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Royals Fall, but Moose Crushes

Tue, 19 Mar 2013|

Royals fall to Colorado 7-2. Guthrie has, according to Yost, his best start of the spring. Mike Moustakas connects on his 3rd HR. Ned Yost says a World Series title isn't far.



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  6. George Brett6:39
  7. Baseball Classic2:00
  8. Eric Hosmer4:53, 5:22
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    to the other cats. Solo shot from Alex Gordon home run from Jeff Francoeur and also from Elliot Johnson but. Really not too much to dive into today's game a lot of the starters pulled after
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A guys burn -- can be used for a surprise Arizona where the -- -- once again another fourth loss for the last five -- people today. To the Colorado Rockies and a final count upset institute now sent a team. Six and one for this race and look at things to begin with but I like always acted earlier this morning. And our conversation with Daniels of view national and helping writers down here -- wanted to get the look. -- We got a feel of that but they wanted to get the feel what you thought about his ballclub of what they're seeing the question was asked. What is the ceiling for this ballclub. And that obviously has now is not one to make predictions but did say. You know because of the starting pitching. Because the defense that this team trots out a daily basis because some of the young continue to grow it appears that this ball club adds he truly believes that this squad when the world title. In the next couple of years and he does admit that every manager -- Major League Baseball was gonna say something to that fact. During spring training but he said one difference is I actually believe it now I. Actually believe it -- that they expected same story. That little speech. One he went all around the done it every position really outside at second base says team. And those positions are good enough to win a gold club I don't disagree Reggie we know about Gordon back to the actual gloves the -- okay. Makes playing center field look what to queasy policies basketball are it is and it's gifted. Other shortstop as there is in the American get affected today's loss to the Colorado Rockies had a lot of it right back up ultimately -- -- to do what is left. -- that while trying to make a double play doesn't act to get it look so he just loves it over to Chris yet they turn 643 double play at least -- our customers love in action in the short time that back. From the World Baseball Classic keys I don't need to tell you about like -- doctors at third and I don't believe any type of -- -- -- I saw with them. Saturday positions this team could eventually sometime down -- -- political club but the whole goal -- things kind of come because. Offense shouldn't matter but at times it does. You can leave that up to the baseball -- whoever votes for. So I didn't want to mention that now getting to the highlights of today's game Jeremy Guthrie. Went six innings allowed three or -- four runs total blow but only three of those bird people left field outscored eight try to get the runner out at home. And overthrew perhaps but Childress another rough sport that course. On -- project got -- house eat it strikes out of there. And walks one and think about your copy go back and look at the -- -- baseball card he's not one that's going to strike out. A lot of -- he's gonna pitch to contact. Sure quick. Innings is what he wants and it had early on that fact the first three innings he was throwing a no hitter. That's the first time through the order announced that he should be able to do what you feel pretty good about Guthrie's stuff early on. Allows to base runners in the fourth but it's out of that with a double play that ground out to short that was that double play out -- without success of our. That it fit fitting that went. They edit the wheels didn't come off a few. Of bad luck hops a few balls that ate up the defender so love you know three runs score on forecast again. One of them -- but overall it was called in the -- easy for Jeremy Guthrie out here -- Guthrie agreed and Guthrie also admitted. Because remember the last time remember the last my little sister and -- suffered over the last time. Would you be Guthrie pitch he said and you know because the space between starts and the laid out it felt like his first start it's right so I asked him. You start to feel like it is approaching the industries that yet. -- feel real good so I think -- nothing but positives to take out of -- start for you got -- three positives as well for Aaron -- we spent salad. Not great booted off. Through straight and today -- in two thirds -- -- and strikes out the rates. One more positive from today's two loss that's my sockets this. Break today first pitch he saw -- right field fence. Third pitch he saw it goes to the second ad that just go. To the right fielder Beckett tomorrow for a single. And that now in his third at -- Hit it hard. So this second baseman but the fielders choice as second short or six net but lose reaches base safely. It all three of its act now unfortunately I think that the bullet Eric Hosmer continues to struggle let them play -- -- Strikeouts all swinging in the first and fourth inning and it it is final plate appearance he gets a -- nor. No that is an expletive. But -- when he got it yet though and he blows it out there to watch apple like the boats -- it's not it's still. Just not looking comfortable and play in fact during that second straight out. It was 11 count and picture above statements which we could be Eric Hosmer and explains. Bases and right away from ground. Drops four letter -- which to me I think that yes you know he's going up to that fish with the wrong approach it. Because nobody actually if you plates are all or even golf. -- you hit your cursing you went with the wrong buttons that god knows I know all the that's -- stayed away from the golf courses out here so. Jeff Francoeur. Continues to struggle getting close to that got 200 mark first -- egos. Corporate three groundout to repair fly out so. Strategy still struggling really hear much about it after the game he's of course it -- -- because he's one of the nicest guys. In the world. But you know he's he's he's not threatened yet so. Hole with a -- with Jeff Francoeur Greg Holland -- two thirds innings. Two thirds in action today gives up three runs two -- bird and back to back average average company's progress. -- the button. Just yet the royals do lose set attitude at the Colorado Rockies look more they wanted to earlier today and that moderately all wars. Where you know some of the -- -- George Brett Wilson. This letter was out here eight area. And you know it presents. Just strictly -- leaguers -- -- that there. Here. Ratio it was just crazy -- know why. I was allowed to go -- Quite cool. We would Wilson's op -- giving away. You know Willie Wilson's war for. You know that's faced. Can't you know as the lay it all the explaining what the award is all out. Billy Mueller at Texas can pollute it starts walking up to the podium easily actually policy. But I thought that. I thought it was quite far. From a country practice but again I don't do it -- fault seventeen. Six it won't as they lose that the Iraqis. Six cent Sports Radio that back -- up mar oh. At 3 o'clock I'm Josh for your for a surprise assistant sports dot com.