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Mar 12, 2017|

As we do every Sunday at 9am Vern is live from Surprise, Arizona to discuss all things Boys in Blue. He get's you update on the injury to Salvadore Perez in the WBC and Peter O'Brien joins the show to discuss his ascension through the Royals ball club.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The city. And show keeping you up to speed on everything. It's burns hot stove powered by spring venture exclusively on sixteen and Sports Radio. With 610 Sports Radio wields an insider Josh burn here. Turn. All right born again welcome back to the valley of the sun Joshua your broadcasting live from surprise stadium. In surprise Arizona side of royals' spring training 27 team. The sun is on its way out over the mountains out here in Arizona another lovely day again in them now only. That's on royals back at a later on this afternoon at 3051. Pitch. Royals and Dodgers right here on six and Sports Radio. A lot to get through a lot to cover over the past week of cactus league acting action involving your boys in blue but obviously will be in a with. Story of this great. And while. Yes it's the story of the spurring. But it's. That story is going to. Fade away. Soon. And all of us could not be happier. To see this story. Fade away sooner rather than later the story of course is what took place. Last night's yesterday afternoon. In the World Baseball Classic into game between Venezuela. And Italy. It was. Bullets. For a lot of you you've got to royals fan for years but even for some of you in new money royal fans those that have jumped on the I wanna say bandwagon. But it jumped on the train ugly. Somebody younger royals fans out there we ball. Seen this before we've all experienced that moment. Driving around listening to listening to the game on six and are watching the game on television or being at Kauffman. And seeing Salvador Torres Tikka a foul ball off the mask and you could tell that he is a east and you you hold your breath. And you sit there and think of what this team would look like without its number thirteen behind that issue number that many of us. Something that I thought for years that number thirteen is ultimately going to reside next to the five next to the tent next to the twenty. And likely next to the number four. We've all bad at Decatur or watch the royals game. Act just a season ago in which Salvador Torres. Was cut. Out from the knees by his teammates. S lookup Burke and we all held our breath they can home. In I have. That's hyper extended new is that this is it that we held our breath wondering what this team would look like. Without number thirteen well we went through that once again last night. Bottom of the ninth inning. Gavin. Chip changing. Brother of Garrett who is. Right now inside that royals' clubhouse. Gavin to Cheney at the plate. Drew Cutera. Coming around to score. On eight to Jeannie. Double to left field. Left center field. Drew you terrorist coming around third base alternately scored the game winning run for team Italy beat Venezuela for the upsets. Are you guys remember that lineup that Venezuela trotted out there against the royals just a few days ago that is a hall of fame line that is an all star team. That they're trying out there there one through nine. So tributes are around third he's coming home. Trying to. Win. And basically help Italy advance to the next round and pull off a huge upset. And there in CR today. He's now looking for a cut off man there wasn't a cut off and he air mails. The cut off and you throw at home to south attributes era. But the pitcher Francisco Rodriguez instead of backing up home plate he decides that he's going to be the cutoff man for some. Unbeknownst reason to be heat knocked on the ball bottle that up yeah. You can see Salvador Torres is confused as to what that help Francisco Rodriguez's two out there the wound. Rodriguez bubbles it picks it up and throws a pill. Home to salvage which is a mall guard puts him on his heels dirtier air understands he gets out I have miles and he kind of lays up. He slows down those do we need to try it not collide with Salvador Perez and many of you have seen the highlight by now. You beat generic kind of rules awkwardly in the legs. Of self corporates. Sell these knees in appears hyper extend. And what Horry doing we were holding our breath for a few dollars. We were holding our breath. And imagining what 27 team would look like without Salvador perhaps. Giroux Cutera. He was holding his breath as well. You know assistance. Go Lou Lee and Tonya Harding tribute hair is a tremendous teammate. He accepts his role. He acknowledges the greatness of Salvador Torres guys these guys inside that club house withdrew Butte Eric Salvador reds they want a world championship. You don't win a world championship when you guys playing the same position. Have. Short there's competition. But not competition at the detriment of the team they work together great. They're great role models and leaders inside that clubhouse here's what you Giroux Butte era had to say after the game about the incident at home with his teammate. Salvador Torres. Yes they're really about. You know I thought Paulson in the depths I'm just trying to score and com I saw as an elbow odds are it's often you know it is unfortunate that you know I have in my did I didn't Hossa wasn't signing him. And I hope he's okay. Yeah I didn't have to hear that from your view terror and I know that most of you didn't either but for the vocal minority out there or get real. You be terrorism class acts. They were trying to pull one of the biggest upsets of the World Baseball Classic it's the bottom of the ninth inning he's rounding third yet he thought it was a gap breeze coming home. And he was ready to knock Venezuela out of the World Baseball Classic. It was a great game eleven to ten Venezuela alternately wince at the World Baseball Classic itself has that tremendous ID. As many of you would expect being beep baseball fan that I am I have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute. That Venezuela Italy game up back in forth affair. Unlike anything I've seen since maybe the wild card game between the rules of the Oakland Athletics great. The United States Dominican game last night in Miami. That had all the same feelings. Surrounding it. Whether your in the ballpark or sitting on the couch and surprise Arizona watching it all the same feeling. That game seven of the World Series had between the cubs. At the Cleveland Indians it was captivating. The emotion when Nelson Cruz. Hits a three run home run to put the Dominican. Ball club in front taking Andrew Miller team on a three run by Lebanese. It is this rounding first base the entire dugout pours out on the field. I'd want. The baseball and it means absolutely. Love the World Baseball Classic. And I say this even with the knowledge. About Salvador programs. Salvador Torres according to. The release. From the Venezuelan. Team doctors trainers. The team Venezuelan press release says. As of Marley Rivera ESPN's weeded out last night. The MRI at Salvador Torres is left mean did not show any structural damage. He left the game. And will ultimately lead the World Baseball Classic with knee inflammation. We still have three plus weeks left of spring training. With the way that it looked. You continue to knock on wood and hope for the best. We're not saying it's completely in the clear but man oh man that sounds about as good as it could possibly sound doesn't it. But he quit that diagnosis appearing to be. Good. Even with it appearing as if Salvador Perez is going to be able. Crouched behind home plate at target field and catch the first pitch from Danny Duffy here in 27 team. Even with all of that being known not caught up in the emotion of I got what's going out with Saudi even with all that being known. Even with how much I've loved the World Baseball Classic. I can't sit here and defend the the WDC. And I can't sit here and say that it should continue. And look. I hates how in society nowadays we always placate the lowest common denominator. All one guy got injured and get rid of the entire. Well one both still throws a rock off an overpass of highway while we got to build these huge fences because everybody it's an. You know I'm I'm not a fan of that one instance. Does that necessitates. Overreaction right. But let's let's let's think this through. And hopefully we can come to an agreement at the end Tex lines always open for 69306. Is heard charts though. Powered by our friends. At bring venture. Now when I say that the World Baseball Classic will end and should likely end. The blow back that I got last night. Began and ended with. This statement. Burn injuries happen all the time it's sports that same injury couldn't happen in the spring training. And that's 100%. Correct there is no arguing that. And look spring training it's too long. We don't need to be here a month and a half the players don't need to be here a month and a half this isn't that sixties and seventies. But these guys showed up fat and out of shape. These guys are. Behemoths. They are. The professional athletes and 27 team they understand nobody is at temple they're taking care. But spring training is not going to be shortened anytime soon baseball's making too much money. The states of Florida and Arizona certain stadiums are making. Summer making a lot of money. A lot of businesses. And they aren't means are. Based apartment spring training. You know it's just like the NFL's three seasons and there's nothing you can deal spring training not going anywhere. But to get back to the point of this couldn't happen at a spring training I understand that. But the intensity of the spring training game. Doesn't come close to that of the World Baseball Classic what you had to do was watch Salvador Reza reaction after he hit a two run home run that gave Venezuela delete. I've seen him hit home runs out your spring training. And it's all high five Ohio fighters owners don't manage homer. It's all right for Venezuela the entire teams come and out of the dugout to mob at the home plate. It sure that it was that an intense light. It which drew beat Sarah. Awkwardly slid into our role in this up but corporate no that wasn't in intense play I'd agree. But that's a spring training game. Is Francisco Rodriguez. Is his mind soul boggled that he forgets to back up Portland. If it's a spring training game. Is drew Cutera. Rounding third with such force. Just score what could be the game winning run against Venezuela no. Also in short the quarter and quote collision at home plate wasn't intense but everything leading up to. Yeah that's that's intensity right their bottom of the ninth Italy tried to upset Venezuela yeah that's an intensity right there. Look coaches take it. General managers. Our fans of the World Baseball Classic now. The baseball man inside of coaches and the baseball man inside of general managers they enjoy it. They light baseball and that some tremendous baseball. But the coach himself the general manager himself in his job title builder not a fan of their catcher in their opening day starting pitcher and first baseman. Not be under the watchful lie of their team trainers and their coaches. Now look. The players are making the decision no doubt you know Celtics that hey I wanna play for team Venezuela puppies I wanna play. For Jim Leland and team USA in Iraq Nazis should. Take that away from them or that eight more to states all you can do indeed nothing you can. But it's the job but the leaked and the players union to look out for the league's best interest. To look out for the players that's interest. And the league's best interest isn't in having the world baseball class now this all might be moot because the Olympics. Will once again have baseball starting at 21. The World Baseball Classic might go by the wayside. But even if not. Let me get back to that point of baseball itself and the players union itself need to look out for the best interest of the league and the players. And in my opinion. Those two entities looking out for their best interest would be in removing the World Baseball Classic because it is the goal. Of the World Baseball Classic while. It's to expand the game right. Make a game more global. And look all professional sports are doing. Ever since the 1992. Barcelona Olympics in which pitcher in team introduce basketball to a whole. New audience. Everybody's been following suit the NBA has by and large let the way. You see in the NFL do what they play games and logged in Mexico City down rate com Major League Baseball opened up. Those the big league season two years ago in Japan wants. So the goal of the World Baseball Classic is. More fans. More viewers. More patrons. More money right. More money for Major League Baseball that's all that's what everything comes down to India right. All that's about expanding the game bringing in more eyeballs. More people through the turnstiles more attention to Major League Baseball more new fans just think about report Casey want more viewers. And you're hoping. That in and you get there aren't in the World Baseball Classic now become an even bigger baseball and while. I don't know about you and you know what I guess I if you're listening to this right now you're more than likely in my. And that is a die hard baseball fan and able watch baseball 24/7 good baseball bat baseball it doesn't matter but the World Baseball Classic you go hungry that couldn't be easier fired up about. They already have offs were not going anywhere. We're in love with baseball. And there's nothing that could divorce us from baseball. But they want those those new fans those average fans those. Flip on the royals game. When you get home from work as you just wanna relax. Maybe go to work three games at at the K throughout the year. Not updating the score book or excuse me that the scoreboard on your phone throughout the day. Maybe later at night. The next morning to pick up the papers you with the royals got to it that's in the World Baseball Classic is trying to attract. But here's the thing about the beautiful game of baseball remotes baseball in its regional sport you love the royals but you could give it to him about the angels. Don't know what's going out the Washington Nationals. Not dialed into the Arizona Diamondbacks at the Miami Marlins. You're watching. Fox sports Kansas City. Like how odd and rhino in fits your listening to 610 Sports Radio for getting its due to visit Ryan. There when the playoffs come around. There's a reason why. The viewers it. Because what's the royals are eliminated. Many Kansas City Royals fans. Look at baseball not on the football season might teams Don. I love my team. But I'm not going to sit here and pretend like I wanna. Watch three hours three to have followers. The Rangers playing the blue jays in the LDS. May just be announced baseball was always been a regional sport. Always has been. And a short back in the fifties it was easy to say it was the national pastime because three of the best teams Raleigh New York City so yeah you can. Can hop around from the polo grounds that it feel the Yankee Stadium. Everything was on the eastern time zone. But things have changed. So this whole we're gonna attract more viewers with the World Baseball Classic that's not at the people that are watching already in love with baseball. Knew. Patrons bringing new people through the turnstiles again. Published here in Arizona for the royals taking on team Venezuela. A lot littered with all stars. Nobody here. Sure it was a packed house largest audience of the history of Marlins are last night. It was ninety and the Dominican baseball fans you already have. The Dominican they already are in love with the game of baseball. To bring in new fans the World Baseball Classic line your pockets put more money because the World Baseball Classic it's not happening. Now the World Baseball Classic is got a nice job I poll. In showing. Major League Baseball. Rotten and threaten some of those old guard in Major League Baseball. What they'd meet. And what they need is that a motion the guys piling out of the dugout some problem. Salvador rats are Nelson Cruz at home plate after he hits it big home run just like the royals to. Throughout their playoff run of 2014. You'll love that a motion. You wanna see that emotion over the course of 162. But he can't because of unwritten rules because he can't show up the pitcher. Because we gotta keep the game moving know that got a motion that we've seen throughout the World Baseball Classic that. In my opinion and that only. He's what should be taken from the World Baseball Classic that is the lesson of the double BBC is that a motion that we see from the Dominican team. From the Italian team from the United States from every team that emotion that we seat. That needs to translate to Major League Baseball but as far as bringing in new viewers. New people in the turnstiles or new fans. My friends it's not happen. This isn't 1992. With that Barcelona dream team. You're not introducing new names. There are so many options on television if you like baseball you'll find baseball. If you like the royals you wait for royals game. He got NB ATV and NFL network NHL golf. You know showing. The masses great baseball you do it every October. They're not watching. Showing them great baseball in March isn't going to make any difference. I love hockey on the big hockey fan. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are great there's great College Hockey but if you don't like you're not going to watch. You're not going to seek it out because there are thousands and thousands and thousands of channels. If you like based. All you were glued to that last night. And you're just an average baseball then you probably found out on Twitter or on your FaceBook the online. In the newspaper. Now we're fans Wear their new fans create it last night. I don't know I don't think so. Were new fans created. During last year's game seven of the World Series. Navy in Chicago. May be in Cleveland. But there's not a kid and Seattle. Are hit in Anaheim. That kid in Boston or Miami. That was watch in the World Baseball Classic it's a you know what now I like baseball. Can Major League Baseball learn from the World Baseball Classic learn from that emotion share. But the risk is not worth the reward because at its core baseball is a regional sport. Don't ruin that by trying to protect the national sport royals fans care about the royals. Jones jeopardize the royals' season. Or any other regional team's season by trying to portray it as a national sports. Keep those fans happy keep the band that you have right now keep them happy. Don't put their stuff players at risk trying to pretend that baseball something that's not. Keeping those fans happy is key creating new fans will come with. It's a mature game it's a relaxed game and it always will. I said this last week. Everybody's soul worked up about attracting. Younger viewers it's not happen. When you're young. You'll love playing baseball you'll love being outside. But you're all over the place you're doing this on the phone here on the computer boom boom boom boom boom. They always joke about the average viewing age of a playoff game is high forties mid fifties. That's because you know what those men and women are doing work at all day ought to come home and relax and enjoy the game have a Cold War. Baseball's a leisurely game. He'd have a little bit of an attention span to enjoy it. Those kids that don't like it that are fourteen right now trust me when they're 35 of their portable loved baseball. After that long day of work there's nothing better than flippant on the radio we'll put on the television watching the game. But heck. At some light to the game I got no problem with that at some emotion to the beautiful game of baseball got no problem with that. But it's never going to have the action of basketball or football the sooner people accept it the sooner we can get back. To accepting an appreciating. Major League Baseball. And the beautiful game that it is. We'll take a quick time out we'll talk about those boys in blue the five stars of the week a lot to get to after a busy week of cactus league action. I'm Josh for your this is for its hot stove. On stocks though. Brought to you by spring venture group. I've back get it turns out snow Palmer by spring venture group look. The bottom line point it is. Baseball fans. Love the air regional team more than they love. Team USA keep those regional finance happy trust me. Talk to these royals fans have a nightly basis. More or watching yesterday's spring training and watching that terrific. United States Dominican Republic counts. I've more of that coming up a little bit. Very pleased to be joined by our next guest who by the way plea for USA baseball's collegiate scene back in 2010. He is Peter O'Brien in New York Kansas City Royals as many people back home and calling them 87. Because of these absolute tanks that he's been out here and spring training Peter can't shake it up for your time out early this morning how are you today. There. I mentioned. Playing with the the red white and blue your chest what seven years ago big story back in case this morning as. Acute care of itself in that awkward. Incidents. At home plate now wondering your thoughts. On the World Baseball Classic should big leaguers spiel but there you see a benefit. Amin had been so you know. Don't that country and I know people get really excited about. There's lot of passion involved so I mean it's pretty cool thing. Yeah I love that passion I mean that that that emotion that passion that. It's a guy like me I normally hear about during. The winner Lee baldor in over the Dominican. Do you think that could work in the big leagues that could work in America Latin America that. That kind of emotion in which they play with downed in Cuba down of the genetic and. It's it's just. You know a little bit. A little bit that they call it water use credit card to vote. At Rutgers. Not that there's a Russian units and there are much lower atmosphere of the games or use them in Japan and support for. It's. You know certain senses. Trumpets advanced planes. It's pretty cool it's exciting but are also those who were leaders and state with different approach that it. Can you sense. The different styles as far as even teammates. You know are concerned is there a difference in attitudes towards the game itself between the you know what Dominican born teammates and an American born team making you can you sense the difference. There are elements and so I think there could actually heard from. You know individually individual. It on the word that particular individual individual you know third but it is terrific you know whether you're you know there where there. You know whatever Portland you know it's that the principal underrated. In our contemplated in important. So. I don't think there's anything different at all. Speaking of how you were raised I read the amazing story. Your mother earlier in spring training a story done a few years ago I'm Indy V Arizona Republic. I don't even know why no where to begin but man I would I would really appreciate I think royals fans would appreciate. If you if you could tell the story. That tough lady and how how she how she finally left Cuban and what's what what she is meant to you into your career. All of the huge you know but certainly the parliament like that. You know what was in the consultant from what it was young student. Who that they went through whether these. Often an intruder. From that. Now I'm Almonte should actually. Well you won't shoot plenty of family and she was proportional vote you. It would grosso. Should that a little bit you know medical leave them. Kerry got it back to herself to contribute in the independence in the United States but. It shouldn't lose you know on the network it built for an answer adults were part of something and so also well. That story and my mom you can go out there an apparent stroke that merited. Mom spoke no English that's spoken out there should. In Somalia alone in third place southerners and chipped it pretty historic. Yet you're dead. The way he went about proposing. As a bad dude that was soul groove right there. There. I'll explain that to the people coming up in just a moment but is your dad smoother than you. Hi I'm inaudible pretty much doubled. Yeah get little. Well the story itself. About your mother again. The Cuban national. LA. Breaks her own ankle in order to be able to leave the valley team and ultimately make her way. Over to America how often do you think about what she did when times get tough in this mental grind that is the game of baseball. And I wouldn't. Like you know constantly tracked back to but you know I mean there is the engine notion really. The board that kind of difficult to duplicate their provinces wired that it you know it's. The emergence of a dark orbit. You know protection. From the older people sort of storybook. Rejected a permanent vocal. You know they go home you know. You know network is not substitution for artwork that he walks something actually and so you know that all of them more those who have controlled senate try. You know what I would consider what happened. And that. Spanish was your first language correct growing up. The woods yet there are not world Workman. So look Obama remarked that there global him a little brother. Spoke earlier who managed so well its sponsorship of the house. Spoke English you know what that people. Give me that story abouts. You know a guy with a last name O'Brien. And the story that maybe the best story of views surprising someone. Teammate whether it's in Kansas City here Arizona or coming up through the ranks. Where. You know they had no idea that there's no way they argue is. Spanish speaking young man where were you surprised to teammates. With. I'd be able to speak fluent Spanish. So that actually but it sort of pretty productive. I'll turn it surprised units and you know about it over at parliament problem as though it ought to Noah speech at. Parliament but it. A little Spanish Spanish clubs and speaker's club and the level to keep those clubs sports minister took it should got to shoot around in their alleged. Peter O'Brien joining us here on sixth and Sports Radio. And burns hot stone. Third fifth grade you're already. About obviously obviously speaking at but it fifth grade I mean how hollow did. How did you write that with a teacher. Although it has brought overrule that you political writers should the result cost it an answer in Spanish and she cannot. Backtracked. You know our future the last. Should it speaks there's a culture is pretty of the story. Well let's look at the table portrait schools or soccer a lot of older a little bit. Did you find yourself as far as in the big league club house gravitating. Words that's the Spanish speaking. Section of the the club house towards English speakers that I guess just better than a benefit that you can kind of float in between. In. Or I'll let you and that he looks. You know the answer honestly that whatever being spoken through the volatile. Prefer one over the other. It's been right vote the same read books and so I know and critics assert their final in order to total that's travelers go. Let's look let's get to a little bit of he's your your time now with that this royals organization. In other the way that I see. A new general manager new front office takes over Arizona and they wants you know they want they're way. And you were a part of the plan on gas. In Arizona and is look sometimes. Patients. And ego gets in the way you know a new general manager wanna do things my weight how much did. Do you think you needed this Unita the company case Casey you needed. A fresh start. That went into huge block from Puyallup. And it can be contribute you know all of the what her position reload in could double talk the world now. A lot worse for us to export the predictions. And its field here. Yeah apparently. Tony La Russa compared your raw power too. He says the only time he's seen somebody with Pollock like that it was Mark McGwire. When you hear that when you first heard that that's what's your reaction. So until it pretty. Close out the most part. Pretty horrible so when someone else and so I looked up and let it is too. You know Rick you know arbitrator could looks for certain technical people that. To and it. Went when did you first notice that your Pollard was different then that most kids couldn't hit the ball believed it. It probably. Until the Pope uncertainty include junior high school. I. Extraordinarily hard while we're here. He followed due lava that's Somerville and when you're in years. He's heard that are principal plural you sort of slower so frustrated that he will be anxiously and you know order that the payoff. You ever have that story when the you know like your power urges. Maybe embarrassed somebody or broke so finger cause something to break. Whether it's on a high school ball field there on a back field. There. I can Wear a considerable Cutler had a tumultuous market out there. I around but I mean. Not really. Going to be somewhat to. In Norman. He the struggle the platform. And credited swinging you know usually dependent on the. So Peters as we wrap things up here on 610 Sports Radio how would you describe. You'll or. Your career so far com and he traded for a big name when you came up with New York traded for mark team grotto. Which brought you to Arizona and as well as we discussed. New front office there lanes in Kansas City how would you describe your journey thus far. You I think it's been hurt you know I think there. In our own catalog successful. And popular vote. Impressive their superiors and that's what you know mature person mentioned that reporters did you learn from those in the and to work the power to incorporate them from the beginning normal typical for an answer and know things don't work center you know for the first it's either. I think my those astute and acute and important book or have a moment. You know putting display with a modern. A lot of food keeps things simple going to be funnier. A man sounds like you have the right mindset and it sounds like you're in the right clubhouse because. Now what I've heard from you throughout the spring of what I'm hearing now. A lot of very similar to guys that are just a few lockers down from you don't like the stock is a Christian Cologne and Eric cosmic guys that. When they reach that moment where it's now I'm just going to have fun I'm going to keep it simple and try and remember what they love this game. That's when their careers really began to take off and not. Can't wait to see. Not only see out it the field at Kaufman and can't wait to see this career take off Peter. Really appreciate your time this morning and absent on this spring by. You. There ego Peter O'Brien joining us here on burns hot stove just an excellent story. Arizona Republic that great piece about. His mother a few years ago Natalie the story column about her being in that it's. Cuban national ballet but her wanting to you know obviously leave Cuba. Clients the country had a vested interest in her because she was apart of the Alley. So the only way she could get outs of said ballet was to take a piece of wood and break her own ankle. After that the validate it and haven't used for her and she was able to escape to Costa Rica and ultimately. Miami Florida. Great story and wait to see here what this move smooth brother is that once. We'll get to that and that top five stars of spring trading those parts coming up next on burn tops them. Burns hot stove. Brought to you by spring venture group. I welcome back. Tried to do business. Pat mentioned Peter O'Brien's. Mother was a dancer. Ballet in Cuba. Home came to America. Still. Valid answer that they would do chose during. Him. In emissions of hockey game or. Before after you know ice dancing events so they bring out these stages you know put bothering. And before every one of her performances of the ice show. Before she would go on stage for and who turned out to be Peter's father. Would always hander her white gloves you know that was his job right before she went out to the stage he would hander. Her white gloves. We'll after several dates. He proposed. By slipping and engagement ring in two. Those white clubs that he handed there before each and every performance of the show. That is smooth move right. So while I'm in just a great story. Great dude as well. Still as that two more options you know we'll see what his future holds in Kansas City but the guy's got the right mindset. I would not be surprised in the least. To see him off flourished on the line while wearing. That royal blue aren't final few minutes here ever tops though powered by spring venture group. How quickly give you the five biggest stars in my eyes of spring trip. Now a guy like cause murderer or Duffy or cane or moose. Today. Don't apply. There are already stuck there are already all stars I'm talking about guys that maybe flown under the radar meeting guys that weren't even thinking about coming into spring training. Honorable mention to Jorge de Fazio. Who's nine for wanna out here in spring with three doubles and a homer on. Honorable mention Travis Wood he's been very good and his two outings. But number five my fifth star Nathan cards Nathan cards a guy that's still less options and I thought hey you know fields of reform. Incredibly well royals could hide him in Omaha for awhile and then bring them up when they need him just to protect inventory. Police forced their hand in fact he's forced my hand. It's almost undeniable. What this guy is done as far as making his case for that fifth spot in the rotation. Pulled it opponent Iowa batting average of above point 58. In cart has been Phnom. The fourth start of spring younger. Caramel. Roll the. Royals. Relief pitcher right hander wasn't happy saint. The numbers are eye popping because he's not going to art hasn't struck out a lot of batters he just induces. Weak ground balls and pitches. Quick 123 innings. He's got five scoreless innings in an opponent's batting average of about 33 yeah under can't Romo. You're never force. Your number three star. Of spring training. Well Mondesi also is nine for wanna place a sensational defense and has been doing it much better job of pitch recognition. Yesterday ago Ned Yost had an update on all modesty because keep in mind. Mondesi had a collision at first base a few days ago. Left for precautionary reasons for a possible concussion. Ned Yost said. He was feeling better yesterday but the royals training staff had to do tests we hope for the vast and hope that realm Odyssey is able to avoid that. Concussion protocol nonetheless he has the number three star of spring training in my eyes number two is his buddy Chris in Cologne. Christian Cologne this show and agility on the. Base pads that defensively that I've never seen from. Christian Cologne in a conversation I had yesterday has just gone back to the point of as a mention to Peter O'Brien. Just enjoying the game of baseball. Just getting back to the fundamentals. And I think we're seeing the fruits of his offseason labors well might never once start of spring training Scott Alexander. Alexander's thrown five and two thirds scoreless innings. Over five games has five strikeouts allowed just three hits in his opponents' batting average couple buck fifty Scott Alexander his pitch so well he's making deals and gave violent constantly keeping sixth lefties. Coming out of camp. Citing the fact that they Scott Alexander has a nice job of neutralizing writings you could have Duffy Vargas will it. Minor Strom and Scott Alexander. And boy oh boy that team over in Cleveland with other lefties can't be happy to hear that. Those are the five stars thus far of spring training. Thanks to Peter O'Brien for joining the show thanks to Steve inserted back in the studio for his help stay tuned because coming up next it is the practice squad right here. I'm sixty and Sports Radio all talk to you next Sunday at 9 AM. Thank you very much for listening into the rest of your dad.