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Butler, Royals Take Series in Philadelphia

Sun, 7 Apr 2013|

Butler's 7 RBI lead the Royals to a 9-8 victory, taking 2-of-3 in Philadelphia. Royals Insider Josh Vernier recaps the series.



  1. Laynce Nix10:33
  2. Michael Young10:00
  3. Jimmy Rollins9:26
  4. Chase Utley9:43
  5. George Brett8:33
  6. Jake Shields2:50, 3:18
  7. sports radio0:05
  8. opposite field10:13
  9. rubber match1:52
  10. base runners7:16

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They guys earn your recapping a three game series in Philadelphia here on 610 sports radio and 610 sports -- -- -- and rocket. Today is we get ready for Monday are so royals got statements in this -- at times in the past. When you believe you have eight good rotation -- office fantastic people -- good defense. -- Lester pitching matchups are. Blatantly in the opposition's favor for that three game series -- every series. Expecting wanting definitely but expecting. To operate and that's what the royals delivered. With today's 98 victory in the finale wasn't easy. But quickly go back and got to quickly recap this three game series out in Philadelphia. Began with the royals second straight victories they just absolutely put that bank. On Philadelphia. Outlet but a strong day for Eric Hosmer for a five that he got the start. At first base also drove in a trio of bronze. And a lot of people wondering if Eric -- was going to start the week ultimately did not because. You want to ask that a lot you want your best bat hitting third in the well now yesterday's game two of this three game set -- one report opting to necessarily -- about the story of the game. Yesterday wasn't the solid effort from -- meant it going six innings giving apple want to -- it was Greg how. Started off the ninth inning by walking three straight and ultimately giving up. Three runs. And the royals would blow the game. -- walk walk walk strikeout strikeout total in game two and then gives up 83 run double. To camp in France to put that looks as eight Phillies victory setting up. Today's rubber match I should mention real quick before we move on to today's game. The first game. Of this three game set. You had to -- Davis mountain and column wild card weight all offseason because I think as he goes so go expectations. Royals. He's a guy like McDonald's. Like shields. Like really anybody -- rotation they feel confident you get six innings four runs or less. And I think the expectations are definitely. 500 or. Now if he's gonna struggle. That there's going to be calls for him the ball to the rotation back to double. Well I think expectations. Should remain we're -- right now seventy wins making sure that September. So just wanted to mention what has brought the table. The first game of this three game series out in Philadelphia now we fast forward to today's game so much to touch early and Jake Shields. And he's got -- -- I don't know what he's gonna call today some collar locations. Call -- command. I know he'd like to column -- direction the play out -- spring training. Others call their release point not -- -- Did not -- it up early on in the game so well -- ought to. Get to stumble into a quick video. I'll get paktia anyway aren't so we move on. Jake Shields after that first inning when he -- it touched up ultimately giving up. Up four runs so grit of the game is legal or not but he finds its control. -- that purple. Two -- work. Just end up cruising towards six innings of work -- 100 pitches strikes out eight. Doesn't want to single. Does give up ten hits and four runs to keep in mind five titles -- -- all portals runs came in the first inning. OK so Tim Collins comes shots that tool in this happened at eight. Talent for that worried that I did at about the lefty coming it -- that spectacular. For the legacies now offensively. That's a few times -- how would it appears that the maturity level all the a lot of these headers has been raised. What last year you patent they were writers that didn't seem that Smart approach assault out of -- it hurts swing for the fences. Not doing what it takes to. Today it was an example. Where the growth this team -- that. Not only offensively but also on the bench with skipper. That just. But we go to the third inning Chris gets leads up with a bunt single Smart. Because the first two innings. -- -- one apiece. So yes. Beautiful Donna writes I'd Howard pastor outreach to go get it lease for space opening yet ultimately it's -- Allen scored that walks so you have to want. You want out policies Escobar. Beautiful approach we talk about it -- A lot of questions myself. Coming into this season. Was the -- at the -- -- last year going to care thus far it's a resounding yes Escobar. Want our last -- issues it out to right field. Got to Juan Angel wanna poll which -- don't want these guys. Score obviously. But the longer throw you want it up -- the plate that's gonna come to that -- get it. Which is a little chopper out there at the right side Escobar drives. Okay so. It comes the play with a runner up there you just want to make contact you just won the runner to score. Grounds to short just like that Smart approaches at the plate cut the lead passages like four to Chile's fast forward the fit it. -- -- Leads off the -- -- and gets the lefty. Each stanza but yeah that's right side. She adds up striking out knowing the -- -- -- last Alex -- comes up. -- and just a nice smooth stroke back the metal. She reaches opposite so they're gonna -- runners on second and third with only. One out. Runner on base open at first Escobar walks loaded the bases for -- And when I talk about maturity as well it's also about the plate with the game plan. But appeared -- the plate looking for the fastball he got a second pitch connected. His first career race like that. Six to four adults and feel pretty shields cruise. And you move an opposite that. Offense in this next outlets can't leads off the inning with a single. Guest grounds it would double play shields coming up in our. That's gonna happen this ecstatic but she is able to fight off -- back up the middle he gets out with a two out single. AP. That this wasn't his best game it was a nice -- that. Scored holes one down the right field line and -- second base runners on second and third with two out policies that are -- again basis. For Billy Butler who comes through with -- act but I think it -- All of -- on the world's elite eight to four to me the best bet that. -- the eighth -- already -- eight at four and many people. At what point myself included that you'll learn how important east act -- -- are -- -- it is to never. Take your foot off the in the taped it already runs and feel pretty good because team was dealing. Chris yes. Leads off the inning just a ground ball. To first base at one. Rob Dyson -- and it's a picture. And Dyson. Quick chance. You're always gonna try to beat you inside keeps saying it turns out that. Pulse at all to right field for a offer to one out double and -- outscored this to me it was court. That's at that today. He's here here's what happened because. Gordon down for the count 02 so you don't you're not going to get -- right. You've heard George Brett talk about it. A hero. Trying to park it just worked all pitched just put on trying to do is just all that bad -- out. To left field just go the opposite way. 02 pitch. Which -- -- should give it to -- -- Paint the outside corner gorgeous sticks. Out. -- have gotten what appeared to be broken bat single. Blew that out of left field and Dyson a beautiful jump on the ball ran the ball wonderfully. -- -- scoring making for just an extra run right well that turned out beat the game winning run because that. She's good -- comes out five broadly watched the first batter to trouble when that happens strikes out his next batter. So one down one. Face is that repair gives up a single to want. And only one now. Jimmy Rollins comes up and clean -- a three run shot just like that it is now and I sat. So -- -- and got that -- on run. -- comes on the -- and Greg who blew the game the night before right. How it goes right Chase Utley and other nice battle between the two like we saw it go gets to fly out too well. Nobody -- to run later feeling good. Right how bad pitch from Greg Collins turns out it. I'll post it to center field for a great two out single Michael Young beautiful. Not really upset. What -- out there was a little pitch today -- just a great job keep the ball go down there and pull apple out. To write whatever whatever it's opposite field I'll -- Up. But it folks out there to write and to want. And there you go so what is bad deals and doing. He ends up bringing it helped her career. JT gets closer for Guerrero. Who gives up a single to Laynce Nix. But that's not shutting the door and striking out Air France so we see it changing the guard as far as the club is concerned who knows I know we have seen and that's that office come alive. You've seen the maturity level begin to rise you've seen solid pitching. Starting pitching. How the daily. We'll see what we have coming out and hopefully in this situation on opening day against Minnesota's that is series recap royals take. Two of three in Philadelphia -- for your 610 Sports Radio. Not months -- sports dot com.