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3/10/17 The Night Shift - featuring Stephen Serda Hour 3

Mar 11, 2017|

In the last hour of the night shift things get heated as we revisit the Aldon Smith topic. We talk a little more KU as well, should we be worried about their defense. And we close the hour out with some "Showstoppers" and "Whatya Watching"

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I. That's bad. Odds on hijacking my show because there. Almost didn't. Let the almost. Took place. Plug in and I sit on six tends towards say a 610 sports icon as we get this final hour kicked off. I was a did you smoke TCU might when he won the advance the big twelve championship. And we'll get back in the salt instead conversation here in a second but as we do and come to expect every night. The other guy go man on the lines or he can probably make fun of me criticize me for something. But he gag oh man. This Wednesday. You integrate the air and chose somebody would and so on. Put an arm that's why. And so so at least I set people they you'll get that guy well it was nice to hear from wrong. In Connecticut that for the show all that you set yours down like 552. Rating lower. Body. I don't know what you're going when he shows other yet nobody can grow. Boyfriend's not here. But I'd like. I didn't hear that you don't want thing there he understood that all the overdue. I agree with you on all. If you watch it. On the part cannot. I gently setting ago. I think the guys look like to direct air right now make you sicker but that's. I think he cart help they need any them help men. But I do think that that Apple's not doing any good. Helping hand. Yeah hi all things Chicago meant. When I have an Phil's not helping me active members who calls it justice generally make fun of me on the show he didn't. Let's get show's judges and props can shout it's gonna show us here and he he has a listen to me for if you unsolicited. Chipped. At six cents or say at six at sports count Regina on Twitter pages six and sports Casey but non durables. It. And to get to get back to the solvent sniffing a little bit. I am. Are we slowly changing your mind sir now cannot change and I'm it's okay. I don't wanna sit here and say that he deserves another chance OK maybe. He's burden that temperature. I can say I can say that OK he he. His burn that bridge and he does not he genuinely does not deserve another chance because tag team. I still think. That there is something to the idea. Did these things can be handled in a different way because I don't think they're being handled very well by the NFL and I think that it's showing time and time again. Date they're not putting these guys in positions. To help them off the field they're just. Putting these guys in harm's way by not by taking them out of the only thing that they've ever know. Why is it and why is it NFL's responsibility at all. To babysit these guys these are these are grown ass men that need to handle their own responsibilities. NOAA it's. It's not. But there there investments right and I think this should be treated like a regular job but the NFL treats them like investments of 1000 vets are working out. They're expendable. But why. Are we just constantly. It feels like we do this over and over again these players when they get into trouble they get suspended. There out of football and they're not doing the one thing that they've done their entire lives and the one thing they know how to do that doesn't feel like it's. Productive to making them better members of society. I mean it's obvious that he has some major issues some. I don't want to speculate but addictive issues. And Dick she is here. He does I I think he clearly rightly has problems and actually. We you have the audio of him when he got out of jail today and we can actually go ahead and play. All right Susan Williams up the news services. Yeah it sounds terrible. Angrily. He tells what happens from them. We involved in the crash me. Are you everything. It's never easy. Had a dose him or something and talk to somebody goes we're talking to a friend. It is luck. It's. Why do something you know being children. Like I didn't do anything. So we ended. She goes on talk low mean. Like it must make these two words a little bit better than those put me in a bitter spotlight. She used to make him seem like I'm some bad as. Because that's not why am I'm a good person. I've never done anything I've never hurt anybody and that's that's a mound not that type of person so. Let's let's start placing stories that she is still very get a must face if he weren't here to nine you were detained Republican suffocation and I don't know. If I was them over the I didn't grow from I can I can do good. All we saw your city be towed away with your license plate of the car that fleeced by you. Tell us who knows you. Know driving. Fact that you're in the car. World. Because he's got these. Thank you. It. Brutal. As a idolized. Areas. And I'm not trying this ear and say that the guy doesn't have this year I think he obviously has issues. He's obviously a little delusional I mean he said it. He was visiting his friend. He was in jellies and I was visiting my friend what I don't. They obviously know what was going on so I don't know why he was trying to lie about it. But he did go on to say. I'm a good person. I don't think that he's not a good person I don't think burglary he doesn't mean well I mean he. I may be as a bad dude I don't know him personally but I don't I'm not going to sit here and say that he's a bad guy I want to believe that all instead is a good person who means well. But they he's got problems and he needs to get help. Well I think he's he's right the fact that everything that he's done his band. I mean he did have a domestic abuse issue. Pop out but for the most part everything he's done has been just self destructive it's not Ben certainly towards other people I think he's just. I think he's just a nigh eve individual I think he's always to me it comes off as. Everything has always been giving him and he feels entitled to do whatever he wants whenever he wants when that's not reality. And now that that's been taken away. He doesn't necessarily know how to handle. And then you know maybe that is the case AB like you know likely Greg Hardy. I full article heartedly believe that Greg Hardy is just a bad guy. I think Greg Hardy is just a bad dude and I am happy that he's not in the NFL anymore. Because I think he is a bad person and I'd I don't want to see him on the football yet it made me cringe when I saw him walk out on the football field. By the way Kansas Kansas state West Virginia tips off in about twelve minutes from the sprint center. It's just. Okay he's got he's got issues and he has problems and may be all and it doesn't deserve to ever play football again I I get that I can understand why you would feel that way. He's had so many chances to get this figured out. And he clearly continues to have problems so that's fine if you wanna say he's he's burned that bridge he doesn't deserve that opportunity ever again. I completely understand where you're coming for. I think there's a better way to handle these situations and I think that the NFL it's something that they need to look at because. Just like Josh Gordon who has done anything really is bad result in stress. Josh Gordon is a young talented player who. It's been made public they he has substance abuse problems. But I can't help but wonder. If Joshua Gordon didn't have to sit out of football for two and a half seasons. How would have been different if he would have at least been able. To be around his teammates and be around to support system they can make him want to get back on the field and get better and further his career. Rather than just sitting home feeling sorry for himself because I think that's how people like getting depressed and I think that makes things worse. But he had better around him. He had that. Throughout multiple innocent people on multiple teams he he he didn't when he was suspected I mean when he got suspended he was allowed to deal with the T. Wasn't even set foot. And there at their training facilities. And and he okay he made mistakes and we're talking about Josh Gordon now cracked I amounts that. Oh I think everybody's decided all district deserves never deserves another chance to Josh Gordon is different I would agree with you but Josh Gordon. It's been vocal about the fact that he has depression issues. So how was taking everything that that guy he's worked for his entire life away from him. And making him an outcast. To his team to the guys he's close with and the guys that helped him. Tried to better himself every day on the practice field in the weight and things like that how is that going to make Josh Gordon get over his his problems. Well I think. When there's issues of this magnitude right these are these are serious life issues that we're dealing with that it's not at this point it's no longer about football. The I think these things have to be taken on a case by case basis right. You can't compare it all the Smith deal to the Josh Gordon Deal to whoever else. In it Josh Gordon's case. Again it just comes down to. Being smartly. Got popped three times for the same exact thing. Do I do I disagree with the fact that they're suspending him for an entire year ending is it. Quickly Andy his his football career over marijuana usage. Didn't know that's ridiculous but the rules are rules and they still have to enforce them while it's a rule. Again a case by case basis and it shouldn't it should be different for him but it's not they have to keep everything on an even keel it's it's. It's just the way it works. And on and I agree with that there has to be rules. There has to be EU regulations and guidelines and everyone has to abide by every job in the world. As some type of employee handbook with a list of rules and regulations you're supposed to abide by. If I show up. Ten minutes before show and I hammered. And I get on the radio drunk. I'm probably gonna get in trouble in our drug now now I nabbed manager today. Hopefully I will be like an hour and a half. If I show up and get on the radio and just just hammered. Odds are probably not to come back to mom be allowed to get on the radio probably not and I might get fired. But I would probably deserve to get fired for is that if I didn't get fired. I maybe they would try to help me maybe they would try you most I as I mentioned earlier most. Jobs those companies house companies I have some type of rehabilitation. Program re. Rehabilitation program or rehab. That's connected with their health insurance and things like that to try to help people who were struggling with addiction problems. I just think there's better ways to handle this and I know a lot of people are disagreeing with me but it's just. It's hard for me to believe that taking away. The one thing that these guys know how to do and the one thing that his made them successful in life and has made them. Even even beyond being a success story has made people like them. It may be able to be their friends and the people want to hang out with them because. It's the only thing they've ever known how to do and it's something that they were just born with the god given ability to do. And it's made people. Treat them a different way their entire lives in any stripped all away because of mistakes. Obviously mistakes some mistakes are bigger than others. I just think there's a better way that we can handle it just hard for me to sympathize. With that. And that and I and I get that I and I IE I understand it. I think that's how most people feel because most people feel. All these guys are making millions of dollars they should just quit being idiots in play for. I can understand outside of the argument but. It doesn't mean that I agree within I think that every one. Is human everyone does dumb things and everyone has problems I do dumb things all the time. I Clinton rolling my shirt no come when no one else is in the room the government. Coming up next. I'll organs are about the big twelve tournament a little bit and died back in the Kansas and people think they kansas' defense is an issue as I mentioned earlier. I'm not that worried about their defense. It to him. Yeah I. It's on six and sports area six cents or sack count. I mean I was even Serna Julio Sanchez produced in this thing. First suntech signed properly get example. And a barrel since this conversation I got it was kind of interesting. Is I don't know if you guys was in the bill Byrne. But he has similar bit about how we treat homophobic people in our society basically saying how does publicly scolding and ostracize these individuals make them less homophobic if any. Think what and that just further enforced or prejudice. Grasso be more effective to take him aside and try to correct their behavior and private. I it's an interesting point. Like it. I just don't know you know making. This whole thing with Eldon Smith I understanding and I understand why. Because girls are in place I'm not I understand he's not following the rules I understand what is going on with him I just think there's a better way. The the NFL can handle this in the future so that guys like old and Smith don't continue. To ruin their careers. But. As I mentioned on the other side. Good god back in the big twelve term and a little bit I can say West Virginia again I get underway right now Iowa State. Smokes TCU in the first game they've moved on the big twelve championship. So as we're sitting in the press rush yesterday watching this. Can you gain in Washington you get upset by TCU IE that. The thing that's about most you'll want it was out to brag and how I think he's a step up but the second thing that was really set staking out to me was there obvious. Lack of defense and obvious inability. To stop the pick and roll. Which. He's defense is joke. Amman in ridiculous come on man. Six days. You shoot the lights out of the jam he can't even do that how can you not. Wait defense at all. Are we still considering him a legit. NBA prospect. I mean that's ridiculous coming and coming into his career Kansas but he said he was Nextel is due. Even now stands his cell and we think he has. But I mean he's. Really in the NBA it's a successful career if he can stay in the NBA. Whether you're getting big minutes or not he into stare on our roster I think that's a successful career in the NBA because it's so hard you. I Nick Collison. Has made a career out of just coming off the bench and giving you those. That does good garbage minutes yes and that's that's what he's done I think Nick Collison had a very has had a very successful NBA history. Does this is playing for the sixers right now only up. That's why we have heard. As he was not a part of the original process. I Suu Kyi did there put it back. Get me going on July though and it no and is getting you go in certain vitamins I don't got an assist clear yet. Sixers you get the sixers I can not talking about the process. So Kansas has defense is. Worrisome to an extent but the reason I'm not as worried about it is a lot of people are. And he's not gonna get better defense he's just now at says he take what you get with him you. You agency he can shoot the three can hit down as wide open looks and that's what you're just gonna get from him that's what you have to hope he continues to do. The difference with this team. Is their ability to school. And their ability to score it such a high rate that it's going to affect their defense. And that's a way and sometimes. These numbers get skewed in basketball little bit these people don't necessarily look at the efficiency ratings which is the best way to really judge. How good your team is on a on a plate of play basis is that is that efficiency rating. And where where they rank Jack and I'm not I'm not even a 100% sure where Kansas ranks with their efficiency ratings are between offense and defense things like that. But you're defense of ratings are going to suffer when you're so good at scoring the ball. Because you get down court. But then when you're not getting back on defense the way you should you're going to give up easy buckets. Like Kansas does so it's going to hurt your defense affecting their defense is capable stepping up when he needs to be. Acting Carlton brag to be a big part of that as I mentioned earlier we saw content ragged at big block yes. What's the thing at the offense is the best defense. Yes they got applies here gets. I don't think that applies generally personally in basketball well I do think that's what this team I teams in the NBA that are really really good. Employee defense we talked about Golden State's offense. Local State's defense is also a lot better than people they are their very idea is number one in the NBA in defense of fish it's just offense makes it. Look like because they're so good offence that makes the defense look like. Crack but that's that's not yes it all and and and but teams. Teams score on them. And there you know there they're points per game. Azinger is number one in the NBA by any stretch of the imagination it's it's fared far lower down on the list but. They're number one in defense of efficiency because they're so good scoring the basketball and they score so fast. That it affects their defensive rankings. And a defense of stats and that's why it looked sometimes like they're not playing defense when actually they're very good defensive team. And the same thing can be said about the Cleveland Cavaliers. These spurs art. One of the best defensive teams in the NBA every year but these defense teams in the MBA so giving up ninety points a game because it's just that's just how hard it is to stop teams score. That's the case in college. College basketball. You can shut teams down for long stretches of time as a team wins in the NCAA tournament. 52 to fifty it's not that big of a surprise. You see if it's Egypt it to score in the NBA you've while I was going god that was a garbage MBA. I just don't think the defense is as worrisome as people think that it is in yesterday a big part of that was Josh Jackson Josh Jackson's best offender on this team. At times this year his defense has struggled but I don't think it was. Him struggling as a player it was his effort just wasn't there and we've seen his efforts stepped up recently and we've seen. How he can defend when he wants to and he is a very good defender he's a best offender on this team it's not even close. Well I think part of that Hughes is the fact that like we talked about earlier that the lack of debt and so it's hard for them to play. A full game. And how that you put that much effort into defense the entire time right they have to. With the with the rotation they have to. Pick and choose their spots of of where a day where they can apply pressure where they where they should kind of pull back the reins and I think that's. Partially why they've been so good this year at the end of gains is that. The first half they don't always apply pressure that they normal Bill Self teams would. But when it comes down to those last two to four minutes of the game. That's when they step up the pressure and they bring their a game. And that's okay in I think in the NCAA tournament. I don't think they're gonna be able to do that I think they're gonna have to play a full game. A 100% of the time. I just hope they didn't fall bad habits during the regular season. Well but I also think. Bill is Smart enough to know what hit you know it's gonna and he knows that and so I think that that's sometimes that's just part of the game plan. Is we're going to just try to run them out of the gym with the offense and hope. That that works in the first half we've seen it's it's not working very well because they're in all these tight games constantly. Tease like every game they play. Is a two possession game. But I think he's he's just. Accepted the fact that that's the way this team plays they're gonna have to strategy issued teams out of the jam. And then step up their defense when it really counts. Which is something that they have done more often than not this season to why they only have four losses on the year and I don't think their defense is nearly as bad as people think that it is. Yesterday being the outline and the fact that Josh Jackson was in the oil and there's some injuries that happen on the floor there's there's a lot of guys that happened that day I think today. They never really got their feet back on them when Delonte Graham left the game and get came back that was that was the big turning point in the game for TCU. Coming IMAX. Always shows opera's again then we can continue this discussion about. I chipped up six cents for the AFC. Sports like my. My name and hosted conservative. My guy Julian Sanchez on the other side glass. Thanks JR two air balls at six and sports Kay seen. Lot of people think I should just look fly and not worry about anyone else thinks of me went rolling my shirts. When there's no one else in the room. Look floundering global team. I have I've never had no students I can't confirm whether or not I would like oval team. But apparently he's got a lot of fat so old people like to drinking as well so it's that sharply it to a chalk leave your chocolate milk. Is what it is. So. You attacked 910 Julio. And it doesn't take nine who. Who from Kansas City can't get down techno. Highlights and nine as a I I honestly I'm not I listen I listen to rapidly hip hop a lot and I listen a lot lot more. Old hip hop things like that die if you knew rappers like that was into. As I've stated before my favorite band in the world's fish does Robbie got a shocker that I don't was into on of. But this is out of Vancouver. SA's most famous rappers on the radar for of the world's most famous musician CBC airports and on Tuesday sir Elton John. Walked into a downtown Vancouver record store and asked if they had any text. It. You know John tec nine unlike. On the manages the source and I came in from the back there is out Johns standing there with his two bodyguards. Digging through records. Gas my gossip we had he tec nine. Like the gangster. I was not expecting that. I guess they didn't need tech nine. I says he can't purchases upcoming album that uncle Clint. Where you are well John would just be rifling through records are looking for tech nine. No I'd like to hear freestyle ahead and have to wait but this on the ball at six cents or Casey as Elton John. Is attacked nine sand. Well John's top five rappers. And I like now. Just south. You that I rejects you you've gotten like I. It's that time if his show when these dot. So although. Showstopper. Issue. Why I saw that sounds nice look that Tek nine out John's story and then. Tech nine can kill me right there a the Texans are trading for Romo according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. That is almost everything to do with romo's current contract. He's set to make fourteen million dollars in 201719. And half million in 201820. And half in 2019. Should the cowboys released Romo. Claim rights to the Texans will pursue him. As it stands Houston has two quarterbacks in the contract that Tom savage and bring it week. Couple winners. It's because they're banking on Tom savage. And now horrible quarterback draft everybody said Tom savage was the guy that was gonna come out of that classic could be gut. I mean I'd take him over rock gospel water. Job that they shut and they show I think he's still than McCain battered women that I tier games he played last season. But. I think it's idiotic for anyone to trade for Tony hero. The tabloids are going to cut him he eventually they just keep saying they're waiting they're waiting because they're trying to see if they can get something formats they showed. As an NFL franchise any NFL franchise should try to get whatever they can for a player but they're not keeping Tony Romo on that roster. And so any team that Trace form before they release him. It's just being more on it because. They're going to release Tony Roma sooner or later and he can't. You can't trade form you you just can't and I actually I'm impressed that Houston. Was Smart enough to wait this thing well I mean though the only reason to trade foreign. It's yet to exclusive rights to write you don't have to did outbid other teens to get his rights that that the only reason but even then it. He's not gonna command the type of money that but he would in the past it's not like you can I mean once they release him he's gonna go where he wants to go right now I don't think it's about money for Tony Romo Tony La Raza made a lot of money I I don't think. He cares about the money at all like the gains 37 years old. His only play I think four games the last two years I mean he just doesn't the Super Bowl yeah he just doesn't have. That tied to be picky. And sell if there's a team that really won San manic contending team that needs a quarterback. I would think Tony romo's gonna pick that team aidid's. I'm surprised Denver is at the top of the list but there's a lot of rumors saying he'd rather go to Houston which he had been easier move for him Dallas to Houston. And Houston's got weapons Tiago Hopkins I don't had a down year last year idiotic I want you know what they'll want to eat all them. Yeah Hopkins is one of the most skilled and talented wide receivers in the NFL it's there's a correlation. He's there's there's a few guys in the NFL. That are the best at certain aspects of the game Antonio brats best route runner in the NFL. Owed about him as the best big play wide receiver in the NFL only Johns is the best all around most physically gifted wide receiver in the NFL. Yeah Andre Hopkins is the number one wide receiver in the NFL body. There's no one they can dance on the sideline like Dion health. Gonchar Pau is getting media type of offers you expect free agency and is rumored to be considering you won your deal. All the NFC champ Atlanta Falcons. Falcons have a lot of speed on the outside the big body in the middle. Falcons assistant GM Scott Pioli draft report. Seems to be looking for when you do that enter free agency again next year and try cashing in big. This could be a really Smart move by well. All right could be a disaster if he continues to have back problems. The other Thomas the need traffic is Julio I do. What about. Falcons general manager Thomas to reach out who by the way. Very successful member of the Bill Belichick tree. I I know we always talk about a lot times how no one from bill Belichick's Jay Witasick is that people say one of the few we Izod about how no one besides Bill Belichick has ever come out of that organization there off that tree immense Cecil Thomas and me trapped. Is considered nowadays one of the absolute best general managers for. But he brought in Scott Pioli was also off of that Bill Belichick tree because they were originally in Cleveland together would Bill Belichick. Been friends for along time not surprised he only drafted Don Tai po. They need a run clock here in the middle to help that speedy defensive unit on the other side of the ball. Does makes sense for Atlanta. I don't know makes all the censored on our go to sign a one year deal and tank on himself. You know capitalized and next Larry cashing in because of the back problems and I don't think the back problems are going away. Someone who is Don sorry posts eyes. Generally has and when they generally start having back issues they don't usually go away. It's I don't know if this is the best move for Pope but. I mean we saw we saw the guy like nick fairly. Who played on one year contracts two seasons around and they just got a nice steal from New Orleans so maybe it is the right move for the well about the falcons as far as you're looking for run stopper on target. Proved this year that it's not really runs out they just how easy they just need somebody o'clock at night and that's really all they need because body. Why MySpace sandy Grady Jarrett who was fantastic in the Super Bowl. And then why in my spacing on his name top pick from Clemson led the NFL in sacks last season come on Leo why can't I think Tuesday. You're at you're you're the sports expert that's why your and that's on the glass I talk about it all the time why can't I think it is moving down. Via Yahoo! Sports after it became the second player in NBA history. To eclipse the 30000 point mark. Dallas Mavericks star dirt with the did something he doesn't often do. His advanced age during the regular season. Drink beer. There with you I just had a bug bite for the first time in a long time. But wasn't as self serving as he meaning supposed to global plug. We don't think their own the district leadership. But that didn't stop the company's marketing wing from running with. Budweiser delivered 30000 bug lights to American Airlines Arena with what's his name on it. They're now has finally sort of put that. 1250. Cases of beer that's how Blogosphere. At 12100 cases of beer I'd be mad. Beat us as well lights at me 12100 cases of B why would you why. Are. It would be here have a gigantic party that's that you can do I'm sure people would volunteer to help you out. Little thing I appreciate you telling me if you showed up at home. Yeah now it's I don't know what your house looks like down a look at what type garage space here working with Julio. You have enough for him to put 12150 cases of Bud Light your odds I can't really I'm not gonna like you really picture 12100 cases of beer. I probably have enough room yes but I'd couldn't really honestly tell you what that would look like we're talking about 12130. Packs of spotlight you could fit 12100. 12150. I feel any cases of Bud Light here I feel like you east you can do some pretty cool things with that when. Build yourself some furniture on beer cases. Nice little movie theater with with a couple different tiers laid out cases appeared that we can make it showed let's let's be creative. If it's real quality and Tony don't I mean. I Bud Light spot lights as a solid is it's a solid domestic beer I I like. I cooers but I don't verbal. I don't drink Bud Light there's a there's nothing wrong with spotlight but if you agree on the domestic out I'm more of a craft beer guy myself these days. Well I'll drink a bug bite every now and then I mean ions I believe Derek is very is is kind of like a German Beers knob which makes cents. Why because he's German but he said he cracked open a Bud Light the first time a long time to celebrate his 30000 career point part. I wouldn't it be nice if you could just get on Twitter and say I cracked open a Bud Light today and they set me 30000 vehicles. When do they complain but I mean I'm shirt. If he doesn't he if he doesn't generally drink Bud Light you're telling me Dirk Nowitzki. Was it upset about is getting 30000 Beers and being like what am I supposed to do with these now what would you go from drinking your first beer and who knows how long probably years of speculation on my part probably years of drinking without drinking beer and having. 30000 years. But now he's got a 30000 outlets I mean and you you you nail on the head he's brought he's Qatar huge party in supply Al the bug bite which is. Obviously the way to go you gotta get rid of as fast as possible peace you don't need. 12100 plus cases of a spotlights it in here. That's just like I think that's just one other thing that they like now he's like man I got all these cases of Bud Light that I got to worry about I got to do something went. I mean it's it's a classy gesture by bud lite but I feel like it's just kind of a pain I'd. It's I think it's overdue. The third thirtieth who approved a pretty hip and always are running about like you did it that is reply it's impressive but might did it. And is overkill Iraq. And coming up next I've done a bad job of this session of teased this earlier and brought it up at the beginning of the segment. Like we generally do and as always we will and the show with segment the sweeping the nation. Texting get a ticket sex like 69306. What you Washington night. Romantic comedy Friday for rod I will not be watching romantic comedies. So don't expect me to quote pitch. There. Needs. Battlestar Galactica what commitment and you'll want to get my. Bring buckets to delete it kept going for extra Super Bowl my first class complain when people walk embark electors. I'd like to remake movies example. I'm not superstitious but. Triple and if they get. And the sirens. It works against aids what a rather be feared or loved. People. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. And. Welcome back into the night shift this is what you lots and they tickets Tex likes exactly 06 Texas what you're watching tonight. As a side note to watch and I. I had planned on watching Kay you yeah I think a lot of people had. And it was. I as we mentioned nearly Agassi complained the orbit and highs there for speculating that and says it's pleased that. And the quarterfinals at TCU and they just dating kind of I get a slowdown my entire africanized rating on being at the sprints and now we. Already don't blame you its (%expletive) what is third on knots I hope I'll take the I don't care that's why idol except that. I'll take that and a it's the weekend so it means Ricky Moore he'd ever seen Rick in more I have not. It doesn't sound very appealing. I'm like an old person show politics it's like cartoon I think it's on adult swimming. It's on. All of its own adult swim. Our EU. Are you want me adult cartoon people I've never really gotten into a lot of these and it's not CN. Not funny. It depends like it if we're talking like assault part I'm not a big South Park. We're talking that that type humor but I I'd. You know Family Guy or some like that yeah definitely. And robot chicken them like that. In the in its idea great American Dad!. It's a lamb here's my man my roommate got me in American Dan emblem. Future Rahman it's one of the and future on the eyes and other one guy I lost a long time. I was never act in the Simpsons growing on me and I mean you never got that in the Family Guy I seen episodes the ducks in the and the and the paradox is funny I loved my govern. Enjoyed the boon docks at this ever gotten in doing enough to where I watched consecutive episode Archer's another good one out archer I've seen a couple seasons archer archers funny. I feel like there's something else that wants Netflix it was an otherwise those cartoons it was that I thought was really funny. Com school violence. I'm how many times they remake these movies did didn't want to come out like. Had to be more no more than like 56 years ago right it wasn't that long ago. It was a while ago. One was it wasn't that long Jack yeah well they're that was it was awful old school and actually that's kind of cool. Looks like Tom is just. Recipes and these people. Actually. Are pounding and might not be Batman movie. Our red office is Logan you know that looks okay. It wasn't horrible. And even guy meets you I love you mean as every one show I love. The marvel cinematic universe. I've seen every movie and watch the shows we have in by the way his chest and delighted check that out it's so good job man it's it's. It's finally starting to kind of get somewhere in the first or opposites game and we had the I I came forth episodes of being like. Nothing's been explained that I still feel like I have no idea what's going on Faith Evans and the other night. It did kind nuclear few things up it's finally got a little bit of a direction now and so. The production and average in the rankings finally caught up with how good the production of the show you know what I'm looking forward to a Netflix is iron fist. Look imports that. I feel that I love daredevil. Every item on the Ottawa worries daredevil I thought it was it was OK I liked Lou cages islanders. Likely cage more than liked them a while Barkley cages yes. Is that cage it was just everything about the cage like the I get the concept of it was ridiculous but. The the music in the team and their out every mile while the bottom which is really well down cajun. I daredevil was just okay in my opinion I just didn't love this much is a lot of people dead. Tech sites as best part about shall not being gears now having to hear about that crappy show shameless I've seen every episode of shameless I think shameless is that it it's an awesome show. It's would you and it's rock is on talks about it so much is because. He's still getting conduct to Wear me Julio yet have you seen every episode I have seen so it's a few seasons behind me Julio he's just trying get conduct. On the shameless and it. I love again. It was so did you go see it ambulance raving about it. Ideally these people are raving about it is because straight art and it's really fun which which. Okay that's. Excited about it I just like the story line was lacking and it was only good because so. I think its eyes to join the show thank you on the show for join me and thank you Sanchez. A warehouse.