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04/16 - 10am Royals Spades, Jackie Robinson Day, That Guy Gets the Show, Weight Loss Challenge

Apr 16, 2017|

In Hour 1 on this Easter Sunday, Ron compares the Royals to Spades and the guys ask what the MLB and Jackie Robinson Day have in common with cafeteria workers in schools. "That Guy Gets the Show" is a doozy and we check in Ron's weight loss challenge!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Show. With the show. Quit heroes run this you know usually. Shout out law law listeners with those bankers today dad because we salute Shillue. For allowing us to be a small part of your Easter Sunday morning happy Easter to all. Stand there. Heard you know produces this bad boy this morning. I was looking for the fifth time this is the second episode. The show on Sundays. We will be here every Sunday and it will also through the week from six to nine. It is called the show. With Ron vision of you believe. So buckle up and hang out with us on Sunday morning we'll have a lot of fun in through the week when the royals. And or the jayhawks are playing so. That is the new lineup here on Sundays in the evening with a us. If you missed last week. Shame on you. The united at some things to do it. Stay with us. Now it's time zone putt this page sixty in sports on. On Sundays now I put myself out there were doing a weight loss challenge. I'm trying to drop some weight I'm giving myself added pressure. By putting myself all of the scale and mild weight every week seat. Not only do I know if I don't lose weight. But I everyone listening can make fun of me and lord knows or Soviet who wanna give me credit. So I'm putting that and it pressure. AM I have to lose six pounds. And the way Ian will happen about 1052 decades in this hour so be ready for that. You think you did say that. We'll see what everybody else now weightless. So we'll see. Yeah we'll have fun with that. Baghdad this show topic of the day everything else we do but as we do at this time. Every day. An agreement guy Stephen sort of Tuesday. I. I mean sadly he starts today just and admired that. As much as most black people made that there. Yes you do. Good Sunday morning to you. It would you Becky because we don't have the a variety of investment. It's normal. If you didn't mean the six pound goal are we going to lower the goal for next week. I think physical changes in weeks certainly that it. Has somebody lose six pounds and didn't 678. Pounds he did it generally makes that a depending on the week it's generally order. To lose. So we'll settle something to worry we'll see what happens today and. I've just I've just over the out of head and to your cigarette rob. I don't you know activity either. I think it is a problem I think it is by the way if I lose seventy flats or did it has to make it a real effort if he has to quit vote. So I don't. Well that's that's too much of the royals in terms of what we've seen on the field if you listen to this show. You know the breakdown of Brandon Moss is not coming. The breakdown of moral line deceit is not coming us as a home run Massa yeah did. We would talk in bigger broader topix. Solo. I will say it is. Ole over the week what I have looked at with this team is. I don't know about you guys are people listening. I am a a man and speech later. And when and I look at this season and I looked at the royals rotation it reminds me so. Let the royals basically have one book in a bunch of pots. I mean you know the gay. Negates their cards. They gotta do. Right I've got to Joker I've got now if you still confident. They've yet again and east of sup. Then they got to just but to damp costs like there's no way you hold your callers. If you got the royals rotation and you say it. I've been I've got three books like at Boston got three books. The royals. I've got to look in the cup and a bunch upon us. What. Just like it's it's. Both possible walk across the state sometimes it might get a clean. If the cards late right or your partner is that it's in my book blow. That they hit his key that what they got up. And Big Apple's other. Guys beat real possible. Through the rotates just. And Kennedy is the keying the clubs I don't know. They. Didn't. He's been dead near here lately but I am not going to be suckered in today and so for a starting rotation has been the most consistent part about the space that's up. And last night like you know a jet walked across the state although he did win it but that was that they cards to me. Having those performances is like. He was like five this 880 that's about. Like late like it they it's risky. Having one of those possible zarrella the rotation every time. Be up well. That'll be used that but that means that any Duffy asked always almost beyond but. It on the cared Jason Vargas babies at the K club the eighty. Maybe this time Hamels. Aquinas made it to win on I don't know what it is it eight inches. If they can just keep he'd make these possible books. Is just. Heir to the the time to the rotation where their loan book is. If the book it did the rest of a bar. I'd TX this page of the risk of a marquee. Clubs it's of the I don't have loads. Any indicated he gets cut. On blocking Sawyer really set the stage last night I heard they were Herrera attach a critique them in the game and win it. I guess they make cards as fantastically let me books is that spades books is a mini books the I and place it I'll cut general and I'd always heard tricks as well that's a lot of saint tricks is not what is call also. But it is that it books it's easy to follow the analogies ugly and he. Of any books you're going to get out of when he will think I'm talking about borrowers either when that's victory so but. What's the synonymous with they as the breakfast cereal. Why is that we both supporters they look at them because we're not talking about. Reckons it'll I know we're talking about hard so while we just retired and live my dilemma it's breakfast time tricks for kids love him. Or are you on a card game hundreds of her kids. It's still that even when you say it like that is still does that makes. I'm in connection. But that this is best balance board of it like. If they can just keep this with one of these guys may be to these guys in the rotation it seem like argues is right now. And they got to get a real ship that I mean gaining as always the but to transition with what. What I also talk about this morning news. Jackie Robinson day was yesterday. Calm throughout the league. He would. I was watching this and I was trying to figure out and I feel like there's something here to talk about. But. I guess I didn't know exactly how to to go about it. But it reminded me of a child who had been. Answer I talked about this this morning insert apparently did not have the same experience. That idea I'll see at Stanford Joseph did all of the listeners out here I refuse to believe that she did refuse to. Either Hamburg. And you all out there and this what we called any line lines school lunch liked the liked you know walking through. The cafeteria line where you get everything the school lunch at the good. And now this this is the it's. You know they they had some awful it is I mean pick at it that cheeseburgers were Jews. You just don't believe that's ground beef. The pizzas and like the pizza it's at the Fries always looked like they need to be cut for about ten more minutes. I ate of the fruit that run down like Elan lunch was not. What I was saying. Those cafeteria ladies that may. This is war. World nationwide. Every cafeteria. Dateline. The cinnamon rolls. Or the realty. They're always Payer would like Chile. Every every opportunity you know I imagine that people. Would never quiet. A several day will go at him by de La. Idea remember this and mineral two days that was true thing. Out late today I. I called this an off from school and router a call costs at the whatsoever I had any Adam it maybe Agassi is here now. Thompson mineral every cafeteria in America it schools they can't make rates for ads work the day AM. But they could make it was like they all would and so what we can all make. S admirals it was like icing would shift perfect. I know that doesn't help me waiting to get on the icing was just part like they could. Picnic put together. Certain roles like it was the only thing that they can do. So poppy day. It ladies can make cinnamon rolls. Like there that they can come together and pull off but it's like there why every the council. I did obviously there is some simple it's a talent that you can make considerably rules a little why is that why does. She's looked like yellow. Fodder for the nods I mean I can't imagine they're making these cinnamon rolls from scratch all. Imagine they come in some type of two mover or something like that it's all rebates stuff. Well fine. I don't be well thought supreme. So he's permeate politics and the teacher this is still we smelled cookies admiral's first thing in the morning experts Brett. Don't play all. If those ladies can all put together a big city liberals like that how could they I admit anything you know. It's not seeker S&P that's passed around for months later approximately and makes them and I'll tell. I guess secret society. Why it all those pizzas that he's going reacting. I'll like it if they did come together. And in my school Leo so. The ticket 'cause we end up like the more expensive pizza that was actually from. Like a real pizza place by what had happened I had the grossed just west. That's not the eight line that's not the dateline. Its dateline was dip. Like it odd that the the nuggets looked let David lost ten pounds before they got the I. To take any chances with that taco salad with a B he's taken it but maybe it. Like lately baseball. It is. You know competent giving Major League Baseball agents until. I hit even hate you and you know I'd ride Major League Baseball the institute. They do such a great job with Jackie Robinson. What they what would Jackie Robinson day has paid. That public it's anything that any league does that make sense I know it doesn't. It does help it exists and it does because it might think they've and a baseball is good at. Is remembering their history and the and their red they're not tackle Kris I mean they're not they're not good planning for the future and I go there at the back. They're not they're not that it really doing anything that Smart generally they're like. You know the taco salad you build a not so that's what they think that's what they specialize. And then all of a sudden when Jackie Robinson they can make a great aunt cinnamon girl. Having all the teams where 42. It's amazing edit all the urge to eat no one else you're aware that there's. Everything the mind the thought that they into. Better did that what the NF filled with breast cancer. Love field they trying to find the Mario Williams because I wonder where cleats to honor his brother who had breast cancer. The NFL it's this stupid stuff roll. They don't they like this if they. All people. He didn't roll a couple of when they're cinnamon roll it put together. Jackie Robinson day the way they do. Hill. We have DH it bluntly did not yet. Have a say guys got together at saint I'd. Let's make the all star game. And the winner of the all star game bet league it's bold bill that banned. It all at may make this. To me though. That makes sense to me that oh that is that's that's one thing that baseball is an act now as not remembering the past and they're good at it. Because they refused to move forward into the future and that's why baseball. So far behind the tunnel it is not they do stupid stuff in general if you it. If you're just. If you did come together and they're Smart stuff. They've done a great job in the past the negro leagues memories it's that they haven't they sure they had. If they do these things that they let those more people to come together and make that. Then how in God's name are they sales. It with everything else they do. My nephew runs the show. And you're listening to the show. Seeks teens who radio good at getting tickets that com Sports Radio. I suspect in this morning here on business topic that is. Well enough to open up its peers but excellence is that these heroes six. Going off about the once when I was making. Aid and Alex. With with baseball yesterday was Jackie Robinson day in baseball. And I killed baseball for many of its mistakes but what they do with Jackie Robinson day I will put up against. Anything the way that it's in. Day. The debt that they thought through this retiring his Jersey last earth where I believe was Mariano Rivera no one else can Wear that Jersey. They don't deuce like. It sounds like well established mark you know the Miami Heat retired Michael Jordan Thursday. Numbered by the way which is the dumbest thing ever. When they opened up their league don't want to Wear 23. That's kind of one of the reasons why LeBron did where 23 when he went to Miami has its retire cut it's honestly if that's neither here nor there but. I think what they do with that apple has up its hell. The Rooney rule which shot he had an end and it held the NFL handles. Breast Cancer Awareness Month I got attractive. Fine Demorrio Williams when he went to continue to Wear pink to honor his mother who had brisk liked it they do this well of the debts and the thought. It if you think about Major League Baseball terms that this is it and are keying in things that they do. To promote their sport. They generally do. Terrible and I compared it to the dateline. Cafeteria admitted. I could not do everything it if you went through the eight line you know whatever it was called that line where you got everything that the. All of our line. Most every day the flu was awful but they did make one good thing and that was that Dan cinnamon rolls. It to be it is Jackie Robinson day is like baseball cinnamon roll about Dodd is if all cafeteria ladies across the country because I believe it is a recipe. Across the clintons and back. It caught up with being able to make a terrific. It's like the cinnamon roll. How could they can't do everything else why is that she's look like a lot watt is the greens feel like you're going to be on the toilet for a couple of out. Why the French Fries looks like they need to be cooked in about another tidbit watt than not that that the nuggets look like they've lost ten pounds before the exact. And why big league baseball at it they had a Smart people in the room put. Jackie Robinson day to get it the way they do which is flawless if you asked me. And how those people do we have trouble with the all right let's put the all star game to make this one count. Let's. Let's have a DH inadequate. Slightly different set rules at one lead to another it will only get to the World Series or games minor matter. What he looks completely different than it did before. I guess let's not kid anybody got our our our week. Obama opening week let's not have a single game on network television. So if this isn't facts true about the cinnamon roll that every school make birdies and minerals from scratch and I don't believe mr. for a second. But obviously not making everything from scratch in the cafeteria. But they are apparently. What they now is cinnamon girls. So they're sticking to the cinnamon girls just like baseball. They have is good at this would Jackie Robinson because baseball. Is good living in the past and I am looking into the future. Always gotten every instance but this is a particular instance. Where it's not surprising to me at all their hall of thin layer of Vista. S. It's not surprising to me at all that this is one aspect but they've done a really good job and play and. And execute. It. The thing is to me is I don't know if it's surprising Iowa but what it means what it says to me is there's a group of people. Right. That can come together. And it's a day weekend we have the mines. And the the the net and come up with everything that we come up with army to the point of retiring his number the point everybody which is taking its everybody honors about wearing. By the way I will say this. The Dodgers Jess now put a statue of Jackie Robinson up last night yesterday. Jess now. All right but added it goes to the stupidity moment that I talk about. It's safe to come together to do that why aren't those things those same people who were then intelligent to do they can't come up. And help the game another place. Why did just that it's like Elizabeth odd when you look at it's time let's cycle. He's he's married to him. Invades his kid directional. Schools north west. But he was the college drop out registration date you take other hill at that Yakima with the what it. LC doesn't spin. But. I don't think people in baseball believe. That baseball needs to change or that there is anything round. I bet I I don't believe that rob Manfred is that it does today. I don't believe they the people in baseball and see the numbers at a national level know that it needs to change who's seen the numbers at. Know that these tapes the people who work as weather change. That's whether they're letting people walk down all I am not making people throw four pitches. On intentional walks they're making tentative putting the pits clock it. Does this changes that need to be many. But I just shut out at schools are at the Jackie Robinson day out there hill. There's a student or else told go ahead and. A while ago and now. A major. Over. The course. What would you do you mean you. You complain about the American League nationally. But it would be. Pretty making sure count all good vantage in the World Series which. If you managed to me. Board not while other product and be an editorial store global. One. And they can all you can they're currently receive. Would be each week that and we wanted to put. The call and the crypto like we're all so the big if we wanna see. You can get additional layer two which and it career. And we're more excitement or more on government called the forward. I believe that the National League need to come out with something similar but. To be achieved between the American League in the National League. And you've been in school. And we. Went to play in early late so I. There sometimes you to be. Lucky I'll triples different thing they go back to what you. Are you being. The reason why. You're seeing and so different because so many different allergy. So many different great that you do cater to hold not yet certain. Area implication so to met with the game. You would Q. And in industrial. Oh aren't. I wanted to you gates are you big toasty here better and it coat you are better than it is not a better propaganda. A better job. On the east side they need they understand that they're dropped. They numbers at a national lab like listen you look I'll take a piece but he's the author game that's idiotic but 103 games lynch. They should have been the higher seed to host. Game seven and hole. Because. So out ran as an Eric Hosmer he hit home runs at San Diego. They had nothing to do with the cubs are the Indians. Could you imagine that they did that the all star team won and if if last year because if the east won the the all star gave the NBA. That the seventies are that the warriors and set the record for most wins would have had to be the road team demands out India but it. Would have been in the NBA. Ed yes episodes so it. Why did you have two leagues with two different roles I agree with you I think that nationally needs to adopt it they need more run scoring. We don't what does the pitchers hit. It's due out at seventy. I mean I like it when pitchers hit home runs but it turns out it's entertaining when massive Baumgartner. Last home runs it. By its anti not to go because because he's you know he's not going to do that. Consistently put he has proven that he's one of those pictures you can't do it and you get to the World Series and the Boston reds. Have been the best team in the league. And one of the reasons they've been the best in the league is because David Ortiz is their. And now we get to the World Series we got a lot David Ortiz play Frick at first base and then add to take. One of their other good hitters out of the game because a pitcher hits. That's a bit to how unfair it is that American League pitchers rarely ever hit a vastly pitches to get all the time. And then they just break up it's got out of the DA it's completely unfair and the biggest part of your year. I got it did come together and pick figure out Jackie Robinson day. Why they held that they have so many idiotic thoughts with everything else that happens in the game. Well it's not was Mike Trout. Let's have been due. Once latecomers. Let's let's go at all week. But the cold up our sleeves and did not have a say hey I'd network television. Is it a baseball. Exploited ESP. Where delegates were so adamant the National Football League not have an up a single I think that. As the hockey league. As gains on NBC. Coming up that got it's it's a topic of the day. If you think you're a dedicated may have. I don't think you're as dedicated as this gap that's come and its. Promise you you glean six. I'm back here checks on new 62 in sports Casey. On Twitter right now we have to. Huge. Very important polls. In regards to our first couple sets here. Other first look at over the arson minerals that this cafeteria food in schools across America if not. Tell us what is best I completely believe that's the one the cafeteria workers you know it. Cinnamon roll in chilly days for some reason those prepared to. Someone stated bust those sticks I had not it was a familiar with it that's mile time favorite. Those little Mexican style pizzas from day pond that. Chicken fried steaks he Nam and if interest in the Boskin six suggests Brad say expertise and says. If there was some of 4951%. Right now listening. There there's a better food I think there are all high. I feel like people are thinking. The ala carte items that you could spend our money on liquidity back nine. Eight act like that's what he'd like thinking about where you would ga. The entree which would be tonight. Not shows that had a yellow water over them but I am and it could be counselor called use. Senator I don't know what school you with him but if there's someone out there who went to school Steve inserted it any level do you remember this in minerals this sounds like by the way I did in my exhaustive recent. If find that there are. Let's lady cafeteria sit minerals are actually of recipes for them they actually have lunch lady cafeteria of old. This is a thing in this is up against past Obama. F. Academy announced. They cannot make at the Ernie Els but they stick it makes Gibson. They gag is is a topic of. It's time to act like you care. Dispute that bet guys kissed the show topic of today. This not act is what. It's time to act like you fear this is. Used to show. Today. That Agassi says the topic of the day sponsored by absolutely no one someone could step up. This was seventy alive from the guardian. From Ryan Grant I can't pronounce his middle name to global Iraq. Headline reads this hurt influence me instead of the head refuses treatment until the end of game and about right. Let's dig at this would have been a burden and stabbed in the head with a screwdriver doing that didn't during the Pete Wentz playoff opener at the Columbus look at. A Wednesday night refused medical attention to the game was over police department. Italy's strong looked anyway officer art dispensed this city a still auto. But there around 920 local time. Where they found a forty year old victim bleeding on the scout. The Pittsburgh police spokesman told the guiding authorities that the victim. Who is an unidentified. By the believes that the mediocre sound. It was in the rear of the building when he became engaged in a verbal OK with it. Whose name is being with bill. Escalated until the young man stuck the victim of that hit with this group. This. Police at the victim refused treatment for the last race prepared medics at C stating that he would drive it fits LT UBC it seeing. The mercy hospital after the game which he did this. At the game deficit to seventeen local time. No arrests have been made yet. By the way the Pete Wentz did defeat the ticket they don't. Blunt I'm this date I day to not gamely but at the but. How it is. I was having the screwdriver didn't actually penetrate this golf. It desert beavers Saturday and I just picturing like a screwdriver sticking out of this guy all of you. The police in AT&T center listening in did you not active force that would put an injury like this. But that the medical help. Our biggest regret ever thinking. This day it was his lot of titles. And he got his guts standing in the hit with that gets them votes I don't. Videos of land and Byron black buying machines Super Bowl on probably go in the house but he. And it's it's it skews. I think. I guess the piglets made a lot to the people then there it. Pennsylvania I got close they dedicate. This package is the first. Some of the what threes are real jackass that kind of wish they would alone again I guess that's. Yeah I hope there was of Phillips I mean it was a flat and the girls love scene really was missed that guy is so topic of the day. But I absolutely no one's just numbers. Is that time it hit showroom stock up. As showstopper. You. Jammed it made an appearance at Coachella. This weekend. It was he'd be six back to an artifact found former NFL MVP it's like trying to play quarterback of the field for the bad there's. But he is not trying to hide it coach Allen didn't posted pictures of themselves Saturday on his incident at a break corrupt quite the ensemble at the caption I stand out I don't blend in when I said that I meant it. It looks like those things that girls Wear called robberies it looks like candidate is wearing a robber he looks like a guard. It looks like vary a theory nice or like the odd prisoners like one Easter right Mikey brought cheers. Artists I think via looks like it's just one. Guy MP it's all anti it is a typical third. Are you looks like I'm gonna go so this weekend I was got to consider picking up around for myself guys haven't agreed I'd. It looks like he's ideally yes teeing Palestinians out there for me that activity. Looks like he's not doing is of their own health advantages is look what he's delayed is justice to have people talk about it now. Like I know that when he dressed up like smoky the debate. That range and that's pepper Jack teaches know that day he got dressed up like smoky the bear the harboring. Be at that park ranger Al that'll. This like Russ I think Russ has style now now rested starters can't it's just can't it's ridiculous rusk and has more ridiculous camera press digest of what crossing. Sign when a you can't really but the best I've ever. Russ is funny though about the red as it's not the idea is just out here where that bird particulates and that's first day that he wanted to be known as a middle aged woman that first gave Heatley it's the warriors get dressed up like. Like it costs and tape around the I don't want to. It is not like if that is what if if Larry Bird that is Larry Byrd that's like Ukrainian delayed but he does not look like that do. The Atlanta Falcons on new England's Tom schedule this year but it doesn't like the NFL well for a second straight super ball rematch on the first Thursday of the seed season. Bad Baldwin of the Boston Globe reports that the opener will almost certainly involve the chiefs coming to town. We talked about this a little bits couple rumors flying around about it we'll find out this week but it sounds like it might be a done deal that she saw in the season on Thursday night at. New wing with the NFL must know that Tony romo's gonna come out of retirement list. I don't understand what kind of cash in its in now and then on to the that at a national level. The cheese and I guess maybe if you really want to sell them patriots winning yes. Will be happy fourth here to cover it. All the pieces new England's this off season they're not done and they're not done. Back at somebody somebody knows something I don't like you know or did that Thursday night game. Its goal of the season that are probably going to get that national stage self in the season but I am not looking forward to that game. To catch up the pacers 1091 way they're playoff opener via for the win the cavaliers. Our series about the playoffs so serious that while playing jigsaw and free smoke during warm ups before they beat the pacers in game one. It sounds like they muted the word oracle. Which is incredibly petty by the Cleveland cavalier. So. I have more thoughts on that game which we may talk about tomorrow. From that everyone's getting all Paul Stewart because he said he had an avalanche. Okay media this mind you'll all of silence in the morning for you all have been. Ridiculing LeBron game for years for not having and it's. I'll head out all of your instinct that I need to take the last what do you think it CJ miles should be taking it are split or leave this differently taking it. Is superstar on an average team that's not going anywhere he should be able to say though all that. The greatest at all it's not never took every lets out. All sorts definitely Ted heads and and now and now LeBron steals per year fifty years killed abroad for the day and now Pulitzer. Enough they'll be there itself. Coming up next did I lose the six pounds I needed to we do our lot weigh in in four minutes that's next. We can get we can make them play today this show Iran to shield him. CDs will rid you good at getting tickets that com now it's six in off your ticket order using promo code six didn't support. And so yeah. And it was almost an hour down the way EA had my first one I'd lose it found this week coming up soon goods into. We're gonna face but lives disorder it. Yeah San that a clerical this so you know there's no cheating you'll get to look at the scale. And see yourself I was streets when he ate last week he needs to be 322 of the lead this expense. Also ahead. Our. Putter paid are two polls or senator rolls of this cafeteria food in schools across America if not. Tell us what's best 56% right now says yes 44 no. And also is there a secret cafeteria. Of the total truth is there a secret cafeterias and general recipe passed down through generates school. 67 pursuits as of course and setup barrels in the best food anyway. When if you've ever going to effort to you know similar rules they can be put anyway I don't care what place by. If Le Mars has a cinnamon roll I don't care these cinnamon rolls. Corner cafe they could be put with the eighty's and minerals. Art of the deal was. I guess that I am trying to really push myself and put pressure on myself not feel like weighing in putting massive up there. Every week. And putting a goal in China attempt to reach that goal is added pressure throughout the week that make me wanna tackle this weight loss each. So. Last week we agreed upon six pounds and if I do lose every week there is a punishment. This week's punishment at the sort of six cigarettes. Which is impossible and I feel like we need to get more creative with the that was it was just earned came within a reduced agreed I don't know. And also you can texted some of the punishment you'd think we should do we wanna really had a lot of fun with them. I'm not drinking any year end or anything like that so let's keep. Why this person a that you. A distant and agree to. But so three Tony gates and he gets a 322. And so let's jump on it right there ago. First up to you to to think I made this way. By the way. I have faith in you we did want you to do and I you've been you've been resisting this week. Are you going to be devastated if he didn't. I'm certainly not going to be thrilled. There we go. Number none. Bullets. Well we ask. But he Tony lastly this a three Saudi wide and three to anyone. They nailed it we made it. I'm a little. The Philippines have been more than. What do you need to celebrated. Easter it's it's a benefit of the Philly got down seven pounds this week I feel like us to take my opinions. Because I feel like maybe not me it's edited and others. I had my keys in my. Eyes when myself before you Sharon. And I feel better about it these. 32 anyone it is a 32 when he won we lost. Seven pounds. It's a when he actually meet your goals to arrive to do something. That we discuss it. We'll probably this has all I will abide that. Allied make this more entertaining in its route but after I zealous evidence within the next week what's it lets it be I think at Easter. Being apart of this she did. Give me a bit of leeway. Next week what is an agreeable way they should be a gold thank you now went three. Well after. Six pal hours week. Saying lots of sixty lots sat down loss that. We're down ten at C 21. Were at 328 and out so his five unreasonable for next. Five those five on reasonable tax lat 69306. Is five under reasonable. Obvious in his body did it I think you'd like you got sent in sound eastern mr. It would do for. A whole lot of stock. All right so I will. It's five sounds good to assist 6930. Nike shouldn't. Lose the one pound from the street since you're a pound over on your goal. Ike five mysteries of the five pounds would put us 36. Team. Yet. Actually write it up on the board 316 next week and he five pounds next week. I think it's doable of them go hand today. And I. Are so so the punishment next week. Somebody in the now with recent tin pan. I. I feel like we implement that two footer ball will come with a ideas for the on the punishment and attacks site content excellent Tesla positive we've got 1816 for punishment make him Wear a huge. Mighty Ducks hockey Jersey for a day. Then he has to explain why he says. I'll just talk about the movie which is yeah I'd say that's a that's not exactly. I would exclusively talked about. 28 mightiest so if it's. Our units of Celtics did some punishments will figure this out by the of the silk. We do have five pounds someone's at three pounds is healthy aspect of your comments. After re post this video and comment to us ideas for punishment as well I. Coming up next the best that the united sick it's still it's sports. Because this the only 59 seconds ago that's coming. Well I could've done better. Mac that statement would put pay. You listen to this show would run the show seeks teams who have radio broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studios there.