Davis Love become about an hour. That's revenue coming up next today is a special anniversary for my Missouri tiger thing with that is next on the ground. Sixty and sports. Audio courtesy of is being back on the track here here's here's on the B five year. Years ago today. Missouri won its final basketball game as a member of the big twelve I've ever like it was just yesterday. I'd say probably six rows behind the Baylor being. I was fired. It allows fired. That's not eyes took it upon himself to basically play Missouri for everything that was happening with the big well it wasn't Texas. It was the third spot it was little like Colombia that doesn't it give you tips it was our fault why did it well with falling apart at that time. You know why I wanted to be there. I don't see a good basketball team. And that is it isn't so I wanted to be there but the commissioner of the big well techne. The throw me a break today it meaningless. If it's GS PZ it nobody could stop. You permit the listen to this beautiful song and highs. And okay. It's a shame. They think. Many good years in the group. That though this week CS. EC a all of you as you eat now. The city that's now they are thin Arctic sea the glory. Of the glorious day. The disease and she. This equipment that was on the ballot that would god that's that it. Now my partner and higher may have been started keeping its heat bill that but it antsy secretly without their top. Glorious day it is there athletics. Don't talk about what happens next week it out trying to forget that. But now let's dance floor five years later. This is the Missouri votes in the agency. Former code that means that. Say about job it was it was very basketball program. You were vest me. When did you know you can get fired. Or would have said probably the first took the job. It deserves a lot of challenge and challenges to beam. We met we met them and we do pretty good job we used to work. That I. I'd like I didn't see a pretty good job with this man delusional then it's evident when he reads it and when he won the nine when he threw where's the pretty good job. Pretty good job at it. I'll break out thing and it double off the court that it would not winning all the court. We're faced with a very difficult situation. It was it appears that it takes the time that the program. Built in it indicate that that that goes with Pittsburgh at some point at the kinda. Cut that thing at this borrowed why did it 118643. Games or the previous six you have that it got that that's. That's looking at it obviously just looking at the box what that's about it. Not a lot of Frankfurt they. Here players the last five C it's. My Oscar like that I built a program like Hillary I'm happy if the rat pack sitting instantly. Like so they were gonna have the building. The problem with that there was. It's the war with it means that if it is possible that we've. But it was an impossible situation. Was much more possible that went well. Or another player. What happens it may not mean that the situation like it was this game impossible. Now it was possible. This does not want to make the situation worse they make it's it's. Which the basketball side of things it was less that if possible they are moving. But perennially maybe the bids are one of the best up and down operatives of the big twelve SEC. If you see offer Kentucky Florida it up what to garbage. It's a miracle they competed for the complete it put all the Republicans in the SEC there's no reason they could do that for bats. Yep there's no reason why I exactly right now with injuries. Other than Missouri. I didn't think boarded second best program and it's why I hope that if they can vote. Hopefully Tom Green. If they can get a good coach is going to be good like this was executed in three years Missouri to be good equipment. They can beat good a competitive this they've Blakey state what would they got well we'll get to that report if you make the right hired a place like that could be booted it the wrong hire give Anderson. You end up where they'll. Well I don't think their bit Michael Beasley or Bill Walker sign up and up. I'm all for that that happens in two minutes I think it's in their eyes are open and give us off season you yesterday I'll tell you my thoughts on that and it states make an eternity but please think being its my little bit as we build an expert.