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Sports Medicine Feature - Torn Rotator Cuff by Dr. Christopher Eckland

Sep 17, 2014|

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This is a sports medicine feature brought to my Johnson Kenny orthopedics and sports medicine only the medical center. It's one of the darkest fears of pitchers tennis players and many other athletes it's a rotator cuff tear an injury and can end a player's career exactly what is it. With me now is doctor Christopher exploded in Johnson County orthopedic and sports medicine and -- let's start right there. We talked about athletes that are prone beginning rotator cuff tears they include baseball players especially pitchers swimmers tennis and football players. How can you get any rotator cuff tears in just over usage. -- -- -- -- -- It is group or four months old are barracks around the a couple of -- Murder which the upper bony arm and you're responsible for our balance -- that. All of the ball and socket joint incident soccer clinic east rotational movement of the shoulder smooth. Certainly overuse. Especially with sport sports scene cause me injury to the rotator cuff. You control -- that the rotator. The most rotator cuff tears develop gradually. Or can they occur suddenly and what might that feel like. Well certainly worth figure are wondering exactly are more broader current court that it is rare the rotator cup can be torn. Let -- -- an increase of one we're talking about our sport especially over the -- that you. These all these jurors. Quarterbacks. Almost players volleyball and swimming enough the repetitive stress you can't teach shoulder speed. A lot more stress to -- that's. And on the East Coast -- on -- look and eventually be amended the rotator cup circuit all. Talk to a doctor Christopher Clement Johnson Kenny orthopedics and sports medicine Italy the medical center as talk about. Something it's cold rotator cuff tendinitis in the difference between that an actual terror doctor. Well although there are on the -- record. Important improvement intranet -- -- good company that can't even get and then the point where it's incumbent -- but has not. -- -- Your rotator cup there in India who -- -- and where -- Actually no problem is don't you crack at. Both of them all and I'm Reid could send more -- one income so it -- important that they don't need overlooked. Players don't continue to try and place through them because they can get worse it's not treated appropriately. Let's talk about the younger athlete the older happily at the weekend warrior in the importance of conditioning and stretching. Welker and certainly. You know -- -- -- -- is Paramount helping overall shoulder health. We look at the rotator -- beaten in the general population. Not including at least we typically don't see rotator cup cares very commonly until the age of forty and beyond that in we. Because of the force they're putting on -- rotator cup. Especially. Pitchers. I think we can start to see certain -- server Jeter cut tears at a much much earlier age as far as younger athletes when we look at it even consider such as little leaguers elbow which is common. -- and younger athlete. On the order -- -- twelve years old oftentimes their symptoms will be. In their elbow but it's often overlooked that -- mean culprit for their elbow pain is actually the fact that they have. Rotator -- over usage and weakness. And he'd been putting much more stress -- -- well. Some most young athletes under the age of eighteen what elbow pain. There we have one ball goes shoulder and yellow book it is not it continued problem. How long can somebody expect to recover. If they've had a rotator cuff tear and I've had to have surgery what's kind of the length of time of putting it back to Mountain -- and what they do. Well unfortunately for rotator cuff tears that we're looking at eye level teacher at the varsity level. A high school or college or even professional oftentimes. Even in the best that I am. They -- -- some velocity on on the ball up most of them are allowed to return to dis order. But it on the order sixty to 60% every eighteen. Close level of playing -- before. Doctor Christopher Franklin Johnson County orthopedic and sports medicine Natalie the medical center. Get a complete interview click on the podcast agents extend sports gunned down -- Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.