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05/15 - 8pm Chris Young as Henry Rowengartner, Kaep Fallout & CBA, Showstoppers, Whatcha Watchin?

May 16, 2017|

In the final hour, Ron asks if Chris Young should channel his inner Henry Rowengartner. Next, we continue the discussion concerning the Kaepernick fallout and its potential impact on the CBA before wrapping up the night with Showstoppers and "Whatcha Watchin?"

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This show. This new view. Shout out to all listeners put those. I understood it and because always salutes you for allowing us to be a small part of your Monday evening. Stanford skill is that the building producing this bad apple way. And in my left hand steepen soda. In the building solar here at what three all the spot if you want now is it being I know and out of here. I mean he takes he gets penalized and delegates he would get on base which he he would have another celebrate. I'll let him do I want he's times he gets hit Iowa handed charged that I want him to do the warm down the first baseline because I think that would do board game. And get a look at where Kia. We got some young cats. Might well be the consequence of doing the warm down the pay so they can pass of the game you probably you to delay of game warning to did. Bench as. What do you do like. In the NBA or someone you tell them your bout of now as you wanna fell quickie tell about what to do learned in here. Belittling. In my head. The I RE at ten seconds to get down there or else I'm giving a delay game like outlook and hire people in him hit a double down the lines get to sic. And higher paparazzi run out after him at second base and he starts striking blue. You two have never heard of him rewrote Gardner but what I said the name did resonate. I just forgot the name of decay here I'd know the news and I united see in the movies like you'd know that it's been a long time but I didn't know the name off the top of exactly that I'm now what that is a Twitter poll. Do you remember. The name Henry ruined. This movie came out over a year before I was born that I have and no that's not a problem that's that's not a problem appeared. It really Roland Gardner went on to be a very important character in the franchises. Of American pop. Very important are known for those movies. I couldn't believe he is that an important cared as isn't really I think he's the most boring I believe his real name is Ian. A mob. But that's really Cuba it was. It was the thing was a good strong for any EU dictator read it to me that's who he was turning cadets it. But. As facile and Alex within just promise Ian. Let them I think what you think is going to happen with the go to Twitter. Involve this poll I wonder. You think most people will not know who Hillary really garnered him read read read rove rule rule. I think a lot of people probably know the movie but I doubt that many people are not they won't be able littler run just from his eggs. That was before Gary Busey was high offices date. And Marv from a below the pitching coach. But it erode its. I had to name I think everyone should know. Even if your. Toy Story. I Stanford's earliest. Younger than 22 against Purdue it is in 93. Four. I don't want to go though let's break it. I remembered vividly. But not Patricia Dunn. I think ratio exits which over. And I think he's an attack pitching. If he's gonna continue to pay it I think he should attack pitching the way Henry reverend Gardner did and has lasted. It his last inning. If you remember. Rookie of the year. He slipped on a pace all in Vail. And lost his power to throw hard like where he was like what 03 the loss is ability to throw hard. Any had to find other ways to get out because essentially became a twelve year old pitching gets me accurately gators. It would eat it he started to actually walking people it's setting people up or hit ball tricks. Setting people up or challenging him to throw the ball as I advocated the air it's if they I think. The way it's booked workers dug maybe this should be a better tactic that he use. And they can't erode our detained against their best player. And easiest start throwing its is that his mom it's. Buffalo. Just loaded so what he'll Christiane. Just. All the East Coast 8080 or debate. But. We're hip maybe. Because I think he's got a better chance of Saturday but got albeit Minnesota this week. This week in and of course outgoing to the Chris Young game I think it gives well I think it gets a new for the for the two it's he's got a better ticket of attacking the flow. Might it be Rolen going to actually happened. Do you also they. He had to get classics that these heroes the X 88. Pick Christian god has a better chance getting people out the late Henry wrote Gartner did when he lost his power to throw hard. Did Chris young and into it right now. It's a X. Celtics put down one. That's it every day attempt to get put out all edit this case. People don't even had even know how hard Bruce's early because you're adding that Earl Pitts is now all walks this city apart. They gold and look at. The twins later. Though it. Look at Brock. Battered but students and. I did you. Hit the ball on the ground Christiane I Gator I'm 37 years it'll. I data room. I occurs as does got to edit it's that doing that. That actually. Throwing the pitch is that he's been serving go. Outlet to the bad yesterday it was odd that the before I even late. To. But that. It. So are we. We only. Him to get out of the first inning I don't sell or after this well I think is gonna head to continue to keep doing this inning victory. Now maybe it's woods might get onto it but I feel like that makes the players they'll feel challenged by Christiane Christiane keeps tossing the ball or away from them. It im having a run them down before they get to the next day. Work for Henry and sort of watching me who's head. Now because they'll. Want them to see him throw it's it's the eggs lightly you know I got this I think it would. I think it would take them two or three innings to keep used to the floater. He should roll the base what about the game all of those will be doubles as well the floater though I think. From his angle. As Hyde he's coming from orbit floater. Roland partner and if you watch that movie that what did you it's. The for the cubs even what it lacks there he wrote it wanted to get its. I need you. If we get a hold of an hour ago but it's obviously committed against some tea sickness. Just float this is acres and how their float yeah. Other talked about the knuckleball. No look at every Roland partners loader or maybe it's very relative darkness older. I believe and I was very. It's it's it's port gates in right now a 108 votes in three minutes do you know generally Gardner. It's picked these experts that says yes. Wonder how many of those people grew ruled it and then relax and no no no maybe I worded the question wrong I don't think. And saying you know these people lies clients like Bryan Q I'll see Andrea Andrea it's now today. See she's even got a clip club sport. People say do you mean Rosen rather. Predators adding quote it's okay well. Well all all they can't not when the minute they won the World Series not want three tickets X live look it's not. When he caught. When he went back to play for the pirates woods is getting confused with the angels in the out I am not when he whipped Beckett played for the tigers. I mean for the for the pirates is Little League team he caught the ball and brought it back over Ed David. When they celebrated Ed in the movie he raised is this at all of this range it's at World Series. He did beat the Mets. Idiot Elsie yes. Accurately we're doing this like there's nobody did beat the Mets did Elsie yes but they could still get a ticket the World Series because of his victory Imus and if you watch that movie he raised his fist it is their World Series champion. I remember that part that you're edit save next delete this visit this as a win Rickey but it. Chris young and there's obvious obvious Charles totally sweet Charlie Sheen with nobody did start. L hell I take every road Gardner at will. Three. Wrist injury. Are you trying to find deserted. Upright people listening to the Nicklaus made the finals in a rookie of the year it doesn't it was a championship. Candy gathering. They Joseph Gordon-Levitt the kid in the angels in the out in PA. Thank you for going somewhere else of the all have been he's got. Him elected that is the good reports and a kid delights. Buckets of sand lot space via it did he really I'm gonna try to give him on rookie of the year. I'm telling Chris Young just float. As well and growing Gardner led his team to a change it's. He got Pepsi commercials. Because of the floater. And maybe because he threw hauler. Pulled it hit Maryland guard. Coming up next there's the most important thing that we have talked about it we finally have to get through this tonight. Here is the question. Do you want to cut your dress shirt at a wedding when you were hammered drop. That's next wow. I could've done better Mac that statement would book fair you listen to be show would run the show sixteen Sports Radio. Broadcasting live from the MVP electric heating and cooling studio. I'll read it Leo we're going to address this. Momentarily but we've we've got to. Yes it's interesting conversation that this took place no more than 27 seconds. And get get ready for the next twelve to 80 this is equality conversation we will try our Dan is to get to the do you and tuck your shirt. If you're wearing this does suit up kids or do you took your shirt and a witty especially when you drop. We will get back to that just set. But certainly as we've been discussing old movies you missed it we said we think Christiane. Should maybe think about adopting Al had read grow and Gardner was able to hit his last three outs. In the movie rookie of the year once he lost out whore. Because it did seem to be working this week race. We were looking at old movies and this is that this is the poll. Usage read an article right yes it is on dad's a couple. And their case. Was Gordon Bombay. Head coach of the Mighty Ducks and then also hit coats of the under seventy US two Olympic. What's gore Bob hey good notes. I think he was I think it was a master motivated I don't know Hollywood with the exes and knows. It was a master motivated he let his players. Police things. He let them come up with things I don't think I think Jessica hall was actually the one claim came up with a flying V. I don't think he instituted the flying V maybe I might be Roland. And he knew talent he knew Adam banks. And he found out where Adam banks lived in he got him on its feet. So I think Gordon Bombay is it to rip thick coat of masimo innovator really and the Ned Yost at the school things. As you saying he was concerned it was Natalie banking Charlie's mom but he was actually concerned about it. Did in the second movie he was eighteen. The two older not even anything what Charlie's mom. There he is by India look at what's better Charlie. In the last of the third movie he was the best place. I don't know that put the deficit to purple was Gordon Bombay actually a good coats from the mighty Narnia I tactics. I've never seen the movie song and a lot. Wednesday. Theirs and the mighty next Jessie hall I had an idea Drew Gordon Bombay he just said that if I'd known about it no immediate. Tell us today is Charlie's brother. Before my time out I'd never seen it. There was a Mighty Ducks cards to there was actually about alien ducks. So what's that here Charlie was the mastermind Gordon started then did eventually stepped up. I I don't know about like I like this and Gordon house that happens. There was odds with stitches I can eat this it's yours. We've become. A deputy shot and skate as review team should unite a better at it knew bad. I he had no assistants. He had no assisted. Like really he was working wit that the tutor as this is the members yet the company coach were like eight. But about Gordon he he cared about himself a lot more. All right but yet gold bar look at what he did for the key the hands the it ain't it was a teacher. I I. I don't know may not at the keys ease in the mid you know school like big huge trust in his players so much pitted Russ Tyler. By the knuckle puck he trusted sharply. To bring that a couple of guys. Illegally I might add is there was no sign up any pain that he was written that he was a petite he brought him in. And he became its car and honestly like I take his best move ever. Now let's be honest his best move if you remember he had the decision. You may remember this if gunners stall sports. USA loans. And other Staal I think was going to be the MVP of the tournament. He had the last. Penalty shot. And he had the last decade. Goldberg article and put it Julie they can't get deeper Baylor Matt Bender made. What are you saw the site its statement stop this tripled week. 'cause she was better. We're glad he. Told Julie this. Accurately that blew like what you're up so the world you can do. It's. I eat I think he's a hall made. The words he did say it attempt to attach it. If they don't give up the it's the best coach the hawks go with the bets codes of all you saw the. Anders. And children's record each of these out of the bats. Potts I even like. I think you'd look at what the improvement he made over Charlie. At what he did in the decision of putting Juli that can't get. In goal instead of. Goldberg knowing Goldberg didn't have a chance at hale gunners skulls triple Deke. Right I mean I was thinking and aunts in the hit again was another he was rushed Tyler the knuckle puck out. How about oh let's not think about all the creativity. Remember these snot. Russ Tyler and as the gold he called his final time. At Russ gave. It's what's it any hit the knuckle but did remember I asked the manager upset. It it's a putt that edit. I. I don't think it's quest. I really go. And also Joshua Jackson also the start fringe which is one of my favorite TV outline all of these guys I don't all of the night. Kenny will separate Cisco California. Dancing all media with that it's. A Charlie Utley. With that is that. I'm losing to cal blooper boss. Africa is. It's a kitten stage yeah yeah yeah what about it is. Oh it's also pretty. For a sad lot goodness. Anything hardly a fast now what about people are. What about the bass Brothers he kind of let those guys the intimidator. Who was there is that on the glasses I hear members favored. Ever been at the glances. Again it deemed Portman and I'm it was the other half for the best. Actor and his name is full read yes all read edit on the diplomats on the I was it is it let's get to idiot boards. Also Ross is I don't understand you huh. Oh you did not even what other people was everyone there not until that's right to weighing the cowboy whether everyone and also not to. No you don't remember you don't remember and I don't have permitted to me because anyway to Westport after the wedding. Because we here at this week. We tell foreigners were awaiting a beautiful place and a nice outside city after we had to get out there. Went at you bars Westport. It's Wednesday to Kabul this change it they went to pour in Westport and state tucked and that's cores you gotta come on out. It was surprisingly. And her assets and if you miss it that was the question we have a poll up right now do you. Until your dress shirt when your dad winning it specially when you're hammered. Of course. Take my jacket off at that point averages route from Bart Bart Westport but that is the that's really. That's really an attitude that I go to Jack it's your car. Now. Now I am draft. Did you have a chance to put that jacket in a car that's first he wrote with gap road. But a bubble up and with where I'm coming on out you've just with. And tuck my shirt so rocking the jacket of false it is apparent that you just what we well. When asked what train that just say that that's not normal I don't picket line out was there was somebody from the weighting that would call it right announced they'd know. We until someone here from VA would six until it acing. Right now you do crust of this 47 person coming in let loose and until. I mean keeps. I mean if it's like a really long shirt. Then I would. Cindy keep it tucked into it it's a normal weight here it was this a really long sure it was a gonna like you guys rock and its parent or something now it's no shares. I that I can Wear. Now what do I can Wear efforts are actually. Sort of round and ours are those sort of road Adele are apples and a fool's day absent. Yeah. I don't there. I'm just think in Westport police fire flyers of the key just rolled it just in the fools upset at me that it's weird man you know. Your hammered draw man. Like this if I oracle into it out to winning actor I would bring extra clothes. Why he's eager to get this is not words I would bring it to close does not give up so big it got up. And it was sitting Arizona's it's up to God's. And I think that's a good thought. That's a good thought Geist is can I just until just to keep comfortable. Because it 'cause 'cause we're not every set I always try to be the guy who was walking around is seen as there are exceptions started in a white T. He's tell you that I even have a white tee underneath nobody else. But there was letting the completely ticklish. It is rocket YE club matters that well that is. Easley agreed just it. Did he have the body to be doing this for starters. You know you let. Ups today Jake let's get the last word on this take you opt out or keep it short active when you're getting hammered at a wedding at a reception. Certainly on thanks no doubt about it. Actually the sport wanna migrant men in my wedding in 2012. If there's an idea and you know not essential but as soon as an idea. It should not matter rolling down here are. Completely off. They can't pick out look that far. Out of Cuba reinstated its stuff like that but it precepts and let the Rodney. It's just like we'll be right right tip a couple of don't. Or go to the big twelve and we'd go to big sports events like it's. Certain sides of the river if that that's completely different thing. Says it hasn't accepted as the reception is a party sort of it's it's dancing is drinking ads as well he's wired trust Marty's did you have did you have more than ten Beers. A year in here with a sensor. And you'll obviously be yours if fantastic is its right now we give you what you need to know. This is a tease for that names. We had just gotten the latest numbers on was gored Bob day. Considered a great coach we bring that to you let art or at all. Next. May not keep the show you know loan run this show seeks to use words. Radio good get a ticket that com now for six spin off your particular order using robo code six didn't sports. Yes I don't see. Us all saying. Recreational kids votes Gordon Bombay we have in. Kind of added that these two topics here certainly. We're trying to figure out. Sort of went too windy yesterday and completely campuses and tires until. Kept assert that if any was completely smashed. Growth. Eight capital and in and looked at me crazy when message. You didn't tuck your shirt. We're trying to figure and a visiting right now on the pole. 47%. Is leading let loose in until 38% so it just take the time out and some threes that cases of 15% in the case of friends Saturday suit just have to keep the tires and but on our latest poll to figure out if Gordon Bombay. Was actually a great coach which I see woes if you start to look at some of the maneuvers he me. Coaching. Has gone back through this article which is on parcel sport's about whether it's terrible coach. I've leaned. Outweigh OK what I even though he was coaching the team because he wanted to be there he is yet to communities errors do you. Look will LeBron is the greatest. Coach oracle raised equitable he stole Adam banks any heat and I know he did not steal and a Bakes Adam banks lived with it. There. There area of the damn bags and we had an entire generation of Cox that's not their fault they should dilute dilute. India boundaries they did it he was a tough not a hawk Aqua it's a quick click clack clack clack clack that's that's worth eight steel. We get be started on here Dallas. LeBron is the greatest athlete of all time he even had Dallas. Yes he had a misstep when they were all of these agitated Edgar junior Olympic team where he left. And that lady and did become the coach or the day she did know and and change that I any he broke. The heart of Charlie's mom. That I don't think that was. Charlie saint. His aunt and I'm sure Charlie had a problem what does that what does that have to do with him coach. Good couches. Messed with their players' minds. By sleeping with their mothers. Let's it was it was obviously. From this first movie to the second one it was not a an emotional attachment. It was a hit and quit thing. And if you look at that Charlie got much better from the first moved to. Also the only that he that it Booth the only reason and they made the playoffs is because the paint has got measles. As. They make the playoffs because they went on a run. I was like 20142. Half it on royals' run. You know it by hail they had overtake the cardinals I believe they had over takes several T. It was a bad news payers tackle run right now 68 it's it's it's this papers it says he's the fantastic vote. 32% of people crazy says he's over rate. Gordon Bombay. With out any assistant coaches. SP. Let's be honest here he had the lesser talented team. And I stole the most talented player. But the player. Adam banks got hurt twice beta. And remember the wrist saying he would let me add. They're resting Adam got hurt that they took him out is what the hawks know. The hawks team now for now we're better at that Iceland team with cutters all eyes still believe was the BP at. Eight they were rebuts better ball I mean the team from Iceland just like they were. Goldberg was his goalie that's well. It doesn't have cheese stakes. Like the road and a real Goldberg right WW Eagleburger well. He was the original goal is the original co. Well now I wanted so badly go to a store in recreate. The scene of when they went into it stored Beverly Hills at those ladies tried close because he. Differs. But the plan. And they gave minorities do. They report Ochoa. If you leave the game it's that gutters stalled. USA we hold on to your seats. Wayne we will we will lapped you. Is that time if you show them stuff. As showstopper. You didn't quite. There isn't it quack quack quack quack bloom. And he did caller on the chicken that was just from Iceland. Yeah but that idea that my original decision by Gordon and I can hold that against him he could to get in ahead of ice and you would've fooled around there if you hit it. That blonde bombshell. That's props to Gordon to be able to get hurt eternally. Roger better what are sort of the French Open. Earlier today. Thing is just skip the clay court season I'll together. To aid his long term longevity in tennis it's hard to watch Al Horford played those yeah. Clay was not his serve is silly mine as well get ready for Wimbledon. He was not going to win that tournament. Roger who I can't believe is playing old he's. Is is a surprise Roger always hurt. It's like back and leg injury so. Probably give them this plea surface and it's been a couple of years since he's won a major. Didn't let it banks he solicit things got hurt and sick who did banks give it. In the first movie they had the cart him off. In his dad was stupidly continuing to Wear them aux Jack and it finally got to office asked to go check on this. Yes thank. But it did he get hurt but yes he had the wrist injury and he was out or long term the bird Charlie took up his Jersey gave us. Cornea and learn a lot at Charlotte became and it is an assistant coach at any became the best player of the because it got bigger once he got on Dawson's Creek but it could no longer passive be a so. It's a trap revealed. A biography of the new president compiled by the Washington Post reporters that relate to the election. Includes almost laughable detail that truck stop working out because he thought the human body was like a batter. What they finite amount of energy. Which exercise only deplete its. And a rough couple weeks. For that don't. There's nothing think honestly. A practice. Their limit line there. He had any thoughts on this. Patrick mounds and try to gunpoint in Texas on Friday over a mile CBS nineteen airports. Dario press release of the Smith caddies sheriff's office deputies were sent to our residents. On Manson creek circle around 9:15 PM and reference and aggravated robbery. Victims reported their brush Reggie suspects while exiting the vehicle of the residents want the suspects was seen gesturing as if he had a handgun as waste and suspects demand property from the four victims before. Fleeing the robbery known was injured during the robbery after the robbery it was report police in their after stopped a vehicle matching the description. There's two men 134 and 150. Yeah we that that kind of came across when I was hoping produce the patient today we saw that. Two suspects would put that up on our. Our sixth in. Six his sports dot com good set up with so we put that. Crazy situations. Glad everybody's safe at least I've earned his. His agent says that he was taking. His drop and his girlfriend off after baseball game. And everyone came out safe after. Those idiots did so I hope that it. The full brunt of the long. Because that's ridiculous these shows with these athletes at the. And as they were they were dead and drag pulling a like pulling up to someone's house and those guys came up out of nowhere like that. That hard to air. All of it any part of all the others still four months until the end of our regular season kicks up Monday it was a big day for running back Eddie lacy. Is he faces first away and since signing with the Seattle Seahawks this offseason but quite a bit of money and incentives at stake if he needs way. Had to be under 255. To get a 55000. Dollar bonus and Lacey came in at 25030. But he's got several more incentives to be down to weight by you and throughout the season. May he had to hit the 255 mark in August he's got to be down to 50 September and December they wanted me to 45. They got their money. Maybe you guys should change the incentives for the show's weigh in on Sunday. I mean I'll have fifty I think it's that. I was completely the event there. Would choose I hello this scenario let's look what is typically the spots in the obviously you're just. Loses. That'd eat in five days because of what the how good is there's money. I hope for him he does lose the weight gain his career day. I note I don't eat before the start of the year decided to to lose some weight niece's body looked different. About time this season started. Evelyn Wood exactly the same way that a year from apple at like he thought it worked out really hard for the summer. And then just completely stopped short outweighs that Jesus is about time to give kills and Benjamin on that patrol. Reports Kelvin Benjamin is 285. By the way fellas. Jumbled. The ends. Its sixth forward to Sydney. So people are tried to that led us. They killed Benjamin is. Almost in pounds heavier than they got okay now pitched for Tampa coming up next. What's who lives in the segment this week in the nation texted. What shows you what's in what's it going to be what tonight. This wizard Celtics aim is it real. What to watch. Commitment. If you. Okay well that's not live. Bear. Eats. Battlestar Galactica what commitment you'll want to be. Fifty elite is kept to a touchdown a Super Bowl fly first class plane. Mark my orders. I'd like to remake movies and I'm not superstitious but. That goal and I think god. Sign up. It works against aids what a rather be feared or loved. People. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Yeah. This is lets you watch it. Sponsored by absolutely no one's someone could step up. It is six six 306. Texted what should watch it tonight was shows you what's in. Review our efforts done listeners thank you for listening we'll global utilities will we do this every night. To win the show we talk about watch. So from the text line my name is girl that is when I never did it. If the guys again stars he's funny. But I can never get into the incident. Army to this news. I can't think its name and hours he was elderly sick including. What you guys started. Jason Jason Lee Jason leave. And smiled. Well all the markets on Kevin Smith. Phyllis is here from the wounds that they'll be watching the news. And I will say that second part. I don't know if that's who were threes a lot of people. On. Our. Going to be into this. Game that they have reduced. It is acting grizzard Celtics. 7372. Four minutes left in the third quarter. Seventy pool well that it recently to Washington to leave a probably settle in to this a little bit. How to get away with murder senator wants them to level of what's there to do it. All of a lot like I would like it yes. And I went three. Coming in enemy that's an idea. Master of none. Started. I don't think master none thank you science and the greatest like the first outright I got. I'm not as excited about the second season is him but he is like I'll probably watch it. Bradley deals that that was like the second season open jumpers you've already finished out watched most of it at all the I. Season it is better. I thought the writing was really really world. Yes situations that would and is situated releasing them I. I looked and he's now. You know I'm not allowed the finishing lots. Parts and re. I've been kind of pushed them off in the last couple days some days it's tough for me yesterday to a muscles and the thing in an American crime it. And Atlanta house was. But I had been taking do you go bust written that irons in Scotland. Both. That's news. Outlets and but I guess it is. And an iron and I urge him. And by the les just out to VH one on Saturday night or Saturday. They put together an array of romantic comedies did did me in. And some of them I had seen before house during this budget numbers in affairs that was well. And it very. Buried. Saturday Night Live to I talked about this author would you. That was. Would Melissa McCartney. She is an Epson that she get out. There it got in the middle of the street in New York with. This sounds bison. Alec Baldwin's ex. The stupidest throw in the theaters and his faith. But yeah will be on this game tonight and public it's supposed seamless it's parts of red. The buys it matters if there's too many commercial got to hang in there and you gotta DVR that runs through. I'm that we have funded eight I will not be here four minutes on the you are celebrating some abuse and Sundays on Levine will be in with it for us feel hold it down I'm sure they'll be in Minneapolis. A set up the royals and Chris Young thing it should be entertaining Tzipi balls being hit around. I thanks for Stefan in Stamford joke that it's inequity. We are. And now and you're listening to show will run the show you. Six teams were really good at getting tickets dot com now for six spin off your ticket or using remote code six did sports and which to.