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07/01 3PM - What Chiefs Rookie are you most excited for?

Jul 1, 2013|

The guys discuss what Chiefs rookie they are most excited for. Plus, Danny was in Vegas and went to a strip club. Is it cheating?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Zombie land the answer to the pop quiz. We have a different edition of the mascot games coming up later on today don't we -- dot yeah I'm excited that it's actually your idea. Boy that's gonna make me look really stupid -- is as soon as I suggested the idea I immediately regretted it. Because we're gonna -- today's the day that all the new teams are like officially a part of the new conference's. He probably knows. What conference teams are. Anymore and you'd be shocked to what people know. Okay well I think you guys will be shocked when I don't know where I'm not I'm not shocked you lost the regular -- you know looking noticed it during nine conference playing college football whenever Missouri placed Toledo. Although as you know as garbage games we always ask was Toledo's mask -- and his lets you know they're not the -- and that's dollar. And by the Toledo mud -- our baseball team and in Bosnia in the blue and that's yet Delaware dollars the -- -- Naturally go to the rockets the rockets we asked people that dame lost to call last year I'm not surprised I'm not good at fast guy this OKC wolf for the -- that's true -- I -- could have -- yeah actually did know the mascot of a team that one of the local schools playing during the week that it was really well Michael Wednesday -- Thursday so he -- know the mascot of the team that was coming in a couple days -- Missouri was playing in some po -- school that nobody's ever heard of and I didn't know the mascot for -- upcoming -- central Florida's opponent school but never -- that was not notice the -- Kansas -- well OK there's the essential -- -- The sent troll you don't know Florida. Tidal waves and it's not always on you're not gonna be good at this now I dare tell deny us the black -- -- new -- is not going to be good at this. It's racist mask I yes I'd I I don't know I don't know anything about mass scouts but especially racist mascots like central -- -- -- Anyway -- We just we -- -- number in his -- cigarettes something else you want to discuss we'll have it though but this is what you and I were talking about earlier today with the -- -- -- -- doing what she's rookie are you most excited for and I was thinking of the list. And Erik Fisher was not much -- to. It blows my mind. I don't understand Howard Fischer couldn't be everybody's consensus number one and the only reason he wouldn't be I guess would be if you just don't like offensive line play. Because. Yeah Travis Kelsey might have some receptions in May -- -- scorer a couple of touchdowns and that would be exciting there'd be a more direct -- mean. Like a direct impact on the game scores couple touchdowns or -- mile Davis has a kick return for touchdown that's that's a really exciting play or -- -- those guys could score. But then by your definition if you're not. The most excited for the number one overall pick. I got to put those in four years that she's giving Max contracts to if he's everything that is as advertised. You're just saying that I could never be excited about it offensive -- that you could only be excited about the skill position guys. I could really be excited about offensive -- if it's a free agent -- and I think that's a big hole -- last year I thought that she's we're good at right tackle now I think this year you upgraded at right tackle. But I just don't find that to be very sexy position and it's one that's very difficult attracted he has a good or bad year. I feel like with the -- Davis and with Travis Kelsey I can look at those guys and be excited about how they can use them in the office there's only one way to use our official and office. But he's going to be there every down and it's when you say there's only one way to use him in the office first of all that's not true because -- -- run blocking in this past while they -- blocking and he's there every play. And where do you think Alex Mathis in the NFL terms quarterback. Fourteen to seventeen. Woman he'd better have a great offensive line. So to me like I look at it is you know what yet Travis Kelsey. It's more just about his impact is gonna be judged strictly on stats catches. Touchdowns -- yards things like that. Erik Fisher. I think the success of him. Will be very much tied to arguably directly tied to. The success that Alex Smith that Alex Smith was great the first half the last season completing 70% of his passes because the niners offensive line was consensus top three in the NFL. If Alex Smith plays the the twentieth best quarterback in the league this year. There's a good chance because he's getting rushed he's on his back. He's not having time to make is -- he's reached progression is dump offs which we know he's a big fan to pass the ball often the flat all of those sorts of things. If Derek Fisher his bat or Erik Fisher struggles to adjust to the NFL. There's a good chance that Alex Smith struggles as quarterback of the sheets. Agree I guess all that I already know all that's like -- you talk about excitement like. Going to -- to keep -- like a half mile and I'm gonna out my on how to use not Davis how they mix him in with Jamaal Charles how to use the how did have a use Travis Kelsey in the type -- say it's not you got three tied gains. Who's gonna get a majority of the snaps -- got out of sight out of might even this offseason we haven't talked a whole lot about -- Fisher during mini camps but I was really looking for -- -- was not all hit Eric -- over there. Yeah I mean nobody really talks about offensive lineman that's why I mean if you talk about just impact on this team. Erik Fisher Iverson is gonna have more impacted any of the rookies because he's starting any starting right now. Chelsea may not even start the only guy the only other guy and it even has a possibility of starting. Is Nico Johnson now Davis is not gonna start in front Jamaal Charles so when you look at it in terms of production. They're pitchers got to be the number one guy because he is going to be there. Down in and down out first through third. No matter what now Davis may play on some third down. Travis Kelsey he may start we don't know yet they Travis guilty may start he may have a huge impact but. That remains to be saying we know there -- are gonna start and we don't know about Nico Johnson so you obviously are Fisher is gonna have the biggest impact. Impact wise I guess for Fisher it's just hard to evaluate what having a big impact is at right tackle -- how -- -- evaluate if he has a good or bad year. Is -- getting beaten for sacks are they run in the ball as their running game good you know all of that yes the offensive line. All ties together but if you have one week piece that line is not going to be any good. If they're successful running the ball and if there you have time to throw it he's not given up sacks. You know I think that's how you judge and now it's always hard to judge dolphins have London lets you hear about Eric -- the better he's doing. But I mean think about it Carrington -- Dirk talking as if there's no way to evaluate office climate does he give up sex that is a traceable statistic. What they do running to his side of the football and Jamaal Charles had his highest yards per carry last year running off of Eric Winston the -- a pro football focus. Track those stats will be able to track what he did running off right tackle last year compared to this season. His health his number of penalties the overall offensive line where they rank in the NFL in terms of fewest sacks allowed rushing yards all of those types of things. So -- but he he's he's part of a group no question so it's it's tougher to evaluate him -- it is a tight -- -- running back but it's not like it's impossible to evaluate whether or not Erik -- stood next. No it's not impossible but make it all those comparisons about airports and is if you look at all of the pro football focus numbers are thought -- was had a good year. What's is still unemployed to maybe his year on number. On numbers alone wasn't as impressive as I thought atlas. Yeah I mean what that's right it's it's it's it's a gray area in an idiot it's tougher to do but I don't think it is. I don't think it's impossible to do and also I'm just curious. Would it be different for you if you -- -- -- A little -- yeah. Just because of just because value and importance to the -- align left tackles more important they make more money the value of its a left tackle I think he'd be a little easier to evaluate. But that's -- even out you know we we've seen articles where that store and even out now that the right tackle is almost becoming more as important as the left guy because. Their face and most of the time the premier pass -- from the other team so that guy. In and we heard air -- name a lot last year too and when you hear that here and -- -- his name something's not good you know whether he was having too many penalties. He was -- and be known sacks. That kind of stuff -- the last we hear about -- Fisher. The better he's probably playing yeah. And in this discussion. I think we all agree that -- -- at least I do. That Fisher is going to be solid this year now how good I don't really know but I don't expect him to be a problem but in my excited this season port official whenever we go to training can't in my going to keep an eye out for Erik Fisher. Answers no I'm gonna keep an eye out for these other guys I'm excited for how they're gonna use them in the office I just think that -- I think that's wrong. Yeah I -- I'm gonna watch him to see how good he actually is the number one overall pick in the draft I think people still gonna wanna see. How good this guy is helping people just. Okay where Fisher yeah he's great he's going to be great he's going to be there for today I think people are going to be watching just to see how good this guy it was a hypo real. He's a high we you know -- we have taken. -- snorkel right and it is is she worked it you use the number one pick in the draft in your talking about a third round tight end from Tennessee. -- front from Cincinnati excuse me potentially potentially being. More exciting or more of an impact peace -- the number one overall pick I -- -- and I I I am. Have higher expectations personally I have higher expectations for Travis -- -- an idea for -- Davis is me personally -- pass catching tight end for Alex Smith could be a huge thing I think Jamaal Charles gonna have a monster year -- -- Davis is going to be hopefully if all things go well more of a French player and a special teams player so I would rank it. Erik Fisher clear cut number one Travis Kelsey number two -- Davis Nico Johnson. A distant third and fourth of I'm not on my list just like they were drafted just like just like there are trapped there right but I I guess I look at it I mean he's the number one pick. And you -- you would it be a little bit more he's playing with tackle. This. What are we want -- It's got to be better than 5050. That for the 2014. Kansas City Chiefs Erik Fisher your left tackle. There's a really good chance that Branden Albert this is his last year in Kansas City. Based based on how it all went down so. That you gotta be watching Eric -- to see if he's not only good enough to be your right tackle but if he's good enough to protect Alex Smith's blind side so. You know -- look at him as being much more important than any of the other guys and really not even close it. Yeah for the overall health of future of the organization and the answer is no question -- Fisher because you took them on number one O'Brien he could lose brand -- -- about for this offseason whenever we go to training -- -- -- my excited to watch I'm excited to see how they're gonna use now Davis and how to use -- effort fisheries has gone out of sight out of mind for me enduring -- team he was the exact same way. You and I were not at -- -- giving people updates on air Fisher it was always. At the very end of the week here's what Erik Fisher did. But that I think that's impossible many can no -- right no no pads right. And -- it's human nature to watch the guys especially without -- the watch the guys that are catching the ball and see how their move and are they catching the ball that kind of stuff. But I think once the -- to go on. Then you'll be able to tell if Erik Fisher is standing out. Because he's the guy this blowing people off the ball he's the guy -- is paying kicking guys he's the guy this stoning guys on the pass rush we will be able to see. And I think the excitement level will be much higher once they put pads on on the big boys as opposed to guys just run around in shorts. And by the way what does it dominates. What he's great means the number one overall OPEC got picked in front of -- local. What these great. What are -- just out there -- people and through the first six games of the season he's given up zero sacks zero penalties. And their their running Jamaal charles' -- his side of the ball. I mean isn't it is not a possibility -- it added that's certainly possible or it's possible that he struggles. -- I don't which when you betting on -- my that's my point is -- somewhere in the middle -- beauty -- watching him to see if he can live up. To the number one overall pick because. Expectations imported long term future he may be ending up on the left side when Jaycee was saying impact of playing an every down. There's a good chance that Travis Kelsey has games with -- zero catches. Right -- as president pretty good I think there's a pretty good chance that that's gonna happen either a pretty good chance that -- Davis I mean. I think if it goes well for the chiefs. There's a chance that -- Davis never has a double digit carry game. This season. You donated accused they're -- they're given the ball to Jamaal Charles now maybe it would give him more there if there -- protecting the lead or something like epidemic probably would give it to him. Because of the potential of a fumble problem. There's a chance that the the impact rookies on this team this season because of what they did in free agency because of the relative talent those on the team last year. I think there's a pretty good chance that the rookie class makes a very minimal impact in Kansas City with a very notable exception of Eric Fisher. I should think Kelsey could just because of all we talked about with Tony -- jockey of he looks like a guy on the outside looking in so -- I expect Chelsea should be a part of that too tight and set with the Anthony Fasano. Not David some with your lack of care is Dicey thing not Davis could be used more then we are giving him credit for just how they were using a mini -- Well in terms of what you think in terms of like two running backs that Zia and intense and a lot of that feel in having a lot of our receiver they've. They've been trying to it would Jamaal Charles having now Davis has some type of skill set where he could line up that receiver -- So -- who are you most excited about -- Four were the reason of just have to tell it it's not open. Sounds good. It's fun to talk chiefs in the offseason and it's kind of an interesting problem which if your because of the attacks on right now who -- you -- right here what about Tyler bray. Guys he's at right tackle who cares Adrian Peterson had 2000 yards last season and nobody knows who his right tackle its. I just. The old school football people sit at the -- that's why is the most important position in the game. I don't think that's the case anymore. But I certainly think it's. Fourth most important position in the game. Behind quarter rack and pass rusher and cornerback so you got the number one overall pick it at a top four position of importance. I'm gonna put him as one of the biggest story lines that I'm looking forward to when we go to St. Joe for me personal. Yeah and then don't discount Nico Johnson because he's a guy that a big stout guy and there's no starter at his position I mean no returning starter. And only places that there are returning starters as his spot. Eric Winston spot those two guys. Obviously -- went through steps write him a Nico Johnson he has a chance to step right in and play as well. I mean how Mauricio is guy is -- taken on blocks getting off blocks and can he be that run stuffing. -- -- This defense hasn't had been so long. Now he's got to be out a couple guys Nike and Jordan is the is the starter right now but I came Jordan was in on this team last year so it essentially those guys are starting out pretty even so Nico Johnson could end up. When it's Olson Don -- a pretty good pretty big impact for this team. If people talk about how -- to how few question marks there are what I'm seeing in the stuff right now only bill Williamson the AFC west blogger for espn.com. You know he's ranking army says that they've got. Three of the top four linebackers in the division today where he had the defensive backs ranked he had three and a top eight believe three of the top eight guys in the secondary -- -- in the within the AFC west -- -- second which would which surprised me over -- -- yet but he has to get flowers very and then it was -- Smith right. Ally as three of the top eight secondary players we have to west on the -- tonight you're talking about. Top guys their position it's like. He was saying well there's no question marks on the -- To me there are sold many question marks on this team that are beyond personnel went beyond the depth chart -- yes we're gonna head to saint GO. Eight whatever it is among five which would -- we're gonna -- -- yo and we're gonna have a pretty damn good idea of nineteen of the 22 starters when he of the twenty starters. Were -- know if this offense and defense is any good. New offensive coordinator new head coach new quarterback coach no defensive coordinator new quarterback. Like. Number one overall pick like to me it's not about the personnel with the chiefs have always know that the players are pretty decent. It's about the things that are much bigger than any name out of paper which is why I think they've got one of the largest ranges in the NFL. I could see that she's going anywhere from eleven and five to five and a lot and the fact that you're not talking about the number one overall pick. I I think speaks to some of the comfort that people have with this roster but I look at it as being pretty uncertain as we had -- St. Joe I don't know about you. The only reason I have that opinion on it on fishery is again he plays right tackle and I always looked at him is safe. I you talked about what if he comes out zero sagged zero penalties well that would -- be playing -- -- hall of fame level then you really look at their Fisher being a dominant player. I'm looking at it is I expect for the first eight weeks and to have some trouble spots. But to be a consistent right tackle throughout the seasons I just doesn't really excite me. Travis Kelsey. Potentially starting at tidy and having a good backup running back some and use in situations that excites me having a good right tackle we solid right tackle is not excited. I just would get an office -- line is being so what's more important than a second running back or second tight and so it so it does to may need if he helps solidify a top five offensive line. That helps way more than a second tight end or second running back. Yeah I think yeah I definitely I think when you talk about. You don't need production all that stuff yet definitely offensive line -- BC dot CN the sexy pick -- the sexy. Impact the guys touch the guys who touched the ball that their guys that are gonna run at the guys are gonna catch it. Guys that people are gonna -- and -- they do touch it you're gonna everybody season because obviously they have the ball you know right so. As opposed air Eric Fisher will never have the will never be that guy. That's in the spotlight so yeah but I'm with you -- the -- -- gonna have the biggest impact the ball. But I understand with C -- talked about in terms of guys who may make big plays for this team. Terms a catch in the ball rentable do you think we have a good idea what extremists. No -- we don't even know what. How they're gonna use their talent do they have talent we all know that this team has talent but they had talent last year to how are they gonna use the talent. How are they gonna come are they gonna be a Smart football team are they gonna you know be a team that doesn't turn the ball over. Are they gonna throw the ball down the feel -- the -- play action are they going to be. You know we don't know all we -- West Coast offense. You know OK this sounds good but. With the talent and the players they have what are they actually going to be trying to accomplish with in that West Coast system so we don't know yet I mean there's there's huge question mark about this thing. I can't wait to get to camp to try to formulate a little bit better of an idea not that it really matters because last year I was the most pessimistic -- the station. Had a winning eight games and they won two. So I was off by the fewest number of games it -- at the station and I'm still off by six games which is an absurd amount of games in the NFL to be off on decreases predictions last year was just so weird. It's almost embarrassing. I feel like I could legitimately see them going eleven and five for five and eleven. I'm supposed to be the guy who has by polls on the team knows everything about him and all that but I just. There's so many new pieces like in terms of football philosophy. New coach new quarterback new coordinators on both sides of the ball. But I have no idea what they're going to be I think they're gonna be ball control. I think they're gonna be relatively conservative. I think they're gonna be a low turnover team because that's Alex Smith in West Coast up and -- I think they're gonna give Jamaal Charles a career high. In receptions and he's gonna make a run at 2000 all purpose yards he stays healthy but I have my. I have my theories as as we like to say. But it's a huge range five and eleven to eleven and five. Because last year this team. -- such a big disappointment. And I mean all these guys were here all these guys that we're talking about of the top players on this team. Other than Erik Fisher and we don't even include him when we talk about you know the pro bowlers -- the -- guys that are considered. -- one of the best at their positions we don't you talk about him yet but all those other guys were here already and they only won two games why we're like you know I mean how good is this team the team should be very good -- to being good last year but the quarterback play was terrible. They're coaching obviously was not good they turned the ball over like crazy and I don't care how much talent you have if you play like that you played dumb you give the ball away. And give the main player for the main position on the team is terrible it's it's not gonna matter so hopefully all those things can get corrected and if they do. I mean who know this team can be pretty day should be pretty good. And just like anything it all comes down at quarterback right now that she says so many questions at quarterback that it's hard to really have a feel what their team -- coming up next had -- Normative. Did not discrepancy that's not the right words on the don't want Roland you guys -- to Koroma coming off -- the Vegas strip plus. She got to ask a question about the overall strength of the chiefs' defense coming up on the draft. I'd Baghdad on the drive of any market and JC Pierson and Carrington Harrison all right so. It was a big -- this weekend. Chance of that happening -- have to be in Vegas to understand but I think a lot of guys -- he with a girlfriend or wife. I've dealt with something like this before. I was in Vegas and you know. Let's strip clubs and it was a great time. And I was there with on nick Wright former host of the station. And nick weeded out. In the early morning hours. This stripper just -- -- Parkinson to a lap dance by complementing his voice the man's vanity knows no how much was. That is what it looks like they're the table and and and and so what you know. Hi that is a 100% true story it was me -- was meticulously fast it was so one slim fast buddies we are there in Vegas. And -- So you know typical Twitter -- they're not particularly strip club -- where you're from what you do -- respect and so when we say you know we worked in radio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so we -- in radio and the stripper says oh really he's the only wanna use that actually has a radio voice. Of and I. Come over yeah. Exactly out as well as -- us. You can give me and it's absolutely. You know complementing my voice from the other radio guy he hustled hero had no question she hustled me she doesn't -- you -- Ford though. Five it's like it's like it's not a bad thing you go to a strip club to get a lap it's not a bad problem to be given to be getting a lap dance -- like being tricked. It's not the whole thing's for yeah yeah I've never been to a strip club like what are you talking about -- -- -- -- and so all I can't get dates mixed tweets that out puts up publicly I thought it was funny. You know an -- and re -- it. Yesterday back from Vegas. On the phones with my girlfriend and were talking about you know how is Vegas well how was your weekend she'd seen some friends who were in from -- panel opening in catching up as it -- Fifteen minutes into our catch up session about a weekend. And she goes. So -- next week. About the strip club. And you were going to strip club. But you just and she sounds disappointed sick you just like it -- naked girls sit on -- Public. OK here of course but of course I do. Egg -- and I don't want us out with the girl that doesn't want to have fun you can go to Vegas you via strippers on that she's like I just. I don't even now. And she's so cool about it I want to Vegas with these friends I'm going at the end of the month but it it brought up the question of like. If women know that there are men go to strip clubs they not want to know. There were at the strip club which I have not reached we did that and then not told that I was minister of the bad happens in the strip club really other than you know. Painful and yet now be out if I'm sorry I'm bad things can happen and mr. glisan. -- -- right so I -- diabetics got mr. Butler if your wife or significant other is okay with you going to a strip club. Then go and keep your business to yourself. So I always say anything right and mixture and between now openly and with little and all put it out there because that puts you. In a bad position specially knowing you have a girl. They may know Richard going like like my wife through school if I go dial I'm not I don't do that on you. What if you don't do that I don't -- it's all the -- I thought that's been my money otherwise you not only help his friend and I know -- out of I've never been into that now mostly in the strip clubs to see eye to. Eye on him and I never bile that I never give them. But I I couldn't even tell you the last time I've been to one it's not like something that I do or go to a city and that's what I think all I -- go to strip that's not what I do if there's a bunch of guys going to semi and I'll go sure but it's not that's not my thing -- -- like mass awaits them what I mean. Like your same mode I mean nothing comes of it of course but I am sure it played super acts were. -- anyway and right area but back to -- that he thought. Pakistan army -- right -- race at any point though I mean I think they're cool with that knowing you're going but they don't wanna hear the specifics. Just like. In my girl goes to a Chippendale or whatever. And with her friends wanna hear what happens I don't wanna hear what's going on in there okay you go to -- Have fun whatever now I don't wanna hear the specifics and now they're probably the same would. Yes okay so you think it was that it was personalized. Issue. Literally that match is so cool about it is you know two minute thing and we moved on but it's like it's it's a tough thing when you're -- then. None -- -- that is Anastasia my girls know about week. Could she checks -- Your girlfriend checked a Twitter yet she says she checked she -- equipment. You're up a little bit geology a little bit here so in this discussion here. I don't know what happened but. So she kind of wanted to know about the strip club course of course she checks -- -- dirty that's what she men that's the -- that's my point it's like this idea. Follow -- you know about something. But it's like it's like hearing about it's it's like out of sight out of mind what you -- here is out of -- joining that's right that's the whole that's good that's the crux of the whole issue that would that I'm talking about. It's like. He would she's out with her girlfriends and they go dancing I know. The girls like to dance. I know that guys like today it's girls I know that guys come up to her and we'll try to dance with her and I trust her that she is going to say you know either no I've boyfriend or -- maybe they'll be dancing but if he gets out of hand shall step away she told me about that sort of thing before but I don't like it. It's been so complete double standard and I don't even like her dancing at the club because I know what the guy's club are trying to do to our -- what's in their mind yet I needed to be okay with -- for me to go to the strip you know that's messed up I know I know what's messed up I know it's completely hypocritical. Nobody if you don't know what's going on in that dance club if she says she's just going to the club whatever yeah well things you don't know anything specific out of sight out of somebody tweets you issued back in net paying obviously dropped and -- like it hot and. Happy man I don't know you can argue that at all. Yes now you got is you can't tell you -- you do those are the club and you -- cinnamon isn't really not matter hurt I was just mess on I understand. On her side here on this I understand it's a completely different set of standards but I guess the real -- it's real yet and it's and it's a personal flaw mine. But I like -- extra club and I know it's like. The idea that like I I don't know I don't know it did so I think most people like that I mean you don't. I mean if you don't care about what's your girl done. Then you don't care about -- right and you don't care when I do it though so I like that right there's a part I don't get like I understand you never did it but if you do it in you have to accept. This is gonna we're not doing it here's the difference I'm doing it from a professional. That I'm not going home when you don't -- there's there's money exchanged. As opposed to I've been the guy at the club who goes up and dances on the random girl and puts his hand on his hit. And they are on on her hip and then sees it she's okay with me slot in my hand somewhere held all those as the I've I've been that guy I don't want that guy dance -- micro design no strip club when she's asking me about radio. She's not really interest -- messed -- he's trying to get the money out of my pocket. I'm actually on the inside on this that's -- on her side and they say -- excellent we'll Danny is that cheating now. I'd say it's it's not cheating I'm not doing anything I've heard is what the guys it is -- You know it's not it's not cheating towards not towards not pleading. No no it's not cheating but just the idea. Of somebody all the point your girl. Or whatever knowing what's in his life in and I think there's more of a threat at the club in the strip club. In terms of that because you know at the club you go to the club what is your objective and we -- you wanna do a whole reality show. On the club I would answer that club right back everybody trying to pick up somebody specially yet Indo. I'd write -- do you trust your lady. You wouldn't have those concerns and he did it just just the same way she's got to -- shoot you go out Joseph Boise go into the club you don't want that on that kind of stuff you gotta have a say so you can never get mad at the woman Purdue with something that you do. No no I feel you on that but on sand. You don't it's worse when you know what about just like she knew that he went to the strip club okay what district but once you start hearing what actually. It's happening. Because prior to I don't forget it branches right -- compliment and I -- all you Mac did you know -- and whatever the case yes well now that now that pictures in her mind like what. You know as opposed it may well maybe he's just who was there were his boy standing look in didn't -- -- -- thank. Same with her in the ocean and same with -- but now when you hear this some do his although owner and she's backing it up easy drop and it -- now has a whole different deal. Different deal. I don't know I don't know five down I just usually let you you're you're okay which your girl just now while an out of every know the rules of the game and is I would never get -- -- Purdue was something not to like if I go out ideas of the people's -- and I did matter -- an exact same -- it's been very fair. I must admit that there's a double standard here I thought he admitted it's a flaw all I'm saying is to me there is some difference. In the the strip club. And she knows them go into the strip club. And it's just something that we're gonna strip club together which is whole -- fun and I recommend it but I just say there's -- there's an area. I mean there's just there's an inherent difference she's a lot dance she's a lot to do whatever she -- that she's gone to Vegas with her girlfriends before you know it reaches a lot to do whatever she watches -- -- to do whatever I want but I will say. I don't like. I don't like it one bit not -- in. Dealing with that it is completed and she sought out information yourself like I. I three weeks into may be stupid but it was a funny to lead and I was -- -- you know 3 AM Twitter from day message signed with the latest on this one. Shocking. About all that's wrong. To have a double -- that's brought you gotta fix that. What is posted a letter to whatever she votes I just told -- I just I'm -- -- won't know I just told -- she's she's allowed to do whatever she wants it's about what it's about liking it. Is there no limit though you use and just let her do receive when I always I always say I would never demanded to grow produce up now and do so. At the strip club if you wouldn't go in the back with sin and it into a W so they need. If she does that you give Mac does not some you would do but if you go out and dance around on us now I can you get mad as she does I wouldn't I would only let it at the definition of being a hypocrite and nobody gonna -- but you're not listening. Is really the issue here -- I'm doing it at the strip club and she's doing it with a guy who thinks she's taking her home. There's there's an error I don't wanna take mr. -- title to. But you're never going to. So -- so it's never happened before that a -- took -- not ever happen but I'm not trying to take her home because it's professional relationship and I'm when I'm with my girlfriend obviously it's half. Happened strippers it's a united mistress sometimes and morally casual attitudes but I I mean I I've not I've not taken it speaks at the goal. Of going to the strip club for you get the right same for -- the goal of going now is not it is not to go home with Sergio. But that got but Sergio. His goal is to go home with her. That's the difference the -- goes not to go -- with me my goal is not to go home to strip Margolis is just like all your hurdles that all our money and I posted my money. You know I mean that's more on the -- I mean in the business trends and senate men are conducting business. My girl dancing with her girls and and Sergio comes up. She has one thing undermined Sergio that's another thing that is mind that's the difference that's where you gotta trust the woman I do trust her but I don't have to light yet. That's my point. And you would argue. Haven't been excellent that you care enough about where that whole dynamic comes into place. It's very complicated and you know I mean if it was just it was just a girl of the month club type thing. I would have no issue with it and some are asking if I would go to a male strip club with there. It's a weird thing to I don't know of many girls that even enjoy the male strip club but so I know I wouldn't go to the male strip club there. But she enjoys going to the girl strip club with me which is what I think makes -- keeper. Go to notre computers would you go to would you would your wife go to strip club with you. My answer to she probably wouldn't reasons I have a good woman that something good woman. Someone says we should get Rex public opinion on all of us you -- how it goes of electrical. -- sounds like something we can work into the next their thirst that I'd lost -- It's so and so I love dance cut if he goes to the club what would you do in this scenario. I think that's at its best -- dealing with the strip club. With your wife for your girl it's it's treacherous waters absolutely he's been -- -- we still goes or not authorities they absolutely know everybody has been just tell about it seemed -- yours. I go back out there on the inside here trust me like honest I just. Well I think there ideas would never bring it up like. If you don't that you did anything wrong want to talk to her value on the you do need you -- shouldn't -- -- -- they're all just images of the -- that you could -- some -- all the talk about it. Honesty is the best policy Danny would you guys doing in Vegas. We went to the strip club. You know and I mean that's what we did I would just that we had phone. It's the only real fun again that's the sign of not being in his much of bay committed long term -- long term relationship you need a few more details because if you -- sketchy and these are all you know we have we have fun. We pass the time we were out. That skill lends itself to a lot of follow up questions and a lot of a lot of suspicion I would at least in my experiences. You wanna make you look at the -- mascot not mascot but -- affiliation how many teams for not. 49 teams today officially took membership. And in new conference meaning to contest and on the line 913576. -- extent if you know more than me kind of -- -- new -- and you get royals take before we get back and talk to the pitching coach from all law coming up -- Larry Carter the pitching coach. That it Omaha about Danny Duffy and how the royals organization develops pitchers have been of the organization. For sixteen years coming up just after 4 o'clock but today. Is Syracuse is first day as a member of the ACC so I was reading -- story about Syracuse my alma mater joining a new conference and I saw. That 49. Other schools up officially are members of new conferences. And it got me to thinking I was -- to mascot game we should see if I'm any better. Act conference affiliation or worse that this in the mask hey I imagine that -- -- -- -- you know what we'll turn it into a learning experience because I don't think a lot of listeners out there know. Where a lot of these new schools and that up. And we'll give away tickets if club -- in Lawrence. Knows this that thinks of Ben are you familiar. With the conference affiliation you consider yourself an expert on that conference realignment. -- Okay sir here's what we're gonna do we're gonna both have bought a -- here it's first the three. I stood for -- for me to buzz and I'll say Danny for you to -- you say -- C got to be the arbiter here and if you can name three schools in their new conferences before I can. He gets -- think of some good. All right so don't yell out conference yell out judge your name and that bullet used to give your answer. They're the college music seat I'd go first first up Xavier. What's what is it that. I'd -- in the new conference yet no they're not to -- the new big east they are there any Viennese. It counts right gaining all right yeah Darlington nuclear agency big -- to be mine and I bet he's -- my specialty basically OK let's keep it up -- Memphis. They had been. They are in the combination of being -- -- and -- conference get. What's the name of that I don't know what that oh yeah what's -- -- you're you're right it's you remember what it's dogs. You know -- Or call Danny. He's right he take you off through but I do know that's golf. It's called the the PA ACB American athletic now that is exactly what it is the American athletic conference. Oh you've given me too perfect ones for my knowledge and I try to keep it up and -- clue. It's a miracle that about two nothing all right let's get an excellent card and I need you did this when temple. Temple. -- -- part our day. Our day in the new big east. Big east can dominates big and you got a chance to steal here. Are -- On eight it. They are not in the ACC they are in the -- eight AC via the American athletic conference are right worst name for a conference ever by our. Core rate and Danny I was gonna get the same thing every time big east they are in the big leagues for us. I want. -- Yellow Sea that. You gave me a -- for one of them no bad tough times man victim of circumstance. I appreciate you calling in playing the conference -- -- a list with what's fake. Yeah I've owned a public golf file on your part you can't do is -- melodic at big east team we could you know he also let you guys. Why that's why we need. So that I usually get are rising -- game -- mountain west so these are possible like I know no Woodward noticed an -- New Orleans. Teleconference there and mascot is. Old Dominion. It's -- teams you've heard of yeah but you know I don't know world dominion by schools -- to get -- and maybe talk about during the season by UCL -- we brought them out where that. Central Florida Bay Area -- an -- -- getting into that -- and on the second page there -- analysts useless and that a sane parent up and there's an analyst the team's pitching that OK so -- seed official list of today's Denver who now goes into the summit league you've got to Houston is a member of the AAC this AAC is a disaster all you -- -- for a UNK state. It of embarrassment there barely got their mascot is a little revenge it was -- conference there now there in the whacked. Hit goes to the ACC this year -- I couldn't tell me who their coaches -- -- basketball team unit case the united omitted its. Richardson they got from all over the disbursement. Not Nolan. No less money. No it's not Nolan Richardson could not not tolerated though curry didn't know it was final thought it's all he is now. -- got a Nokia to city's -- that's very important job -- Sarah -- you did not tell the guys hey I'm really proud and other codes you Casey. Does -- the -- we've talked about you and Casey twice in the two and a half years that I've been on the radio here in Kansas and so I give more love golf -- and I have one thing -- -- as -- when he -- put its global on the show all right -- doubts he would you know now you -- the sheet over my body CEOs go to -- focus you don't know relate. Where I'm trying to get us on time here by you yeah where's that by you were later on trying to do you don't know it's their -- someone asked. They are the year. Gold it also now it yet time -- -- -- now it's time for your lips but guess what conference I don't know. Okay what about. We need to put a Butler we had to get back on time what conference Boller -- in the big east OK did you. What -- abouts. We APEC -- not red Butler to you not to long ago. Texas didn't listen -- -- and -- Allison and under to tell you analysts and -- -- Texas and America conference and mascara for north Texas mean green and you know that north Texas and they area in the conference USA. Good read thank you hit right at the -- and I got to ask you a product. We talked just a moment for me there any other. All law pitching coach rose develop pitching prospects will touch base them on game Duffy tells -- -- and you're Donald Ventura coming up next on the drive.