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Royals Clinch Cactus League Title, Name 5th Starter

Tue, 26 Mar 2013|

Royals clinch the Cactus League title with an 11-6 victory over Seattle. With win #23, KC has set a new franchise record for wins in spring training.



  1. James Shields2:05, 2:29, 7:50
  2. Kelly Shoppach3:35
  3. Ervin Santana2:30
  4. Franklin Gutierrez4:25
  5. Miguel Tejada5:09
  6. Seattle Mariners6:20
  7. Sugar Ray3:48
  8. World Series0:47
  9. World Baseball Classic0:51, 4:39
  10. Luis Mendoza2:33, 0:36, 1:22

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Has hurt your commentary from Peoria Arizona with -- royals once again victorious this afternoon's final count. -- -- the six team group to 236. And won and clinched the cactus league title which. Look make of that what you will but winning is always better than losing and the guys inside the club house quite pleased with that because. As a reward -- it and out burger and the minor leaguers they take home flat screen TV so they're feeling pretty good before we get to this game let's go all the way back to this morning with a big news was. The fifth starter in the rotation was named by ideals and as royals organization. And he goes by the name of Luis Mendoza. Color me surprised because coming at this spring I believe it really going back to the offseason I thought that those that deserve the spot. He was fantastic in the Caribbean World Series tremendous out here at spreading and -- just as well the World Baseball Classic but I thought. That -- yet and OJ or had the upper hand because -- the amount of money that they're made or that they're going to be paid that kind of investment team is made in them. But also because of -- we checked out of a fortunate that that rotation a chipper is a former number one overall pick you would think that the organization would. If you look past the performance of the -- -- over the past year and handed job to one of those two tribes. Save face but not the case Luis Mendoza and his point 82. -- royals fans can take a lot of weight from. Natalie with the apology habitable and cheese eggs -- exceedingly well. But now Bruce jets moved to the bullpen to me I'd take it as a aside from Dayton Moore and the front office of this rose organization that this is a a new day new year. If you will that the expectations are not too bill. Not team chemistry but. You know kind of build a team up for the future now it appears that the future is at least these next two years happens in this sense that will Meyer's deal. Looking to trade away a guy of that caliber and bring -- James Shields for only right now only two years submitted. That -- failure for not making the post season wants Indies following two diseases and to make the move today -- bills in the five spot. Confirms that thought and I believe it is the same sentiment being held right now. But the royals' front office of recap the rotation. -- -- -- on Monday in Chicago -- follows James Shields Ervin Santana pitcher got three week Davis. And that Luis Mendoza Bruce -- He's always belonged to -- -- -- today in the eleventh six victory over Seattle priest had made his first appearance all the time going inning. Allowing two hits one walk and one strikeout to believe that -- Daniels made a tremendous point after the. Our -- saying that. Look -- -- laid out there for you what rejected exactly now when he came into the game he didn't get it early out. But -- single. Outlooks walk another signals -- the bases loaded with only one out and then all of a sudden you could see that mentality to get changed already started mentality of while that work out a few pitches got a shot on -- -- -- Pitches not started just go right out of which is the minds that you meet as a reliever you don't you don't work -- anything you don't need to establish any thing you need to go right at them. Get a lot more down 123. Didn't work out exactly as planned but after that -- does not strike out Kelly Shoppach. And that not its bread and Ryan to pop out. To the third baseman until a nice first step. For Bruce Jack -- the start irks me as a reliever he was supposed to start this game ended up getting yanked the news earlier this morning Sugar Ray and arrogant. Getting the start to -- pitched pretty well. Other -- news. Two doubts that lefty continues to struggle Lebanon tops -- Daniels doesn't seem too worried about it just yet he continues to site. I tip -- will continue to work with -- island to work out of view mechanics in his delivery account goes that inning. Allows up pair of home runs and including -- just monster shot this -- had -- it could. 464%. In the off the big -- now he's a power hitter Michael Morse. But that was one of the whole -- the other one given up to Franklin Gutierrez so tough day again. Protect -- to remember earlier this week gave up five runs in just one inning today gives up two runs on those two home runs in just. One of the work Calvin Guerrero he continues to be solid since returning from the World Baseball Classic he throws a clean inning with one strike out. Now offensively. The team just -- eighteen hits today double digit hits for the second straight day out last night and tonight everybody in the starting lineup. It's -- base last night everybody got it except for our customers and two walks today. Everybody gets an all night in the starting lineup -- I hit let two guys battling still -- positions. Miguel Tejada even though I think you meant Elliott Johnson the two blocks for those. Utility infield positions but got a -- -- goes three for five with a pair of runs scored and a pair of RBI also that back up -- position which to me. Defensively. Coming to camp I thought Brett Hayes was going to be the better. Receiver behind the dish. I'll but I think but I pushed between him and George guitarists. -- lead guitarist heads really taken the lead over the past week it happened today. Brett -- try to put his marker down and why he deserves. Out that back up -- position behind south rats goes four for five with a pair of RPI and -- run scored. Three singles. And a triple he strikes out of the ninth inning but not going to -- a great day. From Brett -- really fantastic day for everybody. In the lineup -- -- articles one for four. Butler won for three with an RV I Eric -- one for four with an RPI Lawrence King goes two for four is CIO one for four days for Jeff -- nobody. Two run double off the -- pack up for achieved Chris gets. Eagles won -- victories of against the royals went eleven to six out -- Peoria over the Seattle Mariners now 236. And want it clinched. The cactus league title at one point three games for the first time ever. Out here in spring training so high water mark for royals baseball expert training what does all of outs in well. To me and listen nebulous and really I think anybody that knows baseball you don't know popped out -- -- dot pitch. If this starting rotation can do what it's expected to do but so. And to me. All -- really expected them do what the daily is -- you'll six innings. Now would love a quality start six innings three runs or less but to be honest six runs four innings because of the bullpen. Pitches as well as it passed out -- -- spread outside of not to talents. Having Greg -- struggled here and there but I'm not worried about him just yet but it that's starting rotation and -- out just be good. Not great good. I think this offense is going to continue to hit the power numbers began to up rise of late. But you see a lot of station to station you're seeing a lot of fifteen plus eight games for the royals office a lot to feel good about it cactus league title. A new high water mark for wins out here at spring it's still 85 degrees we still have to greet the war. Four more games remaining right it's Tuesday Wednesday to get to Thursday want Friday that Brit can't be out. For more gains for the -- before they open up the season coming up on Monday in Chicago Chris Sale. Going up against James Shields object up and be talking way too much summit and this bad boy right now I'd appreciate watching Josh for your interest expense for stock are.