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05/15 - 7pm Serda Show, Kaep & CBA, Showstoppers, Alex Gordon celebration

May 16, 2017|

We kick off the second hour of The Show with the Serda Show before asking if the fallout from Colin Kaepernick will help lead to a player strike. We hit another edition of Showstoppers and Ron proposes that Alex Gordon changes up his celebrations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've been about 592. Show and all of radio. Well got me into the award winning in the united second chests bowed to spending I am you know Stevenson and a this week. And Tim Tebow still has a a Minor League Baseball career this is via the big lead I think. Our former quarterback yeah a bus travel 700 miles from South Carolina to New Jersey to play deal Lakewood blue claws. Tebow bottoms of the mattress. To post up in the bus because I guess he's ever had traveled with teams this long. And unlike most minor league players do outside of the top guys only make like 121000 dollars a year. Tim Tebow soak up the big money ESPN DO that he just got reacts or he can afford to buy a mattress for the bus and these guys who actually have potential. Do you maybe play in the majors one day. To use his mattress at all because they don't show that I beat him by a. It does show what. This don't you play. Shout out on a lot of listeners put those acres. Because we've salutes you. For allowing us to be a small part of your Monday evening. Stanford. Still produces is bad apple away. It truly innocence is in Ireland team guys stayed in third. Sort of the only person probably has a realistic shot. Of getting to the major leagues is Tim Tebow on that. One that black is not true because he's gonna get it they're not because of how good he is he's manipulative because he sells tickets. I know he's gonna get up to saint saint port saint Lucie Florida which is his next imagine what they could do in Florida with Tim Tebow went down. Dipped evil was going to play for the updates. I bet. You bet you know what that would do in new York and then pay Hispanic. All who. Who writes the what's on his part that. You've said it. 101 dalmatians. My. Was a doubt that's what happens we you don't have no life. End home. NG a huge ended tied to poke at attitude to match. I've been saying car crash or topics Canadians listened to be Smith is overloaded him Lance. I had no big boys both were stripes A yanks goes where no DM polka dots of televised. I've sort Shaquille he has the issue is let it ride since he's. It's and Charles as a SE CBO. I'd so that let's get to this cant think as we talked about this a little bit today. Earlier today and I think. I'll just start with this with kind of heard the cat predicts situation and it's been. Very fascinating or way. Almost a year getting to. Since the start of the football season kind of it kind of died down a bit when the gains were being played. Now days he opted out which looks to be a mistake. Now we're started to see. Another issue that he's been brought up a lot. And you've got to hurt him talked about. In the same situation but got no problems and I think it is true that I offered. Carrington feigning on the drive talk about this are are hurt here intended fiscal talk about it this morning. Yes I I. I think. That Colin camper nick is blue bowl. I don't think that that is. Something that most people don't Lee write like you believe that sort of that there is I mean it's. I don't think there's an argument to be made. Colin Capp Bernanke is more talented in some of the guys that are on rosters so you were so so. It. It is pretty get last year actually start. Stanford's and I think we. Think most people come to the understanding of yeah I'd I think he's an essence black ball. And here's think so and I don't wanna get on that. Because that's that's kind of the way it's been talked about. Making it talked about how he's not accurate pocket passer that's how he's bit his entire career when he went to a Super Bowl. That's who he was in new not a particularly accurate pocket passer and this is also. Because we know that it is not this deal even as it is gut less we can play better. At that Blaine Gabbert. Are you I think he's better than Josh which. Shout out. We all know that it. So I was I was ride back. Right incident to dinner and I heats you up about this. By the way sir it is being stupid he knows exactly returning he's just trying to pissed me off. It is working. But the part that I think is what I like to look at as a kind of like to look at things the bigger angle and I think there are serious. There's going to be a serious fall it is and I talked about this we talked about this on the show. And and we've been kind of first hit this into the last football seats. This to me. This whole column captain nick situation and now this situation is occurring with him now been able to get really get the job. At least it looks that way and as of now. This is going to be just another step to. The eventual strike it we're about to witness the next time the CPA comes. For the unit. Because the players. All or. Not. Now I'm not itself that is the people viewed that he. Payers. But in my Beason and there's there's and you know. Anyway. I think the players when you look at the situation is the next there are ready getting hosed on the amount of money they're getting eight compared to the other sports and please don't give media or 53 players. All of their roster opposed to the 25 like baseball. Fifteen in bad. In every he would. Triple the amount of money. That they are at basketball and union. Consider that bail we have to pay. Six guys on our roster they'll have to really pay six guys roster everybody else can make dumb animal. You know we're only talking about the and it sold it with this franchise today and how it how did and it'll all those things but this one right here the president there setting with. If Colin can't predict situation essentially. A guy can come out. Eight issue out the it right. And protest something. He can't get a job when it's clear that other people have gotten jobs that are bent that he's better than. And he can't get the job. That might be the last girl with these players. And I do however think it's going to take someone. And that someone has to be in my opinion a quarter. It is central Mets in football to LeBron James a quarterback. To step up to support this. And someone relatively young that the league didn't care about like even his greatest Tom Brady is he's forty idle week. That matters but. I I truly believe when you look at this they are not. They're not going to deal because they're not they're not put themselves and play art. Artists grow be over the amount of money we make artist Romeo over with the health safety of the game and I know they're trying to prove they aren't very screwed us over with. How we how easy to get popped for drugs and all the other days of this compared to other leagues. Now. Now it looks like a leaf is coming together and whether you believe there's a black ball or not I tell you it looks that way to the players now. A league is going to come together or not and not let a guy play who's clearly better that some players and they picked up because. He took a need for the National Anthem and because he. Gave it political stance. Like that right they're the players or not I'm telling you they are going to say that enough is enough you're not controlling us. And I agree that it has to be. Someone young. Whose talent. Can't be ignored by yet it's got to be an Andrew Luck type player Russell Russell this and that that I rules of game and it's. I am I eight cam 201. Tom Brady I get that Tom Brady is probably on his way out of the NFL sooner rather than later. But not raise also made a point that he wants nothing to do with social issues he's not outspoken about and yeah at. Like to meet Aaron Rodgers on the fringe but I think it's going to take people that be to step up when they get into. This type of litigated and that when I had the renegotiation for the CN BA they're gonna say you know what. First offered I'd get paid right Nan it to you guys start coming over and making this more 5050 state. We're not deal with me for God's sakes the guy that could be there the National Anthem. It is there a football players which I think a lot you've heard me talk about this I talked about levee yesterday. LeBron James it's changed the game. It Serbs of at least understanding that control that they had. Ed these football plays are look at it. They there is no life. And we can discuss this a little further the other side but I brought up processor parents always this would happen in the in the NBA. I don't think there's always does happen in Major League Baseball. If there was a situation like now he may have gotten hit seventy time to speak to could be but I don't think the league which is black ball. Someone if they keep like I don't think too rod Dyson would never make a roster. Because of unions to stroll this could have do the players this is the owners. Hi all this people living NFL who are saying. Lest we gotta we gotta we get to ease the molest. They can't they're not going to be able to do this you're not gonna take because essentially an off season and at times. All in jeopardy. Probably steered the conversation in a way the NFL dateline. It and we goatee to a less. And I think these players this could be. That. Yet the players agreed to. The of the salary cap and stuff yet they did some stupid stuff I don't think they're gonna do with the idea. I mean but they continuously. Do this I think the NFL players. Just. A joke acted like I agree I think they have been in the past. And I don't think they've understood how much power they had. I think when you start to look at moves like Von Miller we start to look at guys like in Newton we start looking at now since Russell starts dating scene here he's changed. We start to look at things like these guys. Are different and they're watching it seeing Al basketball players kids rolled their sport and understand. There are star power. And now. Colin KB a third string quarterback. Not gonna happen opposites but as it. Audio has. Do you think there's ebony MBA. Any tips and. They'll just let the India. The show would run the show you glean from the MVP addicting TV and coups don't you think he's the Sports Radio. Our bank getting here and I guess we tease is today we tease that is. Honor. And many avenues. We were gonna say we've we've. A take on the Collins had an exciting. I don't think has been shown or talked about a lot a lot of people I think have really focus on the flat balls being. Let's wherever and however he legacy if you want is a Eddie's been black ball I think is or for some of right here who says. 816 they put it on whenever order of the court of law freedom mystique speech can still be fired from your job freedoms speech only means. You can't get thrown in jail. If that's fine there are black balling Colin K they don't want the media headache. He causes he did to himself whatever all of those things go into the same category. He's not getting a job because he's. These openers that these teams don't want to mess with the because of if making a political state. And however you wanna push that the part about that is I don't wanna talk about the black ball I think he's black well I think even in any kind of way you put it. You all believe what another he's not playing because. The league is not bringing it did. Owners GMs are not bring him in because of whatever reason a headache distraction whatever and the part I'm trying to say is. I think up all that will be this may be one of the last Rawls when it comes time for the CB for the CBA they have to work out a new deal. And I think the players are upset about how much they're the difference they're getting paid when they make. Triple almost quadruple at times of the other sports the money they're bringing in and not like sort of brought up an excellent point of they're they're the national football league's. Basically minimum wage is so low is that anyone else's and any other sport. And they're breaking it. Quadruple. The block. And I it's ridiculous it's so I think there are upset about that LA I think there are upset about. The the lack of control they have the controlled it all these owners have. And I believe this right here is cholesterol you mean to tell me this guy who's clearly better than. Countless other quarterbacks that are being signed that he's not going to be one of the top sixty plus quarterbacks in the league I think that players in the NFL it look at that say no. This is the last brawl. We're going to strike until we start it does though we franchise today you could you can add beef sticks it's added years. If that I'll be 2728. Years old. All the bad stuff and I think this collar Catholic is the last. Yankees and instruments. Probably better than anyone that right now. He's going to sign with someone like even silly he is going to sign someone in Jacksonville should side. I I think it's a perfect fit for them because they don't know of Blake portals is going to be. They're they're franchise. Type guy and if he gets hurt if he's back next season you can book on jeopardy again I think he can play just fine Colin cabernet can still be a starter in the NFL. Even let's say he doesn't get a job. And then he does decide that he wants to try to sue the NFL for black following him or not and refusing to give him a job. There's not really anyway he improved this must he's got something some type of actual visual or factual proof that someone in the NFL said war not signing you're making sure no other team signs you. Because. It is your head well what do you think the the rest of the players like I've noted that I've not in my of the bought my idol I like. Sadly enough for this conversation sort of I don't hear if he gets signed. It because that that I think it's irrelevant right now. But I think I think the players are already there are pissed off enough. Because don't you do you like what do you think the players that you right now this is world watch I'm sure there is there as I mean. Navarro Bowman. Probably doesn't like what they're doing calling cabernet right now he's a guy that's in San Francisco for a long time with calling cap and just Byrd example how many people around and I felt Lexington Navarro Bowman I don't know it's going to take. The Aaron Rodgers of the world are you just a setup in icing their players. Oh as a whole are saying look at this like this is. This is not gonna be good for us in the future that that these owners can have this type of control. That guy at the most important position. In it and back ups. For a lot of these teams in the league that they'll tell you are so important. And they won't. They won't sign him because what it looks like is a political. Think that he GAAP Eddie. They don't look at this is like that GS paying campus get screwed you look at this is like what what what could be the thing that I stand. What could be that you mean to tell me you're gonna control costs to the point where. I look at the NBA. Adam silver. You know only got rid down almost certainly because the M it was the right thing to do got rid of Donald Sterling because. Is go have players not let. Because they know the power they got. And I public entities to develop players it's and mail. We don't got an and we can't just let Colin and let this whole situation go down. Without us I think. So what would be that tangible win like if they try to fight this what would be just saying. That would give player's confidence they expressed political opinion my how can you protect that. I think. I think it which is I think it would be more like the NBA is an understanding. That when they come to meetings itself is an understating and I think even giving it Avian. Even giving more control of the and it does not have I we're not gonna. That paid as much as you. You're not gonna have that franchise tag duels. There are not gonna have all right the testing for marijuana is so strict that people Kiki get caught left and right on like they do and it's. The owners. Have everything. Now. Go get this tool. Now you can do this to like. I think it's gonna have to come more 5050. With these players but just like if you look at the NBA's new CBA it's. What closer 5050. But. Let's. On is that the players and the people that run that FL players association. Generally the ones. Then they're really catching backlash from. Are those are the guys that aren't is good like the only players are generally the ones who are saying gal let's say now let's. Let's go on strike because they're already making way more money in and rails it's the guys at the bottom that are making minimum. That are complaining that things that they want more miles of the think that a student like. I think AM Newton and I think that. It even edge and look Republicans say aka. How much these guys in other sports are making an all these other things and were being controlled them all these other things why. Aren't those guys demanding fully guaranteed contracts. I note that in and deceiving you it's not against baseball it's not in baseball's collective bargaining agreement that baseball contracts had to be full year indeed it was a flat but the last time this EPA was done I think who I think we're in a different climate with NFL players and I think we're in a different climate with players. With its athletes in general on telly what has. In the last. LeBron James era basically since he left Cleveland. It since he left Miami. Has changed the landscape on how athletes viewed themselves of import. Ed they RC we are seeing it in the NBA. We're saying it would players the right to receive these guys and you may not like it is play. Russell Westbrook holding teams cost. I always seat The Who has the control. Edit anything wolves in the NFL and I'm telling the players before did really stupid thing and had dumb people. And making dumb decisions leading the the players association. I don't think that that's going to be the case anymore. I don't think there apps only I would not be shocked if we're seeing percent Cam Newton. We receive we're at. That was air Roger his bid but more outspoken. Bob Miller was just gonna shut it down with Denver. But we're starting to see these players. Understand that they don't have as much hours he should put that that's part of the problem day is always existed in the NFL is yeah Von Miller was willing. To sit out until they gave him what he won it busy is he got one he's OK I'm a come back and play. I bought noticed it and get 800%. Fully guaranteed contract I'd get to put you know you don't changes can really be made with this. The collective bargaining agreement is. It really much that fun to do. But. When that CB Jacobs that collector bought bargaining agreement comes up is. Then they can really hold hold them to the fire. Like you would like you would agree like. The owners. By four or have more control. Over the. My folk. And I'm telling these NFL players are not going to continue to have that happen. And I think this was this was may be the straw that broke the camel's back. I got a guy who took in the for the National Anthem. And you get. Guys who clearly Lou clearly. Not a sending players clearly he's better. That gave me. Not not playing. Like even if even if like he's at Jacksonville breezy moan. I think the damage has been done. In the players' minds. Because. You take it like I can we work together you got screwed over something. Then I can possibly get screwed over. I don't want I don't want their president beset with a view. Ottawa but it's just like it would be fascinating to talk to NFL quarterbacks and you get there. Real opinions on what's going on tampering but none of them lovers say anything about not ever going to be outspoken on this thing. Because they're seeing what's happening with Colin Katherine right now and I and I and I and I agree with you about the point I'll. Best meant is trained to never say on that don't anything don't. Mean it would. I would say I. He's guiding you would think would be interesting to argue about it casinos don't yet he's not interesting so he would not theaters. I hit I great eagle on that point about players are afraid right now right now. But. I'm telling you. Watch win this this collective bargaining agreement comes. Watch when this comes out. We'll see the LeBron James effect. We'll see the LeBron James. Are coming up. Will put a poll on this cease on the phone lines from the we may technical bigger calls on this for an SE go menace he's. I'm not trying to bring race into this you can take it you want to. But whatever you whatever it is. These players are going to stop having the most money of any sport. But having the least amount up now. That's my nephew who runs the ship. And you're listening to the show speaks team. Boots and radio. Good at getting tickets dot com now for six did not get ticket order using promo code six did sports. I can't even. And I'm not against since long learnt this to me. But. There are some people think it's a city whose. That's the word. I mean that that's why the people who listen to this and if you're new listening to us we. We have a lot of phone are so we're not afraid to touch anything serious and or anything crazy. You know this is not even at conversation. That is eve didn't crazy like that. Right. Miracle Olivier was it someone who weird rightfully trying to get away from. And even use or to be saved by the sale a lot of work even knew. But these people we're separated rob. Eight was six you bring race into everything you talk about all of something I guess that's it. Not even bragging rights to it reading the text. You'll bring race into everything you talk about. You're ready old snarled you've sought to put mate I don't ratings throw accurately you're still on the air. A czar Miller waited sir are your time is running out because you can't be real I can't be real OK I can't be real. I mean really I'm on that does things for just tried to get a reaction out of people congratulates. You got a reaction from me. And really on the pander and I'm patrol and ended the dismount F base. Two what are you listening to it there's so many people out there like. So many people. God man. What are you listening to. This was an edict that this was even anything that was even at even consider race. Scary for you we will talk yet. We'll talk race we'll joke it. Good lord. I I don't give it specifically this is literally about the owners having control. In a way that no other owners have control in any other sport. Literally went about and I said because it is Colin Capra knicks situation not raise the had not been. But they're probably going to go on strike. Because they see NBA players in Major League based. All players have so much more control of eagle. It's at now it's race or any what you you listen to how. It's Hillary's base is not real the list general managers talk about players in the NFL sometime like I played really listen to a am and coaches to date they talk about them. As if they are just property. Of that particular team. That wasn't an NBA general manager. Isn't it Adam silver. And talk about LeBron James like LeBron James is the property of the end yet. Ina out of like you're you knew you it's not my problem you com. You come to. This place because you listen to me. If you disagreed with something. That I've saved him because nobody else will really talk about race seriously. Regular trouble nobody else to really talk about race seriously. Like we do. But now race baiting when you don't even list. Open up years you may alerts on the senator you don't stop listening that's all you learn something from people. God no please note when race baiting the old man was gone on main. That sent them to supplement camera Google. Op ED you'd also does need to tuck. Destiny. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah it it yes that is it. Further 88 what the problems that. Don't worry about them. That they must put it. Wonder. If that empower these are. Among the finger he has today. And they come along part of imply that they're there. And yet it. So they would woods. That you say. To you this part. You it's hard pre U I don't. Use. I want to tonight so we're gonna it's he's under all right. An hour. Until the N day and hardee's is a fantastic these. Unless I I just can't parties does have really get breakfast. I'll have been reported here. You know I'm proud furcal also that yet. Home. Yet today. Then. Four Thursday if he won the role here and the topic in. Well. There's no way that this happened in the NBA no. No way though. I appreciate you go man no way it's it's. It's it's it's is stuff like ideas I did tonight. We are going to and I'm not gonna make you a secret and I would hope that you would paying in and learned something news sort of work on to talk race. Like. Or we're going to talk things that concern athletes that are black or athletes that are white. This wasn't even it. Ike so. You know. I hope you can learn something here it. The alert. All right bill that lets was it's of stuff. Is that time didn't show stop. Us. I. As showstopper. I. The FAS he had. Well fireball a personal trainer by trade. It's been shaking his own kids from sunrise to sundown since they were born loading them up good swagger and tough well. Says he has them walking by the time they're eight months old and potty train my ten months that's a lot does that put us guard under their arms and I just hold them up. Like a bungee cord. They get their balance. Nobody had Pampers on. I'd like I'd wake they're bound up in the middle of the night put them on the toilet they're called but I hit that seat that was like a mechanism. Called but now go back to sleep. That's alive at this network provides. So as Alonso balled a successful Todd the current event just a look at lots and lots of hope ball. Outlets exit to make pigeons do back flipped just watching him he's always doing his videos and these cooking breakfast. He aids Friday to update you. Good variety. What's nominee was talking about kofia believe needs is to raise the Wii Wii. Sports. I loved. It you the person who ate some of bulletin to go way these are. I want it I wanted to hear actual advise this because you're older you're bothered you think he can get in get actually potty train. It's kids by the time they're ten months old. I don't believe. Lavar does an element crossover but it looked Alonso does available parcels of. IE he. They they said there are parts of the interview where he was laughing and smiling and he was dead serious about that. And Johnnie Walker Marty. Is going to have his fourteenth child early Sony. On the way despite getting a vasectomy several years ago. I'll when he got this act to me he resigned ten children so this will be his fourth post vasectomy shot. Apparently doctors say that that's vasectomies don't necessarily guarantee. That you can never have a child. There's still. There's still ways is the only way to a 100% guarantee that is to just not to. That has obviously very Tony. 4050s. Yeah that's that's no way I'm different I just I. Like at what point do you start doubling up of condoms. At what point I clearly doesn't like hell do you take other methods. He got a second it was good enough some of the 913. He has great advise. Start with pool. Runs which out. Yeah Antonio's. Well he's got that fertile fertile. Fertile. I mean what it's now. Why has gotten to the doctor. If they get the vasectomy checked out if there's obviously something going off if you if ladies out there have you ever run into Antonio for Barney unit relationship with him. You better take that medicine. Every day at the appropriate time on the same time because you are just off would be. It's audio or Marty will take advantage as I don't think. I don't think he's not NFL anymore right. I don't think he ever Yates did not think ever got picked up. He needs to be but he's made a good amount of money he was a good player executive body is there's no way the he's. Well enough off to never work again all these child support bills. He has to go to the doctor get this figured out. If you can open up the daycare college experience. Coming up will political in this is we're still getting flooded with Colin but I just wanna have fun with its. Everyone is is so depressed about Alex Gordon. Alex Gordon got hit by pitch over the week in it its bond that thought this topic that's. I bet getting here. If you wanna continue this conversation with the in the it. Sir Russell Twitter. The righty spill. Our goal is in 98 shows. So there it is this whatever. Actually we tweet it out alive. You go to the station conceal your earnings for two Summers. It's that Stevenson as the Internet is yours Aetna's finance. Bill mine no I am at. I am goes on. We've. That it causes of rain that Alamo. Not grant is coming by the way Boston's 3125. In game seven of the second quarter. Wizards got him right where they want on it. I really Cellini as he turns out. The second. You know. We specifically even had to say laid out where that is so. Plus it's set up Marshall got to go to sixth in sports Casey. We got a couple pulls out is it disrespectful. To have a wedding on Mother's Day yourself selflessness. 47% not at all 53% that's TP letter just wanna get married on Sunday's mother's days it's cheaper and what we're gonna get back to. Do you want to your dress shirt when you've been drinking at a wedding. This has made four shows sort of wore a suit and wore the entire suit only took off his stock. At a wedding when he was can I say three sheets to the win. Can't that be accurate yes yet 47 pursue it says let it loose and I and sucked. And general. It's that he would keep it tucked into broke the sleeves up and take the jacket off it has been determined by one of our techsters in May be its skinny. But let let me get to this I think mrs. Is. Ike. Everybody's been so hard on Alex Gordon and it's well tease that fifty. He has him Rio real. Real real rough go of it. And it's really tough. But what I want Alex to. It's I just want Alex to go over the top. When it comes tuned. This. When it comes to any positive things happening it. But outlines he got hit but it's got on base meaning you remembered over the weekend. I've been one Alex. I wanna Alex Gordon to turn into Antonio Brown intricate that it. I wanted to have started to just dormant for the Redskins after he breaks up a player gets. But tops the now discussing this stuff with the two of you guys get running back baseball rules don't count that as well because on every on baseball that. Yeah outskirts of what would hit. Escude coming up next hit ballots they stuff okay. I'll want him. Alex worked a walk in go down there aids it's give me everything you'd guy in a celebration. Might even take it over board that Holmgren celebrities. But could you imagine if he was over the top rusty comes like he just drove in the tying run the World Series. How fund that would be if Alex it up like Alex would get some things up its chest. Well maybe take attention off days if he just went up there it is that you know it ill. Let's go over the top. Let me be. Let me see it Tony program. Run over in jest but as he run into the dugout this book salvage forty. Before he came out all because of a walk. I'd like to see and start a fight. That would be great to. But I think they'll have to like did you imagine going over there being so excited that he got on base. Any leads off. And he's got like this racy excitedly about pictures. Hague. It's. Each is ready to go. Like pushes the first phase them. Starts let. Me just got to walk out care. It would doubted in a back flip once he got to debate by not the first baseman and off. Why don't Courtney will be now we see more of the based imagine if he scored how he could take. Mikey he gets a walking is the first base and he goes the rest he codes and do that and does let. What mark Mark McGwire used to do with Sammy Sosa had a little punch to the guy I went they would celebrate. Because I think that would not be good for Alex acute it's yes. Because the way that this is going. Because abdicated to celebrate. Tell me when you watch it Alex Gordon and he got a walk or he got hit by you weren't ecstatic. You remembered little big league I mean are we ever want anyone yet hit with. Pitches but it was positive. Do you remember because it's hard to watch out we got to pointed out escort it's beyond. Your angry which is filling ad for him. It was any good happens. You watched the little big league his favorite player got a CI single. It's for those are listening who are not over forty it's a single that goes just between. You know to fielder's unlucky seeing any celebrated like hill and that is assistant coach they'd. Can you believe you get this excited over CNN single. Yes when he knew that it was over. Outlook to get that excited outlet outlet Alex himself to get that excited over war. That day where he drove it that that tying run in Tampa. They should rip disclose. Out I think out I was yards average on time and arson now I don't know what he's in little old to start throwing curve balls. Into his sense of humor she should rip to pay its. In laboratory diner that's what he sedan and did and played the rest of the game is Jack strip. And is tight today at. No Jersey. Is a blue undershirt that cut off. I don't want celebrates in the field OT it's I just want met late. Doubles and home runs it should be in Tony program. Or old bill pick up like performance he needs to go to the Chad Johnson school or Ochocinco school. Why wouldn't you love it if we went over there and grab the hall of fame jacket. After getting a single but first ace. If they had ordered the book or ERV had it set up like Jules and had a vote underneath the first base. They've pulled it out. And did like this'll be. But the first baseman to celebrate his single just like like tags himself out. But again that's against his own picture honor a loved. That's two hours. Of ago. Of like another troubled blood everywhere. I think Chris Young since time is it is inner injury ruined. That's an illusion kid we can make some. Today this show ran the show you. Seats tees will rid you good getting tickets that con now for six in off your ticket order using promo code six didn't support.