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3/10 5PM - The Hits, Devonte Graham & KU, Curtis Kitchen

Mar 10, 2017|

C-Dot and "The Sports Machine" Sean Levine start off the last hour of the afternoon with The Hits. They also continue their conversation on KU's surprising loss to TCU yesterday and hear some audio from Devonte Graham before finishing the day talking to Curtis Kitchen

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How electric he. Police studio. One us. She signed offensive lineman Mike person today also bunch of other news around the NFL including Panthers trading defensive end former NU tiger funny Healy. Along with the third round pick to New England for a second round pick also wide receiver Terrelle Pryor signs of one year deal with Washington. Or eats. Million dollars held fastball big twelve tournament semifinals tonight at sprint center. Iowa State TCU the early game followed by a state west Virginian the royals host the days and surprise this evening at 705. Jason Hammel gets start for Casey. About Iceland that's we know now with the two back to the show. Text license so you can really tell someone to take what they do no one's around. And if buybacks in the summer there is no around I would get the license number and find and then let them know that bank since. Because if I did something bad would happen yeah I was gonna say adding that he did an anonymous. So Peabody is really gold limited. But to back into the cardinal that you did that would do it there's no way around you know you'll be in trouble for. Visual of the house from an anonymous poll know what people believe in that situation but I just not going to get mad at the 1819 year old kid. Now did you get mad about the cars it's always happen with these case women's basketball player deal about the court. But this incident I I just I'm not going to be fate commanded jobs Jackson. For that yeah. Supposed to get about this today is there any. Possible chips. The Kansas lose in the first round in the fall in the public what what what what happened so many things that happen. It will throw it shepherd big guardian group that's it's a lot of reports more Lucas tips toward grabbed. That's as soon. Billboard broad support for us daughter. Head for just the second time they've won the war years visual. Loses its first Davis. If the big twelve tournament. Break Mason would have to like miss the game with sweet feeling a little. Yardage and losing Josh Jackson in game doesn't matter. McCain's fight right now it is is basically playing for the ability to call themselves you know number one little small cedar that's really all there plain where this. I personally. Could care less I don't mean I think it's fighting the way. Guarantee Harrison. Friday Everett. That's a place it. You're nine to five today if you're in the market down here. The laces or getting a stressful work you appreciate this it could pull it. What time they talked sports with you today is here now needs them right. Chrysler bank gave him in the city I think it is quiet about what Howard I yeah. Coming a little later on will be given away another 25 dollar gift cards you twin peaks the ambulance and your chance to win. I won't let suffered during the commercial break it you hear this Saturday callers or six. I want to revise that success with the city witness. Five dollar if art. But it went through it with these bullets Sunday. Breaking down the brackets and they are now. Throughout our public troop what do you make of the fact that. We agreed that 80% Iowa State fans here that no other club you know start to get back how much of that because obviously it would celebrate vs. We can't use fans out there it's there but other than you. And today. Nothing about today today's update Iraqi troops in the. It's not mean that you may. Not be the case you think that the team the kind of I think now you've stopped wearing it Wear red the blame game I'll. Let I'll say it's your opted to our but not to use your order to meet you there may want to hear. You know that you walk round here in the we want the stuff that matters that's OK and witnessed conference bird and it was open no one calls. The knowledge he beat you with the law but they got it done. At what basketball game with. Appropriate that we in April that I got my all that you hear on its just I had me put down here who. Felt that. All dollars with I'm. Well they lit the team that record. The last their old Michael. Take the you'd be insane that Don you're just it's. I will do for that girl that achievement to do it must RO benefits. It innovative. This historic in the de Jesus didn't talk about it every day at 5 o'clock leave it. Shut up and play that this guy. Heats up hit of the days you guys their lives for no other pop in the power by district getting ready for the big twelve determined person of the day. Yes Jadox for only the second time in their history fault they are opening round they golf tournament is on its UCC yesterday. It feels like that you fans seem to be all leaned. On the excuse that this is just going to be in nice opportunity that the game didn't really matter if they can sit back relax and still under being the I did see. A lot of K you've saved up but things like. Once the game was so we're going to the defense but all we wanted to lose game one heartbeat depressed right now saying this great big indictment on that you. You'll loss. Clutter that swelled after the lottery pick you don't want an advocate that I do make it highlighted a bigger problem. The heat guard that can't fix the rest. So let me. Forty minutes of not playing basketball tomorrow it is dead along the Iowa State. Now they're gonna fix their problems defensively and Powell I would say the lack of depth at CNET yesterday you don't have got to act. But it's added. It's likely didn't score off the base quite cold days are at some point coming off the bigs. All that branch what bought the play of the opposite you know lottery if you hate looks bad at one point. Not two point Seattle seemed I Lauren lake points a single lonely boy it's the box that you which is that we get bigs but just went public a lot of positive. They argue that the best college player. Are you get the best it gave us that I don't think the bonds agree with that we've built into the hall of fame coach but let's not beat it to them they say there's a case. But some of the problems they have not get it fixed by just a different. How quickly the sky isn't falling based on who's he did he see you yesterday what the key word is currently the players the guys that are actually gonna happen either wins it you heard of it. What they realized there it is what all of us Talking Heads outside to talk about. That this team is not as good as the record it is going sixteen into the big twelve is it really lost ball. Beat what he ate. Three before yesterday is an incredible record but anybody that broke down that he would apply to all those that they're not nearly that good. If you probably have at least list we've. Probably report less losses. And at some point last night I proved he was going to catch up with that happen to be TCU I'd expected I don't think most people. We'll bid but that is the safe pick of the second round of the gate tournament which by the way it's a week away. That this team could slip up the same way they did yesterday. It's about it hit the market. They say guys can you not able to get it done yesterday but. K state with another windy cut their turn and hopes alive big win vs Baylor Bruce Weber lives on for another day. And while most experts have been in the tournament. Is a trip to the first four are still considered to be in the tournament port. No not up our five. At Illinois State if you wanna say get it turned out to get that chance at your power pots. We'll go beat Dayton in the first hour it's not mean that the target. I do think that they at least over yet or unless they get it out. Blown out if I don't think we had. I think is the better. Time Ortiz. I think that they have played here toxic lead with one. It's the case they don't want or want it upgraded you'll like it hit theaters it would let. So they're both gonna take it one more of the war. In order for that won't really clever but you already know where you're like let's case they make that didn't run but it. Acts. I thought it means it's the only thing they can't run it's fun to be proactive and not yet like companies like is it possible. That helped it react grateful he's. Fifth in the market and if I get things that companies say well this dvd they were noticeably and it took a lot of I don't want this case it becomes bloc. What's going to sit on the resume of Bruce Weber whether that is. For another. College team next year where periods of coaching maybe it's these days it's going to say if they're one of those final fourteen to. Proposed or do whatever they call it good today made the NCAA tournament not going to have that government that's not going to happen after next to a if you make the tournament field debate tournament that I understand what you're saying because that's the biggest rip it's is played on their. Mean the last couple of years which did its bit to get 64686. Whatever numbers at right now. I think Bruce Weber whose job is to take it upon them. Probably making the actual field that he's secure one point 2% I believe. If you with the game if you see her but they're one of the first or later there was a report out just because they keep it as they have they make the FIP. This guy is really go bad or slippery slope I think what you said carries the most weight. It's up to talk relationship that even if he does the throughout next year this opportunity to kids with Bruce Weber at his job gave what next few things. Yeah we're gonna have a thing conversation at that deficit conversation I think notes elegant and it. There wasn't going to be good enough to win that golf game that the biggest club I don't just like that I forgot what they adapt it once you have that conversation inner relationship without getting divorced. It's pretty hard to come back from it that have a happy they're the rest when. It never buried. Finally today it's a short edition of the and it's here on the drive. There's another crazy day it and hassle free agency Robert Griffin the third being released by Cleveland. Tony Healy of the Panthers forms zoo guy and the third rounder got traded to the patriots for a second round pick the big story that I thought. Coddled months Terrelle Pryor. Got to deal today the biggest it was only for one year and only for eight million bucks with incentives what we'll listen and smell the. And I think a lot of this came down to an acceptance of what's worked through a wire on the wide receiver for a long time it was clear that NFL did not have as a quarterback and makes like happy with the things that you did what they couldn't. We finally admitted to going through it see he's an incredible lap I'll never forget that that that age to me probably 34 years ago. The director Bolten both athletic and I've ever seen but basketball throughout. It'll be a way as the senior level of atlantis' my umpires always been at it that athletes that it is being downed power to look at this. The duke forward here I kind of look at its fans hit the cat that's wasted that bad they can't move some money around. We'll put that what you're eight dollar contract if I'm. One's yours five billion dollars with the. Six did you get to eight million dollars and they could certainly use another wide receiver next year when it comes to Alice this markets and keep it it's going to be Alex made. That was guilty to prove he's on the short list if not the best type in an old book. But Tyrone hill I've seen it for one year it was a rookie year I wanna see more giving back and had a career worst. I'm with you I don't know why can't judge Jeffrey's the one you threw yesterday also with the buildup Eagles. What would it city at least work with one of these guys see that the contract the quality and the number of years that the. Are gonna make the things that go back without their starting quarterback and are you made the decision. That where would be if this event connected and that's fine a lot of teams in the seat to which it. They committed to putting it eighty parts. In offensive weapons Iran Alex as possible like warheads and talk about the playoff game. All of them playoff game and ultimately it's or touchdown like you. Once the bucket to what both these people results were not happy here very bad that this event. But the thoughts that it needs to be adding additional months. It would appear at all but aren't really gonna add that rant but the Dicey proposition got it right glad to retire or be killed. You gotta do what it did capitalize or once you hear me recently though at least as quarterback indefinitely if it's too happy. Quarterback that's been hit for today. The biggest things happening. Theo Beckett patent and discuss this because as he says I think there were a couple of difference what thoughts with me. I think it's unfair to say what they lost season that's accurate what's gonna put a little bit of context of I think we agreed it was that didn't last Jackson's death but you should just needs assets in the season due to the topic and that it didn't. If they don't have jobs yet they get the put a little bit context it's I'll tune that out hustle used it's that's supposed to be now. No team would want an answer we'll see you losing their first game at a conference on. Little bit of an answer for it to you didn't have just excellent public since that. What that case you were I spoke at someone that take you to win the national tips you can call me. You play a lot of things I've picked that you don't win the national championship we know guards went sort of it's coaches we've targeted. And at a top five pick delegates needed to ask that you got everything you need to win a national team. But it's hard for me to balance this number. Maybe who has played in nineteen the big twelve to eighteen regular season one game if they gets the tee. They've given up eighty points or more it eight of those games they do that three times last year. One of those with a triple overtime game against Oklahoma that we agreed that unique circumstance. And the year before that it happened one time. I'm in big twelve play its lead the top authority figure eight watchable but that it eight times since nineteen. Where I've always look today as they seem. The last orbit making it stops making one eight override it that is led by fans and really dictate the tempo. Self senate yesterday this KU teams got a heat 828. This thing UT can't be too 6560. I could see him play them different kind of styles. They can only. 21 kind of way there since UCLA. UCLA. With the absentee pizza but also. In the third round because office not look at that daylong global not playing well he didn't with the play that well it hit big. See that would take you. Frank case that foul trouble dissect that doesn't play probably that would get me. We've seen in the targeting your pants the gap between the four best teams in the tournament and everybody else is that it didn't used to be good that you're meant that I look at this case UT. As if they're going to get knocked out of the sun it's gonna be completely gone and they have the ability to coax the time. That go to the pity is that it's one of the united weren't even to see what's not opinion what's backed its its its second highest office scored teams like this with what to say. The one that outscored their opponents we're stopping them. Like we've gotten used to. But that's just did there is no cure a lot of people waltrip Jeff McKee the boards wins I can keep going keep it that stopper down below or got hit with all the popular. If that means we'll get knocked out of Pittsburgh before reaching the final four or national championship. It's not because they didn't score enough points it's gonna be because the other opponent with all the pockets for. And that market is different notes that different panel formula both take you teams that meant that same kind of formula and the ones that did defend itself. I know they did not fuelled him to that kind of change that that's the last out sequel bad defense team. But added that they asked what you're gonna particularly television begins usually just briefly to be EPA. What amazing difference with a bit of idea for the golf standpoint but a ripple effect. You went to tell you that did was play either that he ended up losing double digit games but they were going on with national title of the revisionist history looking back on it who knows but Ed beat antley it was pretty good company but that's just the feeling what it's. HTTP. I think today against 85% at target field making 90%. You just roll the ball out there to beat off your talent that we did it all yearlong. Birds of the regulations that absolutely they have more talent most of the time that got more experience to the better coach there because. If you're gonna have national player here like basketball sometimes there are some other little uncle very simple but there's accidentally or local. It sometimes have a guy they go against them lots and spilling USC and Bill Walton made a good point Liz LA has. You see a landslide the ball no one else knows that's not only do a lot of games insulate the best player on the floor a lot of time. In both incidents with the three best players. Right basically just it doesn't. Let it seemed like doing that it's lucky that way you later at the time. For the most part gonna put some of the best players on the court that's gonna win you a lot of but in some situations. Where that jump shots not all of at all that's looking way that he sent you put it this basketball act if the jump shots like that. Hey you've always been able living there and on the movie it will be stopped at the this evening there had it would be it's not a defense that got scared going into the time. I would still McKay well my animals like the team to make everybody apparently been the top floor earlier but that mark would steer me about it if you agree they're gonna be in a game. In this time. Then another nine. Is what have a community it's like it's that it's time to get to you and they're gonna play some team that's sixteen and negative but he settled with its. That's one of the other about it. Oh and that's what's gonna take a full team effort yesterday ranked based David Wright made that thing. Point nine points to go along with success is knocked out global thirteen free throws played like the national player of the year. The problem was not based it was everybody else speech hit him with eight teams certainly can't expect that this has to be. Minimums he got a three headed monster the entire way. Particularly the national championship that but Mason. Fault by judge Jackson at the quality programs if at least two of those three guys or three before hitting on all cylinders. Let's keep it there people horrible the state where there were yesterday to wolf it's. Because I picked my four. If you can't fourteenth inning I gave you the I would still take him. I think seasons at that scene at the team in college basketball to go to the final. You're gonna give me. National player of the year Josh Jackson that votes we're gonna play our first round games three hours from campus we're gonna play our third and fourth games. Forty minutes from team obviously you got the biggest game outside of Allen fieldhouse there's no building better suited for the things they don't that's when there are gonna get that that it gave it I still think there's overwhelming favorite. I like Villanova I like Carolina also like yours don't it doesn't happen that Clinton did hand but I have looked at a lot of these teams we've got to think of how that they deliberately. Equality with me. That they feed kids aren't settled down four minutes to go over it stop. Look at it as much as they have laws there was one team. That group that they were significantly better that night on backcourt that they use and it wouldn't let you get beat an important now about sixty they're up three losses. Yet they don't want the green and took it up with recruits and active in overtime given two losses actually did have an overtime so. Everything that was things through yesterday with a bat lost this team has the war that can't stop loss. On the flip side of that like you said it's not that it is you'll won't go all the over every other team. Because they've got the pieces that talent the experience and they hit them. It more than the last that the case for a skillful wanna sit outlook for the loss yesterday. He said one also equally fine. Now wouldn't you say bothered me that that's at the big thing that is still wants. Well I what bothered me about that it was who's in the quarter. It was would be in the quarterfinals to tease you. And the way its entirety to quit because I've seen a lot of heat bruises team's war quote like. A team that maybe he'll last or it hurt or out right on the wolf wolf but not a top 25 to. With Auburn and Texas to Oklahoma State Oklahoma I. Texas I'll keep going down the list. The common denominator in almost every one of those games with this by the entity that you chalk up another bill. That's what scared me most biggest concern myself about using TCU. Has now is currently ranked Mason. The block diagram to object to the spill. These guys know what they're vulnerable and that every time they get vehicles in the back a couple of requirement that it pretty much. He listening for the sound or during the commercial break for your chance of winning eight point five dollar gift card it would beat who played Saturday column of the six. During the commercial break 913576. At sixteen when an active part coming up on the other side of one jayhawk said that. It's a positive it's John and I could think that this Acosta in the tournament and can't they can't stay you sir gotta love hate relationship with your coach next on the drive. Sixty and sports real. These kids doing that nobody bought it when he and it's. No other club in accidentally. That came body. They talk to your specialty a violent ones went on to not hear that when it about the Bart today. Three flawless with the roads today look outside of town like that greatness that it popped that I would stay out of the population of any incidents but it's. Is it it's basically. Now life. This I believe it is absolutely full of I was statement. Receive 80% of that awhile ago it's up that 90% at nine out of every ten people like see like this do is rocket I would state you're good on that. We've always heard about how the I would state they kill out. Not only are they still it is but did you know longer is. Well against it is whether it's the week. I like I would stay home I was accident and compensate for the college basketball fees I think Monta boards that most underrated players in August. A month and more as I think it's probably good. Fourth or fifth best point guard dog basketball. But he plays in the same conference that's right basically doesn't get the bugs that way hasn't had the postseason success. Most of all I did your team talk like Nick's love he's not a good back up of the backup point guard. But some auto he's definitely projected NBA players a matter of fact there's six Dougherty at the big well what jet last night when I couldn't sleep. That are projected to be tough to rent it to the second round for stick around that BA draft. Bought divorces Lewis of the sixth ranked bases in its last. You've got so what the other guys in this conference to Baltic rim foods gets love what I hadn't played a complete state as well. If they have loaded the when it comes to go play maybe not bad at Baltimore's. The only person I ever aside from 1960s. It's iron. Snowing and it's Bob McKnight no one ever says that I can't spell it united on. I don't know it's gonna congratulate them on an island at I mean I couldn't pronounce it correctly on its faults be it that's it did not yet know I've. It announced that how would that game against let's. Late birth now for the first I was in my seat the entire case they Baylor game. They do the players about that right now. They get the route but it is the coach of that room Lou. Love it sound like it Alan I was state game offensively whatever they interviews with. This is the mere love hate relationship with us let us. This case they team what you make it public I think the winds yesterday at least three words that good in the pros. I don't win that next game to back some of them feel it's doubly fun and not because ultimately. We agree. The day. The only way you can drop out of the park he could get blown out today etiquette we need to eat today I think that kind of a ranks and good we will not yet. Los lost you flip the targeting weighed a 100% solidified at fluid. But that we're talking about it in like eight or ninth seed they can it will. It didn't play that championship game. Public opera that most people considered all year long to be the best of them called basketball. Plus beating Baylor that was their third top ten win for sure either with a victory. I Wyatt Thompson was on earlier today replied that and I am I can't say he's saying. That this case they've seen gold. I think we have this conversation around this time. About sixty different teams in the few that it. About fifteen team they could make the final four every team that's the one. Of course you insult I've seen you debate and argue with the of their ability to make the final. You can make an argument forward. What happens you'll get a little bit less if this went to date. Is still up a seat on what our. If you think you'll meet him at all can make an argument for the seat he can't make I don't or in Oklahoma State argument to want added that's the crazy they go to. It's what the NCAA tournament like over. In this situation is because they're not a consistent team because they can't insist that it is that time. Played like so for. And today we've got to scored seventeen points on like five of eight Judy that I had no that's been the case like there's been so up and down at it since it. One of my complaints about ultimately. External power conference likely needed. There's always opportunities. That we bought thirty to Oklahoma but you still got to work anymore big games coming up it kind of brings that bit off but that it. Oklahoma as a sort of ruthlessly it to our five we. But all without the ability to will build over you. That should be because that's exactly what it's about building and building a resonated that's why haven't been told them I'll get that goes. This entire year I did it they beat Arizona I get it then at night with vs Iowa State but. You looked up and down. Almost every night during conference play their like Pepperdine or when all of better now or Portland or school like that if you're hasty. Gave they gave out your place that you your played bay the place went to your playing I was state. I think close losses first let me state at times they've got a lot of of this year. Be warned that to the committee that a good way to what your team at the complaint people. That this wasn't that I did that again I I think it's normal things you. Or it may seem like the main page you can only do so on the spotlight if you're. Illinois State. The third nonconference schedules just open you can decide hey. They stay open playoff at Illinois State this thing it's like not playing you're not going to there may well you would it up every season. Don't like that's like you're at least limit he'd it would seem you can put that aspect that I do think it's part of the company wanted them. Our team like that they have the regular season. It definitely stay in the 718. You'll get it accomplished it if I personally Natalie and that's it nothing to. If the committee does their job. Basically gets you in with probably it yesterday before beating Baylor because sometimes I think there's some of these committee members to look at your record. That may be a personal affiliate kid that wants EST did they know certainty because they see them on TV more often than others. If your wanna find these state basketball this year fight to the eye test like close losses. Or the fact that they played in the best conference up and down all season long and certainly happen bears themselves. That they have. To be one of the six. Award to the key to its yield even before beating Cleveland yesterday I believe that the state should Gideon will it is and I won't be at all surprised and I see this no way. Not knowing that you could end up playing. With their talent alone a solvent outfield outs it's your birthday you with these states talent alone they could win that game if not through with the unity for. Outfits make this point this offseason but still only a report from that board. Or somebody knowledgeable college basketball that was weapons on that this thing. Great companies. Are brawl that. Now towards a re yet. Great companies see the landscape so what's about to change and they make decisions and doing stuff today because they know it's shipments. That companies wait for the ship them happy and it probably the place. What accompany your UK state you've missed opportunity I'll let onto. They're okay company nobody can argue that there are great company that rob using that analogy is. With your company whatever your profession is. What you Bergen new boss somebody else to dictate our futures disabling the athletic director goes operated coach. Boy your basement beat number again not just basketball blooded life. You lost takes over the the key to what the hiring these guys took root was already on the hot seat. That John Hurt that that certainly didn't make things any easier but if anything bush to quietly out the. But right now with the state of it it's really reached the point. It did your kids they and I got to keep it economically speaking it's like to acknowledge that theory say dad in my opinion on this. Doesn't matter what happens. I can't think we've today. They are losing the first round. Do you feel that much different like is that going to the next. You said yourself it's such a toxic relationship right now but the reason it doesn't matter with Bruce Weber. It's because long her. There is no way and I mean no way that Bruce whoever is around Manhattan for the next 235. That fourteen years the way Bill Self is and if that's not the plan that he's not going to be. And K state a well made fans and players and boosters in the EU himself knows that at best we're talking about extending its full Bruce Weber period. They're there for another year. That but the head up the they have right now Rick took the girl instead of walking distance this picture you'll now what's the point of this. That's what I would do if I'm Kate stay. This reits that. And it's better look at them or else it's clearly not it might mean it is forty damned if you don't they have to bounce and I don't think it. What it ultimately you know you'll receive a Bruce Weber saying I don't hear criticism. At some thoughts of the media oh did you under the boost. Live in the real world like myself. Instantly. That I think is a little bit better suited for you. At your case that it entered at you know experienced the pain they would be not an invite you this I hate difference between where the administration and it's where the fans are and where the basketball program here because it's clear the fans have given up on Bruce Weber doesn't have that support its. I would over that thing fan bases and I think after they win tonight make the NCAA tournament and that this week sixty. That would that it's it upwards yeah it was good but whatever you want these crowds that Britain did and not make you. Let's make further about the present at the actual target letter before you start talking about now I want to get that this it will get back the case they have five minutes that we talked to. Curtis kitchen by. But it ran after the game yesterday. I had some interesting comments about KUN their style look like solid you can hit or what the Vontae Koreans say Africa you've lost yesterday TC. I'm. And I think I'll always leave. So the odds Graham says that you waited. Little bit long in the panic to being in the year. It costs a lot of kids math but you must a lot of pound mass heat basketball or listen to watch a lot of basketball. It would scare me with this need. Name. They see they'll have 21 feet by it thirty minutes. Of just black bass. It's bound to get away with black basketball. And now lasted minutes frank is a consultant the bonds agreeable and something in the win that game. I don't feel like anytime you see him with a solid really good. Forty minute there's an effort reminded me in the best scenic college basketball but you don't see that a lot that. I tunnel likely to astute. Based unit that this does its work for the whole semester because they've now and I can get 7080%. I'll still it is day on the final ultimately held liable work all the little bit extra credit and I'll still be an eight and lastly I would that kind instant. And it doesn't matter to me whatever stuff all that makeup or cannot do it in the finance a lot of people like them. That the band mindset to have going into the it's doubly hard in Kabul conference leader who were talking about it. And they're making the point it is the wake up call it is needed. Quick look all that march 9. All times over like we got one more wake up on them because that's not yet applicable to wake up outside of the term. But it's not the first test if you will of the season. Pretend you basketball as a matter fact every real test every big test every time they played a top five top ten opponent this year. The common denominator with the sick. They beat. Duke on a neutral court Kentucky in their house they were both here and there I was state they beat West Virginia inside Allen fieldhouse so. I hear what you were saying it seemed like at times this case UT boost it plays down at their competition that's the bad. Here's the good. Only one time this year one time people with your case they made the biggest big fans for the biggest Nader out there. Has there reporter prove that they were significantly better than that on the road Morgantown at its West Virginia. There are three losses were yesterday and two losses in overtime to know when exactly felt the best you. Having witnessed this at you teams in his matchup with them mentality. Like that just like you and I talent trumps whether it's basketball business opening night you can have the bridge to be like Mayweather. To get every little different speeds you know like you know how to veto but don't want to do. Like double planned for me I can't get it. Lose them by advocates do you could have the player to educate the public know how to beat them. Mountainside. They want their bigs and about trouble because they're really big up front like we know who when Britney that the local. Like the past I think that there were over three or four maybe five teams out there that could actually be that you need though they do not at the game this year. Along with their flaws in the wide open field. I think there's 5220. Teams that could be paid fifty points to end up in the final four. Cases of yours if you talk about this. I I think that's like a very big like blanket statement you make that fifteen teams that act like yes I technically. Rising dot Duke's right fifty. They can win a national commitment to. Outfits though it may lift the eighteen like you if you look down eighteen to make and it's real. I know so evident of that and if you get like we think so yes it's been one more. Let's not make it seem like every year it's easy. And it's West Virginia it'd be the that the bigger the final four and like the Clinton once every four years. Both the time we know that the political final or it's just about it out of the rockets it isn't about one of those fifty it has the right. And you're Wichita State it's thirty important will be ranked number one of the field wide wide. And it this year I think. This year the top is actually went along we thought to racquet company final fourteen do you think you'll actually but you don't have to. I think I get the Republicans don't. A pick it up with one either into or belittle or Maryland born without the other ones weren't going to be violent incidents this awful. Right 90% of rackets what it means points. What did you probable thing 90% chance that this that you basketball team ends up with a final look at night I think it was a practice. Executives at the pump. I can almost always do the job market the sport thing to do but to sit then that would take the thought plus the empire it. Makes it raider and I think that night residency I'm saying is all. In college basketball. Team is most likely. Excuse that it's not hopes that one game at their back yard. A sponsor like back there yet become the second round there and ethically team like ward or with a pulse beat or. Saint Mary it's one of those might be that would be that monitors they would Tuesday which is why I asked earlier to see you or would you report. Would he be more surprised that this team gets upset in the first weekend we're still playing ball in the last week that it. About it your pocketbook my own. What's that was not the final segment of the day we're joined by Kurt is here to talk a little case statement. Begin to show an excellent got. Sixty and and sports. The drive taking able. If you're coming down here go home safely if. With a bomb at a great time you're pulled. It will have a good time wolf I was state fans which means that it is I was they've been unseen in five or six that you fancy I've seen a whole lot of them but I mean. The president is wrong with that Iverson cannot that was about it you crowds it's not a lot of them but know how he had to make noise that they allowed. They Hillary or hanging out Curtis hit it is with that's really quick when it is inappropriate. Former patriots tight end Martellus Bennett has signed with. Sprawled and a receptive so that the tells you you're you're very popular draftees play him minds season it's not because they're not gonna find him. And off to him but Curtis kitchen to sit down with this year and no other club pretty. It's a good man this is my Christmas that they took term and every year could not pick up about it. Did it and all sorts Twitter account today they'll be. I did you know I this has been an ongoing question Casey van right. If they could make Iran could kick it into the turn it be enough to sabers over or what they even want a sabres let her. About a 160 people to the cross section across Twitter. Very interesting stuff in Austin you got a little bit off. Look forward to apply here. 45%. About 160 said and we hope we make it incidentally run. You know based on the win against Baylor looked like we're decent basically the questions that we look he's got that wrong would you want that to happen. 45% against right behind them 40% say and I hope but still it's Bruce Weber outing. They don't care that they won they have the choice to make a run basically they got the choice would you rather see listening and they could be run that's what you want first. Or would you rather it not matter and you have a new head coach regardless of how the rest of the season was not. 40% said no they want him out the case that it's right now. And I it's still may be for me you know I. I don't know depends on what you want all the time playing games at the time they make it in the unit that the plot they hope no no no I don't think during that I think indefinitely tonight. I just I do. Or at least it's fifty I would I would put it and let them into mental. If they went and obviously them. You're talking case they basketball and it once they're still at this stage that's a loaded question who Bruce Weber how much of that because yet the fall while ball voted to break or. All all of it well and it it was more about Martin obviously by you people won't find mark may well. That's a little weird answers they lost the success they got a taste of the elite eight we got a taste of the deep run again for the first time in thirty years right so. The way that relationship ended with John Marines and point mark nobody liked it it didn't feel right and they're watching frank sail off into the sunset and that's it. So then Bruce Weber I don't know that it would it matter who it is but honestly. But Bruce comes in have a couple your successor is talking about it earlier today. Like he comes in in the it's gonna slow steady down built for him. Until this year this is the first on the back to when he went to three seasons the first time they've had a chance to making certainly term brief seasons. It still doesn't feel like enough for a lot of key statement apparently. But it just didn't in right or do you feel it went for it mark laughed and people just haven't been able to go. I feel like it's Alex Smith syndrome is what happened. Did nine that was liberty duke coach Mike Michael what was what was the duke coach. You go to nineteen season. And apple would exceeded seventy. Votes and and win sixty I think he's 63% yeah it's now may determine it final he made these tablets on the final one year agreement loaded roster. Still made about a lot of other coaches loaded roster who didn't make the final. He's got he's got hints of success here and there he just. I don't know that he could honestly I don't know that he could ever do anything key state of what you people united behind him I don't think I don't think it's possible. I don't hit a putt you have a quarterback like Alex if we didn't have a quarterback you will like Dolly finally got the body in the little bit better than what it is I think she think that would one with Alex Smith I significant capital case they don't relevant with Bruce whoever. Lets you know best case scenario is sweet sixteen but that's maybe the best case scenario. Was look and I I think that's where the conversation the ball and now is that people see that ceiling as witnesses who sixteen ish. The scary part for these statements is that this team had with its roster after a couple years ago right markets fostered harassment and you left graduated. Two years actually in the in any blank slate back in two years of rebuilding your roster back to town where the teams not so bad and that's pretty good however. This year than it was DJ Johnson they're gonna lose mostly want. And you look around the restaurants that we saw what it was about BJ earlier you know you according to an ankle problem. It looked very good and so I Zimmer Reese might be a big guy for that securities sold promises later in the season being waited question. You wanted an action you don't want you to that. Just don't see you look at this roster and what to loosen it you're thinking that the top and on most years for Bruce Weber team's going to be 66. Placement that well maybe all the while we get too but that's part Islamic if you Tuesday. Hit in the every basketball season in my lifetime that you fans one of them. At these unrealistic expectations that a lot of times we'll think it lived up to or exceeded that. Do you think that maybe he's the basketball fans have been unrealistic expectations. Of who the next head coaches or how the people that should be. No I I honestly I don't even though there's a disconnect there with whoever on hold let's take him out of the conversation just talk about what the expectations should be for his state. I don't think they do. You know and me personally I think hasty should be on the team four out of five years is looking only at 64 teams 6668. Teams against now. Basically it's like a thousand yard rusher it's not. Oh you should be able to make the turn and most years and let's heavyset accurately for example locker room oklahomans here. Shaka Smart to go back but they had a down year right that's most programs of this day. Four out of five year should you make of the continent and not just need to do okay in the top half of the big twelve most years I think that's not unreasonable. What's been going on the last few years literally went eighteen games sixteen games not to me period. So you look past that what kind of boat they should be able to get. You know I heard some of the other night say that basically look at it and you know maybe not at the level of the steel I don't buy that. It's gotta be level votes in all Brad Underwood for example somebody who's gonna win ten games they should have ran last year with a different story. It's a commitment they didn't operate out maybe the terrific player and now if that position opens up anyway. But they got to figure apparently for a first before they do that they won't be making a move that coach I don't think. Only say about a program like a state like Missouri and Missouri's not even I think for a better job it's not that much penalties if I don't think they call that same category. I hope is flat apply your bags are one of those four years benefit that you feel can actually make the wrong. Yeah like a vote yes but you hope boldly and Angel Rodriguez like you hope that that. Thank you can keep those guys to their senior year and you hope you can make room. Outright and so I brought up brought long prison Oklahoma right that's exactly what they did they kept the core group together and writes it doesn't but he healed from the other guidelines thing working for good got. They have that group for three plus seasons and turning point five win team what are they were last year and this year they tanked because they had a remote. That's a big expectation outside of you know the top blue blood programs in the country that should be the expectation for misery with the African state. Literally for almost anybody else in the country that that would not be a bad place to be. But that's cool thought that last night type groups that are. Over third seeded it was the case that tonight to succeed with him. You know it it's one of those things they played so hard that was the one thing I think it is driven case statements knocks them most about this year's team. They haven't played with urgency almost all season they given away probably. Easily 56 games without a lead and then just let it. That way last last night quickly within the intensity and urgency all week that game knocked off. That's really hard to do and you're not used to doing that you haven't played like that all year you did it for forty minutes that you do it in the very next night. And against a team wants to bring pressure to you. Anyway. I don't know if they're good enough to do it. I don't know they're mentally ready were strong enough to be able went off to not throw I don't I just don't know. Spurs got 25 seconds that we got when it and I after all about of course it was a case again I didn't feel that you have to right so that's said. Guards got to take care of the ball value the basketball make it easy passage beat the press and then if they can beat that precedent in the backcourt they're gonna get some easy looks and I think they can hang with him a great. At a college basketball down here now like thanks so much for another bumper ahead of the hardest hit it. Or why Thompson for that Chrysler with all of you were back on Monday apple for hours so it's got. Sports really.