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03/12 - The Practice Squad w/ Sean Levine

Mar 12, 2017|

In hour 1 Sean talks brackets and baseball w/ the scary but lucky injury to Salvy at the WBC. Voice of the Jayhawks Brian Hainni joins the show as well as Rob Neyer to talk some MLB.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The money. It's. I don't want is now on Hillary you. 610 Sports Radio. And six stands ports cop. Directors named ship practice squad. That was the bench warmer started taking. Two donkeys for two hours. Battery games ultimately will be here until noon. Talking sports Buford hit us up on duty to its text are 69306. We've got several guest lineup or do you. Along the way I try to figure to limit and beyond were just it was difficult day for me. I'd put down my dog teams thirteen years old my best for and so we'll try to get through the next two hours together. You're free to downhill 9135767610. Hopefully. These guests help us out along the way the play by play voice of the jayhawks brining in the coming up less than fifteen minutes from now we will make sure from the voice of the jayhawks on tonight's elections Sunday. You was going to be on that number one line. Not what he says he's back but you'd think that terrorism that this team put together. Even though they dig knocked out by the brick and horn for their first game of the big sport twelfth tournament a few days ago they still secured. Number ones we'll talk some baseball with baseball writer Rob Meier coming up and thirty and then 1130 we'll bring on Matt Scott. Of the shiver dot com and forty foursome sports he covers to hawks basketball as well at some point. All become the practice squad version of bracket colleges and I'll give you my top four seeds in each region I think it'll surprise. I don't have the following teams as a one C North Carolina. UCLA. Organs that well Bolden who issues. I'll tell you coming up at the top of the 11 o'clock hour and as always would that you a Sunday mornings. This Sunday morning. You look up to some bad news Kansas City has come straight out the rest. Of ESPN in its annual all star catcher self operas will miss the remainder of the WBZ. After suffering a knee contusion. And Venezuela's eleventh and went over Italy on Saturday. Selby injured his left median home plate collision with the way. Wait for. His own backup catcher drew just terror I laugh because I don't want cries soap operas injured his. A Venezuela and it up on to beat. Italy as I mentioned eleven to ten none of that really matters what does that team Venezuela said. And a statement that an MRI revealed no damage other than inflammation. That resulted from the contusion again. Anybody that was watching that game and if you're. Why the WBZ new carriers but I digress. Here's the big news that comes out of but the good news after the collision he Venezuela. Said in the statement that an MRI revealed. No damage. Other than inflammation. That resulted from the confusion. Funerals and right now. You wanna see your terror as than UNC house wrap this thing you wanna see anybody in royals uniform out of this thing it's the Opel. We're essentially talking about the Pro Bowl here could you imagine if Travis Kelsey got injured to the point where he couldn't sort LT next season or maybe god forbid. It did something going four for his career in an exhibition game. Upon getting tickets tech flag at 69306. If you give a damn about the WDC. About the World Baseball Classic or you just as wells and like idea. That none of the royals players play in this thing because best case scenario. One of their countries wins the WBZ okay great worst case scenario. These dudes get hurt one of the more important pieces on this team as a matter I think if you start to make a list. Of royals players and 27 team that just cannot get her. If you remember back when he sixteen pretty much everybody got injured in some other teams stayed afloat. I storm that we did Ned Yost in Dayton Moore for building a roster with debt. Enough credit even for being able to go 81 war that does royals fans. We got a little bit spoiled after going to the world leaders in fourteen winning the world's leaders and fifteen our expectations. Came sky high. Much like the Kansas City Chiefs his last year the fact that they were as good as they'll war with as many key guys getting injured was a minor mere. That being said. I still don't wanna see these guys play in the WBZ I wanna see any more players get hurt so I think if you were starting to make a list. Royals players they just cannot have go down this year if they're ever going to make the post season. I'm itself he's right at the top of a house or via their and Gainey Duffy as well when we talk worlds coming up in the 1115 hour. We're gonna go with a micro instead of the massacre after elect for the last pretty much since the offseason it's been about the Mac or it's been about the whole thing. What do we expect the rules do as a whole are good as the pitching staff going to be a good is the lineup or a good is the team and how good is the division going. Let's dive deeper into. Let's look at the 4017 get residuals coming up in the 11 o'clock hour with a microscope. Will start to breakdown some individual expectations what we actually think next year. We're going to get out of air cost. Alex or my stock or Danny de. And Dayton Moore as wells ordered back into the boards and blue coming up and the 11 o'clock hour but I'll start by talking about what we learned this weekend in Kansas City. During the big twelve tournament but goes from each of the tournament teams from this conference that are going to be called tonight. I think we learn different things let's just start with the obvious Texas the tenth seed is terrible. They're not making the turn Texas Tech after getting in last year took a step back there and academic Oklahoma after making the final four a year ago. So miles the second worst team in the conference and I don't think TCU did enough even by beating Kansas to get themselves into the big kid that's the obvious. Here's some of the not so obvious start with K state. The case state played their way into the tournament by beating Baylor or at Baylor show is may be that. They probably were never good enough to be the number one team in the country and probably slip all the way down to the border or line over the last few weeks. I tend to think what we saw in the acting K state vs Baylor said a whole lot more about the wildcats then did the batters. I still think this is the best version of Baylor basketball we've seen. And don't forget Scott truce taking his base is bears team to the elite eight. Not one not two but on three different occasions so they end up there won't be at all surprised. How surprised will be if and when K State's name gets called tonight. By the way if you wanna join us we've got our own selection Sunday show and port on down. Starts at 6 o'clock from twin peaks in late. Well all via their loved to see you as well also got royals baseball at the re rolling right into our own selection Sunday specialized twin peaks. At 6 o'clock we'll let you know work as you goes if K state goes and where the rest of the big twelve teams and up. 57676. Them with your boss the good tickets that slide 69306. That'll be open till noon coming up. In about five or six minutes we're gonna walk on the play by play voice of the jayhawks. Brian Haney. I think K state got him but I think K state is the perfect team to put in the place. Does that save Bruce's job. And Bruce put on his resonating this year that they made the NCAA tournament if they end up playing in Dayton get knocked out in the first game. There would have been a mortal lock they beat West Virginia and a lot of K state fans is you're going to say yes that's just. Just on the crux of the problem if they beat West Virginia they'd be in if they beat Kansas this year they'd be and the problem is that worth it. It's a little word it means a lot in K state is had a lot of those quarter on quote if I questions this entire season. And it continued as somehow they beat Baylor and and they photo and should've beat West Virginia which would have gotten him into the tournament for sure. Now the Gannett sweated out on tonight by 7676. Amateurs thoughts good tickets that line 69 threes it's I think he states and I think Tuesday should all be probably be forced to play the game only because. So it's work closely case Dayton publish them on a daily basis. We know how on the fringe there or not doctor what one afar you wanna use their overall record how they did in the big twelve. The talent that they have the close games that they've played or even I don't wanna quantify key state this year we all know. But they're not bad but they're always not good enough to go ahead and say our cats. You're an eight seed in the NCAA tournament which would be sweet they end up in the 89 games somehow because then they get a chance to play one seed. In the second round I guess that would be so sweet the actual Tuesday but captain figure and probably looking at. Either a double digit seed or playing and playing game in Dayton Baylor. You're certainly in although man the last couple of weeks I think they've been shown us their warts and that probably slip from the one line this time a month ago. Are grossly abused what was the maybe four line on today. I was they won the big twelve tournament and I think I was they wanna do what it is. An often time that's the case. Which team has the most plea for. And maybe you could say. That Oklahoma State had more to play four era on the fringe coming in case they have more play four or perhaps even the team like West Virginia they would have won. Could creep all the way up to that to line. I always feel like I was still really wants to win the turn the board and anybody else. And they have won three of the last six years it seems like it's been kind of a revolving door between Iowa State and the jayhawks win the big twelve permit in Kansas City. Oh what acted for them. I think shocked that way. When I gave you my selection Sunday brackets coming up in the 11 o'clock hour I think you'll be surprised just how are I have I was. You might even say I'm. Libya on duty to its text line at 69306. West Virginia but playing in the championship game. But finishing what second in the conference during the regular season which most people considered to be the best conference up and down the entire year talking about the big twelve. West Virginia obviously thanks captain obvious. There in the field I think that could have been as high as two seed after losing I wouldn't be surprised there is low as a foresee but also it is. About all these people teams before we talk about KU and then take a break you'll wanna force the jayhawks bright. I think all these teams the gated and even before knowing their opponent going to win their first round. And that sounds good blasphemy I know it sounds like homer ism. But not only have these teams had to play against the most difficult competition night in night out because they play in the big twelve. It seems like all these teams either had a decent non com schedule or at least on their nonconference schedule they played eight. Variety of teams with a variety of styles. I was they can still shoot lights out but now they got a couple of big guys that can step out as well. West Virginia presses an entire game nobody does that it has got up launch a big dudes with experience. If K state it's in. I'm a mutual formulating reason why he states when it too I suppose and obviously the jayhawks to. They're not going to be the number one overall seed I think Villanova is essentially secured debt. But I also think the only two teams actually earned a one seed by the resonate that they've played this year. And Villanova. Besides that. There should be six to receipts. Obviously that's not going to happen wait until it did view my brackets coming up in the 11 o'clock hour because I don't have North Carolina I don't napkins Agha. As a one seed and have UCLA. On the woman you would do coming up next. Bring on the voice of the jail brining you George the practice squad six to portray. You still be in sixteen starts reading. Don't too goody tickets dot com for great deals on KU and UK state football and hoops tickets. I think today is the best non sports sports day of the year and another still a couple of basketball games to be played. Some college bats board game somewhere some time but come selection Sunday. I enjoy that even though two weeks you've drawn out they show was two hours last year that is dragged on forever it's down to ninety minutes but. Really enjoy that maybe it's because. I'm OK you've spent most of my life that call their name. Relatively her welcome back into the home with the jayhawks extends Sports Radio in sixth and sports doc on this is the practice squad Stephen circa. Sports machine show on the being in the jayhawks. Fully expected to be named a number one seed however. It'd make it any easier on themselves about losing in the first round or I should say their first game of the big twelve tournament in Kansas City TCU with that its welcome on. My good friend and a voice of the jayhawks Bryan Payne good Sunday morning tuber. Border war until and our right do you think that any thing. Happened as far as seeding goes for these teams in the big twelve based on this term what I am asking is. I assume you still think decay user number one seed how much did some of these other schools help them. Requested to do it there was a harmful or before ours that would reflect conservative for a field and ultimately. I think we conclude Boucher injury organ that publicly that they either cultural. The receipt to three feet back with two guys Joseph McCarty. That got a lot of that book cop a plea. Well that bracket projection that the original black theology supported. You know wallop of well early to conclude their. Or intensity. Our third. All the little bit nervous for political forty hours there ethical and dust settles things. Pretty similar to where they would have been. I would say I think if it's a little bit obviously. With the good conferred on the forty years. Looked like a great you know who should be Nabisco a little paler. Beyond that though it's from its people there was caught a change and the other big twelve seeds. Oklahoma State couldn't help itself. Over the ethnic questions you know he can't it's got the they couldn't. Look toward its do we care this all cyclical. Because they're both will be it's eloquently I can control it Oklahoma State could've waited so. To better seat on the word currency about the night life but thought it was. Would not want to be part of that team out should they get I did it. That they are just look at it and so if he would stay with at that it was a huge about a well it changed the well. You know if they. So awful loss didn't mess with K use positioning I expect bill notably in the number one overall seed tonight and I expect you they're going to be called second. Did you tickets with the mentally at all knowing that they've played so many close games this year were able to pull out from the fire but they weren't able to do that against TCU. It's true though that's the that the saudis yeah that's the second involve America where those guys realize. We were completely hold all of those they have except that you make excuses for a cruel practice that maybe we'll treatment of taxes that. We general Dick coop. Eric he troop got little out of the other. It's too little too obvious mistakes like that guy. Clearly coaching teaching people should consult the jayhawks who broke the that there. The lady competence you know breaking tribal it's their group in the septic it. Co that law student like OK it's due to the rest of the ultimate super motivated. It back on the practice for what did you order the console console with a lukewarm public. Audits of the citizens he opted out so good that look look what to look through that pregnancy does. Your that there were twelve inside by six or let you hear that two of those games in the regular season there were. Hit games in which they had an eight point or toward deficit. And they were able to welcome back in a weird all wanna close. Actually. Eight games of the double digit deficit won't war there were able to come back it was an awful lot of those well. You care about the deficit here who put together another chapter in the story that features here but the but it does go back where all the yet. Or two that it is bill and the ball wasn't good or. It's let's say that it's the confidence crossing the effect in all twelve years but it's because. If they didn't have their little fire about thirty just Jack's hope for obviously they got the Ottawa where he. Bought it. Does it feels so what that you I would agree master vote later this push all the light. He gives himself in the ruby glide on the dot to dot. He you know these days to come between the end of that one that whatever that. Also onslaught next week so look at those reasons that you took. If there was any edge that. You know we would question was with jobs out of luck here. There's an insult to lick about these so called father and a palpable tension silk. Our Arctic well believe it's dog that you like that you watch throughout you know about what other it was the that was. All. You're OK with it now because you thought the he's 48000 last. All the play the third next stage for the Arctic where would you give them a lot of medical. Public that would have been the it'll probably equal to the back on this a couple of weeks and so the idea was look if it's. Those numbers are I've popped her ear popping since entering the voice of the jayhawks bright he joining us on 610s or treating your home for jayhawk basketball. In Kansas City let's talk a little break Mason for a second where. I said a couple of weeks ago this guy's already the best point guard in the history of the school that's a mouthful consider all the different guys that have come through Allen fieldhouse and even before that. How much do you think. Here going for war is going to determine that based in most people most jayhawks eyes what I'm asking is do you think that if ranked. His team gets knocked down the sweet sixteen we look back at it go yet he was really good player and a really good team. It's going to be hard to call him the best that doesn't make it to a final four national championship. Call that the golf courses because. I would. Go to this year I'm very much it guys shot with the flight quarterbacks. That you could afford passing yards this. It was burger ever. Thought so all wore at the end of the day most coaches. You these guards. All of them were bundled Booth where the extension of the coach on the floor there that were partly. I'll believe you. So mark and welcome. Yes he is very it's with the colts who. There you know he's got a dual file for if you want to have that similar legacy will be dugout talking about. Yeah a lot streets in his career as heck even the Bill Self to support the the last two years the social a couple of like that. It should also took off toward you know all the help upset. Were built so. This is the greatest dog ever coached one of the greats of all partly in history. With a two of the statistical please don't know the big twelve history or emergencies to. It just blew the vote for the vote of five assists on average code the arson and pretty incredible. Dick about. You know some of the big moments he delivered the shot to go through hundreds here. Italian. In the collection so long. Though that it took over the other day that's that's that's quite obvious right. First up is active in that situation effectively used to making the state too it's so good at the console fishing. Latency variance so regardless of what happened to next week's heat clearly what do you guys. Well it was what I was thought they were supposed to execute. Our age. The you know four guards who view of the public. Clearly got a portal and these four big twelve championship. The postseason success Chaplin yes the light. The Korea invited. I think it will fly about your godfather clock but I. If that is utilized for further below the chapter and so a lot of your own words we'll be at least logical for the he declared that chapter that at least at the date book right now that is kind of basically. It worked otherwise incredible story it was mentioned. The third in the weeks you've created that will deliver the. I'll tell you it's really nice having good friends and good places and wills it's the play by play voice of the jayhawks on his way to church on selection Sunday we do right here. On 610s portrayed me before you get out here. We know Josh Jackson was missing we saw how important he is frank Mason is obvious same thing with the bomb program. Who else what other guide needs to step all come NCAA tournament which don't look now selection Sunday is this Sunday for the steam to cut down the nets. Well you know clearly there was there was the supporting your call. You see a couple of with a good game called the what's so Oklahoma State view of the colts and like COLT and those Texans it's the actual reference that we couldn't get a could do. You know at some point along the way community has. Some dignity equality he there right now due for their worst in the Westwood to outlook think that it. They have to accept their inside. And and the simple and did Serbs to that because. So beyond the Big Three you mentioned at the idol straightforward look at some most could pretty much you know it's weird it's you know eight doctor. I think he needs some help. Salt flats is what flag or are they love what you gonna bet that the game thinking about today. If it's. Detroit Michigan socket call. That insults. If you're like you're the artistic you know difficult it is to keep the basic. It doesn't mean that the caliper cool that some basics is stretched. They're just they'd be an eight bit stretch we've got to Covert takeover with its one game bouts. Be that that the political capable of in the right situation but it probably going to be accepting to that starts possibly three if they are deployed six days would you wouldn't accept it as it there. Played inside. His ability but it's a couple who did. You get that. It is about more that it will be still there's a partial that the stale out double its limits for the tickets to take offensively. We hear from it. Soledad. One of those two guys out there from that should lose their. Brian your good friend the best in the business thanks for your time this morning man. Terry thanks not the great work load all over the field. Got it that's that's the voice of the jayhawks Bryant he will find out exactly what line and where to use headed after today mentioned that Davidson game in the elite eight. They won that game two events on the bill sells first final four. You could mention that final four game also were we were introduced to a guy named Cole Aldridge as a freshman was got a number eleven on the bench. It takes multiple players it's always not the guys Stephen sort of sports machine show on the beam will be here. Until noon coming up next let's talk baseball with rob nigh on the practice squad six to portray. And still be in sixteen starts reading. Don't you goody tickets dot com for great deals on KU and UK State's football and hoops tickets. And. To go there it is. Good debate home the jayhawks here is to say welcome back in the sixth and Sports Radio. And 610 sports dot com portals baseball coming up at 3 o'clock you can catch that right here. And then as soon as that game wraps up hours elections Sunday special live from twin peaks against both the twin peaks in only and independents where we fully expect the jayhawks. He named one of those or one seeds where they're headed we should note tonight looking for that your thoughts. I'm 1357676. And getting tickets Tex lines 69306. I was talking about. The WBZ. Earlier in the show today and I got this spectrum it won six other people's countries live to the WBZ. Sports and we're just talking about Dominican fans were dancing in the streets in Miami it's like the world's leaders can't stand when people like you say it doesn't matter. So let's bring on somebody that's not me fame baseball writer Rob Schneider joins a practice squad good morning rob pals don't. So should baseball fans should big time Major League and should royals fans are about the WBZ. Yeah we have never told anybody what they should care about. Even if he is that it there's nothing I can say. That would make someone kill about a proposed. I in. The tournament compelling because. Didn't think we others. That compelling because if they. Seemed so odd that he. Significant percentage of the people will play in the people who are watching. Would be better. More exciting if the US players up want to look at what you are there if they care more about absolutely. There's reason to call the World Baseball Classic it's not for us. Yeah a week to the World Series if it's for but that that it would be if nobody plays until we committed to. Player. All over the planet multiple target rate to our Major League but not all of them but the world is that the guides. By the compelling because. Particularly the people that fat but I want the World Cup. Now all of the World Cup soccer sometimes are in part because I don't know what you need to get people. I archer saying I think this is much more Pro Bowl than it is World Cup published as Major League Baseball like the WBZ. I think. What you're talking about I think Beijing based obviously. The individual teams. Yeah whether it is some of the players are aware that you ownership don't care for a because it is the opinion that sort of at least you played it in the manager the coaches that bridge properly. All of that is that you. My keys that that is so well established and so well player. I think agent baseball the day to day. The people of new cities the commissioner of the people look for him. I think for the most part long. Because. It turned. And into something where we can demonstrate what the subject. A north American water Caribbean port. Without. Work through it with your sport. There that these were the players from. All all all part of the world basically. China and Italy and the other places that are considered that it. Oh by the way. Because you voted sport. We are creating marketing opportunities and I probably he's been somebody Adobe. Has come up with day. A way to measure the didn't do that considered generated. Not just by the BBC directly but because of all the good that created although one death. By you know because. TV packages or. Bad apple whatever it might be sure to go. What must the but the WB's you know move onto the royals Rob Schneider joining us here on 610 sports radio and all over the world online at 610 sports dot com. There have been I want to say 65 at this point 100 plus million dollar contracts handed out by a baseball. There have been a double digit number now 200 million dollar contract up a Major League Baseball. It's these Major League Baseball teams franchises and owners that paid his big amount of money. Would've be inappropriate for one of those teams that older player no I don't Portugal play in the WBZ. I don't go to the inappropriate. And obviously be welcome. But I I think it. Didn't happen behind the scene what they say all the players. Telco made things look you have to be. If you want help but if you have to work on both pitched you have to whom. Do we have whatever might be. We're ready to go. It's. In convincing in the Tokyo. But you know that he would keep that flat out no you can do that. I would think network. But I think the team to cognizant of the defect that they've incurred before they wooden table it will be dictated that. And I think that's what. People. In that yet. You can't you keep hurt that he's no question. Trading as well. Maybe not quite as Poppins but pretty small equipment back. Let's go there where the story came out earlier today that soap operas injured his left you know home plate collision with tributary of course. His back to Venezuela ended up rally to beat in the good news is ten team Venezuela came out earlier this morning instead MRI and MR I revealed no damage that the inflammation. That resulted from the contusion. So who knows exactly how long itself is going to miss any time we start to make a list of the most important player for Kansas City Royals to their 117 success how I'll put Selby. Well I think that the questions he didn't talk to treat. And maybe equivalent to that much how much. Wait did he in effect on the pitching staff. I get the average. Lost for the specific injury you know you'd like that it particularly specific but historically. They withdrew at about which means he wouldn't do that a couple of weeks later you can basically if it's doubtful. That's about it measurable impact the world fortunes over the quote he if you effort to bug that I got a couple of weeks and come back. Bolstering the quote to look. It definitely hurt. Cut enough to join us pretty much whenever I asked so that's frequently about on a monthly basis and we talked last it was about a month ago over wonders in Las Vegas came out the royals. Were at eighty and a half so essentially the desert thought the royals will be a 500 team the same way they were last season. You look today it's at 74. Now since then you're Donovan terrorist passed away in there and a couple of other moves it serves Sal corporate injury doesn't help that number. How much of that is because what's gone on with the royals over the last month and how much of that is just because people are coming to the realization. That Cleveland public order on where the center. Well I mean. What Cleveland did do is do we should have a great deal of impact. Door. Number. You know obviously if he can he come to the conclusion that the idea it was ninety plus Internet site in to look the look at numbers. 93 and a half is Cleveland's number that's. Yeah ago. We can problem. 41 in the American League that you were quite a while. But if you put them back and quit if you believe that number. Obviously that other little chip reported between divisions the G-8 bit there rather much. I think what happened. With the over under is likely. Since it would add in the a lot of people have bet the under with the number. They used to be. There he is what the typical of years ago has been pretty good quality of the over under. Because. That the delighted about it yet but it. That the metric that most of the bidding war based on that Richard and order to be more specific. Our projection that would paint the picture that changed the change quite a lot of it is difficult but I'd Google and Tibet. These days. Does the difficulties recently because. Everyone's paid more attention to you what you think that your based projection there today in the public. Projections that oil to look good for the. Yeah I think I'd put most of my 78 cents in my bank account on the overs rob awesome stuff is always meant good Sunday to you. Thanks so much rob. It got to that space baseball writer rob and I this Sunday morning on the practice squad on the other side. This Sunday morning six presented by Stephen sir it's the practice squad six stents portrait. Yeah sixty instruments radio don't you do any tickets dot com for great deals on K you and you and Casey football and hoops tickets. C. Is he blew. Pain. There oh yeah. Is king and Chris TV. Star recruit and oh. The breakfast we'll. Extends for radio. And six and sports dot com I'm like for the reported to the Sunday morning six coming up. In just a few minutes at the top of the 11 o'clock hour by the way. Royals baseball at 3 o'clock soon as that wraps up our bracket special Sunday's selection Sunday what they call this Sunday. 610 sports you blocks in 22 either independents or related to catch up with our guys it begins as soon as the royals wrap things up right here. On 610 Sports Radio I don't have on my one mine North Carolina UCLA organs. I meant to you why do it just a second I got this text from the 91 victory this four's big twelve teams ago. K you want to think with older with West Virginia three. I have no problem with that I was date for. Home to play there way a little bit higher Baylor far that surprised. At Oklahoma State eight K state. It. That you fans. They statements. College basketball fans up on the daily tickets text line at 69306. Is to be one in or out. It's K state in or out. Before selection Sunday tonight or know the consensus of our town of the wildcats have done enough Bruce Weber has done enough to save his job because. I think they go hand in it. I think if K state makes the NCAA tournament. And Bruce is going to be able to say our. We made the tournament that's the third time in six years. Always thought the Burris is taken away more crap than he's deserved it. As you've been an awesome coach known as he did an excellent recruiter I wouldn't say you the most likable guy in the world. He's not hilarious that charismatic or anything like that like some other. But you do is look at shock it's more like that before he says anything other people tend rubbed the wrong way. With Burris. This is his problem. Who's the dude is 200 games over 500 in his college career. A lot of people are gonna say yes he won with other people's lawyers. And that's true he's on that a couple of times Tuesday he took bill sells players Illinois all the way to the championship game. The problem with proves is that he's a back coach the problem with Bruce isn't he's about. The problem with brooms. Is that coach after frank mark. Not only was really successful but was really popular. And when that happens it's like the same in any industry you don't wanna be the guy that pulls the you'll agree that guy's balls the guy. The follows the which is part of the reason why the K state fans right now all about getting rid of Bruce Weber let's see who's next out is caution you this wildcat faithful. 12. Different list of who you want to get verses from you can actually. And it's kind of curious that and your job is open as well so it's a lot of the same types of coaches who here. Tom Green are spread Wilbur Brad underwater. There's a lot of the names floating around that's worn in to whoever the next head coaches at K state. It's going to look at the last year two years three years of Bruce Weber and realize that the fan base treated him unfairly. Minimizing this crimson and blue shades on May be because they never Kamal. But come. If you make the but the majority of statements would still like to see Bruce Weber show in the door even if they make the NCA turn to a reported. I don't see anything that can happen come the next few weeks work they statements would change their mind on this guy. I think they have already put the proof in the putting and I think this guy should be shown. Literally I think K state could make the tournament play in the play in game win the next two and the sweet sixteen in K state fans are organs are well. Blew the lead verses. You named most recently West Virginia ordered only got on the plane or he didn't make the term for years. Sometimes there's beg god and everybody just wants to like if he's not that you order a Dell for example. August but everybody loves dale she can't do anything wrong she screws up the grammys Emmys whoever that and the first thing everybody says oh so courageous for. To start over when she screwed up. And you've got people like Bruce Weber deduct that run the table deducted pollinated tools on a four K state based on Brasilia. But he didn't make it to a national championship. I've got K state in I think they should play in plain epic there perfect team to play in that play in game. Good to be surprised why don't have. As one of my number one teams are told I don't argue CO. I don't have guns I don't have more to. Them do you have sports machine I'll tell you right now here's my ones. Start with the obvious he starred at Villanova. In the midwest I have chances. Here is worth the cost are surprised. Kentucky as the one in this out I think Kentucky's done enough winning the SEC regular season I dated it's not the full ball as he C version. It's basically them in Florida and once or garbage but there one that. They want their order about to win their post season tournament and on top of that where it just comes to talent seemed once the committee starts making. The lines and puts names next to a one through three seed I think part of it is or actual resume import of it is or actual chance to win the national championship. Are there fourteen the better chance of winning the national championship this year than Kentucky. I don't think based on the coach their talent and their resonate as I've got no book. Out east and Kansas in the midwest and the south I've got Kentucky and the one seed in the other bracket which they call the west. Is Arizona there's my four once he did in my twos threes and fours coming up on the other side let's go to the phones and get Eric on the practice what what's up Eric. Hey man put off all you got back from the Weber bank problem sir guy I wish in the reserve. I don't know like everybody thinks this got so much that we need to start over. And I think he'd be a great coach government and give us or five years and get you to give her role in the right direction yet. Erica figure just said what a lot of K state fans are thinking internally. And end your fans alike. That well I should say more and you fans in case they opened it's a very sports like the Weber household in Manhattan. His wife his kids that he's doing a fine job. What's he pulled out of the driveway everybody feels rated blu. I completely understand what what percent look it's not chances. What are they had four coaches since 1964. And every one of most agree they've had like nine coaches since the since basketball's invent litter it's been a bit of a revolving or the last it's called decade with K state where you've had where was before what bear and and frank Morton most recently. Bruce Weber. There have been a handful of coaches at K state and our source and you the last few years but I would say that. Whoever there next hire is each respective school is going to be about the same level of don't think. And you or K state go up there and hire a quote unquote a coat or even a peek at the dubious seat close tide coach at those schools way. That being said. You have to make the right if you make a right higher it ends up like frank Morton for a few years a state where they're good they're relevant they can recruit. And they even went to an elite eight. But if you make the wrong ire. To the east. Look at and you. They went to the tournament five of the previous six years and they had one. At least 2.3 games six years in Guerrero before hiring commanders. He got there. And look how quickly things went so Stephen certain sports machine show on the beam on the other side. Get to the Sunday morning six on the practice squad this it's 610 sports for.