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ROCKHURST SPORTS MINUTE - Lawson soccer 9.29.14

Sep 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As -- high school sports minute -- my kids to construction celebrating their twentieth anniversary or Chris Wallace and talk with soccer team coming off a road trip in the nation's capital. Where they finish one and one coach please in the matches and sets the stage for state tournament play Korea -- little while. The opportunity where. We're making progress had fun with people so market there's a lot of good experience before. Road trip continues again this weekend to Saint Louis for the gateway classic getting -- tough team on Friday. Oh per worker program Carter who are happy to be -- We can Coke found -- -- your club face particular car for proper perfect -- all of I Quebec situation. And they -- playoffs so it was a good chance but I'm not sure it's practically a peculiar sort through. It appears. Go to -- The -- to control. As soon as we strikers high school sports -- it was soccer coach Chris Larson front you -- -- construction precinct and Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.