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Sports Medicine Feature - Ankle Injuries with Dr. Andrew Hurst

Oct 21, 2014|

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This is the sports medicine feature brought to you by Johnson County orthopedics and sports medicine and only the medical center. Ankle injuries are often thought of as sports injuries but you don't have to be an athlete or even a week in war your return and hurt her ankle. Ankle injuries can happen to anyone at any age doctor Andrew Kirsten Johnson Kenny orthopedic and sports medicine middleweight the medical center or a what can cause ankle injuries. You know majority of the time nightly cluster tournament time we're talking about a low saint coal. Spring and look frequently injured by far we call eight EFL. Air and you don't have to have a whole lot of trauma Madrid it's probably. Art are the most common thing we're gonna tree in the front ankle. And our politics is not in Bergen looked good in a moment here and eat when you get swelling pain and have difficulty. Performing your board. Serious brain is the high ankle sprain. I ankle sprain. Has patent indicated higher than the more common ankle sprain trying not to try percent of them are below and we'll break. Of the ankle joint and it should instability Cheryl. There are much more rare but they're much or Sherri or shall I do occur entry trek along trying to get over. The outside Porsche B ankle either between the fuel gone and these regular or beat Taylor strong car right under each ankle and attribute a lot. And the depends on which one of these you urged. You're more likely to terror patriot fell on the neck injury continue to happen you make sure other ligaments that are here. Dodger multi sports athletes deal with stress fractures. Stress fracture in sort of books clinical fracture meaning it has happened over many weeks months years. Chronic repetitive stress that much lower than not threshold to break the bone. But that is stressed is that more and more and more you eventually get up structure. I did hit it in the fresh injury you know that you can't be a complete fracture. Going in and day out hounding where interior. Over the train small area up stretch and eventually you get a full blown fracture. Internet. Endurance athletes cross country runners sometimes and female athletes that have. In frequent war or no period. You can happen and multiple other sports yeah I mean. I speculate Kevin Durant trip but it partial fracture was probably a chronic stress structured it completed Derek Jeter had won a couple of years ago Cheryl. You don't have to be in an endurance work to get these good it is more common than most running or truck based sport. Doctors are preventive measures one can take like an ankle brace to help support the ankle to avoid injury. I got into literature and I just like we talked about if you operations previously. Probably your gonna prevent an injury or you do have an entry and you want to prevent it from going. In birdie and then you version. An ankle brace can be good. Daring the sporting event I don't know whether you're not prevent an injury. But you can't help protect an injury especially one that most of the way to recover your get back pierce port. So operation. Is plus Lotta they can be helpful. And they may not be culpable criminal attractive entry you have and where you are all be healing or rehabilitation course. Doctor Andrew Hurst in Johnson County north to pay decent sports medicine and only the medical center for sixteen Sports Radio I'm Mark Miller.