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Royals Spring Training Recap

Fri, 29 Mar 2013|

Josh Vernier looks back at a record-setting spring training for the Royals, with highlights of each member of the 25-man roster.



  1. Jeff Francoeur0:27, 10:27
  2. Ervin Santana3:00
  3. Kansas City Royals11:34
  4. Chicago Cubs5:12, 7:32
  5. Chicago White Sox0:46
  6. World Series1:27, 4:36
  7. first night10:21
  8. Alex Gordon0:25
  9. Baseball Classic4:34, 6:20, 6:39

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A guys burn -- one last time from surprise Arizona and the other message is the same royals win again today five -- one -- them but now eight record -- expert maturity royals finish off the cactus league as. Champions of the record of 257. And -- Three runs release -- from guys that matters and no disrespect to the other cats. Solo shot from Alex Gordon home run from Jeff Francoeur and also from Elliot Johnson but. Really not too much to dive into today's game a lot of the starters pulled after 23 innings Jeremy -- -- for -- what I wanna do is kind of recap. Spring training quickly go through the 25 guys that will open up this season coming up on Monday after -- cell going up against Chris Sale. And the Chicago White Sox got to forget the highlights of each one of these. Individuals because. Look I'll be honest with you. I didn't have to do much Ricci to find that positive. Stat or positive. Think that's coming out of spring training. Really that he was probably one guy. Each gets a little bit less public not that I'll be honest opera and a few teams in the past well Milwaukee. Right. Yet this spring training when needed to be habitable. The last guy that bench you're you're searching far wider plot something positive but it's. Look this season has the capabilities of being special. While today's specials World Series not go that far -- stop talking playoffs just yet I still haven't met a squad that should aspire to be spot on. Now the pitching especially -- threes and Ted Davis. 234. In the rotation if they have three years. And not Cy Young career years which is it better than their. Back at these ballparks as they normally do. All the yet August and September should -- should be relevant in Kansas City and I think that the first step towards whole league playoff here. Up 2014 but. -- -- A lot of baseball hundred's 62 games yet to be like we'll see what happens now. Trumpet his -- we're getting it. Your your pace setter the guy who'll be on the ball coming up on Monday it's Chris that is a Jake Shields just. Solid really threw out this -- -- yeah he had that. ER -- he's eight earned runs in the contest against the Los Angeles Angels. What did that game C. J. Wilson you guys -- for the angels he was bombed as well. It was the same day that shields whose -- opening day starter really outside. You take away that's -- ever urging shields excuse me. He said he -- what it. And I still believe it up twelve hits and twelve and two thirds innings. Outside the angels start to a solid -- at a guy that you definitely should feel comfortable. Giving the ball to for a game one game six. -- Moving down Ervin Santana and -- got through today to -- -- the two biggest question marks a coming in this case other Santana. This for what it once -- after only four walks. And he says he can't get straight up if you go back and -- years ago it was 08. The -- 200 plus strikeouts area. That jumped off page top buyers and it just got three. Fifteen strike -- only three blocks. For the duration of spring and got more ground ball -- a fly ball hitters trying to work efficiently get through in order. Not necessarily strike out but a -- ratio there Wade Davis. I still want to see him go a little bit deeper in games wanna see. And get up to that you eat fish market for them to -- starts to set in during spring and he was limited at times because of that shoulder problem. Really started to get duties. Around fifty and 65 pitches but overall Davis Heatley spring -- one point 29 ER -- -- -- -- is hitting only up Bucky Fuller. And -- the former race right now than ever for this rotation and number five. But I went to Luis Mendoza and just. Just a fantastic options I think he was the best interest rotation for the second half of last season he leaves surprise Arizona with a two point seven ERA. And going into its last two starts at it -- appointees -- And -- -- -- -- what he's done out here surprised with what he didn't win -- all World Baseball Classic Caribbean World Series yet he would. Mendoza. It was the right right you put him. Five spots doesn't want to fire -- go to the bullpen. Bruce -- Only had two appearances. As a reliever in his most recent outing yesterday. He goes to innings I was just one -- Looks solid. To be more that bolt and mindset just try to attack ads go right I try to establish excellent ice. We get. It's great if you're checked. The coaches -- -- we had a one blow up out of the pen that was against the Chicago Cubs up five earned runs but outside of that. Outside of that two thirds inning where he was just worked over by the cops he throws by the third innings and allows just three hits a single run and strikes outside. Call it -- -- at times this stuff coming out of the race into a chamber would tend to agree with -- I don't think it was possible be blown. But that deals that are really outside of the one that out solace for apple and for the culture. They've gotten the final spot couple easy terrorists he pitched earlier today when he -- Cleveland. Three straight. Appearances and -- terrorists without a -- Iraq. He's only given up two or runs in his last seven appearances and advantage. -- in his last three outings. Only -- up to its proselytize. And disparate -- well for chase terrorists. Tim counts does it a lot of -- in his last -- but I will be honest. -- -- This spring. That was before during and after the World Baseball Classic that somebody that. We're not freaking out about war. Not hitting -- panic -- just yet out of Chad the only lefty hitters in this thirteen man pitching staff. Kelly forever good lord but as he gets out it's great. Before and after the World Baseball Classic it WTC was outstanding in this eight games. This year and years here in and and for the royals. Well Iraq yes zero ER Brett Italy gets a three -- So horror right now if Greg Holland. Does start to blow up the first month and a half her error in the back up. Going to be closer to speak at colleges. -- She's eight he's great at what got ahead reach I guess if you wanna find a positive test for. But overall it's a holy war rooms all spring -- and solo shots so not -- worse. But I -- people's -- thank you want your clothes that the lights out for. What would be lights out here this price was the case. Taylor Carla mention -- coaches would blow against the Chicago Cubs multiple all upper Eric Robert tactical gave up two earned runs. And one who could -- honored -- doctor love -- it's okay but you take -- those who -- around the package Aaron broke. -- -- -- -- Three runs in tennis right solid stuff and you're thirteen man pitching staff that wrote a break camp with and I opened the season. Against Chicago coming up on Monday over the twelve man. The twelve position players will be getting myself arrests. Only eats right -- and all the spray fifty -- -- he's 8379. George -- us. Brad Chase for the fact that catchy Roland really because what we talk about a number of stories that pop off the bat left handed bat. It was a Smart move it was the right guitarists he gets to 97 for a sprightly -- and walks eleven walks for the -- Imagine that a while back he brought it up. Today as well he just don't see those panic act. Acts from George Qatar and Korea has yet so you'll get a start against some powerful right handed arms when they want to get Sally pay off. Are they -- what's -- but yes you know just a bit right. But it could ours is going to be getting it that's a lot murder becoming -- games. A huge hit rule. And that's what you want one guy doesn't panic that doesn't. Try to force the issue and at the end of games so eleven walks messed up there -- are now moving out. -- -- that -- Billy Butler at 316 for spreading out -- an elaborate believe he's. He left the team RV -- nineteen Elliott Johnson one of utility. Guys that that I'd imagine that's -- that this -- can play. Every position. Now Satterfield he's not going to be out there okay but left right at all and catch. The pitch. But all four infield spots in the corner outfield this guys had personal update leaders I've seen a lot. They don't easier others utility infielder he hit 333. Only sixteen games hurt he was part of -- -- champion. -- -- the World Baseball Classic. Republican in the sixteen games. -- well it's not twelve bits salad stuff from 88 but it effectively somewhat a liability I'll mention that what. At the place ala Chris yes it's 45011. Are yeah as a six for six night against the Chicago cops policies -- the Bart -- he's part of that law. Yet only seven strikeouts 66. Spurt at bats out of stuff that's going to be heading to inspire one of the leading. Gordon's -- ended and you want to make sure you get used -- -- that first night speaking of moves 384 for -- five home runs. Sixteen are ya Jeff Francoeur let the team with seventy. That that's what we wanted it -- And to be -- to 6614. -- For the -- to -- those numbers don't jump off the page but. The last. Two weeks he's really turned it up and he mentioned -- out. Can he said he spread fast that you'll start to see me in a rumor he -- daughters. You multiply that the reds okay I'm expecting big things out of this I think he can't get five tool player is totally lost it for 51. Right. Dropped accidentally the team had stolen bases before he has to 95 for spring. I don't score probably the best player Alvaro. Inspiration for the royals made one of the best players and all the cactus league. His -- -- who leads the team with -- -- runs -- seventeen -- leads the team with a slugging percentage 778. And finally. -- -- Despite not looking comfortable -- Good inside the box so it's 38514. RBIs in seventeen games so there it is up to 25 man roster the 23 team. Kansas City Royals with their spot one what is an elaborately put that wrap up cactus league play 257. And two. Talking coming up on Monday as -- Flight back to case -- -- -- talking just very excited opera 610 sports dot com.