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Wade Davis Returns, Royals Win

Wed, 20 Mar 2013|

Wade Davis allowed one run in 4+ innings as the Royals knock off the Dodgers 7-2 in Surprise. Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain and Johnny Giavotella all go deep.



  1. Jeff Francoeur4:38
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers8:20
  3. Lorenzo Cain7:32
  4. Baseball Classic8:15
  5. John Joseph6:42
  6. Mark Russell2:24
  7. left handers5:42
  8. slight edge6:35

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    to the other cats. Solo shot from Alex Gordon home run from Jeff Francoeur and also from Elliot Johnson but. Really not too much to dive into today's game a lot of the starters pulled after
    speaking of moves 384 for -- five home runs. Sixteen are ya Jeff Francoeur let the team with seventy. That that's what we wanted it -- And to be -- to 6614. -- For the --

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They got burned once again from surprise Arizona over the royals knocked off the Dodgers by final count of seven to eighteen. Six and won plenty of yesterday looked at her view that he's looking great positives and tenacity it -- wait this is first. That's for a start because -- repeat that statement he cares about five or six days ago but his first. At least for -- -- at and -- case. 73. Innings but was taken out early because of shoulder inflammation. And today goes for an excuse one -- -- to an easy loss for. And strikes out want to talk with a -- in the contest and reiterated this -- post game press conference well. But no no problems across the -- is that -- Childers that's a positive sign as far as I was 81. Well stick out pretty solemn. -- -- the Ramirez of the Dodgers but they still had that can't trees are that young hotshot. Right you yes you know we. And we was on point early I'll take you through though. First date as he walks want ordered its second triple do we know what -- third inning on walked. 123 in the -- and -- -- a little bit and making me start that they. This guy should be slotted as the number three in this rotation and that it's unfair. For me maybe aren't enough. But you know. -- as an upset that would be up there but I just like. -- -- a little more that it Jerry -- but. I'll definitely work. Too much but he comes back out of the -- today because that want it to 65 pitches. Close. 64 pitches he allows a single to right field to yes you know we. -- back to back walks loaded nobody out that you can tell you start to tiger just tax bases loaded nobody out. Now it comes out and and yanks. That's probably a Smart move because it did look like you start to eat at what was called cops and forces double play struck out Mark Russell won't run and scored those three runners. On in talking with -- -- -- game he says. You know no -- really wasn't -- -- Was an issue for me was losing these kind of lost what he. And its tactics. To be quite honest. If you lose the release point -- can't find the strike zone lose -- deal to -- that's the team that hasn't pitched. In seventeen days. Talking with Eurostat uses ala you don't wait just -- over fifty. At a discount to her room. Wait but overall solid outing from -- seem -- -- next takes the ball buck up just about. Five days off day for us tomorrow. It will. Be game that -- the global. Cristian -- deals the next games. Throwing it heals my accounts are now to the office just -- Today including. My stocks yesterday at -- reached base in all three today. Did miss. A single to open up the -- out there right if you get picked office tried to double. Like -- ratchet up the way that ends up luckily I think he comes up again in the third and a double to right field. And he comes up again in -- and just absolutely no hold on its -- of desperate you are out there right field. Right now this guy locked. It's all quite wealthy active field. Good luck -- like Sox play as we closer closed -- opening day. In Chicago -- okay. Don't look how he's been back Kansas. And doesn't feel like he's really get a lot out here it's front but the guys do when. Everything right city for seven -- floor spread in its first homer and it's pretty -- -- To. -- that -- brought. While speaking of that report that stuff. Three different air transport or he's 468. For -- Jeff Francoeur brought him up yesterday. This stuff. Just start started around a little bit today goes to Eric's post today. Run driven and of course comfortable operable smiles at that spot joke. Just like that but you're about as. As he should after two tests Jon and yet its outlook and his first home run about it 410. Foot -- to. Outsider be slightly torn flap but I partied part that -- -- his first -- -- want a pretty stupid amount. 273. -- that actress guest at the edge and that second base which tells you talk about optics it's. It's got it and others out and it Eagles won. Europe's across the board while it obviously. Does not allow all -- and we talked about it joked that -- -- that you know that well spot. People in the -- UN -- left handers it's gonna come down on us or France or take a listen these numbers. I'm just. Two more runs three days for. France is the one you know ten innings three rounds hit -- F fourteen -- offers this patently. -- at about six to -- so just -- -- in that country. It is for -- Joseph he's strike out pitchers. Does that proclivity. -- you'll love. Too many walks. Edits the cut off. So far out your expression but I still think what has the slight very slight. Of all the competition I can't say that probably the closest the reason why this point edge is eighteen games lately experience last year. -- what eighteen games. Make of that what you will but I'm still. That slight edge only one real negative note today that's -- terrorists and the reason why. John Joseph and pointless because. Those parties that we operative played those that's final spot available well schools -- out. -- don't -- And chase terrorists. Not -- today but what a lot -- gave up -- and it's now. Worth. How accurate spring. So. Overall it's two pitch well. You big -- Angela hit it. Well it was a power you've got to feel good about that speaking of under it offers earlier today before the top. He -- he was asked by another one of the national media. Writers who think it's gonna have a breakout point thirteen forecasts but stock -- Lorenzo Cain barring injury with them. After the game my main goal is your calendars to. Be there. For the -- season. A look at our self arrest. -- had this wonderful great guys out. Basically. I possibly can't because actually he lets just not right that he mentioned Eric -- And public challenges yet customer hotline up today. And Johnson got the start at first probably just -- the he's good at what goes to meet you should remember Oscars yet. Today was its first update since returning from the World Baseball Classic. So you -- there's the recap this two victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers approved eighteen. Six watch out for a lot from surprise for success in sports town.