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3/10/17 The Night Shift - featuring Stephen Serda Hour 2

Mar 11, 2017|

We have a first for The Night Shift as Julio takes over Serda's 59 seconds of fame with the "Julio Show". We chat about Bob knight and how he wishes death to members of the old IU regime....say what? Seth Keysor of Arrowhead Pride joins us to talk a little NFL Combine along with some Chiefs talk.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey nice gesture welcoming the C insertion out. We'll look action. Sponsors pending return or not. It'll civilly as Sanchez show that's the Julio censorship that's right until legendary former Indiana men's basketball coach Bob Knight. Coached Indiana for 29 seasons until he was fired by The Who in 2000. Over allegations that he's being an abusive able to his players. Joined Dan Patrick show this morning. Patrick proceeded to ask him if he'd ever been back on IU's campus since the fire it which I replied that he had. He would not go back because the higher here hierarchy of the school Patrick Ben noted that most of them probably gone by now which not replied. I hope they're all day. Bobby Knight that is that is exactly why you've got five. For you to say that you hope that they're all dead is just. Me not you really know what to say that that's. Bobby Knight. We're gonna do with you or another chaired. I'll miss me some runs so. Had to come come in with a. They're not show puts you up to the city views do is I am not happy about this right now Julio. This round and is not not is not here tonight as his body shell not run the show. I not enjoy starting. We job scene is being done. Gary put out the ball. That's a good shot out Dan. Ronnie show put millions and jazz. Up to playing his themes on uncertain job the shutout yes your baby number two. Now we are gave emissions and a as shout out to their new baby girl is she's doing well. Ron's my guy. But this is my show and I'll money more seen on my show I'd. So. We are as Amazon announcement like money is Bobby enacting a little bit I. It was I saw earlier in the day as has put the show together I kind I kind of forgot about it on the back burner. So I think we do you have the actual sound of him saying this I was Dan Patrick guys use on Dan Patrick show. I and Julio you. You mentioned. And the Julian Sanchez show. That he was fired because of allegations that he was. Being in jail where she wise beyond note he lets him we all know for a fact now that he is indeed I think. I a lot of people don't like by deny the you couldn't even go to Indiana and probably. It in the a lot of people who wears like body back fair statement. It's it's interesting that after all of these years. He still holds a grudge this way right. The better old and I mean yes and I mean he. And no club me on this is analysts to be completely true but he got fired from his broadcasting job correct. That was having to hear him call big twelve games where there weren't. These little simple things to sit through what he was Tyler's I enjoyed it. It was brutal listened to. But it was a beautiful disaster in a way it was something that I can listen to get enjoyment out of where made other people cringe. This this is not behind into action hourly. Back in mind I have no interest in order form factor and I didn't. Most is the boy apparently aren't all those people out there though coach. I hope they're all there. Brutal. First of all wise Bobby Knight on Dan Patrick show. It why would they have Emma and Michael is he relevant again or something. I guess March Madness. Bobby Knights a legendary head coach I guess. It's reaching. You know it reminded me of your mind me a bill well Bill Walton is it is the new dialogue our estimates on Dell doesn't make. I mean lots and bill at least go out and let the bill on hate him. He seems like he's a pretty cool. I don't think anyone has ever said that about Bobby Knight no one's ever ha. You know bodies is misunderstood parties are really cool guy. I don't think anyone has ever said that about body I every one you talked to who's met the guy or knows him or his work with him at any point in their career. Says basically whatever line and he says about him. These this is kind of an ass he's not he's not easy you know. Well I mean it if you devote 29 years. Any profession had to get thrown out on your ass like that. Right or wrong deserved or not. I could understand why he'd be a little bit bigger because I brought it on himself didn't he ask you did I I have no sympathy for the guy. But I can see where he's coming from as far as being a little bit bitter about it. It's just it's this is something that we see. And our business a lot we I knew we were you know very competitive industry and sports media everyone's competitive and sometimes you run into people who. Rather then. Yelled looking out for the betterment of organization or working together to try to create something only looking out for themselves I feel like Bobby Knight is only looking out for himself he's being a bitter old man. No that's exactly what he's just I mean the fact that it's been this long and you've never really spoken all that much about it now all of a sudden you're saying you hope every one that fired you is dead. That's just a bit morbid. Honestly. It's just. Arnie I'll see you have to support him. So it was a drug is that what we've got the ball right there. Is Bobby Knight saying he wishes everyone was at mortgage yes enough. Why like why is. Why why is he coming out now and saying this why is I would assume the only reason he Dan Patrick is having him I was and Dan Patrick show occasionally I like Dan Patrick lot. As a mile he's he has not any draw I know he's a he's a recurring guest I'm not sure on. I was in the order easier as a monster is NCAA tournament time and he is you know well well respected and regarded basketball mind. You have to be after. Thirty years. Twenty years are long it's been does say something like that he finally got his platform to express the way he really felt. And the guy took a shot he took a shot. No holds barred just all out I hope they'll die. What do you say that I mean there's not there what do you I. Shouldn't he be a more professional should he. Shouldn't he know I'm Bobby Knight. And what I say carries weight and people are going to hear this and people are going to say this I mean it's not like he didn't know that he was on radio why's she all of the sudden. Deciding. I am I take my shot and Indiana right now when their when there you know they were supposed to be a lot better than they are this season. And yell and yell people are speculating that Tom greens might lose his job day in Diaz and should other people bringing him and and all of a sudden Bobby knight's decided that. He's gonna Dell after the school that gave him his opportunities and put him on the map and made him a household name. Chris and race. Now that's. Presently summit only place about it that way actress. And all I guys at the wrong button in Cyprus. Sura we don't. I don't have very much practice with are just didn't answer the phone outside here's the article back I'd be happy to vote. As a 100% my fault you boy neon. I Bobby knight's. Well respecting guy he's up there in the record books he's somebody I think when you think of college basketball unless you're really young. Bobby Knight is one of those coaches that pops in your mind right there. So what he says has info yeah Abbott. Here's my thing is what does he have to lose why would we agreed. It doesn't coach anymore he's not on any news networks calling inning games anymore. He's sitting at home just doing ads and sounds like he's just ease system. Board bitter old man who has now decided that that's in their summaries and Dan Patrick wanted to have him on his radio show us a peak on them decides. While. It's been thirty years and I'm going out. Adam now. Would teach adolescent. It is that's. If you hang on to things like that oh you kin and are you being here and he did you just can't you battle at ago. Ago Bobby. You had a very successful career you made a lot of money. People now aren't people remember you whether it be good or bad just pick out just just go drinking noble team sitting year old in chaired just watch the gulf. As always let's an old person drink out of his kids treat it's an old person drink as well. I'd get that there's caller's. But I'm appalled that you know all team. Is a young person's drink as well as an old person street because as I always picture what's and what's that kid's movie. As it is a Christmas story where they well all bolted that that's what I remember oval team and so that's when I associate with I don't know anybody actually drinks over. Did either you are have you ever had all the team in your life back when I was a kid yeah. Try to milk is what it is white people drink it because there's a lot of calories but a lot of back and a lot of old people dreams it. Are we talking about this I just kind of thing that's quake like. The field person brand that's why act. Bobby I just move on man just get over it. You probably I would assume I mean I got a pretty good life. He how he reached the top of his career one point. He's well respected well regarded people either love him or hate him. But sometimes being polarizing is better than being on one side to the other. Coming up next. New England Patriots is keep. Being better than everyone else I think we just not trying to be the patriots. It. Talking. Nice you don't think that's always very Idaho Stephen Santa. Julio Sanchez on the other side of the glass. And violate key guys follow us on Twitter I'm accede to insert a Julio what's your Twitter handle. Deep Leo sing at the wheels actually the Julio stanch. Revolves on Twitter at six and sports Casey may she had exporter polls. Is old teammates for kids are senior citizens. Right now 90% kids to when he for example people point 2% above and 35%. Bodman. I know I take it. This poll. It's Escude now because it is the Bob Knight being in the and it raised about Bob Knight he's a funny your spot or policies was related to sports just plummeted throughout their just. They Goldstein comment and not related to sports and arts extended. There. I signs as an elementary that they think you're thinking of insurer. And sure OK I. I do believe grandma used to drink in shares so that that makes more sense to me penalty I know all people drink over the team. The coming Evans and man's we're gonna have. Arrowhead pride sent guys on we're gonna geek out China felt free agency because something I generally can't view on this show and I am really excited to talk about it. Yeah Asia's Simi during the turn me yesterday houllier well when in the when the free agency period opened and all these dominos started following. BJB they are freaking out to restaurants you both are ridiculous we have faced lie via and I should sit now like. Just. Every. I love NFL free agency love you need a hobby. That is how. Another problem. I guess is a plea of but. At least is that it's a very entertaining anyone else except for me this is your career it's not a hobby there's a difference app but. There's a difference between. Sports Radio being my career and my obsession with all things NFL. Including NFL free agency in the fact that sometimes I just go home and watched game film and take notes by myself. Would it then NFL might get you some help with that. It. And if you do desolate this isn't it abide. A step up. How does not about. So Cleveland Browns pulled off. I guess it wouldn't you wouldn't say it was a ridiculous trade because. And at first glance I think everybody was thinking of me on what grounds move going out and getting Brock cost violent. What it did yesterday it was very patriots ask but but it also was it because it was something that we don't see in the NFL as for eight week we saw an MBA tray salary dump. Type trade easiest in the in the MBA all the time like right to trade deadline. Easy guys move all of the place bad contracts and bad salaries teams are just trying to dump. And get rid of you see guys like Andrew idea Andrew Bogut got traded and and waved immediately because nobody wanted to pay him. He's injured all the time and he lasted sixty seconds in his first game with the Cleveland Cavaliers. We constantly talk about. The patriot way and tell they're just better at free agency better and game playing better better everything everybody else is am I mean. That's why did the best team in my lifetime and that's why they have five Super Bowl rings. What Cleveland is doing right now. In trading for Brock asked why there in the way that they did and basically. Just saying. Just give us hear your horrible contracts don't do it will eat the salary. And we will end and we'll take your second round pick that's fine they've got. A ridiculous amount of picks and it seems like. Wall to most people might seem like. It's the same old browns same old front office they don't know what they're doing. That eased NFL teams are just taking advantage of them because they're smarter and because of the Cleveland. I spent maybe three hours just reading about this trade yesterday just just the just this. Because I was fascinated by. What they're doing it they acquired Brock cost violent end a second round pick I think it was for like a fourth round like it transport under dot. A cornerback. Which is the highest valued commodity in the NFL even if he's known to be an unsuccessful starter. In the second round pick which is an incredibly valuable. Which if you are Smart and he contrasted players that's second round pick it turn into something for you as an organization and they've got a console. I next year they've got 32 round to think over the next two years they have. Ten picks yet as a top down including two top fifteen pick Jesse's and and then the number one overall pick in the what they're doing ads. They brought in the money golf magazine's Geoff. Well what what they're doing and everybody criticize them for bringing in this baseball guy because what money ball is if you haven't seen the movie if you don't know who that is. It's. An algorithm and a system the analyzes market inefficiencies. And they use that in baseball. To try to build. A winning team. With very limited. Means. They did it by analyzing market inefficiencies and find puck finding players that you contribute in different ways that we were generally used. That's what the Cleveland Browns are doing right now they're analyzing the market inefficiencies. And they did that in the fact that. He quarterback. Is the most highly sought after commodity in the NFL. You have a cat and so. You can't. Spend money in the NFL the way you do in Major League Baseball and that's that's the biggest problem with them bringing that guy in his and that raised criticize and light doesn't work it's not the same thing. Paul all deep with all the tea parties the Podesta he Podesta I don't think that's nice at all. This guy called Paul Pauly. So. But the hit him analyze the market efficiencies like that and saying OK well whether he's a good starter or not he still valuable c'mon. And oh by the way. We have a 102 million dollars in cap space which is the most caps face any NFL franchises had in the last 44 years. 102 million. This piece I liked bottom three in the NFL in cap space in Cleveland Browns are number one with a bullet. A hundred in 2000096. Is a four guys have like 91 million which is still absurd ridiculous. Why they're awful but they're saying and and I saw us on Twitter yesterday NIC great to be out something about this and I was just like man this is a brilliant idea they NFL team should be able to. Trade salary cap it's a complete game changer out to get much in the Napa bat that is. Amazing idea. But they analyze the market efficiencies and that they know they have more cap space than anyone else in the NFL. And so. They're not valuing. Brock ops pilot that much but they know they could probably still get something back for Brock asked Wyler in saying is being reported yesterday they wanted to. Move Brock cost Weiler again which is something yield team. It was C three team trade Josie players move around. But they're saying we will eat half of that sixteen million. Created take him off our hands and give us another. Third or fourth. So you can get a guy who is at the very worst. Is solid backup quarterback. For eight million dollars on one year in the mean time next season and soccer costs yet. If you are really quarterback needy team. He's got can be a great starter. But it can be reasonable. He's not going to make you worse if you got a really bad quarterback situation. And what what that's what the Cleveland Browns are doing what I said to me it was may and later. They're changing the game in front of our eyes right now. And we so I'm not saying this is going to work maybe it's going to be a colossal failure L be the most Cleveland Browns thing ever. Maybe NFL teams it is it we called a copycat league they constantly you're just looking at. Teams like the patriots. And trying to copy what they deal you're not going to beat the patriots ever at their own game. Change for coney. Top tier pass rusher still very young player and got nothing. On frank a second round pick them I got a third back and Tony you. And they just trade for branding cuts as we mentioned a little bit ago. And so they're just getting better and better but you're not going to beat the New England Patriots at their own game so why don't we stop trying to do that. And start trying to create. Our own way of thinking the way Cleveland is doing right now because I think Cleveland is doing. I could fail I'm not saying it's going to succeed but at least they're taking the change what is it works they're doing something that no one's ever done before and it could be revolutionary. That in five years if this winds becoming a wild success. Every other team in the NFL's going to tell you what you. Well that the browns have been so that's so awful for so long what you're doing in the approaches that they were taking. Obviously weren't working. So I like this move in the fact that it's it's it outside the box way of thinking right they needed to make some changes they needed to they needed to do something different and this is. Like you said this is. They're setting a whole new precedents with the way NFL approaches free agency I really do think that other teams are gonna see this. And see how creative of them moved this is. And kind of use that model in a different way to better themselves as well this it's that it's a brilliant move it's almost and this is why. Earlier I was. You're you can do it I thought this is the route that you're going it's a very. Patriot ask booed as far as speaking outside the box I'm not comparing them to the patriot acts at all but I'm just saying. Thinking differently is what's gonna get them ahead. The way they were taking a draft drafting a quarterback. You know with the topic in that wasn't working. It's that it's a brilliant nearly as. And it's it is a very patriot ask move but it's it's also not it's also something that we just don't see in the NFL effort and he's managing. If so much money and salary cap to repay they need to spend which is something that. Every once at this wasn't going to work in the NFL because of the salary cap. Well over the past two years since he'd been there all they've done is a crew picks and salary cap space. To do things exactly like this I just I am I I think it's brilliant I think it's fascinating and I think he could really change the way things are done in the NFL. Thanks aren't are 73 I like this would money Paul theoretical yes yes money ball like money also like insulting that guy's name. Odd coming up next. Says guys are arrowhead pride and join us so we can finally geek out on national free agency. I chipped up six cents or Israeli athletes and sports Saddam so I am Stephen Serna Julio Sanchez produced in this thing. I. Dare I say it. The Cleveland rounds. Out your change in the game. Never thought Lisa and welcome on our guys set guys there are had pride won the best in the business of analyzing your Kansas City Chiefs. Sat. It Arab middle I got it forgot about me in my active army got you marked your. I don't know what kind of hurt. Not just outside of football season on doesn't let me talk about football so. But he's not he's not here why it's my show I'm in charge tonight so. There you go he do. It's been a man of the hour like yeah I like it. But so centers on about a little bit last segment. And I would assume you've been following NFL free agency a little bit and keep up with the what's gone on I taught you well bella sad about this brown strayed. I am I'm fascinated by because it's an edge of the instantaneous reaction was. Well this is just to Cleveland Browns smooth they're going out and getting it a quarterback he's just not very gut the sounds exactly like what they do. But vasser eating into it is like there's. Some some hitting genius in this. What will. Is this the kind of thing and people can write about it since it happened that people give it more ot. The could be. A because you're you're seeing it like that before he indie alt. Right treat for firing you know contract back and saying let. For whatever region until now. We've never seen ever held remote part. We've never seen someone actually betrayed or they essentially. And we entered the current period where. Hear something ridiculous and ought to reflect the about 400 million dollars. Theory that the war or hurt people like maybe not let security know so little. And so censored and get the ball Weiner like your stock up on sick. What's cool about operate more cheaply on the rules. And change yes. You picking up. And create an old beat. Robert capacity too little six year old to track create conflict currently well it is not the best read it. They are nothing. Of the acquired something. For that the American dream Marquardt. I'm ways we talked about all the time in baseball you know in in Kansas City it's. Well the royals are small market teams so they have to be able to. To draft and develop because they're not going to get these big money free agents in the NFL. It's not exactly the same with the salary cap but. I mean Cleveland's not exactly attracting the top tier free agents so they art Cha I think trying to approach this. But that's small market mentality of draft and develop in the it is hoarding draft picks. And they've got all of this money and they still really having gone out and signed free agents I know there is. There's a floor that you have to meet but I don't think they actually incur any type of penalties or anything like that if they don't need that a 9% threshold. But they're making this move. Actually helped their causing getting to that point and it's hurt it's for something they got something more valuable in the second round draft pick and they got. While he may not be the best quarterback in the NFL he still valuable commodity commodity and being Vicky can be NFL starter if they needed to be. Right and you got a look at that and not the elk could at least be an emergency backup Brock got the bad and he did last year. Whipple's life in that concern me let me back not about backup quarterbacks are commodity. Or something. Hitting it will be interesting that you that you mentioned that you know the difference in peaceful all that seeing what all the because contracts are non parents. Usually and clear so much shorter. Tour players are more likely to pick based on money won't. Cleveland has been one of the few exceptions to that. We've actually seen a more years where players don't wanna go to use her hair. Because they eat you out of Iraq. The money in picking their next contract. Answer I don't think Brandon Marshall was gonna sign with the Cleveland brown. It's I he was gonna go to a content. Right little bet is inaccurate it in its competent to attract. Regions. Due to black you're the oldest one it was about the beauty players and go with them. So now they're like yeah. It's a little bit. Ripple and we can build a track record up to play well. And their user what he truly sorry for the site the best free agents on the market the best creating guard better. And you're gonna build. And thought somewhere you build churches could get an offer weren't sure what would go to work. You can record big payday. They'll. It's currently are getting your paper art AD. But it ridiculous and then in the mean time can get a track logically it yet you built up. As many jobs as possible and that you you will naturally. In theory if you track well liked John Dorsey trap it. Right or some of the better yeah and you'll build a better team egg and because we're such captain Kirk achieved you'll have all that money. To attract the when he did that are seen go on your incumbent anti. For corporate record like the Crocker come into the NBA or the ever Al. It's I am hitting it well it. And it's just adds I I think it's fascinating guys talent who like this this can change. I is this if this works for the browns have been five years the browns are really good team. This is going to be the new. Patriot model that teams are going to copy off of and that's why it's it's almost patriot ask but it's it's also not because it's just something that we've ever seen. Happen in the NFL before. And it. And I and I ain't speak in the patriots I mean they traded for coney EU here earlier today the I think you know he had a down year headed into. All potential contract season I mean you only had five sacks last year but he's still very young player. Who can be really good in the NFL and the patriots got him for next to nothing they got they traded the saints for branding cuts and it's. I don't think any teams in the NFL are going to have the type of success trying to copy the patriots in the way they do because the patriots. I don't think the patriots value anyone on that roster except for Tom Brady. I don't know if there's another team in the NFL they can do what they do so I my argument was just trying to be the patriots because that's what every team is trying to do it. I I completely agree and you've got to take into account I would call it that the Gregg Popovich iriki. Know what they're cheap as Belichick. And so you in your. Little what they EU because you go. Org you'll leave the most creative terribly important football who can build a great speaker scrap metal you don't count that. They don't have proper vehicle are great quarterback. I agree it's time people stopped all the teacher you're doing because you're indicate it's so cool in a copycat league is he someone. Trying to do something completely completely different. I always wondered what people try to take a little harder here I'll republic it is that you were a lottery system you're hearing key the topic of the war record. Allan Lincoln whether they gonna do you if you fear a bad football game. But I don't eat more over shaky or remember that your reward for their eat it's a lot and all that well. We're not whenever he can bet your seat and I think you're that he just maybe you know more. Acute look it we hear the good. Let's not too old solar things and new Yorker right now. Let's throw everything it didn't go in two years. Eric a couple of what you know I think I think you subpar Arctic he made. It with your agency in Oakland. Well some of the ought to be aware ever been. Bigger outlook helped me out for a couple of years. Hot bat contracts. Up a bat and tried to quietly gather at it and track it well and now they're eaten he. I think I think the raiders are going to be. That team in the AFC west and everybody's going to be scared of for the next few seasons because now. There a point where they've got the young superstar quarterback. They can attract free agents whether they stay in Oakland or go to Las Vegas and they've got one in the best young cores in the NFL. And really they haven't after that well overall they've really only on three picks and it was collegial Mac air car. I'm Marty Cooper and it's completely turn their franchise around but that's the way it goes in the NFL so like the NBA where you need six years to develop a roster. You can be good within two seasons in the and a foul. Look here at the real thing completely Chichi I think here at people. For being willing to try and although we all would typically would eat away but they weren't. They were you can easily and it sort loading hope you're right spot and then there other Smart people wouldn't get. It is pretty realize that at a cheap quarterback. In Seoul achieved in a good quarterback will report money at the author of why. That decision academy and there. Because that create the running game where you grew up quarterback looked at I picked up into what were you said there. Are. And build it now Derek harper stopped eating lunch eaten by the chief deeper. You not superstar. So. You shouldn't. Forget that one. That's that that's reasonable and that's a lot of when I talk about their car that's a lot of what I get is why he can't beat the Eagles I'd be. I think these divisional matchups are far different games then year. You're general week to week you know conference opponents and things like that. But that is there ICE does he asked to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. And you know and me that she's feeling anatomy of I don't argue about the chiefs a little bit. She's haven't done much in free agency that don't have a lot of money ice odd that they are expected to meet with a jail Hodges is linebacker from San Francisco. These young guys coming off the best season of his career. On beating Gerald Hodges I don't know if you've had a chance check him out and all I mean what are you already think he fits here they obviously Neal linebacker. I am not an opportunity to review its still. All because I'm from the so. I actually more quirky people who see him at least it is early career before it in the country. All. He and then talk to people consistent physical you couldn't hear it LP. Yeah problem reading it felt. Until that would that we need to overcome looses because. It was a pop. Soul from whatever I'm not your standard he'll be world soccer which which he absolutely need. And it goes all of that the guy could help. They need help in that linebacker reviewing the film. Something at the line were probably tied it at linebacker what went down the big issue Iran since he got at least the average. They need someone that can plug in will be consistently. For the got a lot of two laps. But it'll have guys were consistent. And so they eat but I am planning on doing it that site. Snaps optical. Out there you go all the people. Said guys they're barely had pride on his deceased is signed him we'd love to have you back on to talk about him and I definitely plan on having you back before the NFL draft I don't care or on the show assess. Didn't bet that. That's so good he thought yet about how credible now is law. I've loved it's RT about that they sent. I loves cats alone talking this at Kaiser Iger talked about football that. Coming up next. Against a lot simply go. It's the context and sports trillions of senseless act comes. I am your host Stephen says that Julio Sanchez on the other side of the glass. I've forgotten is a big twelve tournament going on right now I should probably give you guys updates on manhunt. And Casey didn't make it out the sprints out there are fewer jayhawks fan and they're ardea tenements are you decide not to go this weekend. I was stages advance that championship game smoking TCU. I can't figure out who. That player is for TCU I should probably knows considering has at the game yesterday. And TC basketball players apparently aren't good enough to have their pictures on ESPN dot counts I figure out who they are. But maybe it's dating sex and tell me out does get tickets are sites exactly 06. Cool is the player on TCU was Somalis because Meehan and anyway co worker or gallon at it yesterday. With that Erica. But. I'm on time they keep getting sidetracked here Al and by the way. I keep getting I had an outright six and sports Casey I have to bring this. Double team made for kids are senior citizens. Pretty neck in neck just Bob neither old peoples can run away with that right now older is it crazy is certain is rolling himself an anti studio for no reason 67% say look good feel ged. And comments from Lucas. Please tell me you've been misspelling ridiculous for weeks now on purpose. You apparently not been listening to the show sir I don't think that guy gets the show and I don't know what you're talking. I don't see anything wrong or not I was Alyeska ordered to. I as we do at this means every it's a lot simply. There's a concession. I'm in love the name. I'm in love with a miss. Yes it was Brothers themselves only. Agencies. Come to witness the miracle for yourself miracle. Strong words don't just throw that around like a football field. Asking you soon receive. Some kind. With the first pick. In the NFL draft. The Kansas City Chiefs select. Clinton went back to John Watson Watson. It. Been allowed since we talked John. Been awhile since I've had a chance. To get on my hands and knees. And begging please. For you to find a way. To get Da'Sean wants it. It had very many shows lately so we haven't had this time. Recently to sit down and have this conversation. And how important it is to me in the people of Kansas City that you do what you have to. To go out. I get the national champion that is the shot and lots and I don't want pat my homes I don't want the projects that is now home. I don't want a cornerback Terrell linebacker in the first round I want you. The trade with the Tennessee Titans. As they have said they are willing to do and move up to that fifth overall pick. And taken the future of this franchise. And cleansing cornerback Du'Shon Watson pleased John. Please Andy. Please listen. Please. Changed the Kansas City Chiefs organization. And change history. Which Shawn Watson. Just after. It is that time didn't show you stop. Us. As showstopper. All right thank you can this get to the sharp moments effect that's about 35. I live on network draft analyst Mike may has emerged as a candidate to become the Washington Redskins next general manager. On May have claimed on where that he has not been contacted by the Redskins. That you is that just getting ready for the NFL draft. And his hometown of Philly this year. The Redskins interest in Mann act is believes he's. Teams identifying television analysts as candidates for our market position. San Cisco 49ers aren't John Lynch fox sports is there Yemen January. So. Mike may god. Is very well respected. NFL circles very well respected broadcaster I think I might act is good at his job he say draft analyst draft experts. On the eyes as he did play football as well he played out couple seasons of the NFL wants her out for very long but. As far as I can tell from what I was reading earlier today he's never actually been an NFL scout which are generally the guys who become. General managers guys who were in the front office guys who were in the scouting department actually. Build an entire career of evaluating talent he has done now on the broadcasting side but hasn't done it from actual scouts perspective who. So it makes me kind of question. Whether or not he is genuinely qualified to become a general manager in the NFL. John Lynch a lot of people don't think he is qualified just because he played in the NFL and I agree with that. Because playing in the NFL and evaluating talent are two very different things. Well and it's funny how Redskins are claiming they haven't made any contact he's claiming to have made contact with him this week he says they haven't officially had talks. Being put officially what that means nothing. He's just saying that if he if he wasn't really serious about that he would say now I have no interest in taking that job even if we had to agree. In sticking with the Washington Redskins seem. Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk cousins officially signed his one year tender Friday into the franchise tag of the contract makes him eligible to be treated. Cousins is set to make just over 23 point nine million for the 2017 season while playing under the franchise tag the second straight season. According to sports track that makes him the fourth highest paid player in in the NFL's most important position. It's Kirk cousins is about to make forty million dollars to see it pay 100% of it guaranteed. I don't understand what the Redskins are doing right now there their owner is it's just a more he you know what they're doing he he just is and yell Mike may not. Probably isn't interested in that job and you probably shouldn't be with a guy that he would have to answer to in the way he's he's managing that organization because the Redskins got problems. And Kirk cousins I think it's a very good quarterback and Kirk cousins is willing. To go. To the dumpster fire that is the San Francisco 49ers over playing for wash towel now because that's how bad how bad is that in my would rather go to the 49ers played. And anywhere else I know Sampras got to just change regimes they got a whole new team in there and made eagle tires that are out in San Francisco. Are right now that team does not have a lot of talent on and they will not be good next. And Kirk cousins would rather go play there and play in Washington. Even though he's about to make forty million dollars in two seasons that speaks a lot about what's going all the Washington Redskins right now from the top down those guys are just. It's just a dumpster fire there there stay far far away. Coming up next. We're gonna get back into the sultan Smith conversation music there's things being who we are still wanna say about this and I just don't think that's. That Alden Smith is.