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3/10/17 The Night Shift - featuring Stephen Serda Hour 1

Mar 11, 2017|

Host Stephen Serda opens the first hour of the night shift talking the Big 12 tournament and why Carlton Bragg might be the key to KU's success in the NCAA tournament. We debate the most recent Aldon Smith debacle, could the NFL do more to help these troubled individuals out?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This. Knights had done six and Sports Radio. And six cents or sac town Miami hello Stephen Sanong. Get out of shots do this solo thing without Ronnie shall hold me down. Another chance of pretty lie I only get 59 seconds and I to talk on the radio about the things that I want to talk about. How we do have a big show planned for you and I Julio Sanchez on the other side of the glass. Half arrowhead pride sent guys is gonna join us to talk some FL free agency I can't wait for that personally. I know it would driver on crazy and actually in fifteen man's John's going to. Take a break from his show baby number two hiatus. And actually join us for a little bits talk about something that me and him rarely disagree about. Upper right now. I was at the big twelve tournament all day yesterday. I got to see Kansas lucid TCU. I know everyone's disappointed by that. They don't turn meant really in the grand scheme of things doesn't mean a whole lot for cancer situation determined they probably aren't going to be number one overall now they saw the shot at it. But I think they are still going to be a one seed. But. Everyone's morning to Josh Jackson and his absence in that game last night as the reason. They Kansas loss of course that's I and that's let's let's piazza that's probably why they did lose. And you take your guy his. One of the best players in the country's going to be a top three pick averages adding sixteen points a game. It take him out lineup and bring him off the bench in play at all. But I got away from that game yesterday thinking. While Josh. And they will on this game Josh Jackson's on court. And their team that doesn't have a lot adapt and general and that's going to be a concern their defense is always going to be a concern and I don't think it's as concerning as some people do we'll get in the that a little bit later. But there was a sequence of events in yesterday's game that I thought was really interesting. We saw on sitting in the press box at Henry lake does he likens Jay being clean and we're all while sitting there watching the game is Kansas is trying to come back they were down at this point. And Carlson Brad. Just puts up. A horrendous midrange jumper. And a sense. It's it's just a brat I as a horrible shallow actually he was open but that. I like seeing that kind of confidence and Brad because they do need him they need him. To be a significant part of this team I know thank you only averaging fourteen minutes a game on the year. He only played twelve minutes yesterday. They can say that he wasn't that much of a factor in yesterday's game. In that same sequence that same series where he draws up a break just a horrible midrange jump shot. It comes back down the court on the other side gets a monster block. I mean hiring like we're joking around about this for a while yesterday like how. The cell ugly fashion outlets but he comes back dowdy makes this is beautiful block. Like where we're is that where does that you know. Why top recruits in the nation Carl's and brag that because that's what we ask what they need from Carleton brag and I know. It's easier to say come tournament time while these guys these the guys they need to step on any than a play date any Dovonte they need frank they need to. They need Josh Jackson. Does that's going to be there and those guys are going to be had big games those guys obviously. Ice deet. The part of what do you does the key part of what KU does and they're going. To be a significant part of that team in the turn a man and there's no denying. But the teams that really makes statements in the NCAA tournament in the teams that go on and win national championships. Are the guys that have those other guys you don't think of step up. Kansas needs calls him brag. To step up and live up to his potential for once we we saw that we little taste of it last year's. Big twelve tournament he added yet a couple big games he looked really good never raise up OK he's coming on for the post season. And then. We haven't really heard much from Carlson packs since that say. I disagree I don't think they need him at all I mean he has been there all season long they've done all season long without it. So. I don't think not to mention last night was his night to shine right yeah I got out now that. Because he hasn't done anything hasn't proven anything and the time that he did have. He's joining the they need him to do anything more than he's done all year. But the most concerning part about Kansas and it's. They're defense is very concerning but it's their lack of depth in the front court it's it's their lack of size and when they go up against these teams that have. Legitimate big men they just struggle and I as they struggle to play defense against every one. Yet to factor in the pace of play with their defense I don't think their defense is that concerning personally. But Carlton bragged. Can be a very vital part of this team heading in the NCAA turn. Yeah but you were there is Cain. I mean that's gonna look at me mich light foot. You look at him it's like for it to be contributing factor that's going to put them over the top house be Carlton. It doesn't it I don't think it has to be him at all I mean again he hasn't done all year so suited to think they have to rely on him come and he double. From the NCAA tournament I think is full school. They've done they just need to stick with what they've been doing all year because it's worked. See but when you get in the NCAA tournament you start playing these teams that you've never seen before. He's not have a lot of film on and they're gonna have a ton of film on you because you're Kansas. They're going to go out of their way to suffering Mason they're gonna go either way just not Josh Jackson could go either way it's up to Vontae Graham. You need those guys that they don't know that much about to step up and do something. I think a lot of it can be matchups. If if they run into a team a big team that whose front court is. It's going to be tough for them to handle without brag doing something yes. But it just depends on who they play in not to mention. It's definitely turning there's film on everyone that's going to be playing in that turn. No there's it's shouldn't be a surprise to anybody no one should be surprised. We look at them and their lack of depth. There's got to be someone there's got to be somebody on this team who went francs having a bad game can step up and do something. You get they've got their Big Three. And those two guards and Josh Jackson. What if they have an off shooting night they're going up against a team that just lighting them up from three and they can't do anything to slow them down but it needs somebody. We're not expecting to jump into that role. I think content Bragg is the guy I know he's. We haven't seen anything to make us think that buttons on his talent yearns for a good. To beat him and I think it can be I think the potentials there it is. It's I just don't see. Anyone else on this roster is going to be that I want to can be randomly is what's gonna be speed. Yeah he can hit threes speak and not only defense he did not play defense and ultimately it's not as he can't stop anyone in the country. I'm fairly confident I can go out there and crossovers fear I'd say I would. Put more where premised on the Gerald Vick being the guy that needs to step his game I think he's been way more consistent Carlton brag all year long. I just even coming off the bench which by the I think he should play overseas should start oversee little late for that to happen but it's he's XP has the offensive potential there. Victor's does it because to brag. Can be an offensive playmaker he's bitten again he can because. That's Dave's big hopes. Regrets to watch and that's why we are cracking jokes on him in the press box yesterday. That it comes on the court. And he gets blocked I don't think there's another guy on this team who can play both sides of the court like that. And he does a mean he has his potential is unlimited and he shows flashes of why he was such a highly touted recruit. But he just for whatever reason cannot string it together and be consistent whatsoever. So you can't rely on him at all. The other concerning thing is that this team is going to get in foul trouble at some point in the turn. And Josh Jackson's going to get in foul trouble because that's something that's happened all year long way to Lucas as well. If Josh Jackson gets and fell travel lane and it is gets in foul trouble I'm not banking on mich light foot. I would rather investing Carlton Bragg and hope that Carlton brag just comes out of nowhere and has a big game because the potentials there to do it. And you just don't have anybody else can go to the other side of the court. And block a shot. After he misses an ugly jumper on the other side. But I want him to keep taking their shots I want him to say confident. And just and be ready to step up when they need to because at some point this tournament he's going to have to. And that's that's inevitable and it's. This team just doesn't have enough players and they don't have enough I deep enough bench. To say well. As Josh gets in foul trouble. I still think we're going to be okay because they showed yesterday they want okay and I think. I make maybe was on BellSouth maybe they want prepared enough for the acting well I'll agree with you this aspect of but they don't need I'd I don't think they'll need him for his offensive power. This team is just too stacked they have their they have enough shooters to go around and of scores go around to put points on the board no matter what. What they need him to step his game up on is on the defense of side of the ball that's where he needs to make his impact. And. I'm not saying Carlton bragging going and in. Be a force on the block on the defensive side sighted thinking that he can get pressure on just like anybody else on this roster can outside Wayne Lukas is undersized. I don't know if you have anybody else who's athletic is he is that you can put in the post. Because you're. The biggest take him away from yesterday's game was Manning Carlton brag to do something. They need him to contribute to this team and I don't care if he scores at all hopefully he scores but judging from that job that he threw up there yet and I'm not lying on it. But you just need someone on the defensive side can create plays and get blocks and try to help you protect the rim because yesterday. You would think that this team had never even seen a pick and roll. And now and I mean maybe that was lack of preparation from Bill Self I talked to Ron about a little bit yesterday and they didn't look like they were really ready. To play TCU and I was joking about it earlier in the day is like what are we gonna do all weekend if Kansas isn't the first round of the stern manner in this and in the quarterfinals because. Work you know work ready I was ready to beat the big twelve tournament all weekend. So who you're saying you're the person that we should blame for K losing as well as what you're saying you're taking sole responsibility for that right. Not pretty sure ice brought that up on the jibe performing so we can affect them guys. Past but it's what. I just. I just don't know. Who's going to step up for this team I think it has to be Carlton brag that's just that's just personally how I feel after watching yesterday yesterday's game and seeing him make that block. At a key moment in the game where they were trying to build momentum momentum and get back into the game. We saw a glimpse of how he can contribute to this team and acting that's the way they have to look at him moving forward. Coming up as I mentioned the beginning as Schaub. Run the show you please gonna join us for sag Mays can take a break from his hiatus. And there's something that me and him really disagree about the weaving gone back and forth over the last couple of days. It has to do with all and Smith. And I don't think golden Smith is the problem. Okay. Okay. We have done six cents sports radio and six cents or sack job. And I am here hello Stephen Ceradyne. Get three hours beat three poll hours. For me to prove why or why I shouldn't get more than 59 seconds. I feel like it has been awhile since I mean. Have been on the radio arm nevertheless it was a last Friday last time we did a show they would do last week jacked you guys let me hang in trial week. But the I was planning on I invited so having having a long weekend of big twelve tournament I'll be down there tomorrow probably IE. And do in the cellar nice it's nice I was able to get out there today and fortunately. As I mentioned. Before break. I got around you Schaub is joining us right now taken a break from his hiatus. I mean not really disagree about something. You know I've sort of been here. One thank you all are holding it down. For being done Levine. The sports machine. Yourself. They equaled that you know the birth of my second child. Thank you for all of the shell out club the listeners. Much appreciated. They're really good week it yesterday. Kitty they would. No we're not to take it is old. Dogs and birds that caring about the big twelve tournament but. It. Laws yesterday was the only time was taken away remind Lee agility. Of the board of my daughter I mean it was as if they had never. You have leaves little political and corporate that your daughter. Yet they it was. It was it. They never take your pick and roll before it's like. They don't know like they get met each other for the first time like high school. Middle school 101. East that is Greek now everyone's just run with them. Yeah it's repeatedly so you know that that really it is the jets Miami and age I heard you talk about Carlton brag a pickup. A it's. And valued at the savior died that night and indeed like oppose they have to do something this year. But I mean kind of clothes are where Leo is that server product they there. Before in my life I've got a closer Leo yeah it into the form that you know that he eat he added. The really much of equity at work that are out there and millions it in desperate need alone would just utterly divorced. You know. Is uniquely picnic I don't know right now I mean he you need to get. Into gives it. Pickens estimates. Was it. So rather than those with. Organized plot and Landon Lucas and it'd Steve McConnell. Come together at the data to pick and roll they wanted to go my stick my finger might grow. It was just horrific yesterday he would always. So before we talk about all the and Smith I did something before the show that I know you would have just killed me for. Donna bring it up as I got in the city downs get everything ready. I notice I had a couple dog hairs on my sweater I am dressed beautifully today about the way that I pretty well it's it's just top notch. And earned. The it's cure but they. I had I had to bust out the lip roll there. Even though there's no one in this studio to see me or care and so Tony seconds before I got the answer it here live rolling my sweater. What I hear a quick. During the the that's really. Thankful good. Let's just be real. This is generally the idea CO Scarlett ticket right now that was let me do. Go to this go to the polls go to Twitter pulled right there alliger allocated to the daily tickets there six three bureaus. It. One of the most want it you remember her calling again. Let it roll out what that no one there this week even with Lendl and some. I know it's there and bothers me. Now port that it to a question who you know. Go to sit in 08 feet hit that we're cool right now is speed and so lying for polio no. Roller Weathers and wanted their defeat. Low. I'm trying to make sure I am on my a game at all at all times. Well I hated my. Emphasis on point today. I am top notch order ready to roll out press conferences. In the world aids on our leader and a so. As a share UC EC Elden Smith got arrested again for public intoxication he was and he is a passenger a card. When well. Well it was directed. Where was your ass and I think he was so what do we do it yesterday. As yesterday morning. 330. Cool looking new green mile on sir it is recklessness. Because prior to the break he stated he wanted to talk about something that Vietnam and it does that a couple of days. Today. It's. It. I don't. That's two to. Sell. My married couple you yeah. My actions at this. I think at my initial reaction that's the reaction of everyone he wasn't he wasn't driving. Female. Arrow a woman was driving and she retinue cup. But the instantaneous reaction to this is well this guy. Is Dodd he doesn't deserve to play in the NFL again he he's had too many chances he's he's done. As I sat there nicer to think about it last night I was text me back and forth about this. Maybe the problem. Well obviously owns her past problems here as issues but maybe the issue. Is that we're taking football away from this guy because I can't imagine that all the Smith as a whole Lotta life skills outside of playing football. The years that is the issue the usage you'd use it to the keyword you use. Like you know a lot of people's that the story of the disorder to play well and won't work you know it is Condit kinship they'll put. The this. Should. I. Can't wait football. Gear he didn't we've. Seen. Went into this tournament Marguerite you'll have to articulate in the it's it took an array like he. Like you'd typically well at. All. Like he's part. Was. That. Part. And the part of the writers. Keep the streak. Don't get that we got a guy. I obviously has problems but that the more I think about it and you know he could say the same thing about Josh Gordon nothing Josh Gordon. His done in my mind is as bad as any as well alt and Smith is. But Josh normally you take a. He's giving it seemed as though. He. Can't play. Let's say let's that you work. All let's say you work in office and you're just sick and turn a computer in crunch numbers and I don't now. Let's say you do this and let's say you go you got during the week and you have a couple drinks before you go home. And then you get pulled over. And you get a do you lie. Is that I gonna have his entire life taken away from him. No we're only if you've. Ports that you. Played in Libya will be alive and doubles at all pretty. Cute people during. Now. They've got it's horrible. And sad at times I don't big wreck with the south. And any trouble any keep being apart oh great to not let. They eat meat ball. Matter it is an employer in the ever since. Each would be doing these week. I'm hard on late completely planet. Asia which your opted to go to war. Yeah. I am deeply. It's neat that actor he should. Right now it's aired may. What all equally. That matter. Like alternates. Is it. Bull organization. The story like Iran. Bull organization. I listen the audio too and he's he did sound like he was a little out of his mind like I totally agree I like he was about to have a break down in front of the media. Deal. A late night out late night episode of the real world with people probably acted that you're. With what they can't eat what you. These guys their their foundation. As people in their professional lives is playing football and when they get suspended and you yank football away from them I don't think that's the best way. To help them recover like. When they're suspended they can't go to T they can't go to practice they can't go to the team facilities they can't participate anything they can have contact with the team. And you're taking away the best support systems that they've had their entire lives which is playing football I don't think that's the best way to help them get better. That Lil and the pixel insert. The simple want a two time do you mean how many times I've had. All I'm OK I don't is ideology that is gone maybe he's he's he's a lost cause he's never going to play again but. Why can't we in the future I think this is something that should be looked at because when you strip these guys of everything that they have ever known. I don't think that's the best way to help them get better because. Oh an alcoholic I don't think the best thing for an alcoholic is to sit home all day and not do anything and just think about drinking. Your. Blood that doesn't mean that you jet pilot alcohol with the continued to work the Japanese. You have an alcoholic any work. At a summer camp with he would. It threatened to quit I was reminded me okay it will simply keep working fortunately core melt like. This too badly hit it. And in. The audience that it is to. Just think about it. And it can't be him so again there are now. As much as great party can get that figured. Greg Hardy got all the Gibbs well again and now Libya would do a lot stupid plight. All it can either do great party. We all. Italy importance again. Is that. You need to pull himself in the play and you can get on the field lucky gig on the. And I and I get that as I said maybe he's maybe he is done maybe he's just a lost cause. But I hate this something the NFL needs a look at the future because they're. They're not helping these guys by suspending them and not even letting them practice or doing anything like that like what's Arnold inspectors practicing with this team every day. And keeping that that I it's that type of just wore an it buyer who. He's getting in trouble big deal that is definitely like to act but that the Little League this event. High school that you hear your professional you don't get. 151000 chances that it did go on about should be. And by the way attack site says integrity is being fresh even when there's no one there to see your five itself. OK Adam about. Oh. I'm going to get to winning. This index. Or additional though. All of it to. I was on the show taken a break from the baby hiatus he will be back next week I should be with him at some point I think. You really needed to I'd well at tech sites as we should have a call and it is our job more often use basically yelling at Q big well. We we had a heated discussion about yesterday because he completely disagrees in the and I understand the fact. Bit. A lot of people especially opens its fans. Should field Dunn. Did feel like they've given him enough chances like he's not all the opportunities in the world I'm saying. I don't know if the NFL hands that handles this the best way because. What's the harm to him to like what's what's the harm in a player like him or Josh Gordon being able. To go work out with the team and just and just practicing keeping that support system in place to where they can. Where they can just you know it's it's like going to work every day like I don't. I don't like taking time off of work because I don't like having that much free time to not do anything it's part of but it's part of my foundation is. Going into work every day and having those hours and spending that time. Not focus on what I'm gonna do next but focusing on what I have going on in my life right that. Playing in the NFL news. It's a privilege is not right. Right but people say that but it's a jump through its job. It's not a prototypical job it's not a nine to five by John what is its job. Yep that's apples if you compare and it's not an affiliate college he could've that's like saying. It's. L it's it's a privilege just to work nine to five every day. We need to revisit this. We will we. The coming up. I don't think Josh Jackson's attorney is fair again. And I chipped on six cents towards ANC sense Orszag cal Miami coach Stevens Santa. Get much action on the salt and spent the idea and it's a lot of people are saying lies at the NFL's job. To help bald and Smith I think. There's a lot of jobs. That have programs to help their employees who are struggling with addiction and things like that this is an out of the no. There's a lot of every day jobs that have programs like that. Whether it be part of your health insurance or something like that Ali is now the norm to say the NFL should try to help bald and Smith. Ed it's just like that and that and every day whether you agree with that not just fine. But it's not it's not ridiculous for me to say that I think the NFL should help all Smith. Say. Look I'm artery to quote we hear from him from yesterday after he was released. And this is why I don't think it's NFL's responsibility. To go on the way to help so her her all Smith stopped making stop making me seem like I'm some sort of bad ask him. Because that's not why. A good person I've never done. What that tells me there is he shows zero lacked accountability for everything that he's done for him to say I've never done anything. That's just delusional and that to me that tells me that. He doesn't want it'll even if an adult. Were to offer I don't think you take them apart so why even off and like. And like I said you know maybe maybe all inspectors is. A Los costs it's just we we just have to move on from him he's never going to be that type of player again that ninety knapsack player that he was a few years ago. And that's fine but maybe this is something that the NFL should look at because I don't think it's. I think it's I think it's a fair assumption that. They're not helping these players by just suspending them and never letting them play football again when you're taking away. The one thing that these guys have been gut that works for their entire lives. Is it I go in Plant City. Once again on SA down. Yeah actually did go. Yeah yeah. All the solutions and expert pro sports ever. He acted out way back when using college. They covered. Sanctions and on the rug just like a lot of these errors. Power crossed colleges do. Anyone on any covered up soared to get the albino idol Kurt got my got bigger numbers than. And get things done in record numbers that. Overshadow their child. Well anybody got any amp Hitler lesson now yeah Latina dispute by Iranian oil industry that would be a man be responsible manner and and in the battled it and a replica just killed there are a lot of gladly take an active identical to what he's. Yeah and his eyes are red and I think that happens a lot. You can make money that they make. And feel that they can wreak Havoc on society treat women band. Driving under the influence of marijuana which is just as bad as driving under the influence of alcohol. Nobody agrees were people driving under the influence of alcohol by. On the same token nobody let's talk about people driving under the influence or more. And and and thanks we got new we got to move on here pretty quick. But I I understand what you're saying and I am not saying. That is there anything he's done is okay because it it's not bad that was just on the rules of society's I'm not saying he should just get a pass. For what he's done. What I'm saying in the future. This is something that should be looked at because I don't think. The way Josh Horton thing was handled I don't think. Josh Gordon deserves to never play football again I think Josh Gordon is a wildly talented player who deserves a chance if he's willing. To put in the time and effort to get back to where he used to beat. Yeah the job the Josh Gordon's situation is much different in the fact that. I mean those those are marijuana related issues and what all the Smith has done. Are hard core to our hard core issues that. That really all they did NFL bad that that's what edit those trying to shy away from. Yes and so may be old and spent just. He's got enough chance OK let a guy let's say I I I agree all this should never play again he's had enough chances in the NFL. And we're done with. He's he's he's ruined his own. A moving forward. Why is the way that everything is handled in the NFL when you as we always all it's a privilege to play to play this game. I mean this job. This is how they provide for their families this is what these guys have worked for their entire lives. So rather than just taking it all ways from them and saying god set out for a year. And you're in charge of getting your own life in order why aren't they trying to help those guys right letting them go to like. Should let them go to practice at Tim worked out the team let them. Buddy and team atmosphere where they've got camaraderie they've got guys lean on they've got support. It if they if they littler practice then you're gonna have to pay. Pay them are you gonna pay a player get his life in order like that I want to payments and practice. You got game checks every week you get. You do get paid her practicing you'll work ends and things like that if you get suspended you can't participate in games why should get paid to go to practice. Right now right now they're not even allowed to set foot. On. On team to sell it. Well and and like you said they've worked their entire lives to get to get to the NFL right. So why would you if you work that hard your entire life you where where you've always wanted to be just. Down the drain and not once not twice not three times. For five to. I mean how many times how many how many second chances are you gonna get this guy not to mention NFL does offer. Alternative programs to help these guys get through some of these issues it's up to then on whether or not they wanna take advantage of them. And all will probably get back into this a little bit later this is something that I think is really important and I I wanna talk about it I think who he has got strong feelings about this I think is something we can relieve. Our retouched a little bit later in the show we do battle over the breaking news. Patients acquire wide receiver branding cooks and a fourth round pick from the saints for a first and third round. Hughes. Also traded for Tony. Raise it is better free agency then everyone else that's not even close it makes you wanna throw a little while. And I we got that we had a breaking and we talked about on for too long. I coming down that sack guy gets a shot topic of the day. I'm six cents or experience a sense sports act now Miami or how Steven Sena. Julio Sanchez on the other side of the glass. Actively proving to you why I don't get more than 592 tonight. So it seems like there's some misunderstanding going on on the tech science what are about the solvents that topic. And when I said okay fine. We're done with Eldon Smith he's never gonna get another chance let's move on let's just let that back got ruined his life. Oh I am arguing for all than Smith I was just saying that. Because every arms coming at me saying he doesn't deserve a second chance OK we'll be argument was. OK if he doesn't deserve a second chance. Why can't we look at this down the line and say it didn't work with him how can we help guys in the future. I wasn't saying Alden Smith. Never deserves to play another down in the NFL again never deserves as a second chance again I think everybody deserves a second chance at a certain extent. But all and sent obviously needs help but I hope that he does get that how. Dodd let's guy gets an act Agassi showed W. If I'm to act like you hear this dispute that Specter I kissed the show topic today. This match and that is what. If I'm to act like you hear this cute. It used to show. Today. And our topic of the day. Presented by now wonder sponsors are pending until. That's a lie I just made that up I don't think there's any sponsors spending. We had GMC. It's fairly. Sound and video of the New Orleans Saints this week obviously the guy loves Marty god. Mobile, Alabama native saline was the grand Marshal in the city's carnival celebration last month. That honor included wearing a giant sash and attending a ball where jagged edged perform. I don't know much about jagged edge I think Julio as a big fan. They got some good stuff at least jagged edged shot perform. But they kept it a shot short because he wouldn't leave the stage according to DMZ fairly Stanley eventually ended up onstage. And there was clearly a melee between the family and check it adds this incident also included ones at least every grabbing the microphone to shout. We jagged edge. So this definitely. Does refuse to get off the stage at Marty you're on got a slightly jagged edged. Only in New Orleans IE I don't jagged edges that they're like I'm being that they really big guy. I mean I'll I don't know much about Jack and maybe like the late nineties early 2000 zone so I married but this on the ball. Who's in the wrong here. Make fairly or jagged edges they barely bigger than jagged edged away he can say on the stage and upstage them at their own show. None of their own show I mean that's your come idea I would think a lot of people don't know who make fairly as Iron Man you know I. I remember him as a national championship winner and opera. I knew it is that some success in the NFL whenever we can't back. I just. It's just I'd just face it this project it's just a way it's the be that. Does that getting outs age either report predicts nearly as much as I'd stay there just snatched the microphone and remote data business from his cousin or uncle. Uncle ray is drabs but I have to yell it jagged edge. Pilots get to show us now there's. It is that time didn't show stopper. Us and. XQ. All right so via pro football talk. Last year tackle Russell cone negotiated for himself after several days of free agency. A contract with the Broncos worth far less than initially reported. This year he managed to his own with the chargers something far more impressive in only ninety minutes supposedly. He negotiated the contract an argument supposedly. Per a source with knowledge of the deal from received ten million dollar signing bonus of three million fully guaranteed base salary in 2017. You can tell sort of wrote this effort and a twelve million fully guarantee. Base salary is only hurting raise it needed to. That's it that's true and himself guarantee at signing it a point five million dollars to army go all right now that's out the best way I could just talk about it Aggies. So if you remember Russell Okung has got sensible I mean he had a really bad year last year but he was not Seattle's best offensive lineman for for several years. He negotiated his own contract with the Broncos last he's refused to hire an agent. And negotiated. These worst contract and maybe NFL history for himself which included zero dollars in guaranteed money. So is essentially it was a four year deal that essentially turned into one year deal because he was garbage last year in the Broncos just cut him and didn't have to pay him any mind when they cut. But he chose again this year. Do negotiate his own deal at the San Diego Chargers have learned from his mistakes actually got a pretty nice deal. Considering the horrible season than last year. Lessons learned. It's. I don't know why he's still negotiating his own contracts. But at least you learn from his mistakes I guess but. Yeah there is part about this as they say he negotiated ninety minutes. I can't believe for a second that a guy. Who negotiated a contract it was a year guaranteed money last season. Look so much in one year about contracts widger. Highly complicated. I can't imagine for a second that he learned so much is such a smooth talker when it comes to negotiating contracts now. That they need they he negotiated himself how to deal in ninety minutes makes me think he was docking of the charges way before this tamper and he came prepared this time servant I became the San Diego Chargers were tampering with him before the deadline had passed that I'm just speculating now. Just being reckless this round and Ron Ron junior career well they beat. He has aspirations. For life after the NFL of being. Player represented ever an agent of some kind tech sign points out who is the San Diego Chargers team you're talking about that guy that's my back. Los Angeles John Lewis well there. That's very sound as bad as the first street adjusted so it's a lot about 28 year old tied in Jordan Cameron announced he is retiring from the NFL. On the one time promising young Brett browns tight end now with the dolphins suffered four concussions in four years. Ironically his last concussion came against the browns on September 25. So chart. Cameron for fancy football fans had one really judge here in Cleveland where everybody said he is going to be the next big tide and why he had a lot of concussions and he got hurt now one of siding with the Miami Dolphins. It was just never really the same he tank while my fantasy football seasons thanks sort of payment. I'm happy guy is Smart enough to just say it's it's time it's time to step away because I ain't for concussions in four years a lot of concussions. He's saying that's. He's he's fine right now but the doctors were telling him they don't know how many more he can take to where it will become a problem. So I mean we see a lot of guys just go through this and say that they don't want to give up football and they wanna compete. And they don't want Wii's game they were their entire lives tea. To try to try to play in and so I'm I'm happy that he was Smart enough to say it's time I have to step away from the game he made a decent amount of money I think Jordan Cameron will do just fine. Yeah and I mean good for him that he never really lived up to his full potential but. You know with with all of with all the research said that's been done you know with the NFL and concussions and all that stuff it's just Smart for him to walk away no one can blame them. I applaud Ford actually. I coming up on the other side. The award winning 592 show.