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Sports Medicine Feature - Knee Injuries_Dr. Andrew Hurst 140916 rkm PODCAST FINAL

Sep 17, 2014|

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This is a sports medicine featured front you buy Johnson County orthopedics and sports medicine -- the medical senator. According to WebMD. More than 95000. People injured -- -- every year. Here's doctor Andrew Hurst of Johnson -- orthopedics and sports medicine and the most common knee injuries. A group that Arctic are regard ourselves for more art than a 100200. We'll also be. Possible often try and being. Me can be ensured. It and not sporting activities often times we think of basketball and soccer being true street. Are the most common current export with the injury expert our football angered many other courts can be involved as well. The primary stabilizer the -- he is the ACL the anterior cruciate ligament. Doctor what does an injury to the ACL feel like the symptoms. Often termed it a non contact injury and many exports. We knew he will operate. We'll have swelling are typically the athlete would meet you there earlier store lay on the ground. Are they need swelled -- becomes painful and it -- and current unstable and any subsequent sporting -- Actually injury. Argument doctor Andrew Hurst of Johnson County orthopedic and sports medicine at a -- the medical center doctors say an injury you're seeing more at the high school level in sports. -- -- -- The art school athletes. It's unique oftentimes. So our collegiate athlete perhaps specific training to help prevent some of these injuries. Whereas many hardcore athletes would not been most common. Injury is probably going great trio appeared probably going to be. They're very cocker Korean female aptly female how -- anywhere from. Greed and nine times greater risk. Eight field here or there are several series that's a liar but I think the prevailing theory they're very apparent car lands after drowned in more immediate tension and -- more about their -- -- sort of and there are not the ultimate track click on the if you -- Which often can't can lead trick here. That was my next question what can cause this type of injury were talking again about the ACL is a blunt force trauma. Studying in horror as you just mentioned landing awkwardly on your -- Typically it's going to be a non contact injury so. Where word count him in Lambert an awkward great basketball -- -- -- -- from -- -- running speed here and he what many sports. During the certainty coloration. Wouldn't be giving out and ultimately -- may feel truth Max Moore would. You see many athletes wearing protective need racist and support to their -- how effective in this -- Very he have done studies and the majority of these great serves are simply one pro athlete comfort however. Interior linemen seem to -- The higher level of protection of the -- -- After that I read that typically would Wear these could be patient what are those states CL reconstruction. Or those -- have much strain without a complete air. I wanna protect that need. Simply great and the need. In some cases when BC it was tore the meniscus often suffers damage as well. What does the meniscus do to support the movement of the -- The -- consider meat part of the meat it is they disk. Shaped structure arm -- in part Porsche in the media part of the media and outside court collateral. Part of me and it increases the contact area of the problems. You look sort of cushion for me throughout its range of motion. So when you're near its -- straight a better script comes from the clarion helps cushion -- keep the meat centered and when you're near co leader. It also doesn't the same function earlier there is a vital structure to you keeping the need. Supple and I'm wondering. Courtesy that are torn ACL in the meniscus is going to prevent an individual to place sports unless we have some sort of surgery. And they post surgery rehab program. Absolutely variance. And being medial collateral ligament and unmoved there's all of the same time. And Welby MP -- Mary heal up our current. Rarely -- ever. You'll wander around and an agreement that could prepared depending on where they are well not you either so oftentimes. The picture and require surgical intervention and -- and rehab. Get back -- point scoring event. From point of injury and know each person is different doctor but how long your road to recovery can someone expect to get fully. A 100% back and be able to do what they had done before the injury. Generally we're looking at that's a six month time -- and there are few minutes well caliber athletes it must have different. Body more afraid because they can heal faster. But in general were looking at a six month commitment before. Most sporting activities. And possibly even longer to a year old -- Yes we feel like they're back to normal and trusts the need to begin cutting running jumping again. Doctor Andrew Hurst of Johnson County orthopedic and sports medicine at only the medical center to hear the complete interview click on the podcast page its extent sports dot com for 610 Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.