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05/15 - 6pm Action in baseball, That Guy Gets The Show, Showstoppers, Weekend Hugs

May 16, 2017|

The guys discuss how the Royals game was fun because of how action-packed it was and that even a loss would have been entertaining. Today's "That Guy Gets The Show" topic of the day features a man trying to walk on water. We also hit Showstoppers and Weekend Hugs to finish the first hour.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This show was your hopes. Run Visio view he's out now law a lot of listeners with those. Bangers today because we salutes you for allowing us to be a small part of your Monday evening. And back in this analyst bill Lyles and heard Joseph produce this bad boy. With a to have its we denied it is a mind today we've not had a Monday and allow so we did it's somebody needs them. There are many of people out here who need them. So will we you know we in today that Aggies showed up today. And all of our other cranes and funds. For today. Game seven enough though. I'm going to be really addresses wizard Celtics. As a joke for some reason it was a tourist team. But we will. Who do our best to give you everything you need to. Royals are off of his set for the Yankees tomorrow that's over here coming off a sweep with the Orioles will get into that a little bit coming up. As we do at this time. Every night. Let me bring my guys. I'm very disappointed Steve inserted to this day. With it too swift is a bit net loans. As a bit that loans. Even if the you do if you didn't realize. This I street savvy kick start today seven right now mr. Full tilt them it was. And I've asked you to take them out. Of course. It could still. This drag him I hear that more than most. African American. How are you doing. Today Steve insert I'm not good. Why are you not. They battled the late last night alone. Of mothers. You or your mother is really cranked it up for a six ethnically. Marriages of how ideal hiding. And I made some regrettable decisions. I just I just don't understand it can we get who has awaiting. On mother's. I'd be if it's. I didn't schedule the wedding I didn't say you did now part of it is the you know being responsible you are ready for 6 o'clock. CEO you're steel reeling from a 6 o'clock show must mean you really gave David the yen yesterday. That's. I'm questioning Caylee everything that I do it we get this first what are poll the veto any put this out here is a disrespectful. The have a waiting on Mother's Day. I think beauties. And it is it I made I mean for your. I mean for the people that were getting married their parents are bears that they were hanging out and what about them the bridesmaids that might have been mothers. There's stuff all day at a dale way. Maybe they went to dinner with their moms on Saturday. I forget talking to yesterday you don't really understand how old mothers. I stated. May be some of the bridesmaids. Are mothers if they hit it. Have mud stay with nick it's eight you said maybe they think it's. A well. I mean there's bridesmaids there with their children. Yet that's exactly is that there's been. I've put that up their Windows Mobile that at that gets completely missed the head it now have a word with the person who did it. Lists up its it is. So I. There is that the board and in this business. Learned in my short stint is when you get to be. An out was ranked. And I am ecstatic at I don't know if you remember this was several. Weeks ago. I believe it's Easter Sunday is when it was and I came in here. And it was he Kennedy had a masterful. Performance and it was boring as all get. Remembered in total innings were 123 innings. I had people in your texting and calling and lying to themselves say they were extremely entertain I'm guessing you're probably over the age of sixty or at least you have a mindset of day. Ever enjoys a good defense and battle like everybody enjoys a good pitching yet you're pitching to win not a damn thing is that. But yesterday. Yesterday we got to see the fund ruling yesterday that game was imitating. That game is. Ever what I say that day I said. Well does it have a time problem. Could it be faster. This. Doesn't really ultimately have a time problem now. This has a there's not a damn thing going on problem. And yesterday. The reason why the game was so entertaining. Is because it was 98 but there was always something going on. Always I know you were here Joseph. If you had to do the game I saw your beautiful. With three posts that you put you know run you hit a home run you get. It was like. To put. Just a litmus test for me. By the way if you. They do this don't you remember that day. That day Ian Kennedy head on Easter was one to nothing the royals lost. It was a snooze fest and it was going up against stepped Perry plates outs draped by greed. Kevin Durant against the blazers in a very entertaining first game. And did. Are watched that royals. It was a late yesterday going up against birds or you look at this for me. And stop watching the basketball I've had stopped hurting the basketball game that just solaris O wrote. Quickly like I was up all happening in the game and that is what I protest. Or alone time with I had as the vice president is not. About time it is not about a 22 pitch count as much as it is eight yesterday you could hurt its. So Laird hit a home run up my favorite part but. Or the game. Was Manny Machado butchering the blogs that debate that was just abuse it's that was hilarious that's just what you get baseball though sometimes. There's going to be guys going and you can Congress's acts sometimes there's. Not gonna be any runs you've got to about it you got to force is next the NFL in the NBA did assailants guided. Let. Charles Oakley continue to close lied people in the next but. Gotta make did ascribed to be a viable off its of now they started changing rules they did in the NFL to. You can't just go at close lied people who do things like Ronnie Lott used to do they changed rules I'm not gonna say. If it chains like. She acts or other different things that it will completely change the game and make it more offensive game. If you watched yesterday. Baseball needs to do they need to get more today. Not necessarily the home runs home runs no but this certainly does but just action something had. Something. Like runners on its first and third Ed or first and second we're not match Otto puts it the ball outs. Debates which was just hilarious amid not a soul standing near the catcher stood up Saturday gave the sides. Added he came up just fired to second base where no one was. People ought r.s that second. It's something glory days there's nobody on base. To even enjoy anything. So many games like that happen. I got to find a way to get close to what happens. I yes I I agree with that if they can find a way to make that happen. Sure it would make baseball more interesting more entertaining. Which you all the scores of of course that's what we have we have scoring we love offense. But that's just what you get with baseball sometimes I get the royals were hurt. Balance it eventually just have an offensive explosion have a wildly entertaining game like that that was inevitable it was going to happen sooner or later just like it does have any. Team in baseball. But what I'm saying use the other sports. That we're struggling because we we would say this right it any type of competition. Offense is more entertaining. Office rules the day it's part of giving scholars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook what. The NBA is. The hand sick. The freedom of movement they've been able to allow it's easier to score now we see teams like the warriors now EC fine. Open court the open or the NFL. Defensive backs can't do anything quarterbacks are protected it would seem scoring goal which is more exciting. Baseball we have to find stuff like this and I guess at understated a 162 of which it should be 130. But there's a 1062 problem. But they've got to do something to the Annie off. Like it worked so the point where. You all federal Ailes made. You won't admit it. Would probably not but for you. But imagine it probably you know you're in for entertainment when Chris Young beats that you may be missed. You maybe it's because you know exactly. Exactly. What's going to happen. Let's go to it and say we Chris Young does that appear. So I mean there are occasions but nothing but Christiane. That's an egg eggs and ultimately they go to occasionally the bats a catch up to the bad pitching our backs and they did it book that. But they need to take out these things that stop op it. She gifts. I about the Fitz is it out about it. All. About what does he will we've got to see yesterday. Is that is but here we go and 13 baseball isn't struggling to stop no you stop it open up your eyes. Sir. Struggling to bill they may be paying people and as the main nationally people are loving it. Maine yesterday did you got to see moments in watch games like that. That was fun. Was different than the performers we've got an Easter that was different to the performers we were getting another plates. I mean it was five to nothing and the royals they were having their having runners on base all game and it moves comes up. Brand new game to. If you can't glue. If you start to move the needle on a lot of people. Where the NBA is up. And Golden State is on eight you stop people for watching Golden State because they feel like they can't miss something from a baseball game. Even though it is locally. I think this say it's. And. Am people who complain about how long baseball games are but if there's more scoring in the games march citing not complaining about wearing. Because the number one thing that slows down baseball games. Is profits is putting guys on base that's those baseball that's I was the length of a baseball game down more than any what people are listening right now it's still. This may be different you if you work. All I wanna get this on the others. Watching these of this sport in the country. And I'd ask you it's eight. But they do anyway. What you think about this people listening to you to. That game was over three and a half hours. He's even really Wear even really concerned with the time. Did you care. Failed though because it was actually going well that's next. Well I could have done men that statement would put their lives ended the show would run this through sixteenth. We get activists. Because I did it wanted. To address this point as I say it is not a time. The baseball what made yesterday's royals games so entertaining. As opposed some of these games where nothing happens it's there was stuff happen. 98 homers. It's stupid plays Obama's though. The ninth inning was nuts. But before we get this act. This is going to be in. The view that village sixty exports Casey. Is it disrespectful to have a winning on Mother's Day 56 spitz says no not at all. 44 pursuits is for yourself. Okay. I've just talked to sort of who were full suit and by the way this. This knuckled it wore it to work yesterday morning even though the waiting list for four hours. He wasn't really dapper for the record yes let's go get dapper in that over the top is what it is Catania. Or nine or 838 divorce it's at church. People yours and be ever on Sundays and church address eyes. Do you generally can be won on Tuesday coming here every Sunday in early in the morning and analysts. I can put it in the break the Dodgers at that thing in the break to this report quest. Asked to do you ought to know what may be as this but I asked did you rock that to insert the entire way. Because usage you had viewed. You had a few drinks. A few and he said he stayed away tightly to him yes it. If he's that he rock that took pictures. All night low deep. What are my spouse until it yes. It does. Does it you wedding you've been drinking. Do you state gun tucked pressure they get off that I hate my friends is also at the wedding just took its. It's like but now profit one point did you I don't like TE used are coming out. Stuff yeah I think there's like a bar once you reach an amount of Beers then you've taken off but if you haven't reached that point wherever it is for you ought to keep it tucked into clearly from you know. Odd that it's it's one thing if you take the tie yell on and I know it yet but it is totally dawn. So you you keep yours its highway and win unless I was just. Press the on blame not entirely at least amount of father Reese and saying to take the time if I'm at a recent poll hunting guns if others have not had some three. And I've started to get to that place I am I'm getting is as comfortable as I possibly can't. It descent and that's Kentucky. This shirt on comfortable innocent. And I'm sure Italian you don't ever waiters and I'm that that is a Twitter. Ike at at some point and a witty when you're drinking EU until. Now. Like my wedding day. I came out that that but I was just this shirt until. I think. Elementary went six loose in the Rolla the sleeves never want to arm with this person and as. I can get it back. That's gone on you've got to keep comfortable at some point the the drinks is that. The point where I'd. Like I mean I don't know that weighs you know electric slide. You know I'll let you slide you did today it's that you're you're really and unload you you did it's. You until you get comfortable. Now on time yes you do now what's the point. Ticket comfortable. I was comfortable eyes. As well things take an active role slaves. But it will hit. Theory you're an island of Easter sort of let's beats it. Well it's a bit fed up bet that. That skinny they. All right so we'll give that that sleep with a visible to the I've done. You did the gate yesterday did it feel like. Does the strategy. No a it helps that the spurs Rory is replaying too but I mean what's the often starts rolling it's the point that you've made in the past where it's a matter of action in the game. And everyone was hitting a home run put up though printed page here they embers of relief fund baseball game to watch. I just. Talking about like. It's not about the time it is not about like shook that they clean up what that that when he pitched. The 22 pitch count that's stuff that he's fine. Lol I'd rather see somebody put but the battle the ball. Ed. They get hits get all pays its people steal bases their aides did baseball the net are a lot to were you in the opportunities and people get on base to steal bases. Yes it didn't give everything up the night. You don't do you ever the night. That night was accurate is. Our pit stop watch and it. Like that night I could not stop like a rare put it to all on they gave up a run. And it was even pressure moments. Well enough then. Those. We just seen or consecutive had fittings were no woods reached base and know what's come close. I think they'll lots cheerleading. Especially those Sunday morning competition tier league shows ideas he had to use them but at this is Sam Mike. That. Yesterday's game if they keep it bottled that up in some form or fashion you don't even care about the time. Actually got to aztecs not able to or whatever you do. Did you even care how long the game. No because if your sports and when you're watching exciting game no no matter what sport it is you're not looking at the clock saying. I wish this game would hurry up but it's an entertaining game is wonder enough they. And it was close. Is it definitely close and entertaining. Yes okay. There's people there's only people who are entertained by the one nothing Easter fiasco. Or will oppose it listed those people are just saying that it makes you believe that they find it entertaining to. To make you understand what a die hard sports and they are but no one has ever just like yes that was the best game I've ever seen by the royals won one and nothing. Like it was a glass or two Sundays ago whenever they play Cleveland. It was one nothing and they only got one hit. Come all. We're yet we're yet omelet and a pitching duel that was. Now oh. So let's sit here 816 I was at the game and it seemed like it just lasted two hours. When you're enjoying the originally. Liked is he's he's NFL games of those games. Three hours. Or originally ran about the price up a little bit more. These college football games are ridiculous. There's sometimes even longer. It's not the time. Even push it you may be. In fist. Like you are listening royals and I are. Ticked off well. Even if Pereira gave it gave up in the royals loss. It's still would have been more entertaining to you didn't. No one nothing Cleveland gave even if the royals won it. Why do they lost it would be more entertained. Just dramatically more to talk about. The next day you have so layers homered you to areas saturated it's just a one nothing game it's did you see that out. Yes well even if even if they lost that game. That narrative is still positive one today even if they lose that game just because. They were scoring runs a they looked like they can actually. L put up runs when they needed to. I out summing them and able to do that sees. CPU verse Ayers and I want three analogy you'd rather what's tradition instead of Kershaw vs men bond no I'm not saying that but I'm just gonna trillion. If curse first of Kershaw mad bomb is a bit different because there's greatness but it. If those two get in the groove and it's. Five straight meetings and no one's reach base. Me I made diehard sports fans so I can hang in. But I think for the most of people why people say there's no trouble in baseball. I'm telling you right now. Would you rather accessed the YouTube based basketball fan would you rather watch. Met bomb incursion law if they are both of their games and nobody's getting on base. Would you rather watch at a watch trail blazers warriors that you know Golden State has no chance of lose it. I'd rather watch her show verses. I've watched warriors are blazers and highlights. The automatically most dramatically more entertaining. Like you know the warriors guidance about the trailblazers like I would rather watch. The great players that you're going to see in her shied Matt bomb. There watch a bad basketball game like tonight game seven. I'm watching game seven of Eddie Ceres. Over that I probably suited as but sort of your line UT. Thirty kits that they would watch baseball like that every week if if it. And Beth and I like lots of those two things. Watched that and watched its. Regular season and again it. NBA game. Late in that blow out games death ordering understood going to do something incredible and entertaining in a 10 baseball game you might not see one athletic played old I don't. And the on the blazers resides Damien well NC Jim policies of a couple of Joseph markets. It they had and they really had. First up. You're a lie. Because I don't eat it you can't sit at ready your television with a bag it ships and a beer. F 56 straight meetings on Melbourne. No floods reached base you've got acidity and tell me that off. I created or to see it is at least did it Lil Michael for forty. Hi these these are the people not with their house pitching that Atlantic. Because Bart told how long does it. Dumb idea. Well it ends at. How is it to. Remember any. Of that gag it's still topic of the day coming up next and we may be heading straight to hill here. But here goes this is the headline. Asked are addicted to walk a lot like Jesus prize is eaten by crocodiles. You may not give this show you're not alone run this show seeks to use words. Radio good at getting tickets dot com now for six spin off your ticket order using robo code six did sports. I've been edited gag is so tough that they could appear momentarily. That was a clubhouse they see it. May be also dry washing in NBA game sometimes there really entertaining. Game seven and I go wizards. That it. I mean Matt bombs. Is probably pretty athletic and and really get chase and have let. He's an athlete woody hits but evidently but he hit. That was guy who could feel balls off the mound. And let's let it let's. It. This is I just almost did not women go through with this. It is. I couldn't hold this for people. This is is it's not even. I only wanna say it's on its kids. It caught me off who aren't so much. And if you don't listen every night we do that Agassi so topic of the day generally used to something it's really crazy. It helps you understand our minds that it helps you understand the show now I don't want. It's to help you understand our minds because now. Laughter so once this but this one this is absolutely. Unlike it oversee the gag is is a topic. If I'm to act like you fear this is the threat guys kissed the show topic of today. This match that is what. It's time to act like you fear this is. So. Today. That act episode topic of the day's Hudson. It's they know when someone could step up. Zones cut a deal the Phoenix rest home of the daily and Sunday express. This is bags still in the line. Western tip until walk on water like these prized seat back at that. All right. John but they was killed by three practice Dow's as he carried out of religious demonstration. It Zimbabwe. Shocked witnesses said of the clergy then we hit the hit parade for the whole week before the start went tragically wrong. He has also. Vast it. In the lead. Two that tipped a miracle which was inspired by biblical tale of Jesus walking across the water during this bill. Board members at this time. Oddly enough this is the name of the two. Of us sane at the last days church said that the past it was completely. The valor in a couple of minutes. Eight and why did he didn't. So I waited around. Thirty minutes fix it zoo which was which was known as crocodile red. At this point it promises kept congregation and he would rise up above the water. Instead he was brutally attacked by a group crocodiles who had didn't putt hidden deep into the water. These videos DC at the pastor taught us about patent in the week. In the week before the promise that he would demonstrate it is great to us today but unfortunately. Ended up drowning in eaten by three large crocodiles and running. I have gotten questions at the finish we still don't understand how this happened because the fans that it rained the whole week. He said his dad who was quickly grew. Or bay I have yes and an absolute laws but. So he never actually walked on the line. I don't think he was able 82 it did he walked out of that guy acted he locked into the water from the short. He is not having a hard time understanding how he didn't see the crocodiles especially. When they said it's like the crocodile river. That's what this whole. I just. What was the reaction of the congregation. Like no one try to save them all all allegedly had played him. Did you hear did you deal ski. I as. And he locked in for a show her or did he think he wishes it had died and served floating above the water I'd just like I wondered if anyone was like. I'd once they got up to do it on Sunday like let's not go through with like this could be. Horrible. What if you're the congregation what are you thinking now. But someone just thought he was a mass of senator. That was God's will. Well it was definitely his. Out just saying if this was if you said they say it though week off or he was going to didn't history. The faith. It the way he was going to demonstrate it was walking across water. It the crocodile river. And now what are you thinking if you're in the congregation about. The fate. That you appeal it is right. Why why do you think that he needed to lock on waters to show his thing like he. He. I know a little. I am a much better story if he did in fact walk on water. Certain event like fell pain soda I think anything would have been a much better story than what it ended up being. Pretty good story. I mean does but it was the people at his congregation should be seriously question just cells throughout try to save fifty years. You'll have run out there to give. Is gonna watch. Like until the shirt once he got to a point I'm not. I'm not the federal update. By the way it goes straight. Doses to finish in the distant. Pretty good still. Sets. It is that time didn't show and stop. Costs and. I. Cash stock in children and put TV and I think. They need not think that there were any Crocs it is that what I just don't. You guys can be protected. TLC accident didn't signing backup quarterback. According to head coach Pete Carroll colleague Katherine can Robert Griffin the third. Are among those that consider. We'll we'll. It'd to cap a little bit later because I think we have to take that no one has given him. At all I've got her once though. It'll be exclusive the show he. But. If you got a look at the two of them the way things are going you would lean and it would probably RG three ways it seems likely his. But RG three is also the prettier of the team so out with think that that would be. Have you seen his picture I just saw alls what's what's they have a picture of him in college. Next to each other. Ed you look twice other big win. When did you Foxit of Britain's. K look Marines did in his this is an attractive young Robert Griffin looked a little tube operating. In that boat that is here laced bad. Edit a smile as it. It's a little earbuds that I mean Collins icon needs to go back to the clean countless. Been rock and Afro I think he could do is to do it everywhere excluding. Robertson is this little tree. And ideas there's a judge Greg tough pitches and add it to about the late July letter suffered his lays ankle injury also are rolled his ankle. After landing awkwardly on the foot of Golden State Warriors senator Zaza Pachulia. And has already been ruled out for game two of the Western Conference finals. They were point three points for war against schools thanks wind and though our chances are unless you're so oatmeal and that's how you. If it wasn't it you know he was going to go and give us he compared to manslaughter. He did it he he went a little. A little more. On that. That's clip ten times I don't know. Think that it. But they act clearly intentional audits and then I think it was it was it was crazy to hear other people come out like Jalen Rose about their. Ought to attitude mobile expert. Bruce Bowen oddly enough what a popular it's his own ex players. Is that he did in a lot. It was just something that they would do it intimidates him which I think it is. Trees and terrible way. I knew Greg was gonna give him because I think like you sit thereabouts 23 and they were dominating him. With. With alive and ended. Collide it's just physical I got hurt does not mean that they would just to allow Golden State to go on and a team goes. I've and I think it's as thick low markets that that them. Eight T bill runs a follow collide beauty aids. I mean I don't wanna completely given elated that this. I still think in the second and you've got to make him you gotta make it work and they advance the Western Conference finals without coli. A minute. But I mean those guys stepped up and then when coli went down yesterday they built by. Let. Do you think that can't get a hold loan. Am up to 43 of LeBron had this now accord I'd. I had like three I think they. I think they could tear I don't necessarily know that they would a staff carrying Kevin Durant go supernova game I. Only a black suit and they went super supernova. Opposite and I think it. Tyree would it could do something to slow the bleeding. The markets its objective on now are coming up we do this on Mondays were five back of Monday's. Everyone has at times over the week in we do this we get it's the give our host of the people we feel sorry. We give us coming up. If you get this joke put the news to me it's the show with a round. The show few seats teen book written. Did you forget about. Ten minutes or so in this final hour this is the show runs you usually. Stanford Jones produced in this. This bad boy. Are now. Well that's why this. First excuse me. But just jumped bit. Funky grooves and thanks see ice it on TV shows and instead. Banks say that. So we do this and I think this the first and you experienced this you know it we well we called the week you know. This used to be one of the worst opens ever made. And tilt center it's. U if you made of rather lengthy. And finally came accurate look at. But there it is. Over the weekend there said moments that this is a road in sports there's said moments were it is it is filled effort people. If feel like people via. And every Monday we give our weekend. In the first hour and so also on the text line 69306. You can joints in in the takes low what you're weak in notes do you feel sorry for work. Over the week he would enjoy did with this on your some good ones we made we may read them off. This is what we did you know my day weekend. We feel bad foot you. Will win that given out kisses everybody can use those little. Okay. It's. I've developed the sense that means that allows you to get physically and appropriately so but a bit. I call it. Didn't let me. Six 69306. We need we did not so one early eight point six Holmes needs you got robbed at gunpoint. Yes I'll give Patrick Holmes it at home than you think he needs to be confused it was. But yes as well as personal Google from the eight point six absurdity to some what's that we can. As a hug Gregg Popovich is little worked up over this alignment thing. I think he needs to chill out a little bit of heads. It's really I just wanted to relieve some stress. From pop. On a good month because he compared what Zaza Pachulia did to manslaughter. Earlier today. So those that he needs to chill. There have been intentional Dodd's idea I'm not convinced that it really was. But. Your best player what is the best players in the world this is where you're in the Western Conference finals you're probably going to be the warriors anyway. Honey give Gregg Popovich. I wouldn't give one that the only. Some. It's not because you wanna give it to gray. I would give it just doesn't. Quietly given the bills does that is to be that that's that's up to defeat. That's who met him in his name is being run through the mud first up is named desire. You know that's. As not helpful that'll. You know who wants to do that. Thank. But. At the orbits its they've been through the mud is that voters know we can't prove it. Stanford still believe. That's now the doubt that he did he came out today said he did not believe them when the basketball one ebit is just a minute track record's not that other again. It ran over. And gave Russell Westbrook for a shipment to the pacers this year that stood over the top of them. It's not a great lines and harmony with the Dallas last year outfit but this is different. Big crackpot but that's college Wear pants water. People look all of ours midget. Listed strip ivory would never lie he said he did think it was dirty. Nose dirty players I present the warriors handled the whole thing there are very professional. They want. That's. A lot to say they picked it he said he did think it was thirty. I want to you of its third big it's really lit it was a dirty player. So it's there and he doesn't these OK he's that to honor of meeting those cadets but that's. That's beside it we can hope blizzard couldn't hold up this into the bargain to eat they. Did in street. Yet these same views there's still that trash bag strap them. I feel bad. And now let's talk about it ended. It's now let's put it absolutely he has to go to San Antonio big rival gets into the river walk. This problem is that this comes at the credit but the the Mexican restaurant that he always goes to people just going to be muggy. But it took them. I am a short drive to Austin did you know it's much better than say it adds a bit probably. The people's head about Kelly who prey. Equity puts Kelly don't let it. Is the next day that's it about it the Boston. What do you think that that's about it it's Anatolia. I don't think Santa at that kind attack happened likes girls aren't sick you know. All those big goals that I can think like Santa audience Philadelphia. Like Charles Buckley said they got all those big old women that he's gonna deal with they're going to be standing down. I feel that. They took the river walk from him. Coming up the best recognize that it's still exploits. The Steven's service hill and add to that a tape. That no one has given on college campus and I mean no. No estimate.