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Sports Medicine Feature - Achilles Tendon Injuries with Dr. Andrew Hurst

Oct 21, 2014|

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Achilles tendon injury affects professional and amateur athletes alike unfortunately it's a commonly injured tendon. I drain your Kirsten Johnson Kenny orthopedic and sports medicine on the causes of Achilles tendon injuries. Typically when our think about Chile's injuries I think an older patient typical Achilles. Fair going to be in a thirty to forty year old male older. Quote unquote weekend warrior. Another basketball players have had a big twelve Dierker expand in the triggered just about the cocaine. Pat has a relatively poor blood flows are one inch Q about three and shoot a book. And this who later at its most vulnerable to book a united. In error and I eventual rupture. Doctor this type of injury as prevalent in many sports. Absolutely I don't think there's a sport that we have not seen actually can or not it. Had a patient few words and of course street and not writer for outer jumper clap and she's pretty bad case of the character no matter shall. I think you would stand both who laypeople that spirit Kirk don't go anywhere near an athletic arena. And merry go all the way through your our top of the line and I cook former each. Kobe Bryant Park aptly. Let's separate tendinitis and tendon doses. Sure ten or not it is more just an inclination nurse in my expert cheering and you can either Q we are chronically become overloaded. And announces two more Byrd. There's kind of little cup under arrest and and laid down some scar tissue. There are similar in fact I wouldn't use them interchangeably cart they'd go cause trained and they are both scored or do you belong. Spectrum of injuries and not only Achilles tendon book any other country and. Doctor what does an Achilles tendon injury feel like. It couldn't and I was partners would call a expect. You know cotton grain most commonly would activity critic and dispute sitting around and even walking going up and downstairs. As you progress through the spectrum and you have a look sure. Urinary you regard I think allowing. Oftentimes we years each patient color print hearing a pop for a loud noise fumbled a locker gun shop. And very may have difficulty walking and slowing occur. So on one end of the spectrum here they have ordered and some pain and activity and then on the other hand you may not be able co walk correctly to the content. Ordered treatment options for this injury well art in the tender not a saying we. And occasional rest anti inflammatory. Sort of physical therapy to strength and and try Q. Appropriately load attorney and attorney. Give it more supple and strong. As we go down the spectrum we try to avoid. Any. Court cooked current direction of much of popped Bozo can actually increase sure cocoon rupture and then once you get the ball rupture. Each entry not cooperatively in an apt to recruit. Parent if they're tore all the way that our performance individual and we may even be sir creek would take me tendon and work here. The complete interview would doctor Andrew Hurst of Johnson Kenny orthopedic and sports medicine and only the medical senator click on the podcast page at sixteen and sports don't count. For 610 Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.