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Royals Take 1 of 3 in Chicago

Thu, 4 Apr 2013|

Royals top Chicago 3-1 in the finale, avoiding a sweep in the season-opening series. 610's Royals Insider Josh Vernier recaps the series.



  1. Jeff Francoeur5:37, 5:46, 6:09
  2. James Shields0:31, 0:49
  3. Jeremy Guthrie4:22
  4. Ervin Santana1:47
  5. Adam Dunn2:00
  6. Detroit Tigers7:11
  7. Philadelphia Phillies0:27
  8. Chris Sale0:39, 1:13
  9. Chris Getz6:45
  10. sports radio's7:30

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's hard you're with your series wrap up royals take one of three Chicago and look to start off disease that we can look at that as a positive side but but moving ahead I don't know about you but I -- approach every series. If I believe. Pitching wise it's a push or that the Orioles had an advantage of one to a pre. 123 of this series and be honest I definitely want to have three in the series upcoming against the Philadelphia Phillies but. To recap all got started obviously with James Shields just -- lights out likes -- in the opener. But they still fall just short one nothing because while shields was lights out Chris Sale. Was dynamic sale went 72 thirds allowing a single run. He struck out seven and only allowed seven hits on the flip side James Shields he -- six innings. Striking out six allows that one out and won the state Cuba to change up up. In the fifth inning to Tyler flowers he connects on his first home run. Tyler flowers became the royal killer. As the series went on offensively. Nothing really right hold out in that first game and it was more of tea. And a tip of the cap. I guess to Chris Sale more so -- being upset at the offense now as we charity game two words -- making news. Royals debut that that's right the could start taking issue. Now with. This offense most notably at least for. As the 2345. Hitters and three -- Billy Butler might which is itself an arrest. It will get them coming up but to wrap up the series royals fall again in this one bio final count. Five to two and a lot of the board discussing Ervin Santana. Ervin say that you know the league last year on runs of three in this game -- on its. -- red fastballs that Adam Dunn was able to turn on and out. Flowers once again and again go royals killer that he was able to turn around. But six innings four runs eight strikeouts and only one ought to urban saints head to -- that Santana and -- He's gonna get -- go into a pretty nice strike out to walk ratio is also going to be susceptible to the long ball. That was the case in the world's. 52 loss. To act now. To recap but two days contest royals pick up the win three to walk. Offensively not the relief to write home about in fact. Your 345. -- it was not Butler and it's -- -- -- combined. One for a Latin. And again you look at these numbers that 345 reported outlook it's okay because they got the win but this is something that continued. There's only going to be so many times and -- Lee Guthrie can be able to do -- -- earlier today. Guthrie by the league strikeouts -- await his career high six allows only one run scanners by its. And out walks one. As well. But overall you're 345 -- so -- it's bringing 147. Five for 34. The team didn't do that job in the win with runners scored position to a sixth while the first two games two of their team. But -- pitching and defense is going to pitch today Guthrie was held a rare and it was for its ball. I still is yet to allow runs deep forest put the wars and this year back and you're Eric pro good enough allows two hits. -- -- auditing doesn't allow run. Holland closer he picks up the safe shaky. Shaky spring. But most closers you're going to feel comfortable with the -- -- -- repair and Eric day while on steroids. There isn't a closers in the last fifteen years ago. As bad -- up. Allowed a walk and it is what worked but ultimately picks up his first season so pitching got it -- defense got it on. As well lately LCDs Escobar. And this may have gone unnoticed to some. But in the third inning got cut to one runners on the corners Jeremy Guthrie struggle. But he got runners on the -- only one out. Soft ground ball to it second baseman Chris gets gets up makes and turn over their two Escobar and asked about what the odds. Who was the one that it. The ground ball to Chris -- That's speaks up for the White Sox and Escobar quick turn and just an absolute rocket to first base they get a bias that. -- middle of the road short stops I think -- -- at the White Sox who makes that play the middle of the road short stops. They're not making that throw. That's why you average shortstop and well defense shield again with a -- out. By Jerod Dyson -- on that game fact. I thought when he ended up catching balls that fly ball out to love right center field in the seventh inning again runners on the corners and one out. I hope that that won't go to ball. But that's what speed do -- gets to it. And there's two outs Keppinger grounds out the year and getting help and Eric -- out there. In the seventh so pitching defense and also gives them credit goes to grow and move. In the fifth inning one out Erica walks. Got a runner on first and Jeff Francoeur who had been struggling and what possibly could still continue to struggle below what you. It's terrible I heard talking when Jeff Francoeur. I asked him. Won't know you're feeling right in the box when what's happening he says well what I'm hitting it up on them and hit it to right field at the opposite way. OK so runner on first struggling hitters who at times just doesn't seem to have the correct psyche in the box. Net calls it Ron and what are you asking -- Jeff Francoeur hit rock. And -- get -- just hit something right side. So it takes all the picking -- the only thing I've tried it it was it opened that box in the ball just ball over the right field. The balls outside -- I don't -- just try to hit it over to the right side so it takes all the mental aspect out of it. Nice move and work and at least through the right side. Runners on first and third. They don't get. But then -- RBI single from Chris gets. -- -- -- that makes that error comes up to. I grabbed. Chris Getz singled Eagles -- And gets the -- second customer scores take advantage of the opposition's. Mistakes if you're going to be a team that's going to rely as heavily as this team as a pitching and defense. The first three games he can't let -- opportunities slip especially when you're getting. From 345 hitters so wanted to -- with the team that was gonna rot away with the Detroit Tigers. First place spot. The -- now to take to a -- Philadelphia Kumble 500. Seat -- and ads for opening day coming up on Monday. Out of the case -- -- major series recap royals take one of three -- count on Josh for your 610 sports radio's royals insider. And it's instant sports --